Anna walked into the lingerie shop with an air of confidence. This was going to be a fun shopping trip. The wedding was two weeks away, and she wanted all the very best lingerie for her special day and honeymoon. She thought about bringing her maid of honor with her on this trip, but decided it was something she wanted to do alone. She really didn’t want anyone but David to see the lovely things she planned to purchase. A pleasant looking sales clerk approached as Anna was checking out a display of thong panties. “Can I help you with anything?” “No thanks. I’m just looking for ideas. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to try.” “That’s fine. Just bring your selections to me when you find what you want and we’ll get you into a fitting room.” Anna made her selections. She was used to wearing cinsel bilgiler utilitarian undergarments. Sports bras, comfortable panties, things that moved when she did. She wasn’t sure about all this lace and silk, but she knew David would love it. He was forever pointing out models in the catalogues and telling her she would look great in the same outfit. Last year on Valentine’s Day he bought her one of those silly red and black things – the lace so stiff it scratched the skin. She told him she would put it away for their honeymoon, and she knew he was disappointed. “I’m ready. Which fitting room should I use?” “Here. Let me take those for you. I’ll just make a note of which items you have so I can easily find a replacement cinsellik bilgileri if the size is wrong.” Anna waited while the clerk counted and categorized. ‘Replace, my ass,’ she thought. ‘She wants to make sure I don’t steal anything.’ The clerk led her to a very roomy stall at the back of the store. She could have brought David with her. She could have brought the whole wedding party, that’s how big the room was. She placed her choices on the provided shelf, and started to remove her clothing. The clerk was still hovering. “I’m fine. I’ll call you if I need anything.” “I just thought you might need help with some of the corsets. They’re a bit iffy if you haven’t been in one before.” “I said I’ll call if I need help.” cinsellik hakkında bilgiler She didn’t want to be rude, but she didn’t want the clerk watching her either. Once naked, Anna admired herself in the full-length mirror. Months of consistent exercise had paid off. She wanted to look her very best in her wedding gown, and she knew she would. Her muscles were taut; her belly flat, and her thighs were elongated and sleek. She and David had laughed at each other on the Stairmaster. ‘Let’s make a pact to give this up once the ceremony’s over,’ they said. ‘We’ll eat éclairs and truffles, and grow old and fat together.’ The thongs were the easiest. She wanted to rip the paper insert from the crotch, but she knew the clerk would have a fit. It was hard to get the perfect feel with a wedge of paper between her legs, but she could try them on properly once she got them home. Most of them fit like a second skin, and she set several pair aside for purchase. She was happy about the results of her latest bikini wax. Everything looked so neat and tidy, and she felt so smooth. She couldn’t resist running her fingers across her pussy.

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