The Customer (Dexter’s Saga) Ch. 42

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This story is dedicated to all the real Super Heroes of our time – The Service men and women of our Armed Forces and First Responders.

This story is a work of pure fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental, and no harm or slanderous intent is implied or intentional.

I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments or ideas that may inspire new work, please feel free to contact me – all E-mails will be answered to the best of my ability.

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End of chapter 41

He laughed as he pressed her fingers around his cloth-covered shaft and made her squeeze it. “My dear, believe me, once you see and feel those disgusting filthy pigs drooling as they run their dirty finger nails over your young breasts and then finger your pussy and ass… You’ll want to kill yourself for not giving yourself to me”…

Chapter # 42

After a long flight the small jet touched down on a makeshift airstrip in the Sinai. Dawud led Ronia out of the plane by a short chain that was attached to a leather collar that he had fastened around her neck. He led her off the plane as if she was his pet dog and into a waiting jeep. In the front seat sat a fatigue clad Arab holding an AK-47 alongside the driver. As the plane turned around and took off again, the Jeep quickly moved off and drove them into the deep desert where they came upon an oasis with a small group of Arabs that appeared to be Bedouins.

“See, Ronia, just as I promised you. An oasis, Bedouins, Camels, even some goats and sheep,” he smiled and reached out his hand to greet the man that approached his stopped jeep. “Have you got our tent ready yet, Captain?”

“Yes, commander, if you will follow me, it is ready and waiting for you and your guest,” he smiled and saluted as he led the way around a small pond to a large goatskin tent in the middle of the encampment. I hope it is to your satisfaction he said opening the flap for their entrance and inspection. Leading her inside Dawud inspected the accommodations.

“Very good, yes very good! You did an excellent job, Captain. This will do very well,” he said as he tried to escort the man out through the tent flap. “Now you will leave us in private. No one is to enter this tent, without my permission, other than His Eminence, the Caliph, if he should ever pay us a visit. Is that understood?”

“As you wish. Are you sure you do not need any help with her, sir? She looks to be a bit of a rabid bitch. I would be glad to help you train her,” he asked almost drooling at the prospect.

“I have never needed any assistance before. And I don’t see the need for your assistance now. However, if I should need anything I will let you know. For now, we just want to clean up a bit and be alone.”

“Yes Commander, and to assure you are not disturbed, I will post a guard with instructions that he is to see that your privacy is not violated,” He smiled and started to leave the tent, but then stopped turned back to them and said, “By the way, in two days we will be celebrating our great victory in the Ramadan War. It would please both my men and I if you and your guest would attend our celebration.”

“Yes, we will be happy to attend. I hope there will be music and dancing.”

“But of cause. What would a party be like without dancing girls and perhaps some wine or a bit of the stronger spirits?” he smiled. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Oh yes, in my hast to get started, I almost forgot. Will you please notify his Eminence, by radio, that phase one of the plan has been accomplished and he may now initiate the second phase,” he said as he led the officer out of the tent.

“I thought he would never leave us! Now that he is gone, come my desert flower, let me show you our accommodations. While it is not as grand or luxurious as the Caliph’s palace, it does have it’s rather good points,” Dawud said shortening the led on her leash and leading her over to the far end of the tent where a raised platform stood with lots of soft pillows. Nearby the platform was a table with a few glasses and a decanter of red wine. Attached to the four corners of the platform were ropes with leather cuffs. Implanted in sand nearby was a thick post. At the top was an “eye” hook with a set of handcuffs and a cat of nine tails hanging from it. “That my dear is a punishment station. Just see to it that you do not give me any reason to use it on you! I would hate to mark that beautiful skin,” he said sitting down on the pillows then pulling on the neck chain and forcing her to lie upon the pillows next to him. “You must be exhausted after our long trip. I know I am. I never could learn to sleep on those damn airplanes. Let’s both rest a while, perhaps catch up on our sleep so that we are fresh and able to enjoy the entertainment Ataşehir Escort you are going to provide for me.”

