Stuffing Before Turkey

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Big Tits

I found the box in a dusty old antique shop. Christmas crackers from a forgotten decade. It would almost be a crime to pull them, but I had to wonder what treasures would be inside. These were not the mass-produced crackers that had become disappointingly predictable, with tissue-thin paper hats, plastic toys to be instantly forgotten, and recycled jokes. I half expected them to cost a fortune, but the old man in the shop frowned as if he had never seen the box and couldn’t imagine it having any worth. “A tenner,” he said, shrugging, and I walked away a satisfied customer.

Gold and green, they were, and fabric rather than paper. Without a doubt they were lovingly handcrafted, and had a good weight to them. There were four in the box, which was perfect. There were four of us together at Christmas, my housemates and I in a bubble together. None of us had wives or girlfriends or boyfriends or children to worry about. Emily had just ended a long relationship, Kola had a number of occasional girlfriends who technically were other men’s girlfriends, Charlie was a nerd who struggled to find anyone willing to put up with him – but, then, the same was true of me.

That all three of us had the hots for Emily was as unsurprising as her lack of interest in us. After losing her job early in the year, she’d set herself up on OnlyFans, sharing her body online with hard-core fans. She’d transitioned at a young age, but still possessed the equipment Nature had blessed her with, and it served her well.

We were friends, and the house share worked without significant stress, even after nearly a year of close captivity. The Christmas Dinner was a merry occasion. We all helped with the shopping and the cooking, and were all well into the wine even before we sat, ready to devour the turkey and trimmings. But first, the crackers.

Bang! We screamed in surprise at the momentary violence, the bright flash giving way to a shower of multicoloured tinsel. Emily and Kola had pulled one, with Emily gaining the main part. She extracted a cloth hat – a bright red crown – and a gold coin wrapped in paper. “Huh, it almost looks real,” she said, weighing the coin in her hand. Squinting at the paper, she read, “The first of many riches to come. Ooh – I certainly hope so.” She laughed.

Charlie and Emily pulled on the next, and we laughed in joy as confetti filled the air. Charlie won the pull, and quickly donned a green crown. His gift was a gold ring. “Whomsoever wears this ring will love you true forever more.” We all laughed at that, and again as Charlie offered it to Emily. “If you’re going to be rich,” he said, “I want to share it.”

Laughing, Emily took the ring and slipped it on, and admired the way it graced her finger. “It really looks like gold,” she said. “And it fits. Can I keep it?”

“Of course,” he said. “Suits you way better than me.”

Emily smiled at Charlie, and with such a warmth he blushed brightly. “I’m sure I can find some way to thank you,” she murmured, making Charlie’s cheeks burn brighter still.

“Hey,” I said, “Earth to Charlie. Pull with me.” He nodded, glad to escape from Emily’s focussed attention. Glitter filled the air in another astonishing explosion, and this time it was my turn. A blue crown for me, and a tiny gold figurine of a naked woman with huge breasts and a long cock. “Oh, look, it’s Emily,” I said.

“Nah,” she said. “My breasts aren’t that big.”

“What does the note say?” Charlie demanded.

“There is no body that cannot be made more desirable,” I read, more than a little confused.

Emily figured it out first. “Can you make Ümraniye Esmer Escort my breasts bigger?”

“Oh, right,” I said eventually, catching up. “How much bigger? Double D?” Emily was about a B cup, I guessed.

“Sure, for starters.”

“Okay.” I pointed at her breasts and intoned dramatically, “Double D!”

Of course neither of us expected anything to happen, and when she cried out in sudden pain and astonishment I was sure she was acting – until she succeeded in unclasping her bra, and bared her breasts to let us all see the truth of it. “Fucking hell,” she said. In the space of a few seconds, her petite breasts had swollen to significant size.

I tried to make them even bigger still just by thinking it, but nothing happened. “Huge nipples,” I said out loud, and gasped as they thickened and lengthened before my eyes.

“Shut up!” she hissed, and hurriedly covered herself again. Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, and more than a little fear. She did not, however, ask me to undo the change. She did glance surreptitiously at Charlie who seemed utterly hypnotised by her breasts and nipples that her T-shirt stretched tightly around. “Wait,” she said. “Are they all magic?” She stood up and ran from the table off to her room.

