The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 03

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Note – this follows immediately after the end of chapter two, The Blackmailers Fall.

Alice has Robert and Dan move the table from the kitchen area into the living room. She orders Joe up onto it, telling him to lay on his back. She gathers the remaining cuffs, straps and ties from the box of sex toys Joe had been collecting for his videos.

Alice puts a pair of cuffs around Joe’s chubby thighs, just above his knees. Then she clips a long strap to each cuff, looping it around the back of Joe’s neck. Tightening the strap causes his legs to lift up, exposing his small cock and balls as well as his asshole. She ties the cuffs attached to his ankles to the legs of the table under Joe’s head.

She has Dan and Robert release Joe’s hands from the belt around his waist and she ties those to the table legs too. A piece of rope Joe had in his box binds his waist to the table – Joe’s trussed up and not able to move.

Alice looks down at Joe, telling him “Time for another fucking slut pig. Dan, get that camera and set it up.” She gets the lube and selects a dildo from the box. “My goodness look at the size of this thing. Well piggy you bought it, you better enjoy it.”

Dan gets the tripod placed to the side of Joe and starts the camera, focusing it on Joe while Alice puts one of the opera masks on. She gets closer between Joe’s knees and applies a thick layer of the lube to the dildo and then a glob of it around his asshole.

Alice brings the tip of the dildo to Joe’s rectum and starts to push it in. “Remember slut, if you tense up this will hurt. I’m going to push it in slow but I’m not going to stop just because you feel some pain.” Alice has the head almost completely into Joe’s ass as she’s talking, pulls it partially out and then slowly inserts more of it in.

Joe starts to grimace as the dildo goes deeper into this ass. Alice turns to Robert and says to him “Sugar, how about getting another movie going? In fact, bring the box over here and let me pick.” Robert grins at her and brings over the box full of movies.

He grabs a stack of them and brings them to where Alice can see the covers as she fucks Joe’s ass with the dildo. She had picked a realistic one, with a lifelike glans and balls. She’s almost succeeded in getting the entire thing into Joe, and is pulling the dildo out to just about the head then pushing it back in.

Robert flips through the stack and shows each jewel case cover to Alice, and after getting almost to the bottom of the stack she tells him “Oh yes, that’s the one I want. Put that one on would you sugar?” Robert puts the stack back into the box and walks to the DVD player.

Robert takes the selected DVD and swaps the disc in the player with it. As the disc tray clunks into the player the doorbell rings. Dan and Robert turn and look at Alice with startled looks on their faces.

Alice giggles, says to them “It’s okay guys, I texted a friend of mine and that should be her. Let me go see.” Joe starts to panic, struggle with his bonds. “Stay right there cum piggy and be a good boy or there won’t be any orgasms for you tonight. And this dildo better stay in place or else.” Alice pushes the dildo into Joe’s ass and walks to the door.

Joe stops moving but his feeling of panic remains, and a trickle of fear is entering his gut. Tied up on the table with his cock and balls exposed, a dildo deep into his ass – he’s humiliated, shamed by Alice having Dan and Robert go through and then show his collection of movies; he’s also hornier than he can ever remember.

Eating another man’s semen from his wife’s cunt or asshole had long been a fantasy – but since he got caught by Dan he’s eaten four big loads from Alice. Truth is, he’s been loving every second of his debasement and is looking forward to more.

Alice is at the door, looks thru the peep hole and opens it up exclaiming “Hi Donna! Glad you could make it, come on in.”

Dan and Robert look at each other, shrug, voicelessly agreeing that there isn’t a sense in getting all body conscious at this point. And no one really gives a damn about what Joe thinks.

Alice opens the door and lets her friend in. Donna is a little bit taller than Alice, about the same age. Alice keeps her hair lighter whereas Donna’s is a rich chestnut. Alice takes her friends coat, revealing that Donna is only wearing a garter belt and stockings herself. Donna keeps the gym bag she brought with her.

Whereas Alice is toned, slim and graceful looking Donna is softly curved – thick and meaty rather than fat. Alice takes Donna by her arms and the two ladies embrace and kiss. They link arms and walk over to the table Joe is tied up on.

Donna smiles and chuckles at the appreciative looks she’s getting from both Robert and Dan. “You weren’t kidding about those two guys Alice, nice! Oh and look at poor Joe the asshole. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Maybe you should explain while we get ready?”