When he had her in position he quickly pulled her hands over her head and secured them to the waiting leather cuffs. He then did the same for her feet. “There, I hope that is not too uncomfortable for you. Believe me when I say that this is just to make sure you don’t accidentally wander off and get lost. This is for your own safety. You know, that Captain would just love to find you wondering around outside alone. I would hate to think of what he or his men would do to you if they were to find you alone outside. While you sleep and rest I, myself, want to freshen up and perhaps take a dip in that little pond out there. You will be safe as long as you stay inside our quarters. Don’t worry I will not be to far away and I’ll be back later and then we will…” he smiled and rubbed the fingers of one hand through his long beard while holding his crotch with the other.


“Now that’s one bright young girl you have there, Mr. Allwadii!” the F.B.I. agent said to Jessie.

“Please call me Jessie,” he said. “I hope this is not a wild goose chase. You have good news for me, I hope?”

“Well I hope so too, sir. I think we may have some very good news for you. At least it looks promising. We usually do not get a break this early in a case. We got a call from of all places, our El Paso office telling us that a chambermaid in some cheep motel down there had found this note written on the back of a tampon wrapper that was pinned to the inside of a folded bath towel along with a ten-dollar bill. There was also a group picture of President and Mrs. Obama, you and your girl. From the formal clothes this must have been taken at some “big Shot affair,” the FBI agent said. “At first we thought it might be from some nut but there was something about it that just rang true. Note how she circled her face in the photo. It was a sure tip-off the note was genuine and not a fake and I’m sure the writer wanted to make sure we would take the note seriously.”

“Why would you say that?

“Well, as far as I can make out it was for three reasons. One, a faker would not have had the original photo and might have used a newspaper clipping instead. Two, why $10.00, it cost much less than that to call the F.B.I. and three there was the fact that your girlfriend’s disappearance has not been publicized yet in the south. So how would the maid have known of the girl’s disappearance? In fact, we were going to put out an All Points Bulletin only later today.”

“Yes, I remember that picture. It was taken at the Governors’ Conference last year and she treasured it so much that she always carried it in her wallet. What did the note say?” a sleep deprived Jessie asked.”

“Here take a look,” he said and handed him the note along with the other evidence encased in plastic envelopes. “Be careful she used a sewing needle to hold it to the towel. Like I said she is one smart cookie!”

Jessie took the note, written in eyebrow pencil and looked it over. “Yes, that is her handwriting. I recognize it. This is no hoax.” he said and then read it.

“Help I’ve been taken captive and being flown to a Caliphate base somewhere in the Sinai desert by way of Mexico, Venezuela and Libya against my will. Please notify F.B.I. and the Office of Governor Allwadii and my fiancé, his son Jessie. Use the ten dollars for any calls needed. Bigger reward will follow… Hurry Please

Rania Suleshah.”

“When did you get this?” Jessie asked excitedly.

“Yesterday, so she must have been taken over the border a day or two ago. We have been watching several suspicious plane flights and we think we just might have spotted the right plane on satellite. A private Jet landed in Libya and after refueling took off again heading for Egypt. This morning there was a report of that same jet landing, letting out some passengers and then taking off again in the Sinai. It looked rather suspicious so we have asked a few of our agents to look into it. We also asked some agents of the Mossad to check and let us know if they know or heard anything.”

“Why get the Israelis involved?”

Some of them speak and look more like Arab Bedouins then the Arabs themselves. They can and do operate more or less freely in the area. Well, as expected, they too have been watching the plane and told us the plane continued on to Syria and landed in Caliphate country. They have some agents scouring the area and have come up with two Bedouin encampments. We think and hope that she is being held in one of these. There are not too many other places she might have been taken. They will follow up, investigate and let us know if they find anything. We also have an aircraft carrier in the Red Sea area with a seal team aboard and it should not be too long before we get word as to where she is being held. Once we know where, we will attempt to rescue her.”

“No need to tell you how much the Governor and I appreciate this. I want to be there when they do that!” Jessie said.

“Sorry but I Bostancı Escort can’t allow that. These men are professionals and no offense; an amateur would get in the way.

“Yes I can and I want to be there!” he insisted.

“I’ll tell you what. Seeing as you are the son of a Governor this is the best I can do for you. I’ll have the navy fly you out to the carrier and you can be there when the Seals bring her there.”

