Tamara In Stockings Ch. 02

Double Penetration

Chapter Two: Three’s Company

It was mid February 1997, three months since Annie’s party and Tamara had spent many hours, both in and out of bed, reliving the erotic events of that fateful night. She had not rushed into telling her partner, Jack, all of the details because, despite his obvious arousal at their fantasies of her fucking and being fucked by other people, she wasn’t completely convinced that he’d enjoy the reality of her pussy being fingered and pounded by Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Particularly as she had surrendered without a fight.

She had stoked Jack’s desires by telling him about the men that had pressed their throbbing erections against her at the party. She had even told him about Daniel’s kiss and his hand up her skirt in the car. But she hadn’t felt able to reveal how she had been taken, at first reluctantly and then willingly, by the sergeant and lieutenant on that foggy night at the barracks.

She’d been careful to imply that she had been in control of the situation with Daniel and that she’d merely been teasing him and knew when to stop. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. In reality, she’d been about to yield her pussy to Daniel’s fingers had their precipitous embrace not been interrupted by the other party goers.

Once more in bed, as part of their foreplay, Tamara had tantalisingly repeated the events of the party to Jack. She was playing with Jack’s cock and he’d become harder and more aroused as she delighted him with how shamelessly sexy she’d felt in her short skirt, heels and stockings whilst she prick teased several men at the party.

When she got to the point where Daniel put his hand up her skirt and rested his fingers on a suspender clip, she could tell that Jack was on the verge of coming so she pumped his cock faster and wanked him off without ceremony. He shot his load onto his stomach whilst thrusting at her hand then she straddled his cock while it was still hard, bringing herself to orgasm whilst imagining Daniel’s fingers inside her cunt. She’d lost count of how many times she had come whilst indulging in this fantasy.


The next morning was the last Friday before February half term. Jack had a long journey to work and always left a good half an hour before Tamara. She felt relaxed as she showered and then applied her make up. She had a couple of free periods and some easy classes, an ideal lead up to a week off work.

Sitting in matching, sexy white bra and panties, she contemplated what to wear. She decided to be brave and wear her stretchy brown short skirt. At three inches above the knee it wasn’t the shortest skirt in her wardrobe but it was probably the shortest she would dare to wear at school. There could only be one choice of stocking, brown, 50 denier. To this she added brown shoes with a two inch squared heel and a deep yellow lambswool jumper. Together with dangly earrings and a necklace, her maroon lipstick, brown eyeshadow and dark brown bobbed hair set off her attractive hazel eyes.

As she unfurled her stockings over her silky smooth legs and clipped them to her white six strap suspender belt she made a mental note not to bend over at work today. She also suspected that, even at 46, she might still be admired by some of her older students so she was pleased that her desk had a ‘modesty board.’ She smiled to herself as she thought about how her colleague Geoff would not be able to keep his eyes off her thighs and arse in the hope of spotting suspender ‘bumps’ through her skirt.

The Geography Department office was a hive of activity just before the bell for the first lesson sounded. It contained half a dozen teachers and an administrator preparing for lessons and dealing with last minute issues. Some were engaged in earnest conversations whilst others, including Tamara, were bantering with each other and enjoying the end of half term feeling.

Tamara was more relaxed than her colleagues because she had a free period first thing. She decided to tease Geoff so she busied herself with tasks that kept her directly in his line of view. His desk was in the corner and hers was directly in front of his but at right angles so he looked at her in profile. He sat at his desk pretending to be absorbed in a register but Tamara smirked to herself each time she caught his shifty eyes glued to her thighs.

Several times she got up and down from her chair to reach up for unneeded resources on high shelves or she leaned over her desk to feign fascination at the timetable on the wall. She moved deliberately and sensually. At one point standing up and pausing for a moment with her right hand to her forehead as if deep in thought. In this position Geoff feasted his eyes on her arse as her pencil cut skirt hugged the glorious curve of her buttocks.

She pivoted on her right foot taking most of her weight on her right leg with her left leg slightly forward, her toes pointed like a dancer. Now, with her back to Geoff, she seriously considered bending escort gaziantep ilanları over whilst pretending to examine her shoe. It was just as well that she thought better of it. Geoff’s cock was bursting by now and there was every chance that he’d have come in his pants at the sight of her mound perfectly formed and straining against the material of her panties.

