The Adventures of Anna and Kari


“Kari, do you think you can help me pick something out?” The call echoed down the hallway from Kari’s mother, Anna. Kari sighed, she thought after all this time, her mother would be able to independently make her own fashion choices. She knew her mother was expecting another big date from yet another one of her admirers that Friday night. What she didn’t know, yet, was that the request would be the first test, an initiation of sorts, into her mother’s secret life.

“Sure, I’ll be right there,” Kari called out through her doorway. She had just changed out of her work clothes and was looking forward to relaxing when her phone lit up with another chain of emails from one of her team members at the bank. She finished typing her response as she wandered out into the second floor hallway, turned right at the rail that overlooked the expansive downstairs and then shuffled to her mother’s bedroom door at the end of the hall.

Even though Kari had scored a lucrative finance job with a large bank right out of college, she still lived in her mother’s spacious home because the two women were best friends. They still went on vacations together and kept no secrets from each other, or so Kari thought.

Kari pushed open the door to her mother’s room, eyes still focused in her phone screen.

“Oh,” Kari exhaled when she finally pried her eyes from her phone and noticed the sets of lingerie lying on her mother’s puffy white comforter.

“So, normally this is the kind of thing I’d ask your Aunt Lucy to help me with… but, since she’s away on vacation and you’ve got such great taste… do you think you could help me pick something out?” Her mother asked with an apologetic pout. The forty five year old woman stood with her left hand leaning up against the door frame that led into her adjoining bathroom. She ruffled her long dirty blonde hair with her right hand and adjusted her bathrobe on her shoulders. “Hope I’m not putting you on the spot.”

Kari swallowed hard. The two had always maintained a very open line of communication about their relationships. They’d never been shy about being naked in the house when it came to running to the laundry room to find a shirt or changing clothes with the door open. This was the first time Anna had actually requested her daughter’s assistance to try on something so intimate, though.

“Sure,” Kari said. “It’s just like trying on a bathing suit, right.” She actually was curious to see this side of her mother. She thought maybe this was a preview of how her own physique would age over the next two decades..

“Great. I was hoping to get a second opinion on how I look in these. Nothing too trashy, you know. I just want to make sure the night is perfect. I’m going to start with this one,” she said as she grabbed a longer black bustier and some lacy panties off the bed. “I just think looking at myself in the mirror doesn’t really tell me the whole story.”

Kari settled into the soft lounge chair on the wall across from the foot of the bed in while her mother disappeared into the bathroom. She looked down at her own physique. He pert breasts created two perky mounds under her small t-shirt. She crossed her long toned thighs, over one leg and then switched, shifting anxiously while she waited.

After a moment, her mother leaned out of the bathroom doorway, shyly at first and then burst into the room and spun in a circle before stopping to face Kari. She found herself jealous of the way her mother’s robust breasts filled out the solid black bra with no slack at all. Even if they were enhanced, Kari always felt a little envious when men looked right past the body she worked hard to shape in order to stare slack jawed at her mother in a low-cut top. The bra extended into a transparent lacy chemise that covered her mother’s taught tan stomach. As her mother slowly spun, Kari examined the solid black panties to see how they hugged and supported her ample butt.

“So….?” Anna asked, turning her head over her shoulder to face Kari. Her sandy blonde hair fell down over her right shoulder and Kari found herself in a mental fog as she finished admiring how stunning her mother looked in the set.

“I don’t know. It’s elegant but kind of conservative. I think you can do better,” she said, trying hold back a confusing set of emotions. Kari was genuinely happy to support her mother’s goal to feel attractive and desirable but she also felt a transition suddenly happening in the way she saw her mother..

“Ok, let’s go in the other direction, then.” Anna reached down on the bed and grabbed another set of lingerie and disappeared behind the door.

“This isn’t a big deal,” Kari thought. “I’ve seen more of my mother when she wears her little bikinis.” And, yet, this was not just a day at the beach. This felt much more intimate to Kari. She was in her mother’s bedroom, watching her model lingerie so that she could seduce someone. And Kari was enjoying it.