“If that’s the best you can do, I accept it, but I’m no amateur,” he said pulling out his Homeland Security I.D. card. “You can check with Mr. Philip Green.”

“Well in that case I’ll leave it in the hands of the Seal commander on the carrier. If he wants to take you with him there is nothing I can do about it. Hopefully by the time you get there, she will be rescued. Good luck!”


“Time to awake my sleeping princess. Time for the fun and games!” Dawud sneered as he started to release her bounds.

“Don’t touch me! I’ll scream!” she shouted as she rubbed the wrists that had just been freed from the leather cuffs, trying to get blood back into her hands and feet.

“Who cares! Go on scream all you like and as loud as you want for all the good it will do you. No one here cares. In fact, they are expecting you to scream,” ignoring her, Dawud kept coming closer. “Why waist your breath, bitch? You have no weapons; there is no way of escape. And if you did escape, where could you go? We are out here in the middle of this fucking desert. Sand, camels, goats, sex hungry Bedouins and only me to protect you! Get used to it! We may be here a long time! Make the best of it!” he said as he reached out and caught both her wrists in one hand and with the other hand he ripped off her headscarf and then traced the curve of her lovely smooth jaw. “It’s time that you faced the truth. There is no escape. Your Jesse is not going to come busting in here and rescue you. This is not Hollywood. Make it easy on yourself learn quickly, Ronia. Learn that you are mine and I can and will do with you anything I please!”

“Keep away from me!”

“I can’t! I thought I could, but you are just too damn beautiful to let that stupid spoiled governor’s son have you,” he said laughing as his one hand grabbed her jaw and directed her face and lips to his and with the other he easily tore the abaya dress open and off her body letting the fabric fall freely onto the pillows. She was nude now except for the leather neck collar and she knew it would be useless, but she tried to struggle anyway. “Go ahead my beauty fight me! Yes! Please do! I like when the quest is difficult and tries to fight me off. Seduction is for fags like Jessie, real men like me, take what they want and take it forcibly if need be! It is going to be wonderful to make you my cunt. You will soon scream for me to take you and when I do, you will forget about Jessie once and for all!”

He lifted up her near nude body and turned back to the makeshift bed and threw it back onto the stacked pillows where he again secured just her hands to the ropes hanging from the corners of the bed. He was then free and able to strip the rest of her ruined clothing off her struggling body. He then stepped back to admire, her nude body lying among the soft pillows. He looked upon her tear-stained face and smiled. It was so beautiful, so sweet, so virtuous and chaste.

Yes, he thought, she would definitely make an excellent delicacy for some rich Arab sheik someday. She would remain one for at least a year, providing he did not have to mark her up too much. Then if he decided to sell her, he could still get almost top dollar for her. Maybe even three quarters of a million for her in the right market once she was trained. In the mean time, he would have fun training her. He would turn her into a first class sex slave. There was no one to stop him.

He removed his shirt, exposing his hairy chest. Staring at him through tear clouded eyes it was difficult for her to tell where his beard hair ended and his chest hair began. If ever there was a hairy beast it was standing before her and he was frothing at the mouth like a rabid ape. He ran his hand over the swell of her delicious breast, cupping it in his rough hand. She filled his hand so perfectly. It was so young and firm. He traced around the edge of the areole with his fingernail, watching the soft nipple harden against her will. She inhaled sharply at that touch and he smiled pleasantly at her, “Pleasure, my love, is not something to be hurried. It is obvious that you are still fighting me but don’t worry I am very patient. I can wait. It is only a matter of time before you forget about your old life. I know you will soon give yourself to me. One way or the other, you will not be able to fight it and you will surrender this lovely body to me.”

“You Bastard! I will never give myself to you! Never!” Ronnie hissed as he leaned over and kissed her protesting lips and sucked on them until she was forced to open them and he slid his ravaging tongue deep into her mouth. Then he withdrew it and moved to the nipple he had just aroused. She squirmed Kadıköy Escort in his embrace, uneasy at the sensations that were beginning to course through her body. Heat seemed to pulse from the suckled nipple through her body until she tingled. Surely this was something she did not want but… He removed his mouth from her breast and she almost sobbed in relief, only to moan as he latched onto the other breast. His hands caressed her struggling body; the warm touch of his fingers, his hot lips, and the hairs of his long beard explored each and every inch of her light olive colored skin. She felt something inside her twisting tighter and tighter until she thought she might explode and then the beast moved away from her, away from the bed. She lay there sobbing but wasn’t sure why. Was it relief; or worse, and this was what she feared the most, was it a feeling of loneliness? She was not sure which. And she cried tears of bitterness.

