The Cucumber Ch. 03


Jack went alone to Church on Sunday; mum thought he would speak more freely if she weren’t there. Jack saw Tom and Claire, he also saw Joyce, she winked at him, last night she had been very hot, she hadn’t been summoned, that was three weeks in a row that she had not been to his study. Then May arrived in Church; she sat beside Jack. She smiled and acknowledged Jack as she sat beside him. Jack then thought back to seven weeks after the Friday Church Disco when Joyce had caught Jack and Beth at it. Jack hadn’t seen Beth but had spoken to her. She had confessed her sins, as instructed by Joyce. She was given absolution and told to be a better girl.

Beth had messaged Jack to say that her period was due, she was hot, could he come to her house on Friday at seven. Jack arrived, and Beth took him straight to her bedroom. Jack noticed that May was in the house; he had heard her on the phone. They were both naked within seconds of getting into Beth’s bedroom. Jack said, “Beth, you’re mums is in the house, will she not hear us?”

Beth replied, “No problem Jack, she’s got a lot of bookwork to get through. I told her that you were dropping by; there won’t be a problem. The next three hours flew in; Jack fucked Beth in every way possible. As they lay in bed afterwards, Beth’s period came. There was blood everywhere. Beth was so embarrassed. She took Jack into the shower; she washed and rinsed them both. Just before eleven, Jack left Beth in the bedroom; then May came out of her study, May said, “Hi Jack, I have just finished my work, how are you?”

“I’m great Dr Roberts; you must be working hard?”

“Jack, please call me May, I have to do this every two weeks. I do it at home as I don’t get any peace in the Clinic. I am just so happy that I’ve achieved so much this evening. I’m now going to have a glass of wine, would you like to join me as I hate drinking alone?”

Jack looked at May; she was a tall, elegant lady, she had a full-bodied figure, just like Beth, she was wearing a tight top, her massive tits swayed so sexually as she moved. Jack said, “Thanks May, I think that Beth is fast asleep, she told me that she was up at five this morning as she had a paper to hand in at nine this morning. I would love a glass of wine with you, I walked over tonight, so I don’t need to worry about driving.”

“That’s great Jack, she was tired last night, she decided to do it this morning. Beth’s like me; we both work better in the morning. What would you like, Red or White? You tell me what you’d like? I’ll check her room when I get the wine.”

Jack thought that he would love to have May, but he knew that would be impossible, May was a pillar of the local community. Jack smiled then said, “I’d love a dry white, but May, I leave it to you, let’s have what you’d like.”

May then led Jack into her study, she invited him to sit on the sofa, then went for the wine. As May walked out of the study, Jack was amazed at how firm her body looked; she had a very sexy and confident walk. Jack wondered if she had a boyfriend. May returned carrying a tray with two glasses and a wine cooler with a bottle of white in it. escort bayan gaziantep May said with a smile, “Beth’s fast asleep, that’s no wonder as I heard a lot of action coming from her room tonight, I think that you have a lot of stamina Jack, that’s a great thing for a man to have.”

“I like to keep myself fit. I would rather take my time and do the job correctly than rush it. But, I suppose that it’s different strokes for different folks.”

May thought for a minute, as she poured the wine into two glasses, then said, “Jack, you have an old head on young shoulders, I agree with you, unfortunately, since my husband died, my sex life has not been inspiring. It’s been very disappointing, I’ve had a couple of in and out lovers, that when they’ve been satisfied, they’re quickly out of bed and gone. You were over three and a half hours with lucky Beth tonight, no wonder that she’s fast asleep.”

Jack smiled then said, “I’m so sorry to hear that May, don’t lose hope, you’re still a beautiful woman, how can’t you find a man?”

“Most men want to control your life; they want to be in charge of every aspect of your life. I am an independent woman; no man will ever control me again. I can use my sex toys to give me relief, though I miss having the closeness and intimacy I would get from the right man.”

Jack put his glass onto the coffee table; May did the same, then they started to cuddle each other, Jack said, “I’ve found that life is a compromise, with a bit of give and take, you can still have a lot of fun.”

Their mouths met, May buried her tongue in Jack’s mouth. She was an incredible kisser, Jack’s hand started playing with May’s massive tits, their kissing was so affectionate, May found Jack’s stiff cock in his trousers, as she stroked it she said, “My tits are very sensitive, I love what you’re doing to them. Your cock feels wonderful, can I take him out?”

Jack stopped kissing May then said, “May, we must be so discreet, I don’t want to hurt Beth, we are both young, I’m not actually dating her, we meet for sex. I can do the same with you if you want? If we do it, then we both go into it with our eyes open.”

May kissed Jack again with a lot of affection then said, “I’m happy with that Jack, we must be discreet, I’m Beth’s mum, I am attracted to you, I want to be honest about that. I get excited when you visit; I get very aroused when I hear you fucking Beth. I will need to go the pill as I still have my period. My tits will get very big when I go back on the pill. Jack, I’m open-minded. I enjoy everything. It would be safer if we used my bedroom, which is on the ground floor. Beth will never come into my bedroom without giving me notice. I am the same with her. I’m also like Beth; I can be noisy if I am then you know that I’m enjoying it.”

That’s how it started with May; the lovemaking was hot and frequent. Both Beth and May knew that Jack was servicing both of them. Jack spent time with both of them. It all came together a year or so later when Beth had her twenty-first birthday. She didn’t want a big party bayan gaziantep escort but suggested that she would invite Jack out for a meal. May went too, it was a fantastic night, ending in a threesome in May’s bedroom. After that, threesomes were popular with the three of them.