Tamara sat down again, expertly letting her skirt ride up just enough to show plenty of sexy thigh but not enough to reveal her stocking tops. Geoff eventually gave up all pretence of working and just stared in reverence. He furtively stroked his trouser restrained erect cock under the desk. When the bell sounded he was startled like a rabbit caught in headlights. Tamara looked at him, smiled, winked and crossed her right leg over her left so that her stocking top was visible. Geoff flushed bright red, stood up clumsily holding a register in front of his groin to hide his erection and rushed out of the office making straight for the male staff toilets.

Once they were alone in the office, Rita, the admin assistant, chuckled at Tamara, “You really love to tease that man don’t you? I hope his obvious arousal dies down before he gets to his classroom.”

“I know, I shouldn’t be so unkind but he brings out the worst in me sometimes. Besides, he’s harmless and I don’t imagine his life is full of thrills.”

Tamara said this in the knowledge that a semi drunken Geoff had admitted to her at Annie’s party that he frequently thought of her whilst he masturbated but she didn’t think Rita needed to know this just yet.

Tamara and Rita went about their business whist chatting about their plans for half term. Rita was going with her husband to Spain for a few days whilst Tamara looked forward to chilling out and shopping.

The phone rang, Rita answered.

“Yes, she’s here, who’s speaking please?”

“Tamara, it’s for you, a Mr Large, saying something about a car service.”

Tamara was puzzled, “Okay… thanks”

“Hello,” she said tentatively.

“Hi Tamara, it’s Daniel, from Annie’s party?”

“Oh! Yes, hello… I er… yes.”

Tamara glanced toward Rita to see if she was paying attention to her call but there was no sign that she was overly curious.

“I’m on shore leave until next Wednesday and I’d really like to meet up with you. You know, unfinished business?”

“Erm…yes, er… yes, that’s quite convenient for me actually, I’m on half term holiday all of next week. Er, when shall I bring the car in?”

“Ha ha, you’re a cool cucumber. I’ve thought about you a lot in the last three months.”

“Likewise,” replied Tamara.

“How about Monday, 1pm at the Travel Lodge on the edge of town?”

“Er yes, that suits me perfectly.”

“I’ll book a room and I’ll meet you in the car park.”

Tamara blushed at the mention of a room so she turned her face away from where Rita was sitting.

“Right, so that’s 1pm on Monday, do I need to bring my service history?” she couldn’t help being a little mischievous even though her cheeks were burning.

“Just bring your sexy self and I’ll make sure your engine’s purring.”

“I’ll look forward to it, bye.”

A wet patch appeared on Tamara’s panties as her juices seeped into the gusset and her hand trembled a little as she replaced the receiver.

“I’m off to listen to the weekly dirge,” sighed Rita as she left for a meeting with the school’s admin staff.

Tamara took a deep breath. Had she just arranged to start an affair? “My God,” she thought. She’d always had an understanding with Jack that if either of them planned to jump into bed with someone else they’d be up front about it first.

These thoughts were soon subsumed as the warm sensual feeling in her pussy spread along the inside of her thighs and down to her toes, at the same time she felt a flutter in her stomach and her nipples hardened. She spent the rest of the day musing about how much, if anything, she should tell Jack. She also hoped to avoid Annie because Annie sometimes teased her about her nephew Daniel and Tamara was worried that “I’m going to fuck Daniel” would be written on her face.


That same night in bed during foreplay with Jack, Tamara’s pussy was saturated at the prospect of bedding Daniel on Monday. She decided to hint at what was going to happen but somehow ended up telling Jack about being fucked at the barracks by the duty sergeant and the lieutenant. The ‘story’ and her wetness sent Jack into an erotic orbit. They fucked each other with a passion, Tamara thinking of her extreme arousal when the sergeant pushed his magnificent cock inside her, Jack imagining her (and himself truth be known) being dominated by the lieutenant.

Jack’s rock hard cock exploded inside Tamara as her third orgasm overwhelmed her. They laid together for several moments without speaking, both breathlessly exhilarated.

Then escort kadın gaziantep Tamara’s heart sank when Jack said, “That’s the best fantasy you’ve ever come up with.”