Alice looks down at Joe, smiling as his eyes meet hers. “Joe, meet adana escort Donna. If you were paying attention to the business you’d recognize her as my night manager. Well, that’s changing after tonight.” Joe’s face has a look of puzzlement. “Oh don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you wanting to cum. It’s just there are some things that need to be cleared up. Dan, would you make sure to have the video focused on Joe’s face? Thanks.” Alice takes the second opera mask, puts it on Donna.

Donna opens up the gym bag and starts to remove the items inside, laying them out on the table next to Joe. Alice has moved to the head of the table, close to Joe’s face as she continues. “I hired her about a half a year ago and we started talking one night soon after she started, and I guess you could say we become good friends.”

Alice smiles warmly in Donna’s direction. “And after a couple more weeks we became very good friends, then lovers. I confessed to her what you were making me go through, and that I had decided I had had enough. Donna immediately agreed to help. Dan catching you in the closet was a break we didn’t count on – thanks Dan. I’m going to keep to our agreement, and I think you’ll find Donna will be happy to join us. We’ll talk later.”

Alice walks around the table, getting behind Donna. She embraces her, molding herself into Donna’s lush backside, kissing and nibbling Donna’s earlobes. Donna takes a harness from the pile of items she had laid out next to Joe, turns her head and captures Alice’s lips in a kiss.

Alice takes the harness from Donna and helps her get into it. “We got an attorney Joe, and with his help we had forensic backups of your computer hard drives made. Robert sugar, can you turn that movie on? I think it will help set the mood for what I have to say next.” Alice makes sure the harness is in place around Donna’s hips, then helps her attach a very large dildo to it. It’s bigger than the one still in Joe’s ass, and it’s also a very lifelike model – big head, pronounced veins down the long shaft, and a large pair of balls at the base.

Donna starts to stroke the dildo, smiling down at Joe in a content and satisfied way. Alice is still behind Donna, cupping and caressing her large soft breasts. Joe’s starting to sweat a little, that trickle of fear he felt before is becoming an icy spear in his guts. His eyes blinking Joe looks to each of the faces around him and realizes he’s in trouble. “Uh, Alice – I mean mistress – I think this – game – has gone far enough. Nobody’s been hurt to this point…” Joe stops and flinches from the icy glares coming from both Alice and Donna.

The movie Robert started interrupts everyone. This one is different – it’s a lower resolution wide angle shot. It looks like a security cam video. Alice stares at it, her face wistful and hurt. “You recognize this one Joe? Do you even remember the guy’s name?”

Joe looks at the wide screen, licks his lips nervously. “Uh, uh, nuh, no – nope. Duh – doesn’t ri-ring any b-b-bells to me.” He’s nervous and the fear has gripped him, setting him trembling. His blinking is almost constant and his cock has shriveled up. His balls have started to retract into his belly.

Alice hugs Donna tight, and there are tears in her eyes. Her voice quiet, almost whispering she says “His name was Ernie. My first affair, or at least that was what I was led to believe. You set him out to seduce me and I fell for it. After he left the hotel you accused me of it, you had proof of it. That’s when it began, wasn’t it Joe? The blackmail, the threats of exposure, of losing all I had worked for with this place.” Alice hugs Donna tighter, sighs deeply.

Donna partially turns and holds Alice protectively while gently and tenderly kissing her. Donna releases Alice and walks around between Joe’s outspread legs. Alice walks behind her, picks up lube that Donna had brought and starts to apply it to the dildo jutting out from between her lover’s thighs. The video playing in the background shows Alice with her blouse open, kneeling between the legs of a handsome older man and is sucking his cock.

Alice is watching the video while stroking the strap-on Donna is wearing, and she continues. “Taking this video was your biggest mistake Joe. The attorney contacted Ernie – he’s still in our system you dumb ass. The attorney created a catalogue of all your videos with their dates; and both Donna and I supplied the matching names and contact information. The attorney outlined the situation and Ernie was pissed at you Joe. He gave the attorney a statement over the phone, agreed to help in any way possible.”

Alice moves in front of Donna between Joe’s legs, and goes back to fucking his ass with the dildo still in there. “Nice and loose Joe, that’s good. Ernie told the lawyer that you claimed there was an understanding between the two of us. That I loved having my husband procure lovers because we both got off on it. So I’m whoring you out to Donna, just as you did with me. eskişehir escort She’s going to fuck you hard and I’m going to have a video of my own.”

