I guess I never really thought about my Mom remarrying after Dad left us when I was two. I don’t remember him much so for all of my life it’s been just Mom and me. I think she did ok raising me by herself. Well ok so I’m not grown yet but 19 is considered an adult to most people.

It was just after my eighteenth birthday that Mom introduced Jim to me. I could tell for a couple of months that something had been up with her due to her going out more and well you know, acting like a teenager.


Jim was great. Right off the bat he didn’t talk to me like I was some stupid teenager but like I had a brain between my ears. He also was not the type I’d envisioned Mom going for. Jim was pretty punkish… for an old guy. He even had his tongue pierced!

He caught me looking puzzled at that shiny thing in his mouth once. I think it was on the third visit of his to our house. He proudly stuck out his tongue to show me the barbell, “My son and I got our tongues pierced at the same time.” That was when I first learned about Wolf.

Wolf was a couple of years older than me. Almost 21 at that time, I think. I didn’t meet him until a week later… and this is that story……..

“Kaylee can you get the door?!” Allison yelled to her daughter from the confines of her bath in the master bedroom at the back of the house. With a heaved sigh Kaylee got to her feet from her lazed position on the sofa. Long blond hair was tossed over her tank toped shoulder as bare feet shuffled to the door. The newly eighteen year old didn’t expect what she saw on the other side of that wooden door.

He was what most girls her age would call drop dead gorgeous. Well, the girls that loved the punk look and Kaylee was one of those…. even if she did hide that fact from the few friends she had. Wide eyed the blonde girl just blinked at the boy with long wavy black hair and deep brown eyes. He cocked a grin to her and unhooked a thumb from his chain laden black jeans. “Uhh.. hello in there?” He questioned the sanity of that girl at that moment.

To Wolf, yes that was his birth name, the girl before him would be pretty… if she grew up a little more. His eyes traveled over her bare legs up to the short shorts she wore then over the nondescript tank top that mostly hid her curves, if she had any, due to it’s plainness. When he was through checking her out as any red blooded air breathing guy would do he noticed her reddening blush.

“Oh… hi… do I… know you?” Kaylee managed to stumble out some words and could have smacked herself at how half witted they sounded. It’s tough to drool and speak at the same time.

“Yeah is this Allison Colver’s house?” Kaylee blinked several times. He was looking for her mother?

“Um, that’s my Mom.” She had just answered him when her mother, now fully dressed and accessorized came around the corner to the entry hall.

“Oh Wolf! I’m glad you found the house.” She eyeballed her daughter then the boy and in her naturally cheery manner declared, “How lovely, you’ve meet Kaylee already! Kaylee, this is Wolf… Jim’s son.”

It smacked her in the face now, who this guy looked like. Oh look… a tongue piercing. Kaylee just nodded adding to her oh so charming repertoire so far.

Wolf just stood there full of a confidence that made Kaylee and anyone else around him notice. He gave her that half cocked grin and that raised nod that guys do to say the equivalent of the long greeting … hey.

“My Dad will meet us at the dock. I’ll drop you off on my way to practice.” Wolf moved his eyes from Kaylee to Allison as he spoke.

“Oh good! Ok Kaykay…” Allison giggled. She always loved that pet name and expression for her daughter. Who cares that it mortified Kaylee just then. There she is: the personification of mortification. “I’m going sailing with Jim. Don’t wait up!” There was that teenager streak again in her mother’s demeanor and a giggle that was inherent for any female to know the meaning of.

Oh God!! They have sex!!

That thought just hatched in Kaylee’s mind and from then on she didn’t hear or see anything that her mother was talking about. Finally Kaylee was shutting the door behind her chattering mother and the soft clink of Wolf’s chains… on his jeans.

Kaylee found herself in her room wondering what sex was like. Ok so it was horrible to picture your mother and her boyfriend doing it but Kaylee had no other reference. It wasn’t that Kaylee was unpopular it was just that she was unknown… yeah that’s pretty much the same thing. In school last year it seemed she was either invisible or trying to be invisible. Shyness was a curse in her case.

Some guys took interest in her but it was a bit of work to get Kaylee to open up and talk to them. Her first kiss had been awkward and quick. She’d developed physically with curves that most girls would envy but she hid them under ill-fitting clothes so as not to draw attention to herself.

