The Gathering Pt. 01


It was an incredible night.

Patty had mentioned a small gathering scheduled for last Saturday night and when she told me, honestly, I wasn’t sure about going. I mean typically me and the guys hang out one night a month and tonight was poker night. What changed my mind? It was when she said I could invite them along.

When I called Jeff and Tom and told them that there had been a change in plans, they started to piss and moan- until I told them what that change involved. I’ve seen the way that they have looked at Patty and I knew once they were aware it involved her all dolled up I knew there would be no more complaints. I gave them the address, and the time to be there. I also told them to dress accordingly, meaning no stupid fucking t-shirts and shorts,

Patty really didn’t tell me much throughout the week. She knew how to give me just enough information (yes, her friends Sheila and Leslie will be there. No, we were NOT going to a Karaoke bar.) to keep me excited, so by Saturday night my brain was buzzing with possibilities.

Watching Patty dress is nothing short of amazing. The way the water runs down her shoulders in rivulets after she showers. How her nipples always stiffen in the cool air. I couldn’t help myself as I walked up behind her. I pressed my lips to the wet skin of her neck, my hands reaching around and cupping her breasts, fingers gently rolling and tugging on her erect, pointing nipples. She smiled at me in the mirror and pushed my hands away. “Later” she promised. I couldn’t help but smile because I knew that my time will indeed come. I finished getting dressed, linen pants and a silk shirt. Patty finished up a few minutes later; a short cocktail dress over a black lace bra, black thigh high stockings and Louboutin heels. Funny I don’t recall seeing her putting her panties on though.

I called the guys and told them that we were on our way, Apparently they were eager- They were almost to the address that Patty had provided. “I expect y’all to behave until we get there” I reminded them. It was a short drive to Sheila’s house. Leslie had gone there straight from her office so we were the last to arrive. When we walked in the guys were all standing in the kitchen. I was glad to see that they took my advice and dressed up. Well, as dressed up as you can expect two 30-something guys to do. It looked like a scene from some weird high school social though-the boys on one side of the gymnasium and the girls on the other, nervous glances and smiles shooting back and forth across the room, each waiting for the other to make the first move towards the dance floor.

Leslie was dressed for work, a demure skirt over opaque pantyhose, a matching blazer and white silk blouse. Sheila had dressed more like Patty- a short, tight dress with a plunging neckline. This drew the eyes down where they were rewarded with a a view of her barely perceptible nipples poking at the thin material of the dress.

I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a wine glass for Patty and a tumbler for me. I poured her red first, then a shot of Maker’s Mark for me (neat, of course). I smiled a sly, almost shit-eating grin at the guys and motioned for them to join me and the girls in the living room. It was at this point that Sheila announced that the plans had changed-instead of going out in the cold Vermont evening, it would be a quiet evening in.

Neither of my friends seemed to mind the change.

I sat next to Patty, my hand resting on her knee after handing her the glass of wine. Tom sat next to Leslie, and Jeff was standing in front of Sheila. I could hear snippets of conversations- “What do you do…?” “How long have you lived in Burlington…?” “Have you been up to the mountaintop resort…?” of course I only heard the words because my eyes were transfixed watching Patty’s beautiful red lips move as she spoke. My fingers were gently tracing up the back of her neck, playfully and lightly tracing small circles over her spine. I leaned in closer to her, I could smell her perfume- and by perfume I don’t mean the scent from some overpriced bottle, the sweet smell was from her skin. When she turned to me, I saw that amazing smile of hers-that smile that makes her entire face light up.

I closed my eyes and pressed my slightly evi olan gaziantep escort parted lips against hers. I swear I could feel every minute muscle twitching under the crimson of her lips. I could taste the sweetness of the wine. I could taste her mouth.

Her delicious mouth.

I traced the tip of my tongue along the vermillion border, stopping occasionally to flick the tip of my tongue against her upper lip. I could feel her mouth press urgently against mine as I pulled her body closer, her lips parted, her tongue darted into my mouth as I playfully grasped at it` with my teeth, letting it slip away after sucking on it. I felt her hot breath on my skin as she leaned against me. My tongue and lips left a wet trail down the left side of her neck. I opened my eyes and saw a fleeting glimpse of Tom-having removed Leslie’s blazer-was now opening her white blouse as Leslie held his head to her ample breast. We could all hear Sheila’s moans from across the room. I looked at Patty and said “It seems that Jeff has found that sensitive little spot behind Sheila’s ear”

As I traced along patty’s lips with the tip of my tongue, I could feel her leaning into me. I playfully bit her lower lip just enough to tug at it gently before relinquishing it. A final flick of my tongue and then I pulled back, looking into her beautiful eyes then pressing my open mouth to hers, giving her a sensual deep kiss. When I felt her tongue darting into my mouth, I once again trapped it and started sucking on it, tasting the saliva from it before letting her reclaim it.