Before she knew it, Anna was striding back gaziantep escort into the room. This time, however, her hands were cupping her bulging breasts. The panties rode high on her hips, allowing Kari to see the outline of her thick posterior even from the front before plunging down between her legs. Her mother’s hands were compensating for the cupless bra, a battle her small fingers were barely winning.

“Wow…” Kari whispered as her mother turned around. The thin thong at the back nearly disappeared between her mother’s round butt cheeks, leaving very little to the imagination. Kari knew her mother worked hard in the gym and the results showed. Her curvaceous rear cheeks featured only a few dimples as they curved downward from her small waist to the back of her thigh. Her behind seemed to defy gravity as she continued to turn, leaving Kari speechless. As Anna turned back to face Kari, she scrunched her mouth to one side as if in disapproval of her own outfit.

“I mean it’s hot and all but kind of trashy, you know?”

“Too much. I know. I thought so,” her mother agreed. “I think this last one might be the one, then.” Anna reached her left arm across her breasts and held them up as she reached down to grab the last set of lingerie.

She took longer to change this time but, when she emerged, she waltzed through the door looking confident. She wore a lacy black corseted top that held her mountainous breasts in place while teasing plenty of cleavage. The translucent lace in the body of the corset stretched down over her stomach, letting Kari see the outlines of her stomach muscles but still leaving a little to the imagination. A garter belt framed the lacy black panties that sat just above her pubis and connected to long black stockings that started on her tight thick lower thighs and covered her short legs.

“Oh, my goodness,” Kari said as she watched her mother gracefully spin in a circle so she could show off the backside. The panties were wide at the top across her butt and stretched down into a small thong strip midway down her butt, allowing Kari to still see the shapely cuffs at the bottom. “I think we have a winner.’

Her mother was smiling as she turned back to look at Kari. She placed her hands on her hips and cocked them to the right.

“I thought you might like this one more. Well, you’ve been a huge help, honey. It takes such a load off.”

“That’s what he’s going to say,” Kari joked as the two women laughed. Kari watched her mother’s cleavage heave forward as she doubled over at the waist in laughter.

“You’re the best. Let me know how I can return the favor,” Anna offered as she returned to the bathroom.

“Whoever you’re dressing up like that for? Just let me know if he has a son!”

“Well, you can ask him yourself. He’s coming to pick me up at eight.”


Later that night, Kari pulled on a pair of tight jeans and a low cut tank top. She wasn’t going to get dolled up to meet this mystery man her mom seemed so desperate to impress, but she wasn’t going to let him think she was some kind of slob, either – just in case there was a son, or handsome and ambitious younger friend, in the picture.

When the doorbell rang at five after eight, Kari knew it was showtime. She checked her hair briefly in the mirror next to their big wooden front door and adjusted her shirt straps before opening the door.

“Hello, I’m Brian and I’m here to pick up Anna for dinner. Are you the daughter I’ve heard so much about?” The high cheeked, square jawed, salt-and-pepper haired man in the doorway stood several inches over Kari in his grey suit. He wore a burnt orange tie that popped in just the right way compared to his blazer and it was accented with a little silver tie bar right at his breast bone. Plenty of men Kari worked with wore tailored suits to work but none of those men ever wore a suit that fit them so well as this suit fit this man. Brian offered Kari his right hand. She held hers out with the palm down.

“Kari. My mother’s just finishing up. Do you want to come in while you wait?”

“How delightful,” Brian replied. He gently took hold of her hand and kissed the back of her palm. She had not noticed the the bottle of expensive looking red wine in his left arm until he offered it to her.

“Do you want a little ice bucket or something so you can keep this cool?” Kari asked, trying to keep her own cool.

“Oh, it’s not for us,” Brian explained as he followed Kari into the entryway of the open-plan first floor. “Anna said you were staying in tonight so I picked that up. It’s from Provence. It’s one of my favorites that you can actually find over here.”

Kari’s mouth fell open as she searched for the right words express gratitude without looking desperate to the the strapping middle aged man. “That’s… that’s really sweet. Thank you.”

“Hope I’m not interrupting,” Anna called down from the top of the stairs.

“Oh… ah… gaziantep escort sitesi Brian here was just giving me this bottle of wine to babysit me,” Kari joked, trying to avoid any awkwardness in the group after she’d spent the last few minutes trying to swim inside her mother’s date’s big blue eyes.