Now though Kaylee wished she had a boyfriend because the summer was boring escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli so far. Three hours into her mother being gone the doorbell to Kaylee’s house rang again. Cautiously looking through the stained glass window at the top of the door she spotted that dark wavy hair.

“Hi, again.” She actually managed two syllables after opening the door to find Wolf there in the dark of her porch. He had a pizza in hand and that grin on his face.

“You’re Mom wanted me to check up on ya.”

More mortification. Kaylee blushed profusely while Wolf came in and made himself at home. “Yeah well, I’m fine. You didn’t have to come by.” Kaylee took the defensive, as per written instructions in the teenage manual.

Wolf sank onto the sofa and set the pizza down on the coffee table. “I know.” His answer while opening the box. “Got some soda?”

And so it turned out that Kaylee and Wolf started talking.

She found out that he was out of school and in a punk rock band. He found out she was going to graduate a year early and was really smart… and quiet. The conversation lingered slowly around watching music videos until it was near midnight.

The sound of a car outside roused Wolf from reclining on the sofa and Kaylee from laying on the floor near the TV. “I guess our parents are home.” She sighed and again the flash of the thought of them having sex passed through her mind. She shivered and shook her head.

“Yeah you know… when they get married… we’d be steps.” Wolf chuckled highly amused at the thought.

“Married?” Kaylee’s jaw nearly hit the floor.

Six months later the wedding was a crazy, wonderfully happy, and everything Allison could have wanted. Kaylee was fine with it, she even liked Jim quite a bit. As time had passed she found he was an open person whom she could really talk to and he didn’t judge her or make her feel invisible.

The wedding reception was a real party. Drinking, dancing and much laughter. At one point, Kaylee didn’t know who, but someone got the crowd into thinking it would be “cute” to see her and Wolf dance together. They were urged on and when their parents got wind of it none would hear of any refusal.

Kaylee looked nervously up at Wolf as his hand slid around her satin covered waist. She could understand why all her friends thought he was cute, if he only didn’t have so many piercings and wore such odd clothing. Except, she liked the way he looked piercings and all.

Wolf had already, more than once, eyed Kaylee appreciatively. She really looked beautiful all dressed up. He had the quick thought of messing up her coifed hair and with a chuckle dismissed it.

“What’s so funny?” Kaylee asked as they had the obligatory dance. He smelled nice.

“Nothing.” He paused then added, “You look really pretty.” He gave her that grin of his. The one that could get him anything he wanted from just about anyone.

She gave him a puzzled look back. “And that’s funny?”

“It could be.” Was his answer just as the song ended and the ‘aww cute’ ‘s and the applause sounded. Wolf went his way and Kaylee hers for the rest of the evening.

Life changed a bit. Jim and Wolf moved in to Allison and Kaylee’s house due to the fact it was huge and had as Wolf called it a, “Killer place for the band to practice” aka the garage.

Wolf ended up in the bedroom across from Kaylee’s. Soon it was a punk/goth mecca complete with black paint on a couple of the walls. Jim was very supportive of his son’s endeavors so at the age of 21 Wolf had permission to not attend further schooling and was only mildly pushed into getting a job. That job had him working at a music store… surprise surprise.

The winter had been spent with the four of them getting used to each other and setting up the house. The air was still chilly but held a promise of spring one day as Kaylee got up to get ready for school. Both her Mom and Jim left way early for their jobs so she figured it was just her and Wolf.

Wolf, per his usual habits, would still be sleeping in… gawd she was jealous of that! Walking down the hall and trying to be quick about it Kaylee flipped on the light to the bathroom and proceeded to take a hot shower. Amidst the steam and spray of the shower she didn’t hear the bathroom door open.

“Aahhh…” Wait, where did that come from? Kaylee froze in the last movements of rinsing off to hear what sounded like running water from outside her shower. Peeking past the shower curtain she saw Wolf with his boxers around his ankles taking a leak while she showered!

Her eyes couldn’t help but watch… she’d never seen a guy relieving himself before. Then her brain kicked in and she half screamed, “WOLF! What the hell are you doing?”

His eyes found hers then slipped downward. She probably didn’t know how exposed she was at that moment. “What does it look like?” He wore a smug grin knowing she’d seen him in all his glory.

