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{I haven’t been writing much lately, because of the simple fact that not a lot has been happening around my wife Debra and I’s homestead. Sure, we still play with each other regular as clockwork, but no story there.

We do try to get massages at home, at least twice a month, but how many times can I write about that? Each one is more or less similar, plus right now since our other masseuse Nikola moved to Portland to take a job there, we have no one.

But it’s OK, Debs and I do plenty of stuff ourselves to keep each other well satisfied, she is one of those woman that considers it her job to keep her man happy. I admit I do not mind that one bit.

I have a personal fetish, I like touching, and being touched. Likely the result of many years working part time as a masseur, lord knows I had a lot of experiences. Happy endings, I did those for more of you ladies than I can even bring to mind. Some spectacular, some not so much. A few enjoyed doing that right back. Over time, giving (or getting) a happy ending became my favorite sexual activity.

One thing I did learn, women are WAY more willing than they will let on, even you married ones. As long as they feel safe, and no one will ever know, truths can come right out.

Yes, a fetish. So, I posted this in fetish.

This short tale is not all that erotic, it is just what happened a couple of weeks ago.}


I was going fishing with a friend of mine, there are a few Salmon out there and I seldom get to go out on the Ocean. But, our regular waxing day interfered, with my much rather being fishing than getting crotch hairs yanked, Debs went by herself and I missed my usual appointment.

The other night, I happened to comment on how smooth she was, she commented that I was getting a little brushy down there. Debs really likes to do oral, and hand jobs, lucky me, right? But she also dislikes hair, so, for the last few years we both go down to see Charlene at her hair salon. Her place is mostly little old ladies with their heads stuffed in heaters, but she also does waxing in the back room.

A sort of closely guarded secret around our rather smallish coastal community is that Charlene has a few of us “special” clients, so she gets a bit friendly with her hands after, the idea to ease the pain she just put us through.

My wife Debra knows all about that, we don’t keep any secrets. Well, not very many, anyway. With both of us loving massage, that fits right in. “Sex is just a part of life!!” my fun little physician wife says all the time, can’t say as I mind. Charlene takes care of Debra also, at first the idea was a surprise but now, it’s sort of hot.

Normally, we go together, but, like I said, Salmon. Some things take precedent, and I did manage to catch a nice 8 pound Coho, with just one larger shaking the hook. Two bites all day, one fish, not bad. I didn’t even get seasick for a change. We stopped at the rock pile South of the jetty on the way back in and limited out on some black Sea Bass, so it was a nice trip.

I have only been down to see Charlene to get waxed one other time by myself, fishing trip that time also.

Debs mentioned I needed to go take care of the hair situation, so the next day I called.

My bad luck, Charlene was out with the flu. Probably not the flu since it was late August which is a bit early for flu season, but sick is sick so I told the receptionist to call me when they could get me in. Four days later I called again, still sick? OK, maybe she did have the flu.

The receptionist told me that they had a new “Epilation specialist” on staff if that would work, I thought for just a second. Hey, it’s hair, they yank it out. How much in depth education does that take? So I told her fine, and made the appointment.

I arrived at 10:30 the next morning, figuring this would just be the usual cleanup and done, no big deal. Not likely she was going to be friendly after like Charlene, but that didn’t matter at this point.

Charlene çanakkale escort is a mildly matronly gal about 40 or so, a tad large in the rear end with a no nonsense attitude, and she is.. shall we say… uninhibited?

In other words, she does not mind one bit in giving a happy ending after spending a half hour or so causing pain. Like I said, my Debra knows all about that part of course, she is the one that suggested to Charlene that it would be OK.

To some, I suppose this would be wrong, it isn’t to us, not in the least. Debra does not mind, in fact, it turns her on, she gets a kick out of the idea. What the heck, she has men’s dicks in her hands at her medical office regular as clockwork, part of her job is checking things out. Someone else having their hands on mine does not bother her one bit.

But this new woman? I had no idea at all what that might be like, odds were of course that she would be totally legitimate. I doubt very much that Charlene has very many customers like us, and I happen to know her clients are about 95% women.

Small town, so discretion does matter.

Anyway, in I walked at 10:30 on the dot. There were three older women with their heads stuffed in dryers, they eyed me like I was up to something. Sarah, the receptionist knows me, she waved me over.

“Hi Danny! Ready for your session?” We like Sarah, she always has a bright and happy smile on her face.

