The Day That I Can’t Forget


I am telling for the first time in my life the incident that turn my life towards a new direction. I am a 24-year-old guy from MP. I use to be a shy person by nature. This incident happened when I was in second year of my engineering Degree in the Regional College. I went to my uncle’s place in Delhi in my summer vacations. My cousin (the daughter of my uncle) was my only friend whom I trusted more than myself. Her name is Poonam. She was studying in 11th standard at that time. We were so close to each other or I should say that we had a great understanding that we use to have conversation on every damn topic present on the earth.

When I visited that summer my uncle and were gone on a business trip to Bangalore and my cousin was living with a girl maid of around 19 years old. Her name was Meena. My cousin was preparing for some kind of examination conducted by her institute. So she use to study till midnight with her books cluttered all around her room. Since I reached Delhi in the evening, I was tired and so I went straight to my room and was asleep in a second without removing my shoes. I didn’t know when my cousin came in the room and removed my shoes and switched on the AC, as it was hot inside the room. I woke up around 1 a.m. in the night feeling thirsty I went to fetch a bottle of chilled water from the fridge.

On my return I was crossing through my cousin’s room, which was close from inside. Thinking that she was busy in her studies I came back to my room. I changed my clothes and wore a pyjama kurta. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. So then I went to watch TV, which was in the living room. When I saw that the lady maid was sleeping on the couch I moved back towards my room. As I came across my cousin’s room I heard a sound, which I was not familiar at that time. I knocked on her room’s door. I heard a sudden rustle of clothes and after few minutes she opened the door with perspirations all over her face.

I asked her, “I heard a sound coming from your room, are you having any problem?” She stammered and said that she was facing problems in solving math problem. Then I asked her for any kind of guidance she needed in that subject which she immediately accepted. I went into her room and settled my self on the bed next to her. On that particular night she was wearing a loose T-Shirt and a pyjama. I was explaining the problem with all my concentration and after the explanation I told her to solve that problem by herself before moving on the next problem. She then was busy in solving that problem and I was reading the next problem. Then suddenly she bent forward to see the data given in the book.

At that instant for the first time in my whole life I got a glimpse of the breasts of any girl/woman. You may be thinking that I am a stupid guy, which doesn’t talk about sex. In fact my cousin and I were so close that we use to have discussions on sex, on male and female sexual organs (in biological terms). But I didn’t saw any breasts until that night. As she not used to wear any under garment while sleeping in night, I immediately got an erection after having a glimpse of her white boobs, which was looking like a tent form outside. As I was sitting next to my cousin I couldn’t hide it from her for a long time. She was first surprised to see the bulge but in a few seconds she was back to normal.

She asked me, ” bhaiya do you find me attracting?” I can’t believe it the girl with a fair complexion and a sexy figure of 38D-24-36 was asking me that I find her attractive? As I told earlier I was a very shy at that time so I was feeling really embarrassed and feel of guilt. I didn’t say anything and was just leaving her room when she came running and hugged me from behind. I couldn’t keep the balance and fell on the floor with her on my back. escort blog In this whole event her pyjama moved a bit lower where one can see the beginning of pubic hairs. I again got an immediate erection, which she noticed. She holding my hand brings me to the bed and asked me to sit. I feeling unnerving did what she told me to do. She moved beside me and directed my hand to her boobs. Her boobs were so firm and so smooth that I was not able to think anything other than her. I moved my hand under her t-shirt and felt the skin, which was smooth like a silk. At that instant she was moaning and sounds like oooh and ahhhh were coming out of her mouth.

My cock was at that time in its full length and width and it was looking like it could tear my pyjama. I was totally out of control and was prepared to do anything to fuck my cousin. She was so tempted with her face red and her body burning like fire. I then immediately removed her t-shirt and there it was the two perfect round mounds with a pink areola on the top. She then removed my kurta followed by my pyjama. On seeing my 8-inch cock she was stunned and couldn’t move for a minute and was not able to remove her eyes from it. As this was her first view of a male cock. I then removed her pyjama and was flabbergasted to see the triangle of smooth black hairs hiding the treasure for which all the men in the world run after.

