The Good Provider Ch. 04


This is the final chapter of my very first story submitted to Literotica, and my first incest story as well. I want to thank those readers who read and commented, either in public feedback or via e-mail, for your wonderful support. It means so much to me! I know I made some mistakes along the way, and I thank you for your patience with those.

I hope you enjoy the final chapter of Matt and Colleen’s story.

* * *

Matt’s eyes followed Colleen as she walked the short distance down the hall from her bedroom to his. Only when she went inside his room and out of sight did he lean back against the couch. Dressed in a grey t-shirt and brown flannel pajama pants, he had been on his way to falling asleep on the couch when Colleen unexpectedly returned home earlier that night.

When Colleen moved back to their home town and in with him, Matt’s life had taken a turn for the better. After years apart, now he saw her every day, and knew she was close by even when they were going about their daily business. He liked hearing her move around the house, singing bits of songs as she was cleaning, or muttering to herself when she was running late for work and couldn’t find her car keys. He looked forward to walking into the house at the end of the day and being greeted by the smell of dinner cooking on the stove, the sound of Colleen’s laughter carried along with the scent of whatever dish she was fixing that night, as she and their mom, Sandra, worked together in the kitchen, their voices mingling as they talked about their day.

Colleen and Sandra handled much of the cooking during the week, and Matt took care of rinsing and putting the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner. Lately, it was more likely to be just the two of them, Matt and Colleen, having dinner together. Their mother was seeing quite a lot of a retired building inspector, a man named Walter. They had met on an outing for the senior group of their church, to the town’s local theater group’s production of To Have and Have Not. Sometimes Walter joined the three of them for dinner, but more often, he and Sandra went out to eat, or they cooked something together at his place. Matt joked that their “little bird was getting ready to leave the nest.” He told Colleen that he wouldn’t be surprised if Walter popped the question soon.

Colleen had been shocked at the idea at first. “You’re kidding! You don’t think she’d accept, do you?” Matt had shrugged. “She’s happier than I’ve seen her since Dad died. I think there’s a good chance she’d say yes.”

“But it seems so soon! I mean, dad only passed away a few years ago.” Colleen frowned at Matt as if he had engineered the whole situation.

“It’s been over three years Colleen. How long do you think she should mourn? You know Dad wouldn’t want her to give up on living, just because he’s no longer around.”

Colleen lowered her voice, even though no one else was around. “You don’t think they’ve been, um, intimate, do you? Don’t those urges drop off at their age?”

“Hell, I hope not!” Matt exclaimed. “Maybe I’ll need a little Viagra or something, but I plan on being able to get it up even when I’m old and grey.” He grinned nastily at Colleen. “If nothing else, I don’t see any reason why I can’t be giving mustache rides until the day I die. In fact, that’s not a bad way to go out, taking your last breath while being smothered by pu . .”

“Matt! We’re not talking your sex life!” The vision of Matt, spread-eagled on the bed while she rode his face, made her pussy tingle and throb, and she blushed furiously.

“Look, I don’t want to get into a discussion about our mom’s sex life, but I’m guessing it ain’t over til it’s over, if you know what I mean.” Matt grinned at Colleen and waggled his eyebrows in an exaggerated fashion, like Groucho Marx.


* * *

Matt wondered again why Colleen was home and not with that idiot boyfriend of hers. Well, maybe she’d finally seen the light. Or maybe Brian stood her up, which was more likely. He sighed. Today had been crappy from the moment he’d seen her overnight bag beside the front door as he was leaving. “Hey Colleen, what’s this? You going somewhere?” he’d called to her. Down in her bathroom, Colleen poked her head out the door, a curling iron in her hand. “What?”

He pointed to the small rolling suitcase. “This. Are you leaving me already?” He hoped all that came through in his tone was a lame joke, rather than the spark of anxiety he felt deep inside.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. I’m spending the week-end with Brian. I should be home sometime Sunday afternoon.”

“Oh,” Matt said flatly. His breakfast sat heavily in his stomach. Fuck. He’d almost forgotten about Brian.


“Huh?” Matt realized Colleen was speaking to him.

“I said, no wild parties while I’m gone,” she repeated. When Matt still didn’t respond, Colleen winked at him. “Hey, I’m just kidding. It’s your house, you can do whatever you escort ilanları want. I just thought maybe you’d enjoy having it to yourself this week-end, if you know what I mean.” She grinned at him then disappeared back into the bathroom.

“Heh, yeah. Okay, well I’ll see you on Sunday then, I guess.” He left quickly, disappointment weighing heavily in his chest. It was crazy, but he felt betrayed, and on top of that, fiercely jealous. He wanted nothing more than to smash his fist into Brian’s mouth. The rest of the day had passed in a slow blur, with Matt dreading arriving home that night to a dark, cold and empty house.

