The Family Secret


“God! I hate that new librarian!”

Nicole blustered in through the kitchen door, a flustered flurry of vivid maroon and black clothes against pale, freckled skin, startling her mother reading at the table. The frustrated not-quite-twenty-year-old flung her backpack into a chair across from her mother and dug through it, still whinging.

“She just wouldn’t leave us alone! All morning, Priya and I were in the private booths trying to–” Nicole flushed as she caught herself, “–erm, study.” She found the book she wanted from her bag and retreated into the den.

Morgan smiled at her daughter’s clumsy lie. She well knew of her child’s voracious sexual predilections, but as Nicole had never confided them to her, Morgan continued to pretend ignorance: Her daughter was just a normal college girl, concerned in her studies and curiously uninterested in the attentions of her male peers.

Morgan folded the lingerie catalog closed and thought, “I shouldn’t need this anymore–we’re both adults.” She pulled her fingers out of her low-rise jeans and sucked the glinting fluid from her fingers. She turned to pursue her daughter.

Pausing at the door, she let her eyes crawl across her little Nicole, a slender, waifish dream all tarted up and perched on the couch in an obvious huff. Her clear, blue eyes, framed in waves of golden hair, were focused studiously on the complicated text in her dainty hands. Little crimson lips mouthed the words thoughtlessly as she concentrated, and her long legs were drawn up underneath herself, sheathed in sheer, black hose. Her little maroon dress with its narrow ruffled skirt, did little to hide the curve of her firm, round butt, but the tight, cinched corset did wonders to accentuate her naturally tiny waist and accentuate her ample bust cresting the low neckline of her dress in soft, lightly freckled mounds. Her daughter usually wore a meshy, black shirt with the punkish outfit to not look “slutty”, but it had thankfully gotten much too hot to layer.

Too hot! Morgan strode into the room, fanning herself.

“It’s so warm today, Nicki. I don’t know how you stand it!” She didn’t bother looking at the thermostat, instead reaching down to strip the gauzy, floral-print shirt from her body. As Morgan pulled the garment over her head, she felt the pleasing weight of her generous breasts swing free of their confines to slap against her hard-earned physique. She flicked a red lock of hair from her eyes as she tossed her top beside her daughter on the couch. Catching a glimpse of herself in the midday reflection on the television, she smiled: Full, pouty lips, crystalline blue eyes like her daughter’s with a more sly look of maturity; two drapes of short-cropped red hair, pendulous, lightly tanned breasts over a slim, just-visibly-toned body, and a smart little ass tucked into tight, dark denim. She breathed in satisfied. She still had the body of a conscientious twenty-something which, though she had had Nicole quite young, had passed longer ago than she wanted to admit. Morgan glanced back to see the effect her little show had on her daughter.

Nicole was still bent over her book, brow furrowed in concentration. Morgan bit her lip in thought. She knew that her daughter liked her type. Her “close friends” that spent so much time alone with her in her room all had big breasts and, though she clearly tended toward dark meat, she had brought home church friends that were even fairer than Morgan. She straightened her black cat’s-eye glasses, as her daughter’s conquests implied a bit of a glasses fetish. If her daughter had been frustrated at the library, then she should be in quite a state after her mother’s parading herself in front of her. Perhaps Morgan had overplayed this hand, often “unknowingly” teasing her daughter with impossibly small bikinis and revealing pajamas. Her hands were running idly across her breasts as she considered her options, when she noticed the glint of a thick rod growing underneath her daughter’s sheer stockings. She smiled again.

Though not present in Morgan herself, her family had a strange biological quirk. A particularly phallic quirk that she knew Nicole shared with her sister and mother. She had seen Nicole’s escort haberleri little penis as a child, but as Nicole came to realize her uniqueness, her mother had been increasingly deprived of those rare viewings just as it was getting most exciting, but she knew it must be terrific by now. She had often shared in her sister’s member. Many nights of wild, youthful abandon, spent luxuriating with her massive cock. So frequent and prolonged were their couplings that, in her uniformed youth, Morgan had worried that baby Nicole was the child of her incest.

Her daughter’s arousal evident, Morgan lowered herself to the floor: There was nothing but to go for it. Struggling to concentrate on her reading, Nicole did not react until her mother’s mouth was wrapped around the fat knob of her prick. Her body went rigid as her mother held her dick fast. It twitched and throbbed in response to Morgan’s deft tongue’s licking through the gossamer hose, but Nicole made no verbal response. Morgan well knew the whirlwind of conflicting thoughts within her daughter from when Morgan’s own mother had seduced her when she was just a bit younger than Nicole–just coming into her own sexuality and her mother hungry for release one lonely night. Morgan ran a canine lightly along the fabric, a hole stretching open in the tight legging and letting Nicole’s penis slide into her mouth, more fully caressing it with the action of her tongue. All her daughter could manage in the defense of the status quo was a feeble:


Which was choked off as Morgan allowed her daughter to slide a few inches into her throat, moaning sympathetically both to calm her daughter’s concerns and add the delightful feel of vibration to the process as well. Morgan’s curious upbringing with her mother and sister had left her with an unfortunately specific sexual affinity that left her not entirely satisfied with either the soft pleasures of her lesbian lovers and the hot, hard passion of her conventional conquests. She moaned again, this time with her own delight, at the feel of soft, supple legs and ass beneath her fingers and erect, convulsing meat filling her mouth.