The bedroom was dimly lit so she couldn’t see Jack’s face clearly. She decided to go for broke. Manipulating Jack’s half erect cock and in her most imploring voice she said:

“But what if it was real Jack? How would you really feel if it had actually happened, I mean seriously?”


Jack was intrigued and definitely paying attention.

“It did happen Jack… I’ve been wanting to tell you for weeks, months even… It really happened… I felt so guilty, I mean… I was forced, well… at first anyway. Then when they started fingering me and sucking my tits I just couldn’t stop myself from becoming aroused. They got me to such a state that I… just couldn’t… resist.”

“They even videoed it all so that I wouldn’t report it.”

“I’m telling the truth Jack, you might hate me for it but the shame and guilt I felt were nothing next to the sheer pleasure and elation of being utterly dominated and used. Being fucked by Lieutenant Davenport was a revelation.”

She added this little nugget in the certain knowledge that if anything could appease Jack it would be the thought of her with another woman.

Her anxiety had been rising about how Jack would react when he realised this wasn’t one of their kinky fantasies. But now she had her answer, his cock had quickly become fully engorged and was as hard as she could ever remember.

She relaxed and was even more relieved when Jack said, “I think you know exactly how I feel, the evidence is in your hand.”

“I’m even more madly in love with you and turned on like I never imagined possible.”

“Let’s talk later about the new possibilities this opens up, right now I want your pussy so badly.”

Tamara wasn’t expecting that, ‘new possibilities’ made her stomach churn with excitement.

“Really, honestly?”

“Yes, really’”

Overjoyed and highly turned on she kissed Jack furiously, enveloped his cock with her vagina and fucked him to another orgasm.

The significance of ‘new possibilities’ wasn’t lost on Tamara. She fell asleep feeling that she’d indirectly been given approval to get into bed with Daniel. She promised herself that she would eventually reveal it to Jack, when he’d had a drink and she’d got her hand on his cock.


Monday morning couldn’t come round soon enough. When it did Tamara found herself making the most of her extra time in bed. Jack had long gone to work, the cup of tea he’d brought up for her was untouched and stone cold. Tamara awoke slowly and sensuously, her head was filled with Daniel and she imagined that her pussy was too.

Her right hand drifted down under the quilt and found her clit. She massaged it for a few moments, enjoying the building sensation of arousal. Then she slipped her fingers between her pussy lips and down towards her hole. She was very wet and soon very excited but, still feeling drowsy, decided to let her vibrator do the work.

Tamara reached into her bedside drawer and took out her favourite sex toy. She loved the device, it was about five inches long, not too thick and made of smooth metal. She was so wet that its cool length slipped into her with ease. She shivered with anticipation as she turned the dial. Even on low power the vibrator had her fully aroused in seconds.

She imagined that she was in her car with Daniel, his hand up her skirt, just like the night of the party. This time she kissed him forcefully, gripped his elbow and forced his hand toward her wet gusset. His fingers pulled the gusset to one side and he shoved three of them assertively into her cunt.

He found her sweet spot and she came with a shuddering orgasm within seconds. Next she imagined unzipping his fly which was bulging with his huge cock. She also had to undo his waistband to free his cock from his pants. She pulled his briefs down and his cock sprang to attention. Leaning over she took the head of his cock into her mouth and pumped his shaft with her left hand. He moaned with pleasure and was soon on the verge, with her right hand she caressed his balls and he immediately shot his load into her mouth. At this thought, she turned the vibrator up a notch and came deliciously to orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided she felt the urge to ‘stay in the zone’ by playing the vibrator over her clit and pussy lips. She wanted the vibrator again so she thought of one of several occasions when Jack had bound her hands behind her back. She turned up the dial as she recalled the time they’d played a domination/submission game whilst going out for a meal. Jack had been ‘in control’ this time and, at the end of the meal, he’d made her go to the restaurant toilets and remove her panties. Tamara tweaked the dial again as she relived the erotic sex play. She reached another level escort gaziantep kızlar of arousal as she remembered that Jack made her open her handbag at the restaurant table just enough to show her panties inside.