The service finished, Jack spoke with May, telling her that he would be with her in an hour. He then talked to Claire, who said that nothing would be final until after the meeting on Tuesday morning, which Tom was chairing. Tom was all for it; Claire calculated that they would be enough votes in Jack’s mum’s favour for her to win. Then Claire suggested that Jack visit them on Wednesday afternoon at two. Claire would also message him the result after the voting on Tuesday morning. Jack had the feeling that mum would be successful. Tom, hadn’t said a word, he just stood smiling aimlessly. Jack had heard a rumour that Tom was bi-sexual; he believed this could be true as he had some effeminate mannerisms. One day he had wanted to help Claire when she was sucking Jack’s cock, but Jack hadn’t allowed him to do it.

Tuesday morning, just after eleven, Claire phoned Jack to tell him that his mum was now Rector, she had won by a sizeable majority. Jack called his mum to tell her the good news. Mum was over the moon with the news; it was a massive thing for her. Jack was so happy that he had been able to help her with this. Claire had told Jack that she and Tom were both looking forward to Wednesday’s visit. Jack knew that Claire would be wanting fucked hard. Claire also said to him that she would have her ass lubed before his visit.

Jack arrived at the Villa just before two, Tom opened the door then led him into the lounge where Claire was sitting in her schoolgirl outfit, her tits looked massive. She had her legs crossed, which was unusual, Jack said, “Claire, why are your legs crossed, has dirty Tom been looking up your skirt?”

Tom replied, “Claire is not wearing any panties today, she’ll open her legs if you ask her, she’s also got a butt plug up her ass. Claire is very randy today. I think that she needs you to fuck her, Jack. Because I was so good yesterday at the meeting, I’m allowed to lick her pussy clean afterwards.”

Claire said, “Don’t you get excited yet Tom, get Jack and I a glass of wine to relax us before we start.”

Tom left the lounge, then Claire said, “Jack after you’ve fucked me, would it be possible, because Tom’s been so good getting your mum the job, would you let him lick your cock clean afterwards, I want ass fucked first today, make me cum three times. Then you can fuck my cunt doggy style. My cunt will be very wet afterwards. I’ve promised Tom that he can lick me out when you leave.”

Tom brought the wine; Jack thanked him for his help with his mum. Tom said, “She deserves it; she was my choice. She will do well.”

Tom then sat on an armchair as Claire unzipped Jack’s trousers. Jack sipped his wine as Claire sucked his stiff cock. You could see that Tom was getting excited as he shifted nervously in his armchair. Then Claire gaziantep bayan escort stripped naked; Jack did the same. Claire took a long drink from her glass, then leaned over the sofa, her ass high in the air, she used the top of the sofa to support herself. She pulled out the butt plug that she had up her ass, she put it on the sofa, then said, “I’m ready, Jack, will I lube your cock?”

Jack nodded in approval; then Claire lubed his stiff cock. Claire lubed him beautifully, then got back into her preferred position. Jack went behind her, then slipped his cock up her tight ass, she took his full length quickly. Jack soon had a powerful rhythm going; he was also stroking Claire’s clit as he ass fucked her. Three minutes later, Claire had her first vaginal orgasm; Jack kept going, Claire loved it, she was pushing hard against Jack’s penetrating cock. The second orgasm came shortly afterwards. Claire’s was dripping; Tom was mesmerised with what he was watching. After Claire had her third vaginal orgasm, Jack pulled out then slid inside her very wet pussy doggy style. Claire said, “My cunt’s so juicy, those were three strong orgasms, Jack go hard and deep, fuck me now.”

Jack pounded Claire’s pussy; he was relentless; he was going deep and hard. Claire was gripping Jack at the base and head of each thrust; she had strong pussy muscles. Claire loved it as Jack pounded Claire’s squelching cunt. Jack sensed Claire was close; he upped his tempo. Claire said, “Jack, I’m going to cum, fuck me harder.”

Jack kept pounding her then said, “Cum for me Claire, I wanted to make this special for as I appreciate all that Tom and you have done for mum, she’s so happy about getting the job. I’m cuming too.”

They both climaxed simultaneously, Jack felt his spunk squirt inside her dripping cunt, Claire was gripping his cock at the base, holding his stiff cock inside her, Claire said, “Tom and I were so happy to do this for Jill, we are all so delighted that she has got the position. In fact, Tom could arrange for Jill to join the Education Quango, I think that she would be an asset for this Quango. Dirty Tom loves your mum’s big tits. I love her body, too; this would be an excellent way for Jill to join our inner circle. Jack, we value your visits. Would Jill be interested in joining us, or will she have too much work in her new job?

Jack knew immediately. What Claire was doing, the Quango met once a month for a couple of hours, the salaries paid were huge for the amount of work done. Jack smiled then said, “I’m sure mum would be interested in that. I’ll ask her and let you know Claire. I will tell her about the Quango and how you like to dress in a school uniform, does Tom want to lick my cock clean now?”

As Claire relaxed her cunt muscles, allowing Jack to pull his cock out, she turned around and kissed Jack lovingly then said, “Thanks Jack, dirty Tom gives great oral, he’ll lick you clean.”

Dirty Tom then went down on Jack’s stiff cock; Jack was surprised how good he was, he had a gentle touch, his tongue was working, he was licking everything from Jack’s cock into his mouth and swallowing it. Five minutes later, Jack’s cock was clean. Jack went for a quick shower, then left, before he left, Tom stopped licking Claire’s dripping cunt and with a smile on his face gave Jack two hundred pounds. Jack had never seen Tom looking so happy. As he was leaving Claire said, “Jack, let me know as soon as you know anything about Jill, but we are looking forward to your visit next week.”

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