My lips began to trail along the angle of her jaw, down her warm and supple neck, leaving behind a glistening trail of kisses. Looking over I could see that Jeff had already opened Sheila’s blouse and had pulled her lace 34A cup bra down to expose the slightly puffy, roseate nipples. I could see his head moving, imagining the sucking, the nibbling, the attention to her nipple that he always brags about doing so well. From the look on Sheila’s face, her eyes closed, her mouth open in a silent moan, he was clearly doing something right. Tom was kissing Leslie. It appeared as if his hand had slipped underneath her modest skirt and was moving upwards. I say appeared because at that moment I could feel patty pushing my head, my face, my open hungry mouth towards the swell of her cleavage.

Patty has beautiful breasts. A perfect 34B that hang in an almost artistic fashion. The way her breasts begin as an elegant swoop from her upper chest, becoming fuller and fuller moving down until reaching the crescendo; the pinnacle-her dark pink nipples. The areola perfectly shaped, the beautiful, slightly irregular texture of her areola which visibly swell when she gets excited. The way her nipples protrude slightly even without my provocation, then the full swell of her breasts underneath. They are a siren song; calling out to be touched, caressed, held and kissed.

I could feel my excitement building, not only by the taste and feel of patty’s sweet, succulent skin but also by the feel of her breasts against my chest. I reached behind her and gently began pulling the zipper of her dress down, kissing and licking each exposed inch of her flesh, covering her with kisses. The dress pooled around her hips as she sat on the couch leaving her in only her lace bra. I could see hints of her dark pink areola through the dainty fabric. I traced my tongue along the warm soft skin of her breast, just above the lace of her bra. The dichotomy between the warm softness of her skin and the slightly rough fabric.

I could feel her fingers running through my hair as I gently traced from the strap all the way to where the lace plunges between her cleavage. Opening my mouth I encircled her nipple through her bra, pulling the fabric and her engorged flesh simultaneously into my mouth. I playfully closed my teeth down on her, just enough to pull and stretch her flesh before releasing. It had the desired effect as I heard her low moan. I repeated this action, alternating from one breast to the other until both nipples poked firmly against her Eberjey bra. Patty leaned forward as I reached back and deftly unclasped her bra. Feeling the tension gaziantep evi olan escort give as her unrestrained breasts assumed their beautiful tear-drop shape.

By this time, Jeff had Sheila undressed to her panties, her breasts clearly exposed. They were kissing and Sheila was rubbing Jeff’s cock through his shorts. Tom had pulled Leslie’s skirt off and all I could see of his head was what flashed from behind Leslie’s bent knees as he was clearly licking her inner thighs. Her blouse was open and she was pulling and twisting her slightly dark nipples.

I slid my hands along Patty’s ribs, slowly moving them forward until her breasts were cupped and pressed together in front of me. Faced with such beautiful tits I let out my own low moan as I proceeded to lick, suck and nibble on the very ends of her nipples. I alternated from one side to the other, my fingers tugging, rolling and stretching on one side whilst the other was in my mouth being bathed in saliva. I pulled back then lightly traced my soft wet lips over the sensitive points of her nipples. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of her flesh in as I could into my mouth. Sucking deeply as my tongue flicked. I pulled back until her breast fell from my mouth with a loud pop. I repeated this, from side to side until both of her breasts were a deep rose color and glistening with saliva. Her nipples were erect, her areola puffy and protruding slightly.

Not satiated with just the taste of her breasts, I trailed my kisses down her flat stomach my tongue tracing lazy circles as I moved lower. Patty raised her hips just enough to pull her dress completely free. My presumption about her lack of panties was confirmed when, once freed from the confines of the cocktail dress, I was faced with the sight of her beautiful smooth, hairless mound. The only thing left on her were her stockings and her heels. Moaning at the sight of her under my breath I slid my hands down her stockiened thighs. I could feel her moving, undulating under my hungry mouth and inquisitive hands. I traced my tongue around her belly button, flicking it lightly around the edges then gently grasping the silver navel ring in my teeth. I began tugging on it, stretching her skin gently then letting the ring slip from my teeth. I started kissing lower, the intermittent trail of wet marks on her lower stomach, over her bare mound marking where my lips had touched. I inhaled deeply, I could smell the combination of her skin and the excitement emanating from between her firm thighs.

My hands slid down her thighs then behind her knees. I gently pressed her legs open, parting them, watching as her beautiful pussy came into view. I could see her labia, engorged and pouty. I could see the dark rose color of her skin. I could see how her labia blossomed, exposing the delicate, glistening inner lips. My arms pushed her legs up and open, fully exposing her to me. I began kissing up her thighs trying to get to what I know is the sweet taste of her cunt. I could hear the other couples in the background. I could hear Sheila moaning in that staccato rhythm, those steady unyielding moans that could only mean that Jeff was fucking her deep and steadily. I couldn’t hear Tom, but from the sounds coming from Leslie I presume he had already pulled her panties aside and was licking her smooth pussy as well.