“My turn,” Kola said, holding his cracker out for me to pull. This time the explosion filled the air of the dining room with rainbow-coloured smoke that had all three of us coughing and I rushed to open the window. Kola’s crown was yellow, and he held a miniature gold phallus. “Desired by all,” he read.

If that was as magically true as mine, I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of it.

A scream from Emily’s room had us all rushing to the door, but she met us there, her eyes wide with wonder. “I’ve gone viral,” she said. “Literally thousands of new subscribers.” Launching herself at Charlie, she grabbed him tightly and kissed him with a passion that permitted no denial.

If Emily was getting rich, and Charlie had himself a true love, and I was able to change people’s bodies, then what about Kola? I was scared to find out. Kola watched Emily and Charlie kissing for a minute, then turned to me with a thoughtful expression. I was startled by how attractive I found him suddenly. I wasn’t gay, I’d never been attracted to a man before, and I didn’t sense any change in that when I looked at Charlie, but Kola was different. I found myself wondering what his muscles would feel like beneath my hands, what his black skin would taste like beneath my lips, what his hard cock would feel like inside me. “Oh, fuck,” I whispered.

“Hey, you just keep your distance,” he said to me. “No disrespect, but I only do pussy.”

I was only too happy to keep my distance. The effect he was having on me was altogether too confusing.

Emily laughed. “I like my cock,” she said, “but there are definitely times when I wish I had a pussy.”

“I love your cock,” Charlie said, and abruptly blushed.

She frowned at him. “You’ve never seen it.”

“He’s a fan,” I said, grinning at his sudden scowl.

Emily rolled her eyes and gave an exaggerated sigh. “Come, Charlie,” she said, taking his hand. “I’m going to give you a private show.”

So much for Christmas Dinner. We hadn’t even started it yet, and it was getting cold. Worse, I was left alone with Kola, without any distraction. And I couldn’t help noticing the very definite outline of a swollen cock. No doubt he was imagining Charlie fucking his new trans girlfriend’s ass.

I sat at the table, munching a bread roll in between sips of wine, Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort and tried not to think about Kola’s cock. An attempt doomed to failure. Kola dropped his trousers down about his ankles, his boxers too, revealing a beautiful cock that, surprisingly, wasn’t much bigger than my own average sized member. “You know how you made Emily’s breasts bigger?” he said.

I nodded.

“Can you make me bigger too?”

There was only one way to find out. I pointed and said, “Bigger.” We both watched in fascination as his cock lengthened and thickened.

An inch, maybe two. “More,” he said. “Make me a porn star.”

And I did. I made his formerly average cock into a thing of beauty, worthy indeed of big black cock porn, and couldn’t tear my eyes away from it as he stroked the huge weapon affectionately. My own lesser cock was throbbing painfully in the confinement of my briefs. I wanted to get down on my knees and worship him with my mouth. All I needed from him was the merest glance or noise of encouragement.

“If you were a big-breasted blonde slut like Emily,” he said, “I would fuck you so hard right now.”

I wasn’t, of course – but I could be. I had the power. In a daze of uncertainty and conflicted arousal, I wandered through to my bedroom and studied myself in the mirror. Was I really going to try it? Of course, I could always swap back again, and I was curious to see what it would be like.

Naked, picturing any one of a dozen gorgeous blonde bombshells I had seen recently on TV and in internet porn, I pointed at my reflection and said, “Female.”

The transformation was slower than before, perhaps because it was so much deeper. I felt tingling throughout my flesh, then with frightening speed my balls receded and my cock shrank until it was enveloped by my scrotum that looked increasingly like labia. My nipples grew huge, and breasts formed slowly, and my short, dark hair grew into long, blonde curls to frame an increasingly feminine face.

Until it was done, and damn I looked hot. Very fuckable indeed. And the thought that Kola would fuck me with his huge cock sent a thrill of excitement through me. “You slut,” I said to myself, my voice startlingly high. Less than half an hour before, I had been a perfectly unremarkable young man sitting down to a meal with friends, and now I was a bimbo slut getting ready to be fucked by a man. It made absolutely no sense, but I didn’t care.

I just wished I had some clothes to fit my amazing new body – but that could wait. I sauntered out. “Like what you see?”