“Isn’t he thoughtful?” The open layout of the house allowed Brian and Kari to watch Anna’s vivacious curves bob in her loose red blouse and skin-tight high-waisted black skirt as she descended the stairs.

“You look amazing. Maybe I should postpone until tomorrow just so I can watch that again?” Brian joked. “Sorry, Kari. Hope I’m not offending you.”

“None taken. If I looked like her, I’d just run up and down the stairs all day.”

“I see you met my knock-out daughter. She’s the hardest working heartbreaker in the city. Don’t let her fool you, with this night in pity party. She’s got men falling all over themselves to get a minute with her,” Anna told Brian while she reached one arm around Kari’s shoulders and gave her a squeeze. “Don’t wait up. And maybe use a glass? That bottle looks expensive,” she said as she pulled on her black stiletto heels while using Brian as an anchor.

“Deal. You all be careful out there.

“I’ll take good care of her, I promise. I’m not even driving,” Brian explained with open hands to show his sincerity. “Seriously, a pleasure to meet you.”

“It was all mine,” Kari called back to the chiseled man as her mother dragged him out the front door and shut it behind them.

Over the next week, Kari couldn’t keep her mind off the dapper gentleman who took her mother out that night. He showed more romantic flair in those few minutes than Kari’s last boyfriend had shown over their six months together. At the same time, she couldn’t keep her mind off the image of Brian looking at her mother’s knockout curves in the lingerie Kari helped her pick out. She had met a few of her mother’s dates in the past – but this one was different. He didn’t just seem afraid or threatened that Kari existed. He practically flirted with her right in front of her mother. She found it surprisingly hot that he was so bold. Here he was, hours before bedding her mother, and he was seducing the daughter in her own home. She knew her mother wasn’t overly protective, especially not at this age, and they had joked about men they pined for over the last several years as roommates but, the more she reflected on that night, the more she could feel the sexual tension in the room.

Kari had always been curious about other women and she always knew her mother was attractive, but she had never really seen her in that light before. In high school and college, she ran with the popular and attractive crowds she had always been surrounded by attractive women during her adult life. As she became more sexually adventurous in college, she peeked at some lesbian porn from time to time, curious about how other women pleasured each other or what made men so crazy about it.

She only acted on her attraction to women once, a few years earlier with her best college friend and her friend’s boyfriend when they asked Kari to be the third member in their threesome. They got drunk on whiskey and then peeled off their clothes. The two blonde women teased at each other’s waxed nubile breasts and tasted each other’s lower lips but mostly the sex was just between the boyfriend and the women. She always wondered what it would have been like to stay down between her hot blonde friend’s legs long enough to bring her to climax – to feel her body shake and shudder from the pleasure caused by Kari’s tongue and fingers.

It seemed wrong to be considering these thoughts in relation to her own mother, though. Kari tried to substitute the thoughts of her mother’s heaving breasts and ample bottom by using porn as a surrogate. After work one night, when her mother was out on another date, she’d looked up porn videos where milfy looking actresses pretended to “teach” their step daughters about sex with the step daughter’s boyfriend. She even ventured into fake mother-daughter porn videos, but she couldn’t get past the cliches and bad acting. None of the videos actually allowed Kari any sense of intimacy. She had seen her mother nude at times but never really allowed her chance to glance on her body as an object of sexual desire the way she had as Anna descended that staircase that night with Brian.

That Friday, Kari arrived home from work and rushed up to her bedroom to avoid any awkward encounters with her mother. She had set up a Tinder date with a fitness coach and was hoping to use him to ease her pent up sexual tension. Maybe she would even bring him back to her room so her mother could listen to her passionate cries.

Kari showered and then blow dried her hair. As she moved from the bathroom into her room wearing a towel tied around her midsection, she entered to see her mother sitting on gaziantep escort tanıtımları her bed with a small clothing box sitting next to her.

“Hey there,” her mother said in a warm tone. “I thought maybe you were kind of avoiding me this week so I wanted to make sure you weren’t feeling awkward after our little fashion show.”