No, she didn’t escort gaziantep yeni bayan know how exposed she was until she felt his eyes travel south. One can feel that kind of look ya know. She threw the curtain closed and shrank back against the tile. “Get out!”

She was met with his chuckle and then the flush of the toilet which reminded her, with the gift of cold water, to turn off the shower. Wolf obeyed, good boy, and steaming mad Kaylee threw on her t-shirt and shorts before storming out of the bathroom.

Her hair was still dripping a wet trail of evidence down her shirt. It was one of those moments that proves when you are young you don’t think before you speak and/or act. Kaylee thrust open Wolf’s bedroom door, “Don’t you have any common decen…” Her words were cut off when her brain finally registered what her eyes were now staring at widely.

There was Wolf, completely naked, sitting on his round Papasan chair with one leg up and over the ‘side’ with his hand wrapped around his penis. He had to make long strokes due to the size of it but he was keeping good time to the blaring music from the stereo next to him.

Kaylee swallowed her words and almost her tongue. Wolf moaned causing her eyes to dart up to his. He was staring right back at her only not in shock and awe but just awe. His lips broke into that grin of his and Kaylee found herself supporting the door frame or was it supporting her?

The passage of time was probably not as great as it felt later when she was to think on it but finally Kaylee managed to make her feet turn her body around and dart from his doorway. Shutting herself in her room she flopped on her bed and could only see the naked sight before her in her mind’s eye. He was huge!

Granted Kaylee had never really seen a guy before but once when Ben Goldson was kissing her she felt his erection against her hip. There was a tingling in her body and Kaylee knew she was turned on. She could feel her nipples hardening and when she looked down they stood proudly out defying the fabric of her t-shirt… she had forgotten to put on her bra.

She wondered if that was what Wolf was staring at and then she remembered that he had seen a good deal of her, although quickly, in the shower. Maybe he was wanking off because of that peek? That thought made her lay back on her pink and purple bed spread and run fingertips over her breasts.

She’d never been one to really play with herself but she found the urge to touch herself overwhelming. However it was then that she remembered school and bolted upright to look at the clock and see that she was running late.

Finally… completely… dressed Kaylee hurried downstairs to grab an apple or something only to nearly physically run into Wolf. He stopped both of them from crashing into each other by grabbing her by the upper arms so that the impact was lighter.

She gasped and looked up, right up, into Wolf’s down turned face. “Late for school Kay?” His tone was very smoldering, sultry… if you could call a guy that. She could only nod as he let go of her so she could be on her way. Grabbing her backpack she hurried to the door but turned to see his boxer clad self heading back upstairs.

“I uh… I’m sorry I barged into your room.” She stammered out in a rush and a blush.

“Don’t worry about it. You caused it so why shouldn’t you see it?” He replied then nonchalantly headed up the stairs to leave her bewildered and late for school.

The whole day was a loss for Kaylee after that. She barely paid any attention to anything in school. The normally aces student was totally out to lunch in every class. ‘What did he mean… you caused it…?’ She kept asking herself over and over.

By school’s end she was half curious to go home and ask Wolf what he meant and half scared to see him… er… face him again. What puzzled her all the more was how extremely turned on she was by the whole event. All day she battled being soaking wet and throbbing. That had never happened to her before.

Back at home now after enduring being driven home by Jackson Smith… he was such a dork!… Kaylee raced upstairs to her room to change clothes. Jackson liked her and she knew he did but he was just so… so… boring that Kaylee was friendly to him but nothing more.

Taking off her wet panties she wondered where Wolf was and what he would think if he saw what she was looking at. Then she promptly told herself she must be demented because this was her step-brother. He’s like family… right?

Getting dressed in fresh clothes she exited her room only to find the house was empty and she was left looking at a note telling her that her Mother called and had a late meeting, that Jim would be home at 6 and that the writer of the note… Wolf… was at a local club to talk to the owner about a gig.

Kaylee decided the best thing for her to do was to get her mind back to her school work and try to right what she had screwed up escort gaziantep zayıf bayan in classes today. So up to her room and to her desk. Yes, a little… ok a lot.. of book work was just what the Dr. ordered.

Yeah… no.

By the time Jim came home, her school work was done, something resembling dinner was eaten and her Mother coming home only to look worriedly at her and ask her if she was sick, Kaylee just carried herself up to her room and went to bed.