Kola whistled his appreciation, and his cock, which had wilted slightly, surged to full erectness. Knowing now that I was about to be penetrated by that monstrous cock, it looked worryingly big. Relaxing onto the sofa, his weapon projecting up from his crotch, he beckoned me over. “Climb into the saddle,” he said, “and get ready to ride.”

I straddled him where he sat, his hard cock pressed between us, and for a brief moment I was troubled by the absence of my own cock, but his rough hands grabbed my huge breasts and his fingers teased and plucked at my nipples, and the unanticipated rush of sensation pushed all reservations and worries away. The itch of arousal blossomed into a flame of aching need – to be touched, to be filled, to be properly fucked like never before.

I pressed my clit against his hard shaft, impatient to have it within me, but his hands held me in place as his mouth attacked my nipples, sucking fiercely, licking and biting until I wanted to scream. “I want your cock in me,” I pleaded.

Still Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort he denied me. “Only if you promise you’ll always be my slutty little bitch.”

It was an easy promise to make. “I’ll always be your slutty little bitch,” I promised. “Just fuck me, please. I need that big, black cock inside me.”

At last he allowed me to lift up. I stuck a finger in my virgin pussy to see if I was wet – I was soaked – and sucked my finger to taste myself. Like the slutty little bitch I had become. Like the terrifying answer to a prayer, the soft head of his huge, hard cock was pressing for entry. “Oh shit,” I whispered, pushing down with determination. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.”

He really was too big for me. A sudden, sharp pain as my hymen broke, and then he was in me, the astonishing sensation of my brand new vagina stretching about the head of his cock. And there was so much more of him to take still. Thankfully he took his time, letting gravity and my restless hips do the work, while his mouth and hands played with my breasts and tormented my nipples. I sank onto him inch by inch, filling myself with him. It was mind-blowing.

This was so much more intense than any of my experiences as a man. As I caught my breath at last, he pulled my mouth to his and kissed me roughly, his tongue penetrating my mouth. I realised in that moment that what I felt for him was purely sexual, not romantic. “I’m not your girlfriend,” I told him. “I’m a slutty little bitch who’s hungry for your big, black cock.”

Kola chuckled. He guided me down onto the floor with his cock still half embedded in me. “Ready, slut?”

I could only nod – and then could only cry out in shock as he thrust in hard, overwhelmed with the rush of sensation. Barely had I recovered when he thrust in again, deeper, harder. “Talk to me, bitch,” he growled. “You want this, don’t you?”

He waited for me to look in his eyes, for me to say, “Fuck me with that huge, fucking cock.”

Kola teased me horribly, making me beg for every beautiful thrust. “Beg for my cum, slut.” When I did, he demanded, “Tell me where you want it, you dirty bitch.”

Just half an hour earlier – or was it a whole hour now? – the thought of another man’s cum on me, let alone in me, would have been repulsive, but with Kola’s phenomenal cock pounding ever more urgently into my thoroughly deflowered pussy, he had me begging for his cum all over me: my belly, my breasts, my face and hair. If part of me thought initially it was a ridiculous act, by the end I meant every word.

Halfway through, he rotated me onto my hands and knees, and I was startled to see we had an audience, Emily and Charlie standing naked in the doorway, stroking each other’s cocks. At first I was embarrassed into silence as Kola’s cock eased into me again, but he pulled painfully on my long hair like a rein, and slapped my ass hard, and I quickly forgot my audience and begged him to treat me like a bitch and a slut and fuck me harder and fill my cunt with his creamy cum.

It was the best sex ever and I hadn’t ever come yet.

But I was getting close, and suddenly so was he, becoming gloriously rigid within me even as his breathing became ragged and his thrusts erratic. My own thrusting became more urgent as I struggled towards my own elusive precipice, and then his cum burst into my depths and his cock jerked wildly, and I screamed in ecstasy as my body surrendered at last to rippling, orgasmic pleasure and I convulsed helplessly about Kola’s huge cock as it filled my cunt with his cum.

He pulled out abruptly and I whined with complaint, but he pulled my head round to his crotch and made me suck on his cock. As it continued pulsing gently, dribbling the last of his cum onto my tongue, I could feel more leaking from my tender, ravished pussy.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys,” he said, “but I’m famished. Who’s for turkey?”

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