“Oh… it’s not a problem,” Kari’s voice cracked as she spoke.

“Well, here’s the thing. I can’t really keep this lie going with you. You’ve always been such an honest daughter, so I need you to know something important. Why don’t you come sit down,” Anna patted the bed on the other side of the small box and Kari complied, crossing her legs as she sat and holding the towel up against her breasts with one arm.

“You know, when you were little, I was making enough money working for Aunt Sally to afford a good life for us. But I always just wanted the best for you. I wanted you to be able to go to the best schools, afford the best things. I didn’t want to see you struggle like I did as a young single mom. So I tried to keep all the lines of communication open with you. And you were a great kid. And I feel like we share something special, something more than most parents don’t share with their kids.”

“I know…” Kari interrupted. “Is something wrong?”

“On the contrary. We’ve got an amazing… opportunity. I’ve got the chance to share something amazing with you, I think. Here’s the truth, though: I’ve really only been working a few hours here and there for your Aunt’s business for quite some time.” Kari’s eyes grew big. She could not anticipate where this was going, but it certainly seemed like a shock was coming..

“What’s really going on, is, well… you know this big beautiful house we have? You know those awesome sports cars we drive? The thing is, I didn’t actually buy those.” Anna made that apologetic face again as she spoke. “The reality is, I’ve got a gift. I’ve got a gift for making men feel like their dreams are coming true. So, this house, the cars, they’re all just purchased by them and then signed over to me. My gym membership is paid for by someone else. When I wanted to get my girls… enhanced… someone helped me with that,” Anna explained as she indicated her large breasts with her eyes. “So, we’ve got some money but not as much as it might appear.”

“You’re an… escort?” Kari blurted out.

“That’s such a crass term,” Anna explained. “I give men something they feel they’ve been missing and I am well compensated for it. Sorry, I know this must be quite a surprise,” she said as she changed her tone.

“Well, I figured something might not be as it seemed,” Kari said with her eyes cast downward toward the bed. “I mean you didn’t go to college, and you don’t seem to have any sort of regular schedule.” Kari brought her eyes up to meet her mother’s big brown eyes. “But I want you to know I love you, no matter what. You’ve been such an amazing mother to me. You actually taught me to work hard and I’m really good at what I do, you know.”

“Thanks, honey. That means a lot to me. What I’m about to say is kind of scary, so please take time to answer if you need it. What if we didn’t have to worry about working anymore? What if we could have enough money to live the lives we dreamed of? You see, Brian from the other night… he asked me for a very special favor. A unique fantasy that he’s willing to pay a lot for,” Anna took a long pause as she closed her eyes. “I could ask Aunt Sally. Actually, she’s helped me out on a couple dates. But….” Anna opened her eyes and stared back into her daughter’s gaze, “I thought why not just share the money between us? Why not do something for us and keep all of the reward?”

“What do you need?” Kari quietly replied.

“There’s no pressure,” her mother assured her. “My client wants to spend a long weekend in France with me and a family member. Like a family getaway. We’ll dine on his dollar, hit the beach, and…. you know… uh…. party with him.” As Kari watched, her mother pulled the top off the small box. Inside was a white sheer chemise. As Kari picked it up, she spotted a pair of white panties underneath. The front of the panties were covered in small sparkling diamonds.

The two women sat in silence for a long moment while Kari pulled the panties out of the box and examined them. Beneath the panties sat a small white envelope. She pulled a small stationary note out of the envelope.

In curly black ink , it read:

“Hoping to share something very special with you.


“When I brought up the idea of you traveling with Brian and me, he was overwhelmed. I think he was really taken with you. You can take some time if you need to, but I just thought this was quite the opportunity for us. And the compensation… well, imagine a very large number and then add some zeroes after it. And, uh, I hope you don’t mind that I wanted to get the size right so I raided your dresser. Thirty four-C, right?”

“Wow… Mom… I don’t know what to say. This is all really sudden. I mean I’m shaking,” Kari said as she noticed the sheer panties shaking in her thin fingers. “But I want to say, ‘Yes’. I mean I think we should go for it. When is a golden parachute ever going to just appear out of nowhere?” Kari leaned forward and embraced her mother.

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