Wolf didn’t come home until sometime in the middle of the night… lucky bastard. The next day dawned as did the next and still she didn’t get a chance to ask him about… things. By then she was wondering if she had imagined the whole thing and if she should mention it at all.

The miracle known as the weekend came along and after sleeping late Kaylee greeted the new morning… make that afternoon… with thoughts that many teenage girls have… about shopping. She did her normal routine of getting ready… t-shirt, jeans, brush hair, brush teeth, wash face and go. Low maintenance really.

Downstairs with purse in hand she found her mother and Jim watching some show on yoga or something like that in the living room. “Can I borrow your car Mom? I want to go to the mall.”

Allison was really a cool Mother about things like her teenage daughter driving, “The keys are in my purse in the kitchen. Be sure to wear your seat belt. Don’t go down the expressway it’s much too crowded on Saturdays. Make sure to lock the doors and watch your speed.” Yeah, two years into her license… really cool.

Kaylee was just about to head to the kitchen and escape what could come next in the form of a mini lecture on the adverse affects of chewing gum while driving when she heard Wolf speak from behind her, “Can I get a lift to the mall with you?”

She froze. The lump in her throat made her voice crack, “Yeah sure.” Grabbing the car keys she headed through the garage without turning to look at him. Pushing the security off button on her Mom’s BMW Kaylee threw herself into the driver’s seat and quickly buckled up. The engine roared to life and she put it in reverse almost before Wolf could get in.

She screamed at herself inwardly to calm down. He was her step-brother and not the hottie she saw naked a few days ago. Wrong. One look over to him and she got nervous. He smiled at her, “So, what are we shopping for?”

“We?” She asked as they took off down the streets. She wasn’t going to look at him again… they’d crash. Wolf only chuckled and reached over to turn on the radio. Music blared over any thoughts or conversation for the rest of the ride. For a newish driver Kaylee wasn’t bad. She wasn’t terrific but she wasn’t bad. She liked the music and found herself singing along… much to Wolf’s surprise… to most of the lyrics.

“Didn’t picture you as the punk music kind.” He spoke as they got out of the car. Kaylee just shrugged and headed toward the mall entrance.

It didn’t occur to her that he had just come along with her for any other reason than he must have some shopping to do. He followed her from store to store remarking on the things she was looking at until in exasperation she halted her steps in the middle of mall traffic central.

“What is wrong with what I look at? Why do you have a problem with what I wear?” Hands were on her hips… oh no watch out buster you’re in for it now. Wolf just stood there in the ever present coolness that was his world.

It popped into her brain now… finally… “Don’t you have something to go buy or something?” Brilliant. Just brilliant.

“As a matter of fact… I do. C’mon.” Wolf took her by the elbow and turned her in the direction of another part of the mall. Before Kaylee could question what he was doing, or rather before that question could form in her ever failing brain, they arrived at one of the couture-ish punk/goth stores.

It was the kind that was dimly lit and strewn with black and black with colors clothing. The music pulsed and screamed and reeked of coolness. It was the store Kaylee always wished she could go in but always felt she didn’t belong in, didn’t fit in with. “You can shop without me.”

Wolf just laughed at her protest. “I’m not sure what size you are.” His dark eyes pierced right through her as he looked down to her.

“Me?” Kaylee squeaked out. He wanted to buy her something… from that store?? She turned to look at the things in the windows then past that to the racks. Was he serious? She had always wanted to look like those girls in short ripped up skirts and mostly see through fishnet shirts with the mix matched accessories like they don’t care what they wear and are cool for it.

Wolf leaned in closer and grinned at her, “Yes, you.” He winked at her and dragged her into the store with him.

Once inside and her eyes adjusted to the darkness Kaylee noticed a petite purple headed girl smiling their way. She moved over to them, “Hey Wolfie… long time no see.” She greeted Wolf by … name? and looked at him like she’d be the wild animal if he’d let her.

“Hey Stormy. This is Kaylee.” He introduced the girls and all Kaylee could think was ‘didn’t that hurt!?!’ as she looked at the other girl who had a ring through that part of your nose that separates nostrils. Still though she managed a smile while the other girl gave her a look that screamed, ‘You’re not his type, I am, so get lost.’ Nice.

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