Teasing Dad Ch. 02

69 Position

Authors Note: Back by popular demand, this is a continuation of my first story, “Teasing Dad”. I suggest you read the first chapter before beginning this one to learn how it all began. To the people who are familiar with the first installment, I hope this is the story you’ve been waiting for!

All characters are 18 years or older and do not represent any particular person. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated! Please don’t forget to vote!


My eyes slowly open and adjust to the bright light streaming through the windows. For a second I forget where I am. I look around and quickly realize it’s my father’s bedroom. I sigh and raise myself out of bed. I look at my Dad and see his steady breathing, signaling he is still sound asleep. As I walk towards the attached bathroom, I can feel my overworked pussy ache. This past weekend has been amazing but very tiring. I’ve honestly lost count of how many times my father and I have had sex in the past few days. That one session back on Friday in the family living room set off a string of passionate sex throughout the house. Basically any position you can imagine, we did. In every room, on pretty much any surface that worked at the time. The most I’ve had on clothing wise was one of his t-shirts while cooking dinner. As tired as I am, it was more then worth it.

After relieving myself I return to bed wanting to get a few more hours of sleep in before we need to pretend that nothing happened, for my brother’s arrival home. Just as I settle into a comfortable position, I can feel my father’s hand slowly stroke my back. For a brief instant I actually considered feigning sleep but as his hand moved towards my ass, all want of sleep disappeared. Instead it was replaced by a growing wetness and need for relief. I turn towards him only to be greeted by a sneaky grin and a very excited cock. I put on my innocent girl face with matching voice that he loves so much and say, “Daddy, I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that.” He let a low growl and moved over me. He began kissing my neck and shoulders before saying, “Oh I know exactly what I want my little girl to do.” In a flash he moved off the bed and pulled my body towards the side. When he was done my ass was right at the edge of the bed with him kneeling between my open legs. I shivered in excitement.

My Dad began gently kissing my inner thighs right near my knees. He was going to drag this out, just to tease me. I laid back enjoying the feeling of his lips moving up my legs leading to my wet snatch. Such a simple touch but it was setting me on fire! As he reached edge of my pussy I was writhing in my spot trying so desperately to get his lips to touch my most sensitive ones. Instead he gently blew on my growing wetness that sent an amazing shiver up my spine and then moved to the other leg. I could barely lay still and was beginning to beg, “please! Please, I need it. God, just do it!” He chuckled but continued with his plan. It seemed like eternity before he finally returned to my pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed his head and pushed him firmly towards my body. He didn’t resist and finally made contact.

I let out an approving moan as his tongue parted my lips and entered my waiting hole. I felt like I was already gushing and he had just begun. He used his hands to hold my legs open as I moved before him. He expertly fucked me with his tongue and it brought me just to the brink of orgasm. He sensed this and pulled back, prolonging the release. Instead he moved his tongue up and down the sides of my inner lips and then moved to my throbbing clit. It was already protruding out just begging for attention. As his tongue gave it a quick flick he moved two of his fingers to my slit and slipped one in, then the other. His tongue continued to work my clit as his fingers pounded in and out of my pussy. As I hovered just on the brink of orgasm, he sucked my clit into his mouth and I exploded. My body shook, my legs clenched around his head and I let out a loud drawn out cry.

Without missing a beat he stood up, his face shiny from my juices and plunged his hard cock into my still twitching pussy. My loud cry of, “ohhhhhh God,” filled the room as he dove right into rough fucking. He held my legs apart as wide as he could spread them as he thrust his throbbing tool in and out. He grunted and moaned. My body was bouncing back and forth with every move causing my boobs to jump around on my chest, exactly where his eyes were locked. I could feel him reaching deep inside me and knew another orgasm was on its way. I continued to moan and cry out to him, “oh yes! Fuck meee!” I kept moaning as my second orgasm of the morning approached. He gave my hip a loud slap and it sent me over the edge, “ohhhh fuuucckkkkkkk,” filled the early morning air. Just as the last sound of my orgasmic cry finished, I heard a very familiar voice but one I never expected to hear.