* * *

The sound of running water drifted down the hall; blending with the low whir of warm air being blown out of the furnace vents. SportsCenter was on the TV, as Matt settled back against the arm of the couch, his eyelids getting heavy. His last thought as he drifted off to sleep was of Colleen in the shower, water hanging in glistening droplets from her body.

He and Colleen were washing her car. It seemed perfectly natural that they were both completely naked. As she washed the car, Matt washed Colleen’s body. She was washing the back bumper, and he was sudsing her ass. It felt so good to rub her ass cheeks and watch the foamy water slide down both round globes and drip onto the pavement. Colleen moved to the hood and Matt began running his hands over her breasts. She kept telling him not to scratch the paint, and he promised he wouldn’t.

Then he was looking down at the two of them – they were in what appeared to be a large room. Everything was white and soft, like billowing clouds. His arms were wrapped around her warm body and they were kissing. His tongue traced Colleen’s lips as she opened her mouth to accept his thrusts, sighing his name over and over again. Matt couldn’t tell if they were lying on a huge bed, or a pile of white blankets. Colleen was clinging to him, her leg thrown over his hip. A voice announced that the Spurs took the victory, 102-96 over the Phoenix Suns. That seemed to mean something, a signal to go ahead, and Matt bent his head to suck one of Colleen’s nipples. She arched her back, urging him to take more, more into his mouth. “I need you Matt!” she cried out, “suck them harder!”
He rolled on top of her, alternating his mouth between each breast, sucking harder and harder. She was writhing beneath him, and with a single thrust, he shoved his cock deep inside her pussy. Oh god! So fucking good! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! They were thrashing wildly together, rolling around on the bed, sometimes he was on top, sometimes she was on top. “I have my needs!” she cried out, and he told her, “I’ll take care of them Colleen. I’m your brother, let me take care of them.” He was pounding into her pussy, she felt so tight around him, she was cumming, she was his lover and he was cumming inside her!

Colleen turned off the water and reached around for the towel hanging just outside the shower. Quickly patting herself dry, she toweled her hair dry next before reaching into the cabinet beside the sink for the spare hair dryer she’d stashed there shortly after she moved in. Within a few minutes, her hair was tousled and nearly dry. Dressed only in her robe, she headed toward the front of the house, planning to deposit her damp towel in the laundry room after rinsing out her dirty glass and adding it to the partial load already in the dishwasher. She could hear the television still on, and assumed Matt was staying up late to watch sports.

She paused as she walked into the living room. Matt was asleep on the couch, the flickering light from the television moving over his features as he lay there, one arm tucked under his head, the other hanging down toward the floor. His hair was tousled and in need of a haircut. Because he was asleep, Colleen could indulge herself and she stared at him for a long moment, drinking in every detail. It’s really not fair. Mother Nature definitely plays favorites! The signs of aging that most women dread seem to make men sexier; the softer, boyish features Matt had in his youth were now sharpened and defined, age adding a touch of cragginess that only served to make him infinitely more masculine and desirable to Colleen.

She longed to run her fingers through his hair and smooth out the little lines that crossed his forehead. She wondered what it would feel like to kiss the crinkled edges of his eyes, or trace the planes of his cheekbones with her fingers, or feel his eyes looking into her soul as she lay in his arms. As she stood there, he moved in his sleep. Colleen’s gaze moved down his body and she jumped a little in surprise.

The tip of Matt’s penis was sticking out of the slit in his pajama pants, glistening wetly with a film of pre-cum. Colleen, caught off guard, gasped then quickly covered her mouth. She glanced back up at Matt’s face – had she waken him? No, his face was still gaziantep escort ilanları in repose, but as Colleen’s eyes drifted irresistibly back down to his groin, she noticed that Matt’s hips were beginning to thrust back and forth. Colleen felt like a peeping Tom, spying on her brother. I should really just walk away. Colleen Adele Walsh, what are you doing? You know, this is probably how those perverts who flash people in the park get started girl! … Look at how thick his head is! I wonder what the rest looks like? Stop it Colleen!

But Colleen couldn’t have pulled herself away at that moment if there was a fire in the house. She stared intently down at Matt’s cock. His tee-shirt had ridden up a bit and she could see the trail of dark brown curly hair that led down toward his groin. Matt’s hips bucked upward slightly again and he moaned in his sleep. Colleen held her breath but his eyes remained closed, and she was sure he was sound asleep. When she looked down again at his crotch, she saw that with Matt’s last thrust, his cock had emerged further from the slit in his pajama pants.

Mesmerized, Colleen leaned forward, her eyes flicking nervously from his face to his cock. It was fully hard now, the shaft a deep dusky pink, topped by a darker pink perfect helmet-shaped head. Colleen’s eyes widened – holy shit, that thing is thick and veiny!.