Her head bobbed forward and back rhythmically as her daughter’s breathing became more and more ragged. Nicole’s dick continued to grow: six, seven inches–tearing free of the stockings entirely and lifting the edge of her skirt–nine inches, ten! Morgan took to her knees so that she could get the first half in her throat and work the base with both hands. Another one, two inches and it surpassed her sisters both in length and turgid, pink girth. Morgan choked herself on the long shaft, driving up and down on it as her pussy warmed and dampened with the feel of it sliding across her tongue, down her throat. Nicole quivered, gasped and stopped breathing altogether and Morgan responded by sliding wandering fingers under her daughter to find a place in her throbbing pussy and tiny ass.

Nicole cried out with the added sensation and her cock throbbed, bucking like a stallion as Morgan gulped down mouthful after mouthful of thick cum. Her daughter plaintively cooing with every discharge, Morgan moaned hungrily as she struggled to swallow it all. Unable, she pulled back, gasping as Nicole’s dick continued to shoot hot, white semen over her mother’s black-rimmed glasses. Morgan opened her mouth to catch what she could as the viscous fluid poured over her face and flowed in runnels down her heaving bosom.

As the flow abated, Morgan, kneeling attentively on the floor, took her glasses from her nose and ran her ruby-red tongue along them, licking a heavy strand of the warm, white liquid from the frame. She looked up devilishly at her daughter. Nicole was clutching her book to herself, hiding her face partially behind it as a screen. All that was visible were her eyes, a rewarding mixture of ecstasy and confusion. Morgan settled the glasses back on her face and her stern expression contrasted oddly with the dripping globs of cooling semen on her face.

“You have quite a mess to clean up, young lady.”

Nicole cast aside the text and snatched up a handful of tissues from the end-table, a look of confused gaziantep escort haberleri servility on her face. She leaned forward to wipe her mother’s face, but Morgan caught her daughter’s uncertain hand and shook her head.

“That’s not what I meant, Nicki,” playfully licking a bit of Nicole’s mess off of her lips. She pulled her daughter forward, off of the couch to join her on the floor. Nicole swayed in close, intoxicated, panting in time with her mother, confused, hungry eyes flitting from her huge cum-drenched breasts to her crisp, inviting eyes. She winced slightly.

“But mom–“

Morgan silenced her with a passionate kiss and pressed her daughters hands against her breasts. Nicole’s surprise washed away her confused concern as she gave herself over to the embrace, pressing hot kisses on her mother’s full, red lips, contact eventually broken by a gasping breath. She lapped up the cum off of Morgan’s face, her delicate tongue scooping it off in long, sticky swaths. Nicole soon passed from Morgan’s face, down her long, white neck to her mother’s breasts, massaging and licking them clean in unison. Morgan moaned as her daughter’s practiced tongue passed from its ostensible work to lavish new delights upon her stiff, excited nipples. To disguise her inordinate arousal, Morgan reached down to take a grip on her daughter’s hardening prick again, squeezing it with all her strength causing her daughter to arch back. Morgan adopted her stern look again.

“My jeans are getting dirty, they need to be taken off.”

Nicole uttered an unconscious, “Yes ma’am,” as her fingers went to work, unfastening the tight denim and pulling her mother’s svelte, naked body–all long, lean lines and plunging curves–free of its binds. Her work done, Nicole’s eyes locked on Morgan’s smooth, lily-white vulva, her thick cock throbbing afresh in her mother’s hand.

“From the sounds your friends make upstairs, you know how to use this,” She squeezed her daughter’s firm member again and she flushed in part from the intimation of her mother’s knowledge of her full sex life and in part from the pleasantly sharp pangs from her grip. Nicole nodded silently, averting her eyes to the floor. Her mother growled hungrily and squeezed harder on Nicole’s dick.

“No one’s going to believe you if you just say it like that!”

Nicole’s eyes flashed wide, passion heightened with lust, pain and fiery desire, and she flung her mother bodily back onto the floor, and Morgan’s eyes brightened with surprise and appreciation of her daughter’s transformation. Nicole scooped up her mother’s long legs and held them on her shoulders with one arm as the other hand guided the giant, pink head of her dick between her mother’s legs, deftly finding her hot, damp slit. She eased it in slowly, breath catching in spasms of pleasure from the tight fit. She leaned her whole body forward, pressing against Morgan’s thighs, Nicole’s little corset lost its tenuous grip on her pert, young breasts and, loosed from the clinging garment, they hung freely between her mother’s legs.