“Sure.” I said. I was trying to figure out which one would be doing the waxing, the two women out on the floor were both hair people Charlene had on staff, and Sarah did the appointments and the collections. I didn’t see anyone else, Sarah read my mind I guess.

“Stephanie just called and should be here any minute, you can go on back. You know the drill,” Sarah told me with her usual bright smile. I went back to the little room and sat down.

There was a short knock on the door, that reminded me of being up at Debra’s medical clinic, they always knock on the door before coming in.

In came a rather plump young woman, she looked to me to be just a kid. Now nearly everyone appears to be just a kid to me, I am 73 now myself. But by young, I mean… young, almost painfully so! My best guess would be about 15 but she had to be maybe 19 or 20 to have taken the college course required by the State and pass the tests.

She was doing her level best to not be all blushing and shy acting and failing miserably which frankly, I found delightful.

“Hi. Have you ever done this before?” I asked her, not expecting the answer I got.

“You are.. I did some in class but you are my first… MAN customer.” She did turn bright pink at that.

I laughed, I couldn’t help that. Good grief, I had myself a hair waxing virgin here!

“You can relax, I am just a harmless old man, I don’t bite. Usually.” I gave her one of my disarming smiles.

Stephanie hesitated, then smiled back.

“OK, good. I am supposed to.. uhh.. wash your.. I mean, before we can.. you know..? We use antibacterial soap and…..”

“I guess you want me to undress, right?” I gave her another grin.

“Uhh.. yes.. I need to.. do you want me to.. uhh. .leave?” Now she was blushing head to toe, I was starting to get a kick out of this. Here I had this bashful young girl, close to no experience at all, and she was going to be removing the hair growth on my dick and balls?

“No real reason to be shy at this point, is there?” I smiled.

This was beginning to be fun.

“I guess not.” Stephanie went over to the wash basin, part of the job with Charlene is that she washes everything first, clearly Stephanie knew that part. I slid my pants down, stood there a moment, she kept her back turned. I tugged off my shirt since that would likely end up wet from the sprayer, here I was, almost naked as a Jaybird in front of this barely out of her teens young woman.

She turned to çanakkale escort bayan me, looked and gasped as I tugged down my briefs, of course now I was about half erect, dick pointed straight out. Completely totally stark naked, nothing on but socks. I am probably close to what is normal in that department, so it shouldn’t have been shocking.

Her mouth worked several times, she kept glancing down, then finally she collected herself.

“Oh! I.. OK, we can do the washing part now I guess.?” I saw her eyes drop to my groin, then back up, then right back down. I felt a tiny twinge down there and I was doing my best to not allow myself to come fully erect. From the looks of this shy gal, that might just set her off, she appeared to be right on the edge of bolting.

I stepped onto the tray Charlene keeps there, Stephanie used the sprayer to wet me down. I noticed had on latex gloves, Charlene never bothers. Then she was using just the tips of her fingers to rub the soap into the short pubic hairs, at that point things began to come up.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“No big deal, just a normal reaction, I can’t control that.” I spouted the party line for situations like this. That seemed to relax her some, she even spread some of the soap on my dick, which of course jerked a little bit at her touch. That got a giggle out of her, she seemed to be relaxing..

Then she was wiping me down with a towel, and she grabbed the blow drier and turned it on me. For a minute there I thought maybe she was trying to cook my nuts, I mentioned it was a bit hot.

“Sorry.” She said again, then she had me lay back on the table. There is a huge lamp there, it is sort of like the ones they use in operating rooms. Stefanie put on what looked like reading glasses, that seemed odd since she was so young, but I said nothing, just watched as she lay strips of the goop they use. Then she pressed the cloth down and jerked.

I am used to that now, well, as used to it as one can get. Stephanie was working all around my groin, pointedly not touching my cock or balls. I was only barely half erect at this point, it does hurt some when the hairs are yanked out which does tend to cause me to lose any erection.

“OK. I need to do the sides of.. I have to get the rest. Can you just hold it to the side so I can…?” She was seriously blushing again.

“Me? Why don’t you? It’s OK, I don’t mind.” I told her.

Mean of me, I know.

“All right, if you are sure. I don’t want to embarrass you.” She said. Me? I managed to not laugh, she was the one with bright pink cheeks. But, she reached down and gripped the end of my penis snugly, which of course had that usual instant effect. Then she was spreading the goop on the side of my shaft. When she jerked, the head of my dick popped right out of her fingers.

“Sorry.” She said, and tried again with the same results.

“I think you need to take that glove off, Charlene never uses them anyway.”

