Take Me, Tom Pt. 21-23


As always, thanks to Kejisato for his editing prowess. Any, and all, mistakes are mine. And thanks to Paolo for proofreading.

You both have been invaluable to me, and this whole process.

In these next three chapters, I have attempted to address the new dynamic involving these three. Hopefully, I have succeeded. At least a bit.

And thanks to everyone who has commented on my attempts here.

Chapter 21 Sunday Evening Barbeque

Chrissie Soothes Emily

Chrissie POV

The kids were getting hungry, so we packed up and walked back to the car. Em and I hung back, hungry for connection, but the kids had to come first.

All set, we headed off. Tom stopped at a fish store and we all picked out what we wanted. I smiled at the kids as they pressed their little faces against the glass display.

When we finally returned home, Tom stepped out in the garden and started up the barbeque. Em helped me settle the kids. She was so good with them. I felt a pang of regret for her that David wasn’t able to have kids. I knew this left a huge hole in Em’s heart. Since we met, five years ago, she sort of adopted mine as hers. It was sweet, and touching, to have seen their relationship grow, as ours had.

I heard Tom ask Em to prepare a salad or something to go with the fish. She couldn’t be happier to help. I came out and looked at him, and walking over to him, tongs in his hand, I slipped my arms around his waist, and leaned my head on his back. I loved his smell, his strength. Em looked at us and smiled.

The kids were showered and ready, as was dinner. The five of us sat outside, in the now fading sun. We talked, the kids argued and we laughed at Tom’s jokes. Well, we had to, didn’t we? I watched Tom and Em, the two people so important to my life. I loved them both.

Tom was a dab hand at cooking on a barbeque. He didn’t burn anything! I had prepared a dessert that he called a ‘trifle’. I found the recipe online and tried to put it together. It was fairly easy, as long as it was set properly. We cleared the dinner plates and I brought out the dessert. David grabbed the bowls. It looked a godawful mess, but Tom said it would taste great. I scooped the mixture into bowls for the kids but Em and I declined. It looked too rich. The kids loved it, as did Tom. The only thing healthy in it was a few raspberries.

Tom scooped up a spoonful and held it out. “Go on, Chrissie. Just try it,” he beckoned, holding the spoon out, with mainly, it seemed, too much whipped cream. “Go on. You’ll like it.”

I smiled, and opened my mouth seductively. Tom slid the spoon into my mouth, our eyes locked together. Tom slowly pulled the spoon from my mouth. I licked the spare cream off my lips and swallowed. Tom just smiled at me.

“See? I knew you’d like it,” he said, slowly.

“Yummy, Tom…” I said, slurring my words, not necessarily believing it.

Em sat on the other side and saw what was going on. “Uhh, Tom. Could I try some…cream, too?” she asked, the words dripping from her mouth.

Tom looked at her, a little smirk across his lips. He held out a larger spoonful and slowly brought it to Em’s mouth. I saw her open her mouth, waiting, eager for what Tom was going to slide between her lips. I saw the way they looked at each other and snickered. Tom held the spoon out as Em brought her mouth closer. Just as Em was going to take it in her waiting mouth, Tom teasingly pulled it away, just a bit. Em’s mouth came closer. Tom moved the spoon away again. I laughed quietly.

“Give it to me… Tom,” the double entendres, not lost on any of us.

It was so incredibly sexy watching this play out. I felt a little stirring in my loins.

Tom held out the spoon again, and persisted in teasing Em. She suddenly grabbed his wrist and slowly brought the spoon to her mouth, her eyes never leaving his, her mouth wide open. She brought the spoon into her mouth, and exaggerating, took the whole thing, her lips sliding along the spoon as Tom pulled it away from her lips.

I could hear Tom whisper, “Good girl,” to her. Em just licked her lips, and looking at me, murmured, “You’re right, Chrissie. It is…yummy.”

I thought I would cream myself there and then. I wanted those lips on mine.

All this was lost on the kids, luckily. We all just laughed with each other, but the sexual tension was palpable. Happily, there were no more charades over the rest of the dessert.

David and Chloe cleared the table and Tom helped and brought out a chilled rosé for us. The kids were running off their dinner, and we sat and watched them. I took Tom’s hand and held it tight.

I looked at Em, the longing on her face was heartbreaking. I turned to Tom and asked, “Tom, would you watch the kids for a while? I’d…I’d like to talk with Em. In the bedroom. Is that all right?” I asked, not certain how he would react. I pushed my chair back and walked over to Tom who was watching the kids kaliteli gaziantep escort playing.