“Holy shit!” It was my brother. My Dad froze mid thrust and both our heads whipped towards gaziantep escort the doorway to his bedroom. There my brother, Chad stood, his mouth gaping and a look of painful confusion on his face. It was justified though. He caught us at probably the worst time possible and we were still in a mid fucking position. My mind was racing. As calmly as possible my Dad pulled out and handed me a pillow to cover myself. I sat up carefully positioning the pillow in front of me but completely at a loss for words. Not knowing what else to do, I simply watched my brother’s face. After grabbing a towel off a nearby chair and wrapping it around his waist, my father spoke. He calmly tried to reassure my brother but Chad cut him off mid sentence. “What the fuck is this?! This can’t be happening. What’s wrong with you?” He directed everything he said at our father, not at me. Suddenly, his face changed from confusion to anger, and it was aiming right at our father. “How could you? How could you do that to your own daughter?!” He was yelling now and I realized Chad thought this was our father’s fault, that I was a victim not a participant.

I moved off the bed still covering myself with a pillow to grab one of my father’s t-shirts and slipped it on. I didn’t have a plan but I went to my brother, and knew I had to do something. I just started talking, “Chad, it’s not his fault. He didn’t do this to me, more like I did it to him.” He just looked at me. I continued, “Chad, please. We didn’t plan this, it just happened. We never meant for you to find out, not like this.” The room fell silent and we just stood there waiting. Chad finally spoke but only to say he didn’t want to hear this anymore. He went straight for his room and slammed the door. I turned to my father and he just lowered his head. I sat on the edge of the bed, my mind racing on what we were going to do. My Dad finally spoke my own thoughts and said he didn’t know what to do either. We just looked at each other, neither one of us knew what to say. I finally said, “Well, I should go back to my room. Staying in here would only make it worse.” I stood to leave but my father pulled me towards him and gave me a gentle but firm hug. It was a reassuring hug and for a second it did make me feel better, but it was short lived.

Since sleep was out of the question I showered and threw on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top. I went into the kitchen and found a note on the counter. It was from my Dad saying he went to the office. I didn’t blame him for leaving, but was still frustrated on what I should do. Finally I decided to go talk to Chad, well at least try. I knocked gently on his door but there was no response. I knocked again and said, “it’s me, can I please come in?” There was a pause but the door opened and he let me in. The funny thing was, I went in there with no idea what I was going to say. I took a deep breath and asked a very dumb question, “are you ok?” I felt stupid as soon as I said it, since the answer would obviously be no. He gave me a look. I kept talking, “ok, stupid question. I just don’t know what to say.” I shrugged and just watched his face.

He stared at me, looking right into my eyes as if he would find answers. I just sat in silence and waited. He then asked, “When did it start?” Since he was taking a direct approach I followed suit and told him it started on Friday. He continued, “Friday? That’s it? I have to know Kristen. I have to know if it’s been going on this whole time and I was completely oblivious.” I shook my head no and again said it only started Friday. He took a deep breath. The room was silent again for several moments. I wanted to say so many things but decided it was better to let him do this on his terms, so I just waited. He started talking again, “I’m really freaked out by this. I mean, I can’t even believed I walked in on…that.” He looked so confused, so lost. He continued, “Is what you said true? Did you really start it? I mean, he didn’t force you or anything did he?” I was touched that he was so concerned. I reassured him that it was true, that I initiated it and I was never forced in any way. He watched me intently as I spoke, but relaxed when I finished.

“I know it’s hard, but do you think you’re going to be ok? I just don’t want you to be miserable and hate us because of what you saw. I don’t want things to ruin our relationship,” I trailed off, once again at a loss for words. He actually cracked a slight smile, probably for my benefit and nodded that he would be ok. He told me it was just hard to believe, but he could never hate me. I was relieved but still nervous in the whole situation. Wanting a break, I decided to change the subject, “it’s been a tough morning, how about I make some breakfast? Eggs and back sound good to you?” He smiled, a real smile this time and agreed. “Good, I’ll let you know when it’s ready then,” I said with a smile.