Looing up at Patty, She had her eyes closed and her hands were cupping her breasts, I could see her long slender fingers rolling and tugging on her nipples. I opened my mouth and covered her completely, drawing her deep into my mouth. I was instantly rewarded with a flood of her warm taste. I could feel her raising her hips to me as I gently pulled on her lips with mine then letting them slip from my grasp. I pushed her legs up further, her patent leather heels next to my ears and bouncing gently. I lowered my mouth, my tongue snaking out to trace along her folds. Starting deep down between her thighs and slowly working my way up one side, avoiding her clit, then back down the other. I could feel her trying to move her hips so I would make contact with her hooded gem. I smiled to myself and softly traced around her opening again. I pulled my mouth away from gaziantep evi olan escort bayan her for a moment, blowing warm air over her glistening pussy. I started lapping at her, pressing my wide flat tongue fully against her labia, slowly working my tongue up her sex and ending with a quick flick of my tongue over her clitoris. I could feel her hips twitch, I could her hear slight gasp. I did it again-slowly taking my time to feel every beautiful inch of her pussy. Lapping and licking then swallowing a mouthful of her copious wetness. Swirling my tongue, circling the base of her clit then working the tip of my tongue just below her protruding clit to that sensitive tag of flesh.

I heard Sheila and Jeff behind me. I could hear her moaning increase it tempo and volume. I knew from the sounds that she was about to cum all over Jeff’s cock. I also heard the unmistakable sounds of Leslie sucking Matt. I could hear the wet gagging noises as he undoubtedly pressed deep into her mouth. I put Patty’s heels on the sofa and her knees lazily fell open. I started kissing up her leg from the smooth nylon of her stockings up to the warm softness of her inner thigh. Taking my index finger, I started tracing around her pussy. With my finger slick with her clear fluids, I slowly pressed deep between her folds. Pushing just the tip in as I felt her reaching for my hand, reaching for my wrist. I knew she was eager to get more of me inside her pussy. I resisted the urge, working the very tip of my finger inside. I turned my palm up so my finger pad was pressing inside her, just behind her clit. I slowly advanced, sinking it deeper into her tight wetness, working it in small circles as I pressed deeper. I withdrew my finger and smeared her wetness around her vagina then in a single motion, shoved it deep inside. I could feel that spot just behind her clit. Rubbing my finger against it in small circles as my mouth once again neared the center of my desire. Sliding a second finger in pressing upwards, both massaging that spot as I rubbed my pursed lips across her clit. I latched on gently and started rhythmically sucking on her as I worked both of my fingers against her slick walls. I could feel her hips thrusting upwards, trying to get me to go deeper yet.

I started alternating sucking motion with quick darts of my tongue-never once slowing down, never once breaking contact. My two fingers deep inside pressed upwards, rubbing in circles. Her legs opened, her pelvis tilted upwards to drive my fingers inside the wet vise-like grip of her cunt. I could feel my fingers graze the firmness of her cervix. My lips now sucking and pulling on the fleshy hood, releasing, then sucking again. Faster, deeper I thrust my thick fingers inside Patty’s warm, wet tight cunt. My tongue flicking, my lips sucking. I could feel her hands on my head, her fingers in my hair as she started moaning. I could hear movement, I even felt the couch moving as if someone had joined her-but my attention, my entire focus was on Patty.

Her hips started thrusting, matching the speed and rhythm of my penetrating fingers. I could hear kissing, I could feel movement but I didn’t care. My sole purpose was that moment, the crescendo that she was rapidly building towards. Two thick fingers deep in her pussy, my lips pulling on her clit, her wetness smeared on my cheeks. Then it happened-the noise, the movement all seemed to stop, frozen in time as her entire body tensed. Then I heard it-that sudden sensual noise that only a woman excited to the point of no return makes. Her body started to convulse. Her hips seemed to flex of their own accord, and I was rewarded with a sudden flood of wetness on my face-Actually it was more of a gush. I opened my mouth to catch as much of it as I possibly could. I could feel the rhythmic contractions of her cunt, squeezing around my fingers as I swallowed her sweet wetness,

I held my fingers inside her for what seemed like hours. Letting her body calm down, letting her heart work its way back into her chest from her throat. I didn’t dare touch her now exquisitely sensitive clit, Instead I gently blew warm breath over her lips, over her glistening inner thighs as I looked up at the indescribable look on her face of a woman who was just pushed over the edge and into the abyss of climax.

When my own heart stopped pounding in my brain, the sounds of our surroundings returned, I could hear giggling, I could hear whispered voices and hushed tones. I smiled meekly at Patty who had an amazing look in her eyes. I saw fingers gently curled under Patty’s chin pulling her face towards the slightly parted lips of who was sitting next to her on the couch….

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