Seeing me like this at her pussy she tries to hide it by both her hands. I immediately moved forward and taking her face in hand I kissed her on her lips. This touch sends electric sparks in our bodies. We were kissing each other passionately for half an hour or so. While kissing we were moving our hands all over each other’s body. I untangled myself and placed my mouth on her boobs and sucked it like hungry baby. She was moaning and was on the verge of crying with temptation. She lay down on the bed and then took my cock in her mouth. She couldn’t take my whole cock in her mouth so she first took only the head and suck it like a pop stick. She then tries to take all my cock inside her mouth and I can feel the back of her throat when she sucking it. At one time she took it so deep inside her mouth that she gagged for a second.

I was not able to control myself and could feel my cum boiling to come out. In few minutes I told her that I was cumming and was not able to control it. She told me that she want to drink all my cum so I should not remove my cock form her mouth at the time of ejaculation. In few strokes of her mouth I put a load of cum inside her mouth and it was looking like it was never going to stop. Poonam couldn’t take all that cum so some of it spilled outside her mouth and went down through her throat to her boobs, which she rubbed on her boobs. Looking this I again got a hard on. Now I told her that it’s my turn and I spread her leg wide and smelled her pussy. As I touched her pussy with my tongue she gave a loud moan and her body became tense for few second and she had her first orgasm. I tasted the love juices, which were now flowing out from her love hole. All the juices in the world cannot be tastier than this love juice.

I continued and took her clitoris between my teeth and bite it lightly for which she gave a loud moan. With the help of my fingers I spread the mouth of her pussy and inserted my tongue. I could feel the folds of her inner skin. She was moaning louder than before and I was afraid that the girl maid might hear us in spite that the door of our room was bolt from inside. I tongue fucked her for another few minutes when again she came with a loud roar of moan. But I didn’t stop and continued my action now she was on the verge of hysteria. She was begging me to stop or other wise she will die due to this gaziantep escort blogu tremendous pleasure. But I continued and I don’t know how many times she came until she was totally exhausted. She was bathing in her own perspiration when I stopped. I then moved up and sucked her boobs for sometime which again aroused her. She gets hold of my cock and begged me to fuck her.

As till now both of us were virgins so we were a bit nervous about this. But the sensation was so powerful that we weren’t have time to get nervous. I then spread her legs and positioned myself in front of her pussy. My cock straight like a hot iron rod was just in front of her pussy lips. I then moved over her and asked her to herself put my cock on her pussy entrance. She guided my cock to her pussy entrance. As the tip of my cock touched her pussy lips she gives a slow moan. I then try to push my shaft inside her pussy but couldn’t because her virgin pussy is very tight. I again push my shaft with more force and 1 inch of it goes inside but Poonam gives a loud scream due to pain and begs me to remove my cock because she can’t bear the pain. I ask her to be patient and with a sudden force I push my half of 8-inch shaft. That she might scream I put my lips on her lips and French kissed her.

There is a loud scream of pain from Poonam, which was muffled in the mouth itself followed by a fountain of blood from her pussy. She begs me not to move my shaft further inside her. I assured her that I would not move it further. I could feel the inner muscles of her pussy contracting, sucking my cock, trying to suck all the fluid of my body through it. With the last hurdle out and half of my shaft inside I then goes for a slow rhythm of moving my shaft in and out of her pussy. Within few minutes she actively participates in the action with slow and sensational moans. Now thinking that this is the right time I with every inward stroke I move my shaft a bit more inside her.

When all my shaft goes inside her pussy and she moving towards her another orgasm I asks her, “Poonam should I move another inch of my shaft inside?” In spite of not able to control her feelings she replies that I can go for it. I then told her “from where should I bring another inch?” Not going for my words she checks herself by lifting her head over her boobs. She couldn’t believe it herself. She told me at that time that she could feel me in her throat. I then went for a fast rhythm. The sensation I was feeling could not be explained in words. I could feel my cum boiling in my loins to burst out. I couldn’t control myself and same was the case with Poonam. She was screaming louder than before.

