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I started my journey home. Just out of college I got a job, in the city, and was in my probation period. It was not wise to go on leave, but I received a call from my father saying that my mother became mad and my presence there was essential.

On the way home, along the hilly road, our bus was stopped, at a hamlet, for tea. Getting down, I walked a bit away, went behind a bush and started emptying my bladder. As I was doing so, I was not aware, then, that a woman nearby was looking at my out-of-fly secrecy. When I noticed her presence I felt awkward, but she smiled at me. A mad woman she was. Thought of my mother flashed in me. I smiled back. And the mad woman voiced, “A big penis you have there to give solace to a lair so dear.”

All the way home I was wondering on the mad woman’s remark.

On reaching home, I found my mother quite normal, but my father and sister had already condemned her as mad. By evening, I came to realize, they were right. My mother started talking in an incoherent manner and in between uttering unashamedly words like cunt, cock, fuck etc. She didn’t sleep that whole night. It was decided then that I take her to the city and show her to a doctor specialist. I accepted, reluctantly.

On the way back, I fell asleep with my mother in the bus. Later when I was woken up by the bus conductor, I couldn’t grasp immediately what he was saying. The bus was break-downed. Passengers got down and were waiting for a pick up.

I found, to my shock, my mother was missing. I enquired the people around there. Someone said she went behind the bushes.

She had wandered away. I panicked. A not-so-much-used narrow path was leading in one direction. That was the only possible route she could have taken in that mountain terrain. After ten minutes walk in dismay, I found an angel taking bath in a small pool surrounded by beautiful locale, my God, it was my mother! I became angry first, but cooled down immediately looking at her serenity.

I walked up and called her to come out. She swimmed away and called me to come in. I found no other way to get her out. Leaving the bags on the shore, I stripped down to my brief and jumped in. The pool was peculiarly warm and, you believe me, I got an immediate erection as soon as I got into it. I was a bit embarrassed but I thought, ‘The erection is inside the water and nobody is going to see it’.

I approached my mother and caught her by her hand to lead her out, but she pulled me in and pushed me down into the depths. In that act, I felt her breasts brushed against my face. They were big and firm. And not only that, but to my horror, she was stark naked.

“You have taken a holy dip, my son, and now you can come with me inside the temple.” My mother pointed her finger towards a cave.

“But, mom…” Even before I uttered a single word, her fingers tipped against my erection and I was dumbfounded.

Then she walked out in her naked glory. Her buttocks were jutting out, round and heavy and swinging in circular jerks. On the shore, she turned around. Her boobs were full but sagged a bit because of their heaviness. Her bulged mound of a cunt was invitingly wide. I was drawn to her like a monsoon fly to an open flame.

My mother entered the cave followed by me. It was not a mere cave, but a sculptured temple. And, a wide stone altar was carved out on the floor-center.

My mother turned around again and faced me. My cock became painfully stiff. She pulled me up to and freed my cock. She caressed it with her warm soft fingers. It throbbed. She embraced me. Her firm heavy breasts pressed against my bare wide chest. She kissed me fully on my lips.

Then bayan escort she stepped back, caught me by my cock, led me to the altar and pushed me hard. I was down on the altar, on my back. My cock was pointing the roof. She climbed over me and crawled up. When her face was right above my cock, she bent down and kissed its bare head. A shiver ran through my body. She crawled further and when her face was right above my face she kissed me again. I could smell and taste the saltiness of my pre-cum on her lips.

My mother then raised her hips, brought and placed her puffy cunt right above my cock and teased its tip by her slimy slit. Unable to bear, I lunged upward.

“Ah ha!” She pulled herself up. I lost my patience. But she commanded, “Hold my breasts and squeeze them, son”

I caught her fleshy melons and squeezed them. Closing her eyes, she enjoyed it.

“Now I am going to take you through the ‘sorggavaasal’ (gateway of heaven), my son” My mother announced. “Your cock is going to taste, I believe, its first cunt, right?”

“Yes, mom, but don’t be so cruel. I’m dying” I cried desperately. “Allow me to enter.”

“That’s my lover boy. Here it is, now I am going to fuck my own son’s virile and virgin cock with my experienced, motherly, mouth watering cunt.”