“I. We aren’t supposed to.. but I guess if it’s all right?” She looked at me, I kept a straight face, told her no problem. She slipped off the glove on her left hand, grasped me firmly and stripped off the short hairs there. In short order, she had that done, then she used some tweezers to pick a few strays.

By this point, Stephanie seemed to have relaxed again, she was peering intently looking for any left over hairs, her face just inches away. This had all taken close to 20 minutes, I was probably within a couple of minutes of orgasm with any kind of stimulation at all.

“Do you prefer the powder or the lotion?” She asked me. Charlene always spreads lotion on after, some kind of anti bacterial stuff that reduces the chance of infection.

“Lotion.” I told her. She stripped off the other glove, spread some lotion all around, avoiding my cock and balls.

“Best spread some on my testicles.” I told her, managing to keep a perfectly escort çanakkale straight face..

“OK.” She began to spread some there, her hand slipped up and then back down my shaft halfway as she moved it back and forth. She repeated the motion several times, and of course I firmed right up to my full size.

“This isn’t too.. stimulating, is it?” She asked, I noticed she had not stopped, and her mouth was partially open, her eyes had a mildly glazed look. She had also quit using just her fingertips and now had a full grip on my shaft with one hand.

“You look like you need to.. that looks uncomfortable. I had better stop.” She said.

“No, it’s fine. You can go ahead.” With that, her other hand reached out, she was certainly not spreading any lotion, she was using both hands to jack me off! I could see her face, she was staring at my cock, now with each stroke she was pressing my foreskin back, As I exploded, her face screwed up and her eyes began to flutter, it was obvious she was in the throes of orgasm also.

Now I have seen women orgasm from causing a climax, but it really is rare. Stephanie went off like a firecracker in just a few seconds when she saw me erupt.

Her hands slowly came to a stop, finally she opened her eyes, it appeared that she suddenly realized what she had just done.

“OH! Oh, my God. Sir, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to.. ” She quickly let go, went to the nearby sink and washed her hands.

“I’m sorry.” She said again when she turned back.

“I’m not, It’s OK. That was nice, I didn’t mind one bit.”

“You won’t tell anyone, will you?” Now she sounded nervous, like she thought she might be in trouble.

“No, of course not. You are wonderful, I enjoyed that. You will fit right in around here.” I told her.

“I have never done that.. just with a couple of boys is all. I really didn’t mean to, it just happened.”

“It’s fine, really. Wonderful, in fact. Say, can you maybe give me a towel?” I asked. She realized I was still lying there and a bit of a mess, she grabbed a small towel and handed it to me.

“No, you do it.” I told her with a grin. She blushed as furiously as she had earlier, but she did it. Then she left the room, I got dressed and went out. I paid Sarah, who grinned hugely when I left the usual tip. There was no sign of Stephanie, she either left or was hiding.

“How was she?” Sarah asked.

“Excellent!” I winked at her, she grinned and winked right back. I am reasonably sure that Sarah has a pretty good idea of what all goes on with certain special clients in Charlene’s back room.

I headed back to the house, spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching TV.


Debra got home right after 5 PM, that actually is a bit rare since as a Doctor, she often has extra patients or has to do time at the hospital some days.

“Hi, honey. Slow day at the office?” I asked.

“Yes, nice for a change.” She sat down to rest a bit while I got dinner out of the oven.

“So, how was your session today, was the new girl any good?” She asked as we ate.

“Actually, that was a kick.” I proceeded to tell her all about it, Debra and I have no secrets from each other, and she doesn’t have a jealous bone in her body.

“Really? You think she got off from just doing that?” Debs laughed.

“Hell, I am sure of it.” I laughed. That really had been different, and fun. I cleaned up after dinner, we sat and watched “Big Brother” on TV. Some of the stuff going on just has to be faked, or a put on, nobody acts like that. But, it’s still fun to watch even though it is obvious that Paul guy has this season in the bag.

“So, I wonder? Do you think Stephanie knows how to do massages?” Debra popped up with suddenly.

“I guess I have to say, I don’t know. What are you thinking?” I asked.

“Well, since we have no one around at the moment, maybe I could ask her? That is, if you are interested.” She grinned and leaned into me. That is one of her signs which I happen to know very well.

“Hey, I have an idea! How about next time you are down there, you ask Sarah?” I grinned.

“Sarah? The receptionist? Why, what gives you the idea she would even be interested?”

“Oh, just a hunch.” I laughed. Hell, who knows? Maybe things will get interesting around here again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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