“I guess I’ll just have to show you, then, mom,” Nicole whispered and forced a foot of her rock hard cock into her mother, folding her mother’s legs back like a gymnast and eliciting a groan of pleasure and pain from her. Nicole’s throbbing cock deep inside her, she pinned Morgan to the ground, pressing her breasts against her mother’s and sharing another series of steamy kisses, before breaking the kiss to lightly bite Morgan’s lip as Nicole rocked her body slightly, sliding a few inches of her cock in and out, massaging her mother’s insides. Feeling the damp lubrication around her dick, she pulled back, taking one of her mother’s ankles in each hand and pulling Morgan’s legs wide, Nicole got up on both knees to free her enough to swing her hips the full arc needed to facilitate her enormous member and went to work with a sweeping plunge. Nicole drove her massive cock into her mother up to the root, Morgan’s legs pushing back her little ruffled skirt. Her mother cried out in equal measure agony and ecstasy as Nicole ground her hips against Morgan ass, working her cock around inside of escort gaziantep haberleri her mother.

Morgan winced gaspingly as her daughter pulled back out for another full plunge. It had been so long since she had taken her sister or her mother’s cock–her mother growing older and libido waning and her sister living like a queen in some Polynesian sex-commune. Her daughter’s sudden youthful zeal threatened to break her, but she knew her own lust wouldn’t let her stop. She remembered something and pulled herself off of her daughter’s quivering mast.

“You’re just too big, Nicki,” she saw Nicole’s eyes narrow with confusion at this unexpected interruption, unsure if it was another game. Morgan clarified as she got to her knees and peered back at her daughter, “But don’t worry, I won’t leave my baby daughter unsatisfied, I’ve got one place I know you’ll fit,” she leaned forward and proffered her smooth, round ass as she laid her breasts and head on the ground smilingly.

Nicole snapped from her confusion and leaped to her knees, grabbing her cock again and cramming it into her mothers tiny asshole. Morgan cried out again, but the pain soon gave way to the waves of pleasure she knew would come. Still wet from her mother’s pussy, Nicole’s cock drove in and out of Morgan’s tight hole.

“Fuck me, baby girl!” Her mother moaned as her upper body collapsed to the floor and Nicole complied. With each thrust, her mother’s toned ass slapped lasciviously against Nicole’s hips. They groaned and panted in unison. Nicole grabbed her mother around her taut waist and with lust-fueled strength pulled Morgan back onto her cock like a morsel onto a skewer. As their writhings approached their climax, Morgan arched back into Nicole’s arms, bending her daughter’s long cock upward inside of her shifting body. She lifted and dropped on her daughter’s cock as Nicole grabbed hold of her mother’s breasts with one hand and dropped the other to caress her piping hot pink. Morgan rode her daughter’s massive cock with wild, insensate intensity.

With one last drop, Morgan slid down fully on Nicole’s dick and gasped wildly, her pussy trembling around her daughter’s fingers. Feeling her mother’s ass clench down on her buried cock, Nicole could hold back no longer. She flung her arms around Morgan and jammed her member as far in as it would go. They both felt it quiver and lurch as it shot out another load of cum deep inside of her mother’s twitching hole. Nicole’s cock shaking and spitting within her mother, they both relaxed, exhausted from their exertions. Nicole sat back on her heels and Morgan, still held fast on her daughter’s engorged member, followed suit, sitting on her lap, pulsing, spitting rod still invisibly concealed deep within her. They panted quietly as Nicole kissed the freckles on her mother’s back and fondled her breasts gently feeling their satisfying weight in her little hands, all the while her dick throbbing in its warm sheath.

When they had recovered some of their strength, Morgan leaned forward, sliding off of her daughter’s giant, slackening prick. Nicole groaned as her dick lost its place in her mother’s ass, the heavy mass of her member slapping wetly down onto her black-hosed legs. Morgan looked down lovingly at her beautiful, exhausted daughter, still panting, her flushed face glinting ethereally with beads of perspiration. She chuckled at the sight of the little girl, breasts hanging out of her childishly grave garments, soaked with sweat and semen, and a giant dick cradled between girlish legs. As her mother did so, Nicole looked up from her daze with an unabashed grin and Morgan knelt to help her daughter.

“You’re a sight–” she smiled and tucked Nicole’s full breasts back into their place and bent her still thick member into her hose. Nicole took a sharp breath at her mothers firm, sure hand again on her sensitive prick, “–What would someone think if they came in now?” Her mother patted down her cum-soaked skirt over the shiny black lump in her hose and Nicole grinned again, this time a bit more maturely as she languidly eyed her mother’s nude, shapely figure. Just then something leaped into her mind.

“I completely forgot!” The couplet of door-chimes interrupted her, as she continued, “Aunt Cherie said she was coming in today to surprise you!”

Even exhausted as she was, Morgan could not help imagining the trio of them together, a tableau of sexual opportunity before her. She smiled wickedly, “I hope you’ve finished your homework, then, because you’re aunt’s appetite is bigger than the two of ours combined!”

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