With these erotic words, my mother slipped down my stiff vertical pole with her hot juicy cunt. Heaven I entered into. Heaven indeed it was, though hot as inferno.

My mother started moving up and down. With each movement, my cock divined the pleasure depths of her juicy pit. Sometime, she sits upright and do up-down jumps and sometime, she lies with her big breasts on my chest and flays my cock, raising and lowering her buttocks. All the time she was uttering carnal spicy words and sentences.

“Ah, my son, so deep it goes. Never before, my womb was invaded so far. Push it up and fuck me deep”

I responded and fucked her up from under. It was like swimming in eternal sweetness.

“Fuck my boy, fuck the cunt which gave you birth. Your sturdy cock stretches my cunt hole wide” My mother cooed. “Moving in and out, it sure will iron out the wrinkles there.”

With her cascade like black hair let loose and her breasts swinging, my mother looked like a Demonic Goddess. With guttural noises, she flung out filthy words. Increasing her fucking speed she started devouring me like a lioness on its prey.

“Fuck my son, fuck me. Fuck your sex starved mom. Fuck my fuckable cunt with your thick and lengthy lance. Fuck me fuck. Fuck me fuck…” My mother shrieked in a frenzy state and ground her swollen cunt lips at the base of my cock.

Then it happened: her pelvic muscles started pulsating waves after waves and her whole body shivered. A gush of hot juices poured down from her inner walls of a cunt.

“Pump out now. Pump out your semen and flood my cunt. Feed your mummy’s womb with your cock’s fresh ambrosia” So demanding she fell down on my chest and fucked me with short little strokes.

My own cock then erupted stream after stream and the fullness of my balls emptied up into her cunt. I fucked back until the lost drop of my semen was out. Then I laid there spent-up with my mother on me, panting.

When we regained our normal breaths, my mother kissed me affectionately, and dismounted me. Then she encircled my sticky limp cock with her fingers and said, “Come on, let us go out, get into the pool, wash and regain our energy. Goddess of this temple is much pleased with our performance.”

When we came out of the cave, it was dark already and it happened to be a full bayan escort gaziantep moon day. The moon was rising in the eastern sky. The forest was calm and dreamy. Fire flies were every where flying criss-crossly.

The pool was warm as it was before and stimulated us, in that strange way, as soon as our skins touched its water. Coming out of my shyness, this time, I pulled my mommy from behind, nesting my cock in the fold of her buttocks, hugged and squeezed her breasts. We were petting and kissing and the night was felt so beautiful.

“Let’s go inside again” My mother said. “We ought to offer the Goddess, our cunt-cock union, right on her altar.”

Then she led me in to the cave. No light was required inside. The temple was carved out in such a way that the rays of the full moon were finding ways to lit up the interior sufficiently. Only then I noticed the cave interior was full of erotic sculptures: I pointed out them to my mother. Together we, hand in hand, went up to and looked at them:

At the entrance, on the back-wall, on one side, was sculptured a standing naked woman with her one leg slightly lifted to reveal her slit.

On the other side of the entrance was a sculptured naked man (rather a boy) standing with a huge erected cock tilting upwards.

The second one to the sculptured naked woman was the sculpture of the same woman sitting on a throne, leaning backward with her parted thighs, offers her sliced cunt for the knelt down boy to lick.

Symmetrically, on the other side, the boy was seated the same way and his cock being sucked by the woman with cheeks in-caved.

Then on one side, sitting on a divan, the woman, with lifted legs folded at her knees, spreads her cunt like a flower, while the boy, standing in front, inserts his thick cock into that flowered cunt.

On the other side, fully stretched on her side, the woman, with her upper leg folded unto her breast, yields her bulged cunt, and the boy from behind, leaning on his elbow, drives his cock into it.

Then in the next, the woman, lying on her back, offers her cunt up and the boy from top, holding her breasts, buries his cock down into her uplifted cunt.

Other side, in symmetry, the woman is down on her fours with her head lifted and mouth slightly opened, while the boy is bolting her from behind, in doggy style.

And at the center, in the deep back wall, the boy lies on his back with his pole pointing upward and the woman, with her legs on both sides of his hips, descents on him, swallowing his cock into the mouth of her cunt.