Joe’s trembling, reduced to moaning. His eyes dart between the video, Alice, Donna, and then the huge strap-on protruding from below her belly. Donna smiles at him baring her teeth, she looks like a wolf whose cornered a rabbit and is eager for the kill.

Alice looks down at Joe, her features turned stern and commanding. “The attorney thinks that with the evidence we’ve provided you are in some deep shit legally. Blackmail, sex crimes, violation of privacy and wiretap laws with your video collection – then there’s the potential civil suits. You’ll never live long enough to pay those off. So he’s quietly converting all the assets into my name. And Joe, you will cooperate or we go to the police.”

Joe’s eyes are wide, his mouth slack and open. He’s blubbering “Any – anything, anything you – you want – oh god no, I’m begging you I’ll do anything you want – I’m sick, I need help…”

Donna sneers “Shut up you pathetic little toad. Of course you will do anything Alice tells you so you can save your worthless and disgusting self.”

Alice yanks the dildo out of Joe and lays it on his chest. She motions Donna over, and guides the strap-on into the entrance of Joe’s ass and moves behind her. She embraces Donna, again molding herself into Donna’s backside as Donna thrusts the strap-on dildo deep into Joe’s ass. He groans, contorts and tightens his face from the pain and degradation.

Alice is kissing and licking Donna’s ear and neck, playing with Donna’s breasts and nipples as Donna fucks the strap-on in and out of Joe’s ass. His small cock is starting to become erect again. Alice continues “You will sign over your rights to me, I’ll become the sole owner of this hotel. You are nothing more than an employee now Joe. And Donna is the new general manager – meet your new boss. She is moving in with me Joe, she’s going to be sharing my bed. That closet you love so much is where you will stay. No more computers for you. Don’t fret though, we’ll set up a flat panel in your new room and get you all the gay porn we can get our hands on.”

Alice lets go of Donna, walks to the side of the table where the items Donna brought are lined up. She picks up one and holds it where Joe can see it. “After we’re done with you Donna and I will be locking your pathetic little dick and balls into this cock cage. There are two keys and Donna and I will be wearing them. When you are in this apartment you are to be naked and will serve us. You will be allowed a couple of suits and some other clothes to wear for work and that’s it. Your universe will be that front desk and this apartment until we decide we’re through with you. One of Donna’s duties as the general manager will be to do a daily inspection of your cock cage – making sure you are wearing it and you aren’t getting injured. That means you will expose yourself when ordered to by her – any time, any place.”

Alice leans over Joe, hard cold anger in her eyes. “Another part of Donna’s job will be maintaining discipline and order amongst the staff. Any slackness or deviation from my standards will be up to her to correct. Welcome to hell.”

Alice takes up another item, it’s a magic wand vibrator. She plugs it in and sets it next to Joe. Sighing she says “Okay Joe last couple of things. Donna has a nephew who’s in college and he’ll be starting with us a new employee. He’s confused in terms of sexual orientation – never had a girlfriend you see – and he thinks he may be gay. But he’s not sure even about that. So while he’s getting his act together he’ll be living at the hotel and paying off his rent with work. And we’ve suggested that you would love to experiment with him. So Joe you were sort of right, except it’s me procuring lovers for you. I’m relishing the idea of whoring you out.”

Alice picks up a pair of black nitrile gloves and puts them on. She takes lube and starts to squirt it on Joe’s cock. “Okay Joe, you begged to cum and we’ll be doing that for you. I also promised you would probably regret it. This is what’s going to happen. Between Dan and Robert there were four good manly orgasms. I think you need to do better so you are going to do five. In a row.”

Joe’s lost in an emotional turmoil of fear, panic and degradation. He’s been hit with so much he’s not really comprehending it all – he’s trying to digest what Alice is saying and not understanding. “Fi – five times? How? I don’t think I” and is shushed by Alice.

Alice is stroking Joe’s cock with her gloved hand. “Shh – you just lie back and we’ll do the work. Donna is going to keep fucking you while I milk your balls dry. And it’s cum piggy or slut from now on. Joe is only used in public. Are you getting this on tape?” Dan nods, gives a thumbs up in return. He and Robert have been looking at each other trying to figure out themselves how Alice is going to get Joe to sakarya escort orgasm multiple times.

Donna had stopped with the strap-on deep into Joe’s ass while Alice had been talking. She starts bringing the dildo out, then pushing back in, keeping a comfortable rhythm. She keeps the lube close, and had added a small amount when she pulled back out from his ass.