Tom somehow knew that I needed time with just Em. She needed to pour out all the emotions she was feeling. His hand came to my cheek and gently stroked it. “Of course, darling. Go ahead. I’ll keep the kids busy. Go.” he said, with so much tenderness, my heart leapt.

Looking up at him, all I could say was, “Thank you, darling,” and kissed him full on the mouth. “You don’t mind?” I asked.

“What? The kiss or playing with the kids?” he laughed.

I smacked his arm and went back to the table.

I looked at Em and held out my hand, her eyes never leaving mine. She gracefully took my hand and we walked into the house. I led her down the hallway she knew so well and opened the bedroom door, Em’s hand quivering in mine.

And then, Em looked at me, her eyes puffy and ablaze and said, “Touch me, Chrissie. I…I need you.”

Fuck, I thought. I can’t. I really, really shouldn’t. Which angel would win this one?

“Em…look at me, please. I…I can’t. I want to, but I can’t. Not…not when you’re like this. It has nothing to do with Tom or the kids or anything. I won’t right now. You…you’re…too emotional right now. I’d feel I was…taking advantage of you, sweetness. Do you understand?” I asked, hoping she would, and make the decision away for me.

“That’s what I want right now, Chrissie. I…I need to be held. By you! Can’t you see? I need your touch, your lips, your love. Please, Chrissie. Touch me, darling,” she moaned.

I remembered back, three years ago when Jack and I had broken up. I needed the same thing Em now needed. To be loved, touched and devoured. And she was there for me. Always.

“Chrissie,” she whispered so seductively. “Please. Just…just…” my best friend groaned. “I…need…you!”

“Shh, Em. This is…just the wrong time,” I said, leading her to the bed where we sat. “I know what you need, darling. I’ve been there, remember? But now is not the right time, the kids are here and I need to see them. Lets’…let’s just talk, okay?” I asked, almost pleading with her.

Em brought her hand to my cheek and softly stroked it. Her painful eyes tore at me. She leant in and licked my lips, her hand moving to my bare thigh. She moved a finger into my mouth, and I automatically sucked it.

Was it a mistake to bring her in here, I thought?

“I’m…I’m just all over the place, Chrissie. I know I want to leave David but there’s still this abyss I’m staring at and…and it scares me,” she sighed, breaking my heart.

“I’m there for you, Em. Trust me. I’ll…I’ll always be there for you,” I replied, my chest aching from her hurt. I leant in and kissed her, hoping that would be enough to satisfy her need. She pushed me back on the bed and moved on top of me, her legs spreading mine.

“Ohh, Em…we…we can’t,” I lied, as we pulled at each other.

“I need you, Chrissie. I…I…need,” as she drove her pelvis onto mine.

I can’t, I thought. I…can’t.

I slowly undid one button, then another on Em’s blouse. I didn’t want to, truly, but my hands did. Em practically tore the buttons from my old shirt, and sucked my breast into her wet mouth.

I can’t…I really shouldn’t, I thought.

I lifted my breast to her, my body aching for this. It had been too long. My fingers were running through her silky hair, igniting the tiny embers in my pussy. I groaned my approval at Em’s touch.

No…Stop this, Chrissie. You’ve gone too far. Stop it now, I thought, half-heartedly.

“Sweetie, no. We…I shouldn’t be…” but my words were unheard. Em’s fingers were on the button of my tight shorts. Mine was holding her luscious bum. I could feel my body, involuntarily, pushing my pussy up onto hers.

Fuck! No, Chrissie! She deserves so much more than a quick encounter, I admonished myself.

My heart was beating so quickly, my hands were turning to jelly and my arousal was obvious. Em suddenly stood up at the side of the bed. Looking at me, she undid the rest of her blouse. I couldn’t say the word I needed to say. ‘Stop. No’.

I watched her, so needy, almost desperate for the touch of her lover. Yes, we were.

I gazed upon her breasts, so much larger than mine, but just as beautiful. Em slowly unclipped the bra from the front, her breasts on display for me. Only me. Her hands went to her trousers, her eyes never leaving mine. I watched, entranced, as she slowly unzipped them. I could feel myself creaming.

Not a word was spoken this whole time ’til Em broke the spell and said, “I want you naked, Chrissie. Now. Please,’ her eyes devouring me, as mine were her.

Unconsciously, I undid my shorts, and slivered them down my body, my wet panties caught up with them. Just as quickly, I shed my tattered shirt, my smaller breasts showing my excitement.