As I headed out of the bedroom door, he softly called my name. I turned to him and he quietly said, gaziantep escort haberleri “I’m sorry I kind of stared at you before you covered yourself.” I was surprised! I never even noticed he stared at me but I made sure to hide the shock from my face. He looked as if he felt so guilty and needed my reassurance. So, I gave it to him. I told him it was fine, and that he shouldn’t worry about it. Still looking sad he whispered, “thanks.” I nodded and walked out of the door. My mind now filled with thoughts of what my brother just said as I went to the kitchen to start breakfast. I decided to let it go, as it was probably just shock of the situation. Who wouldn’t have stared after catching people having sex? I probably would have, at least for a second or two. Why did he feel so guilty though? After how he reacted, there’s no way he actually had sexual feelings when seeing me naked, could he? My mind was racing with all sorts of questions and I had to make myself push them from my mind before calling my brother down for breakfast.

We ate mostly in silence and the awkward tension was very heavy in the air. He helped me clear the table and load the dishwasher. When that was finished he headed for the stairs to return to his room. That’s where he stayed for the rest of the day. There were countless times that I stood in front of his door wanting to make it all better, but knew there was no way I could. I left him alone hoping that would help him deal with everything that was going on inside of him. I spent my day watching movies and cleaning the house. When our father returned home he took one look around and I just shook my head, meaning things still weren’t ok. He sighed and asked what happen while he was gone. I told him everything, and that despite our conversation I knew he was still very upset. After talking for a while we both agreed to let him deal with this on his terms for now and that it would be better to sleep apart tonight. We then both retreated to our separate rooms, after sharing a simple hug and a quick kiss.

Several hours later I was awoken by the sound of my door opening. I turned towards my bedside lamp and reached for the lamp. A hand gently grabbed my arm and moved it away from the switch while a voice said, “It’s ok, we don’t need a light.” It was my Dad. He climbed onto the bed and moved over me. I groaned and halfheartedly pushed him away. I began to speak but he covered my lips with his own instead. When he pulled away he whispered, “I know. I’m not supposed to be in here but I want you. I can’t stand not being able to touch you.” Whatever resistance I had in me, melted and I gave in to his advances. He was more then ready from the beginning and wanted to get right to fucking. I was surprised to find I was already very wet and needed no extra stimulation to get me ready. I moved out from beneath him and stripped off my panties and tank top. He simultaneously removed his boxers and t-shirt then settled onto his back. I slid on top of him and lowered my hot pussy on to his hard pole. Wanting to keep this naughty visit short to avoid a second accidental walk in, I focused on getting him off and not myself. As I moved myself up and down on his cock I turned my head slightly and couldn’t believe what I saw. My door was partially open and my brother was standing there, watching. At first I thought he would freak out, but he just stood there in silence.

I felt myself getting hotter knowing he was watching. I continued to fuck my Dad as I watched my brother watching me. I know he knew I could see him but he still didn’t move. Well, something moved, it was his arm. By the distinct movements, I had a pretty good idea that he was jerking himself off. I began to really ride our father and he started moaning, “ohh yeah baby, fuck that cock.” He started slapping my ass as I rode him harder. I never stopped watching my brother, and he still stood in the same spot with his arm seeming to move faster. I was so hot knowing we were being watched that I suddenly came with a violent orgasm. I didn’t hold back my cries and felt my muscles tensing all over. My father came right after and did so with a loud drawn out grunt. I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them Chad was gone. I moved off my father and lay next to him on my bed. I thought about telling him about Chad but decided to keep it to myself for now. Still thinking we were being sneaky; my father gave me a deep kiss and quietly slipped out of the room. I was floored at what just happened. My brother was getting off on our fucking and it made me hot as all hell. I laughed to myself when the thought, ‘we’re one fucked up family,’ crossed through my mind.

The next day I slept in pretty late. It was about 12pm when I finally woke up. There was a note on my nightstand from my Dad that read, “Morning Baby, I’ll be working a little late today but I hope you’ll be ready for some serious fucking when I get home!” I swear, he never runs out of gaziantep escort hikayeleri steam for good sex. Oh well, I’m definitely not complaining! After taking a long shower I went downstairs to have some lunch. I was surprised but happy to find Chad in the kitchen already. He gave me an embarrassed smile and returned to what he was doing. I broke the silence with, “Hey. Sleep well?” He blushed and nodded. We moved around the kitchen in silence for several moments as we each made our own lunches. After eating he quickly cleaned up his messed and headed for the stairs. I decided to speak up, “so, are you just going to hide from me now?” I said it as gently as I could but knew it probably still stung. He turned slowly and said he was sorry, that he didn’t want to. Next I said, “I’ll meet you in the living room, so we can talk.” He simply nodded and did as I said. After cleaning up I took a seat next to him on the couch.