Alice is stroking Joe’s cock fully up and down, adding a bit more lube. “Cum piggy, I said you were going to regret begging to be allowed to come and I mean to keep my promise. You’re tied down so you really can’t stop us from doing – this.”

Alice begins jerking his cock up and down in a fast, violent motion. Joe pulls his head up to look down his plump tummy to watch. His face is flush and his mouth stuck in an O. He closes his eyes and starts to moan, his cock spurting cum.

Alice doesn’t stop, in fact she adds a twisting motion over Joe’s cock head, increasing the amount of sensation. Alice’s hand pumps up and down Joe’s small cock and he’s groaning, writhing in both pain and pleasure, trying to pull his now very sensitive dick head away from the attack. Alice applies more lube with her free hand and continues her vicious hand job while Donna increases the pace of her fucking Joe’s ass.

Joe’s babbling “Oh god oh please stop, oh – oh please” struggling to move his body away from Alice’s assault. His face twisting another load of cum spurts from his cock, adding to the pool on his belly. Alice continues her pace as Joe groans, more in pain than pleasure.

Alice takes the magic wand with her free hand, and while turning on the switch she places the head against Joe’s perineum, maintaining her fast twisting pumping of Joe’s cock. He jerks up, straining against his bonds. He’s moaning “no – no – stop” over and over. He jerks his head back, slamming it into the table as he tries to arc his back upwards – coming a third time. A small spurt of semen leaves his insignificant cock head.

Alice dramatically slows her pace to a leisurely stroking as Donna picks hers up. Alice takes the wand away and turns it off, then points to a jar next to Joe and motions for Robert to open it. He picks it up and an evil grin fills his face when he sees the label. Alice uses her free hand to scoop a small amount of lotion from the jar.

Joe’s eyes are closed, he’s relaxing as the battering of his little cock has stopped. The dildo sliding in and out of his ass feels good, it’s stimulating his prostate each time Donna shoves it in. His cock is starting to throb from pain due to the multiple hand jobs it’s received so far.

“Cum piggy we don’t want you to become numb so we are going to – shall we say – stimulate your tiny little balls to produce two more loads for us.” Alice rubs the cream from the jar all over his ball sack.

Joe is jolted out of his reverie, tries to sit up crying out in pain “Oh my god my god my balls – my balls are on fire – what did you do to me!?!” He tries to twist, move, anything to stop the icy fire that’s engulfed his ball sack but can’t.

Alice and Donna giggle. Alice pulls the gloves off, puts on a fresh pair. She takes Joe’s dick in one hand, brings the magic wand to the underside of Joe’s small cock head with her other and turns it back on. “Just a little Icy Hot cum slut – we wanted to inspire you. You have two orgasms to go piggy.”

Joe’s writhing like a fish in a net as the viciousness to his cock begins again. His cock had been starting to hurt from the rough handling it was receiving – but now! Pain centered on the icy fire burning his balls, driving it away from his diminutive cock head. The vibrator against his cock is like a live wire plugged straight into his pleasure centers. His fourth orgasm crashes on him and he freezes solid – moaning in agony. His cock jerks in Alice’s hand but only a small amount of watery ejaculate dribbles out of his cum hole.

Donna takes the time to apply more lube, then increases her heartless stabbing of Joe’s ass with her strap-on. She had put on a pair of the gloves herself and is squeezing, twisting, pulling on Joe’s diminutive balls as Alice continues to hold the magic wand against Joe’s cock.

Donna grips Joe’s ball sack just at the base of his cock and squeezes, pulling them away from his body. Joe’s balls are outlined, defined with Donna’s thumb and forefinger surrounding them. Donna slaps her other hand on his stretched out ball sack, striking his vulnerable unprotected balls. Joe cries out, tries to pull his groin away. Donna giggles, goes back to squeezing and twisting them as she keeps pumping her strap-on in and out of Joe’s ass.

Joe’s whimpering, writhing and struggling to get his trembling body away from the onslaught it’s receiving. He’s being beaten with waves of pain and pleasure. His last orgasm felt like it have been ripped from him – he’s getting raped, debased and he’s been aware of it from the first orgasm. His nerves feel cross wired, his brain not able to discriminate from all the conflicting signals it’s receiving. His fifth orgasm overwhelms his senses – he feels as if he’s been thrown down a deep black chasm like a never to be missed piece of garbage. His cock jerks and twitches in Alice’s hand but nothing comes out of his piss hole. He passes out, dreaming that he’s continuing the fall into that deep dark abyss.

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