Em’s pants lay in a puddle at her feet. I gaziantep kaliteli escort licked my lips on seeing her shaved pussy. She took the two steps and was back on the bed. We embraced, each smelling and holding the other. I rolled on top of her, and ground my mound onto hers. She melted into me, and I swear I saw a tiny tear.

I slid my finger along her slit, my digit easily sliding through her labia. I loved her loud moans. Em needed this. Her hands were holding my butt, keeping me on top of her mound. Our mutual cream was gushing on each other.

I suddenly leaned over to my bedside cabinet and pulled out a toy.

This is what Em needs, I thought. She can’t have my Tom, but she can have this.

I kneeled up, looked at my beautiful friend, and slowly slid the phallic cock along my labia. Em moaned. I played with the shaft, running it smoothly through me, the bulbous tip just gliding over my excited clit. Em slowly fingered herself, mimicking my own. I took the smooth, double-ended shaft and slid it inside me. I let out a guttural groan, which only excited Em more.

“Is this what my Em needs? Hmmm? Is this what you want, darling,” I asked, seductively.

“Ohh, Chrissie. Make love with me, sweetheart. Just…just take me…” she moaned.

I slid another inch into my eager cunt and held the firm substitute. I leant down to her and teasingly placed it at her swollen entrance. I slid the curved piece through her lips now, wetting her side of our toy. Her hands went to my hips, her legs spread eagerly and the wetness seeping from her. I shifted my pelvis and slid into my best friend. As I did, the rest of the hardness filled me.

We looked at each other adoringly and whispered, “I love you,” and we moved our bodies in unison like we had so many times before.

“I’ll…I’ll always be here-” I panted. ” – for you, Em. I need you, too, okay. I’ll always…be here to…love you,” as I plunged into her, our mounds touching.

I lovingly took her taut nipple into my mouth, knowing how sensitive they were. Em’s hands were on my back, holding me there, as if I might, somehow, slip away.

“Chrissie. my…my, Chrissie…just always…always…” Em groaned.

We were both wet. I could feel my juices leaking out onto the hard rod, and spilling onto her. We stroked each other and made love, each one giving to the other what they needed. I loved the feel of Em under me, as much as she loved being on top of me. But Em needed the loving right now, she needed the hard release that I was willing to give her. I plunged in and out, stroking her gaping pussy.

We kissed, licked and smothered each other with our mouths. Her tender touches, the way she combed my hair with her fingers, the delicious look in her eyes were all I needed.

I slowed our pace down, after the first initial exertions. I loved the way Em would wrap her legs around mine, the softness of our breasts touching and the smell of her neck. My hands cradled her beautiful face as my hips rocked, to and fro, deep inside my love.

I wanted to devour this woman.

I loved the look on her face every time I pushed the silicone deep inside her. Her head thrown back, her eyes barely open and her mouth in a little ‘O’. I wondered if this is how she would look when my Tom finally made love to my lover. That thought alone set me off, and my strokes became firmer and more determined. I needed Em to release all her fears onto me.

I could feel Em getting close, as she pulled my hair and her face turned gloriously red. I fucked her even harder, knowing she needed the release.

“Cum on my cock, darling woman,” suddenly remembering that these were the same words Tom used to get me off. “Does my…kitten want to cum now?” I asked, brazenly.

Em lifted her hips, the pseudo cock embedded fully in us, and we came. Together. Em’s eye’s closed and her mouth contorted into that beautiful ‘O’, her breath quickened and she gushed her love out from deep within her. We continued to take each other, the orgasms only building. We met each other with every thrust of our hips, our pussies touching and igniting us. I wanted to kiss her, but my mouth betrayed me. I could only join the chorus of Em’s groans and silent bliss. I could feel tiny beads of perspiration dripping on my beautiful friend. Em’s fingers were pinching my breasts, the pain ending at my cunt.

I could feel my climax slowly subsiding, so I slowed down my prodding. I leant down and romantically kissed Emily, the woman who had saved my life.

It was my turn to save hers, I thought.

Em was coming down, her breathing nowhere near as rapid. She opened her eyes and smiled.

How could I not love her, I thought.

I fell onto her chest, her breasts almost in the way. That was fine with me. She held me with small whimpers of, “Thank you, Chrissie. Thank you.” I could feel her small kisses on my head.

I needed her to gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan feel the way I do with my Tom, I thought.

