The Boy Who Controlled His Mom Ch. 02

Big Tits

So it was that my mom and I fucked on a nightly basis. We tried everything possible and every night ended with my cock buried deep within my mom’s pussy or ass. Each was as nice as the other. However, it was just 3 days after we started fucking that my mom started developing cramps. Within an hour of the cramps starting, she could barely move. An hour later, my mother was giving birth as she pushed out a large egg from her vagina. I wasn’t sure whether to be happy that it wasn’t a child or angry. I picked up the goo-laden egg and pain seared through my head as thee egg accessed my thoughts. Here, it found the names of every girl I’d ever been attracted to and any information pertaining to them. I immediately knew that I had to get at least one of these girls here at all cost.

It was later that night that I invited my friend Kaila over. She rang the doorbell around 9 and I opened the door to see my high school crush standing before me. She was of average height, but had dazzling green eyes, blonde hair, and an amazing body. I couldn’t resist what was going to happen that night.

I led her into my house and told her that there was something in my mom’s room I wanted to show her. She was clearly a little gaziantep escort confused, but I didn’t worry about that all. I led her into the room and there she was promptly met by my naked mom who stood there waiting for her. Before Kaila could say anything, I grabbed her arms and waited as my mom came over and began kissing her. Kaila fought it with everything she had, but it wasn’t enough once my mom began unzipping her pants. She tried to kick her, but she punched Kaila in the stomach which easily knocked the wind out of her and brought tears to her eyes.

“Don’t resist, Kaila. Just accept it. Become one of us.”

Kaila was still recovering when my mom edged Kaila’s panties down and began licking her virgin pussy a large slug came out of my mom’s mouth and slowly burrowed into Kaila’s pussy as she cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure. Kaila fell limp and woke up about an hour later to the sight of my mom’s engorged belly as she was pregnant once more and my cock burrowed deep within Kaila’s pussy. She whimpered softly until I came and then told her to get dressed and gave her her orders.

Se drove home that night with our first egg in the passenger seat and gaziantep bayan escort ilanları walked into a house where everyone was sleeping. Kaila went up the steps and placed the egg in her older sister’s room and waited. She sat by the closed door and watched as the egg hatched and out crawled another slug. The slug went across the floor, up the bed post, and across the covers until it reached Kinsley, Kaila’s sister, mouth. The slug forced its way into her throat.

Kaila then took the egg and went across the hall and placed the egg in there where a second slug emerged. She picked it up and realized her mom was laying on her stomach, away from her. Kaila thus put the slug on her mom’s lower back and watched as it crawled into her pants and entered her mother’s engorged anus. Kaila left the room and went back to Kinsley’s. Here, she closed the door and indulged in the second phase of her transformation. Kaila’s vagina closed in on itself and slowly a stub began to form until, after about five minutes, she had a fully erect cock. However, Kaila was not her own woman anymore. She had submitted to the slug.

Kaila walked gaziantep bayan escort over and threw off Kinsley’s covers. With her increased strength Kaila reached down and tore off her sister’s nightgown. Before Kinsley could let out a screech of surprise, Kaila placed a hand over her mouth and mounted her. Kaila’s cock slid into Kinsley’s moist pussy and Kinsley’s head fell backward onto the pillow as she moaned in pleasure.

“Yes, Kinsley. Embrace the slug. It wants to be a part of you, you just have to want to become a part of it. What do you say?”

Kinsley, despite her obvious pleasure, weakly shook her head back and forth.

“Well that’s alright. I’ll help you.”

With that Kaila leaned down and opened her mouth as another slug came out and played at Kinsley’s lips until a lump formed in her throat. Kinsley continued to gag until she was forced to open her mouth and her slug came out and the two slugs entangled each other. Both girls moaned in pleasure until Kaila’s slug began to force Kinsley’s back into her throat. Kaila’s slug had dominated Kinsley’s and now she was bound to her. Both slugs retreated down their hosts’ throats and Kaila continued thrusting until she came inside her sister and pulled out.

Kaila left her impregnated sister and returned to my house and knelt before my mom.

“I am yours, my queen” was all Kaila said as she looked around at my mother who was surrounded by at least 50 eggs now and whose breasts were now as big as basketballs and heaving with every breath.

“Yes, Kaila, come and fuck your queen.”

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