She was close to coming again as she recalled Jack forcing her to masturbate in the car on the way home. He’d brought a small vibrating wand with him and he made her hitch her skirt up over the tops of her hold up stockings so that she could use it to massage her pussy. Then, when they arrived at home, he tied her to the banister and fucked her whilst she stood defenceless, skirt pushed up around her hips, in her high heels.

Tamara’s second orgasm arrived on cue as she savoured the memory of one of the hottest, most tantalising experiences she’d ever had. She was on a pleasurable erotic high now and she still felt that she had another orgasm in her. She had completely given herself over to the vibrator as she contemplated which scenario she would invoke to make herself come again.

This time her thoughts turned toward the desirable yet domineering Lieutenant Davenport. She didn’t dwell on their erotic encounter at the barracks. Instead, she imagined that Davenport had kidnapped her in a town car park. The lieutenant, in full uniform, with threats and menace, forced her into her car and the drove Tamara to her town house in the suburbs.

The front of the house was secluded and Davenport forced Tamara roughly through the front door and upstairs to her bedroom. She pushed her down onto the bed flipped her over and tied her hands with a dressing gown cord. Then the lieutenant took off her skirt, shirt, bra and panties. She stood there for a moment in heels, stockings and military cap looking triumphant and gloriously sexy with her newly shaved pussy.

The combination of the vibrator and Tamara’s hot fantasy brought her to the edge of her third orgasm. She turned the dial down a slightly so that she could savour the moment a little longer. She imagined the amazonian lieutenant putting on a strap on cock then crawling up the bed, raising Tamara’s skirt over her stocking tops before brutally ripping off her skimpy panties. Then she sank the shaft of the strap on into Tamara’s wet cunt. She moved rhythmically and forcefully in and out of Tamara, her breasts swayed in unison and she looked the epitome of sexual power and authority with her cap set low over her forehead. At this point, the real Tamara could hold back no longer and she turned the vibrator up to maximum and shafted herself to the longest and best vibrator induced orgasm so far.

As her rapid breathing began to subside, Tamara looked at the clock. It was 10.25am, her thoughts turned toward her next series of orgasms at the hands and cock of Daniel. She had decided that she did not want to be waiting in broad daylight in the Travel Lodge car park so she planned to be a few minutes late. There was plenty of time before she needed to enjoy the ritual of getting ready for sex so she put on her dressing gown over her pyjamas and went down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

Tamara’s pussy was still suffused with the lingering sensations of three self generated orgasms and she thrilled at the prospect of her tryst with Daniel. It was hard to concentrate on the ‘codeword’ puzzle in the newspaper. She passed the remaining time half heartedly doing the puzzle then flicking through the news articles.

Her mind wandered to her plans for Daniel. She was obviously going to dress to impress and her first thought was to have Daniel drooling at the sight of her in a short red dress, black seamed hold up stockings and her four inch high black heels. But something Daniel had said on the phone about unfinished business gave her the idea that she ought to wear the same outfit that she wore to Annie’s party. The idea of picking up exactly where they had left off, with Daniel’s hand up her black skirt, turned her on immensely. She wanted to turn her fantasy into reality.

Tamara checked the time, it was almost 12 noon. She came out of her reverie and went back upstairs to shower. As she dried herself in front of the en-suite mirror she smiled at her reflection and thought, “Not bad for a 47 year old.” It gave her immense satisfaction to think that, despite her ex husband’s mean assertion that she was too old and past it to get another man, she was now fighting them off. Not that she intended to fight Daniel off.

She chose the same black bra that she had worn for the party. She remembered that Davenport had kept the matching panties as a trophy. As she put on the new replacement pair that she had bought, she allowed herself a little smile at the thought that she had just fantasised about the Lieutenant ripping these off as well. As usual she took care to ensure that her hair and make up were just right. She remembered wearing her heavy necklace and grey teardrop earrings at the party so she got them out of her jewellery box ready to put on as finishing touches.

In the debate between stockings and hold ups it was no contest today, it had to be black stockings. She wanted to feel the suspender clips on her thighs and she knew that they would arouse Daniel’s lust. Tamara put on her black six strap suspender belt and fastened her stockings into place. She pulled on her black skirt and blue long sleeved top. Her lips and finger nails were painted bright red.

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