I gazed at my lover and could only say, “Anytime, lover. Anytime,” even though I knew that wasn’t possible. Perhaps, but…

I moved my hips and slowly lifted myself off Em, the hardness staying with me. I slowly, but reluctantly, pulled it out of my channel. I held it in my hand and slid my fingers through the wetness. I turned it around and brought my side to Em’s lips. She opened her mouth, willingly. She lay there, sated and full, and licked my cum from the hard silicone. Her hands wrapped around the piece, as I imagined her sucking Tom’s cock…which was NEVER going to happen, but it was a wonderful fantasy.

I gently pulled it from her hands and turned it around again, licking the surface that had, minutes ago, been deep inside her. I loved her taste, as much as I loved Tom’s taste. I stared at her, my eyes still filled with lust. And love. I placed it on the cabinet next to the bed and lay down on her again.

We kissed tenderly. “Feel better, sweetie?” I asked, knowing what the answer was but…

“Ohh, Chrissie. Just so…so….Just what I needed, Chrissie. I…I hope Tom is okay with…this? I’ll…I’ll explain? This is all so mixed up right now and…”

“Em,” I asked. “Can I just, well, say one thing? I hope you can take this the way I need to say it.”

I saw the color go from her rosy cheeks, as I held her tight against me.

“Oh, Chrissie. Anything. Just…just say it…” although I knew she didn’t want to hear what I was going to say.

“Tom. It’s Tom. He’s…he’s been okay with you and me, I think, but…he has given me one condition, okay? I know there’s an attraction. I can’t blame him and I can’t blame you. He’s already told me that he… won’t…well, fuck you. Is that too brutal? God, Em, I don’t know how to say this. He has this need to be with just me. Only me. Now, things may change in the future and I don’t even know if you’re attracted to him that way but…” and Em stopped me.

“Chrissie. Slow down. I get it. I do. I’m not going to seduce your brother. Yes, he’s a fabulous man, attractive and all, but I know he’s yours. I would never come between you two, all right? I like flirting with him, too. It does make me feel, well, desirable. I’ve missed that for so long, Chrissie. I love the attention, but I know where the lines are. Darling, you don’t have to worry. Now, have you two talked this through? Hmm? I think you need to set the parameters right now. Let’s not get into a mess here.”

“It’s all okay, right? We’ll talk with him later, actually. He has mentioned that the three of us should talk but, he’s fine, sweetie. Truly, he is,” I explained, hoping I was right. “I’ve…I’ve told him that I don’t want you to fuck him either, but, if truth be told, I think I’d like that. One day. If you wanted to. I just feel so close to you both, and don’t want to lose either of you. I guess I’m just a selfish, little bitch, wanting everything my way. But yes, I’ll try and explain it

later. I know everything will be fine, though. I trust you both too much. Now, let’s get cleaned up and join them. I wasn’t expecting this to happen!” I giggled.

Em slapped my butt and I rolled off her, my hand reveling in her warm and wet body. We walked to the bathroom and freshened ourselves up then dressed. I helped Em put her bra on, a gesture I would never tire of. We kissed, holding each other’s ass, and spanking each other at the same time, then headed out.

Yet another Walk of Shame, Chrissie, I thought.

Tom and the kids were outside playing still. I looked at the clock. Em and I had been gone for an hour and a half. Oops. We held hands as we caught their attention. I walked over to Tom, but didn’t say anything. I just lay my head on his shoulder as he tenderly held me. I lifted my head, and kissed him. We broke apart and I whispered, “Thank you…” I loved his affirming smile. He simply had to know, from the rosy shine of my cheeks to my still hard little nipples. I went over to play with the kids. I saw Em approach Tom, again, somewhat hesitantly. I wasn’t sure what would happen. I held my breath. Waiting. Tom lifted his arms, beckoning Em over. He enveloped her and held her tight, his head nestled in her hair. I could just hear his murmurs of, “You okay now?” he asked, and then he kissed her tenderly. I almost cried.

“I’m…I’m fine, Tom. Thank you,” she whispered, too, and leant up, pulling him down and kissing him fully on the lips. My heart soared.

Em came over and played this dart game with David and Chloe. Tom went and sat down, taking a drink from his favourite tumbler. I guess he hit the single malt whilst I was away, I smiled. We had a small volleyball net set up so we divided teams and played. It was Em and me versus Tom and the kids. They won, but only because Tom hit damn near every point. The five of us just enjoyed the rest of the day, laughing, giving each other a hard time and sassing the kids. I stood back, at one point, and saw how happy everyone was together, how we all, well, worked.

My mind wandered. What if, I thought.

Chapter 22 Sunday Night Drinks with Emily

Chrissie POV

It was getting late, so I called the kids in. It was time to wind down and get them to bed.

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