In few minutes I could feel her coming. She came in few seconds but I continued because I was also on the verge of explosion. I looked directly into her eyes with a question for which she gave an affirmative answer. She was again near to her next orgasm. My speed was increasing now and with few more strokes we both came at the same time. I then ejaculated loads and loads of my cum deep inside her love hole some of which oozed out of her pussy and moved down towards her thighs and bed sheet. I lay on top of her exhausted with my semi solid shaft still inside her. She was lying with her eyes closed and a content look on her face. Her face was glowing like a 1000-watt bulb. After sometime when my limb cock slide out of her love hole we straighten ourselves. There were spots of my cum and thick stains of blood on the bed sheet which we took with us to the bathroom when we went to take a shower. There in the bathtub we had another session of our lovemaking.

After cleaning ourselves when we came back in the bedroom, the bedroom was a total mess with all our clothes gaziantep escort sitesi scattered here and there. We straighten up the things. In the mean time I again get aroused by seeing Poonam moving here and there, bending to pick things up. We again had another session of our love making, this time on the floor itself. When after sometime both of us came back to normal condition she told me a thing, which turned my whole life upside down. She told me that she use to love me since she was in 5th standard and from that age itself she use to fantasize me making love to her and she was not feeling any guilt for the thing happened between us. She also asked me not to feel any guilt about this thing. In the answer I hugged her and fucked the brains out of her. I fucked her 8 times in that night and she told me later that she lost the count of her orgasm after 7.

When it was all over the time was around 4.30 am in the morning. We slept together nude with my shaft inside her. When we woke up around 9 am because the maid girl was knocking on the door. We hurriedly dressed ourselves and I went to her bathroom while she went to open her bedroom door. She sends her maid to bring her some breakfast. In the mean time I sneaked into my room. Around 10 am we were having our breakfast and our faces was not showing anything for what happened between us last night. Poonam was not able to walk properly. She left for her institute around 11am. I then went to read newspaper in the living room. Almost after an hour feeling to take a shower I went into my room. I removed my clothes and went inside the bathroom. After having my shower I remembered that I forgot to take the towel with me. As I opened the door of my bathroom I saw that Meena was in my room straightening the things in the room. Let me first tell something about her.

She was 19 year old having a dusky complexion with a figure of 36D-26-34. She use to wear a tight top and a skirt. The skirt use to hang down just below her knees. So just seeing her there in my room was again arousing me. I asked her while standing behind the door to hand me over the towel, which was in my suitcase. She gave me the towel and saw my erection peeping from the door. She gave a mischievous smile and grabbing my cock pulled me towards her. I hugged her and could feel her heartbeat. My cock was now again in it’s full length and was touching her pussy through her skirt. She was trembling like a leaf in my arms. I then removed her tight top followed by her skirt I was surprised to find that she was not wearing any under garment and now we were totally nude. I couldn’t control myself and laid her down on my bed and sucked her boobs, she was moaning. I went down towards her treasure and tongue fucked her for a long time. She came for a number of times with loud pleasurable screams. She asked me now it’s her time to give me pleasure. She took my cock in her mouth and gave the blowjob of my life. I came in her mouth ejaculating loads of cum. She now plays with herself to arouse me again. In few minutes I was totally aroused and so I spread her legs and pushed my cock in her love hole.

This time knowing that her virgin pussy will be tight, I pushed with a lot of force. Meena screamed and the blood came out of her pussy. I went on the rampage, with all my force tearing open her pussy. She came in few minutes with a loud moan. She was screaming, “harder, harder tear my pussy, deeper ehh deeper.” This was making me crazy and I was stroking with all my force at that time and move my shaft as much inside as it can go. She came twice in few minutes of interval. But I was miles away from my orgasm. I continued and after 15 minutes of rigorous fucking I came in her pussy. I lie on top of her exhausted and after that we had 3 sessions more in an hour. Later she told me that she heard Poonam’s screams last night and saw us fucking through the keyhole and that’s why she was in my room to seduce me by any means.

Well this was all folks, which helped me in building my self-confidence and over coming my shyness. I will write more lately about how I hooked up in my return journey.

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