“As much as I enjoy tasting you, that it was exhausting work and I’m thirsty,” he said as he walked over to a table and poured himself a cup of red wine. Sipping it, he walked back to her, cool and unruffled, admiring the flush of passion that now seemed to grip her body. He watched her chest rise and fall as she tried to hide the depths of the passion that was inside her. He reached out and idly, he stroked the soft dark curls between her thighs, watching her lift that moist valley toward him without conscious thought. Yes, she was weakening. It would not take long now. Perhaps later he would explore that valley slowly and carefully. For now he would keep her at the edge until she begged him to give her that which she didn’t even know existed. And yes beg she would! She would throw her body at him and give it to him willingly, but now was not the time for that. No, cunt, it is not the time for gentleness,” he grinned.

He lifted the goblet and drank most of it and dribbled the remaining ruby droplets on her flesh, aiming them so they landed between her heaving breasts and then moved down to and onto the thatch of curls. He kissed the path it had made, tasting the fruit against her skin, savoring the taste of her flesh on his lips and tongue. He followed the trail to the curls and opened the soft lips there, finding a few drops of wine lingering on the pleasure zone hidden there. He licked the drops of wine from the moist hole, feeling her squirm against his tongue. He laughed as she exploded with a trail of cursing that would have shocked a well-bred woman and even a few sailors. He licked the moistness there, tasting and savoring her heady flavor. Oh yes, she was filled with fire that could only have come from her inner womanhood.. “Yes, Ronia you little bitch, orgasm for me, my beauty. Yes! Yes! come often. Drench yourself, I crave your warm wet love sauce.”

He reached under her firm buttocks, cupping them in his hands, squeezing them as he began a more vigorous licking and nipping of her womanhood. Now he concentrated on the throbbing pussie. He was no longer able to control the wild primal animal hidden inside him as it rose close to the surface as he nipped it, pulling it with his teeth, like a dog playing with a rag toy, until she screamed and pleaded for him to stop.

She had no idea a woman could feel like this.. “Please Stop! Oh Allah, protect me! Stop!” as she screamed and thrashed around on the bed of pillows under his insistent lips and the tips of his beard against her delicate thighs.

He lifted his head, a wild smile on his face, and his eyes glowing with uncontrollable lust. She screamed again struggling, pulling at the ropes holding her on the bed. Her whole body throbbed with some horrible craving she neither desired nor understood. But now, she wanted to feel his moist hot skin against hers, to feel something more, something that would ease the ache inside of her. Ease the fire burning in her womb. Yes she wanted him to rip the tampon out and…but was revolted at the same time. If only this was Jessie! Allah sweet Allah, where is he! But Jesse was not there to sooth her in his arms. Only the beast that now stood and removed the rest of his clothing. The sight of his body made her breath disappear for a moment. He was like a sculpture of hard muscles and hair everywhere. But, her eyes were drawn to the cock that thrust from his body, rigid, strong and big. There was no possible way that it would fit inside of her.

He approached her, the hunger stronger in him now than he had known possible. He lay upon her between her legs and threw back his head and roared at the intense pleasure of her body under him. His cock rubbing over her pussy hard. Unable to resist any longer she responded with an awkward thrust of her own, limited by the bonds. Again she hated but also loved the feel of his thickness as it dry humped her now drenched pussy lips. She arched her body and wrapped her feet around his body, shamelessly pulling him closer. He reached up and released her hands from the chains. Reaching forward she first pounded her fists against his back then raked her fingernails over his naked skin as he rubbed and rubbed his now dripping cock along her treasure trail and over her pussy. The pleasure reached the highest level of pain she had ever known and then there was only a golden glow of pleasure beyond words as he spent his warm love liquid onto her belly at the same moment as she herself came.

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