I just jumped right in, “I’m just going to say it. You know I saw you last night. I know you were watching and I know you liked it.” He just looked at me and didn’t say anything, but had a sad and guilty look on his face. I softened my voice and said, “don’t worry, it’s ok. I don’t want you to feel bad, because you shouldn’t.” He looked shocked for a moment, and told me I should be pissed at him for what he did. I laughed and said, “Well I’m not. Actually, it made me hot knowing you were watching. I liked it.” He was shocked before, but this blew him away! He stared at me dumbfounded but I could see movement begin in his sweatpants. I continued, “I’m serious. It was hot knowing you were watching and jerking off. I think it’s why I came so hard.” His face turned bright red but the movement in his crotch continued. I just waited for him to respond.

He finally did after the pink left his face and said, “I couldn’t help it. I heard Dad go into your room and I just had to see. How could I not want to see you naked again? You’re beautiful.” I thought it was cute and I smiled. He then had that confused look again as he began to speak, “Kris, is it wrong that I want you? I mean, it’s not just because of what happened. I wanted you before that, for a long time before that. Seeing you and Dad just made it worse. At first I was pissed because I thought he was hurting you, but when you said that you started the whole thing I thought I might actually have a chance. Then I realized you being with Dad would mean you could never be with me, not that way. That’s why I’ve been avoiding you, I can’t stand seeing you but not being able to have you the way I want.” I didn’t even know what to say. I never would have seen that coming but after last night, it didn’t surprise me as much as it would have before. He was searching my face for a response and I could tell he was nervous. I smiled again and as I was about to speak, he leaned over and kissed me. I instinctually kissed back and we were soon engaged in a passionate kiss. He pulled me onto his lap and I moved one leg on each side of him. He grabbed my hips and pulled me against him and I could feel his growing erection.

He broke our kiss, looked right into my eyes and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t…I mean, I just couldn’t help it.” I moved my hips to make my pussy grind against his erection and kissed him again. That’s all he needed as the next thing he did was pull my tank top over my head and toss it to the ground. I didn’t have a bra on so my tits were on full display in front of his face. He didn’t waste any time and took my right nipple into his mouth. I was surprised to learn he had done this before, as he had me moaning in no time. He moved to the left nipple while still playing with the other. I continued to move myself over his cock that was straining in his pants. He moaned against my nipple before releasing it. He slid me off his lap and quickly stripped his sweatpants off as well as his boxers. I was excited to see he was his father’s son, and was well endowed with an 8-inch cock. I took it into my hands and kissed the tip. He leaned his head back as he stood before me. He groaned as I bathed the head of his dick with my tongue before taking it into my mouth. I took more and more of him in while stimulating him with my tongue. He kept moaning, “mmmmmm. Ohh yeahh!” I continued blowing him and could tell he was on his way to an orgasm but he made me stop. He said, “I need to fuck you!”

I loved that he dropped all is shyness and was just ready to fuck. I pealed off my sweatpants and panties before pushing him down on the couch. He sat back as I straddled his lap and lowered myself slowly onto him. He let out a long moan as I began to ride him. He gripped my ass as I moved my hips up and down on his cock. He grabbed my ass tighter the more I fucked him. I began deeply kissing him as we continued to move together. He pulled back and said he was almost there. I turned it up and rode him hard. I cried out, “Oh YES! Fuck that pussy! Make me cum Chad!” Hearing my dirty talk got to him as he began to help me pump on him harder as he tightly squeezed my cheeks. I’ve always like pain mixed in with my pleasure and his tight grip was making my head spin. After a few more hard thrusts I began to shudder and cry out on his lap. My vision went blurry as I came hard. My orgasm seemed to trigger his and he was soon moaning, “FUUUCKKKKKK,” as he came inside me.

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