“Here are the guide ways” My mother declared seeing those sculptures. “No doubt, as lovers, we have to perform all these acts and fulfill us, as well as the Goddess.”

And we stayed there whole night. And in the moon light, the sculptures appeared as real human beings engaged in the pleasure acts. Needless to say that we performed every act depicted in those sculptures. I ejaculated seven times: six times inside my mother’s cunt and one time in her mouth. Every time, a dip in the pool invigorated our energies. After completing the five fuck-acts, my mother sucked my cock, as the sixth act, until it spurt out and she drank the outcome. I too performed the eating of her pussy until she achieved the climax. Finally, as the seventh act, she enacted again the first commenced woman-on-top act and with our gushing finale, my mother declared that the sanctifying festival had come to an end.

When we came out of the cave, finally, the moon was setting in the west and the golden fire ball was rising on the east.

In gaziantep escort the morning sunlight, on the temple wall, there above the entrance, I could read out a Sanskrit sloka, engraved in Tamil-Brahmi script:

Vandhaegurusthanam sukhayoanisaagaram |

Lingaamrthapriyam suthakaami maatharam ||

This, with my acquired skill in that language, roughly translates,

I worship the plump-breasted, the pleasure-ocean-cunt possessor |

The cock-nectar lover, the son-desiring mother ||

I was astonished. It was unbelievable. A temple constructed to worship the son-fucking mother as a Goddess. And we, a mother and son, were dragged unaware to do a whole night ‘leela’ to commemorate it.

My mother asked me affectionately, “Would you like to honor the Goddess at our home too?”

“I would love to do it anywhere anytime” I answered. We embraced once again at the temple gate and together we bowed and kissed the holy site.

That was like a dream. When we reached the city next day, I found my mother was completely cured. I thanked ‘Goddess Suthakaami’ for her unconventional way of remedy. Though I thanked Goddess, I felt sad with-in, longing for that unconventional way itself. One can not dare to fuck his own mother when she is perfectly conscious.

After a week, my father arrived at city to take back my mother. It was inevitable. I was unbearably sad, but I managed to control myself in their presence.

In the evening they went for shopping. Once they stepped out, I broke-down, collapsed on the floor and cried to the Goddess Suthakaami, recapping all that happened in her temple, and begged her to take away my life then and there.

When my parents returned after shopping, my father complained, my mother was not at all cured. I did not understand, but my mother proved he was right. Yes, she was talking incoherently and that too in vulgar words like cunt, cock, fuck etc.

Very next day my father left, requesting me to show her to a real doctor.

After seeing my father off, when I returned and rang the door bell, my mother crack opened the door and told me to enter in quickly. I entered. There, inside, she was completely naked and smiling at me. It was a pleasant shock. She pulled me to her and I wept on her shoulder.

“You crazy fucking therapist, it was only Goddess Suthkaami who brought me back, in the guise of changing my sandals, to witness your confessing prayer. Thank Goddess” My mother narrated me in a soothing tone. “Now I see the whole picture. Your dad became old and weak. It was my bottled up sexual frustration which made me insane. The nightlong fuck at Suthakaami Temple, by your young energetic cock, satiated my sex-starved cunt and healed me of my madness. Thank you, son, and thank you for everything. Come now, come to mom, I want us to enjoy it in full consciousness.”

She led me in to the bed room. She herself removed my cloths and made me naked. When my cock sprang up, she cried pleasantly, “Oh, my goodness, how big you are there! It surely will give solace to my lair.”

The soothsayer mad woman’s face flashed in my memory.

My mother lay on her back and presented me her bulged open cunt. She herself held my cock and placed its bulbous head at her petal gaped gate. I entered into her juicy volcano and, pressing her breasts, started giving lengthy strokes. Placing her heals on my waist; my mother pulled down my head and kissed on my lips. Then she said, “Let me not be cured of my faked madness till you get married.”

“If you yield your cunt like this,” I said, “I will never marry at all.”

Pleased, she sucked at my lips passionately. Her cunt surged at my cock profoundly.

Since then my mother and I are living as husband and wife. Suthakaami Temple became famous now. Lot of western tourists visits it. I believe, way back home, mothers fuck their sons and sons, their own mothers.

Vandae gursthanam sukhayoanisaagaram |
Lingaamruthapriyam Suthakaami maatharam ||

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