In slow motion, she reached out to touch it, her hand almost wrapping around its hard length. But just at that moment, Matt let out a loud sighing groan, his hips flexing convulsively. Colleen jerked her hand back just in time — Matt came in his sleep, his cum shooting up onto his chest. “Ahhhh, Colleen!” he muttered, as she stood frozen in place a second longer, before turning and rushing into the kitchen, her heart hammering in her chest. “Colleen”? Was he thinking of me, dreaming of me? Hands gripping the counter edge in front of the kitchen sink, she closed her eyes and let her memory drift back to another sink, another kitchen, long ago.

* * *

Cutting Matt’s hair had been such a guilty pleasure. She had idolized her older brother for years, but it wasn’t until she began taking classes at the local college that her feelings for Matt began to morph from purely sisterly affection to something murkier, a nameless longing that left her confused and filled with guilt. All through high school, her friends had always had crushes on Matt, flirting with him if he happened to walk through the room when they were all hanging out with Colleen. She thought it was stupid — why would he be interested in any of her friends when he had his pick of the girls his own age?

By the time she started at the junior college, she was cutting Matt’s hair regularly. At first, it had been like any other time they were in the same room together; Matt making critical remarks about her taste in music, clothes, and boys, while she returned the favor. Then things between them gradually changed. As she stood behind him, slipping her fingers along each strand of his hair, she couldn’t help but notice how broad his shoulders were. His arms were wiry and muscular. He smelled good too. Cutting the crown meant she had to stand very close in front of him, intimately sandwiched between his legs. She was aware of the rise and fall of her breasts as she lifted strands of his hair in her fingers. She saw the way his eyes darkened as he stared at her chest.

His reactions should have disgusted her, but instead Colleen felt a thrill every time she caught Matt staring at her breasts, or her butt. She always pretended not to notice, but she would go braless one time, or wear something more revealing the next, and gauge his reaction. She justified their behavior as merely harmless fun, but the way her body reacted to his closeness tried to warn her otherwise.

Deep inside, Colleen knew she should somehow discourage this behavior, or at the very least, stop actively contributing to it. But it just felt so good, the little touches they shared, the feel of Matt’s hot gaze on her as she stood between his legs, taking extra long to comb and cut his hair. When Matt started stealing pats on her butt, or hugging her close after each hair cut, Colleen told herself it didn’t mean anything, and certainly not anything truly sexual; it was just some harmless playing about.

However, late at night, as she lay staring sleeplessly up at her bedroom ceiling, Colleen admitted to herself that things between her and Matt were going too far. They were playing with fire and she needed to put a stop to it! Guilt ate at her, for leading Matt on. She should have never let it go this far.

She could never figure out a satisfactory solution though, and things continued on, slowly building, until that fateful day when Matt’s arms moved from her waist as he hugged her, up her body until he actually caressed her breasts. The rush of pure pleasure that jolted gaziantep escort bayan ilanları through her body had shocked Colleen. Young, inexperienced, and already feeling guilty about their secret, she freaked out when Matt ground his obviously hard cock against her ass. Her panic quickly turned to furious anger at Matt, and she spun around and slapped him as hard as she could.

She had cried for hours afterward in her bedroom. Everything was ruined! Why did she let it go so far? It was all her fault and now Matt probably hated her. If only she had put a stop to their fooling around right away, things never would have reached this point.

* * *

Colleen shook herself out of her reverie. Over a decade later, she was older and supposedly wiser. She’d had several short relationships with other men, and then tried a stand-in for Matt when she got involved with Brian. It was like eating a piece of sugar free candy when what she craved was rich Godiva chocolate! But was she ready and willing to risk everything by making her feelings known to Matt?

Turning on the tap, she filled the coffee carafe and poured its contents into the machine, before measuring and adding coffee to the filter bin. She flipped the switch on. The smell of brewing coffee quickly filled the kitchen. Colleen peered into the fridge, her stomach rumbling loudly. She had been too excited to bother with dinner earlier, but now she was ravenous. A covered dish on the top shelf held left over roast beef, and she quickly added mustard, lettuce and cheddar cheese to the growing stack of food in her arms before nudging the fridge shut with her hip.

* * *

Matt rolled over on the couch and woke up. Something smelled good — coffee? He swung his legs down to the floor and sat up. It was then that he noticed the sticky residue on the front of his pants and shirt. Shit, that dream was pretty hot! He heard a drawer in the kitchen open and shut, then the clink of silverware on the counter in the kitchen. Wanting to get cleaned up before Colleen noticed anything, Matt padded down the hall to his bedroom, and stripped off his tee-shirt, flannel pants and boxers. Donning a clean tee-shirt and a pair of blue sweat pants, he went to find Colleen in the kitchen.

As he walked in, Colleen was in the middle of making a sandwich. Matt’s mouth watered at the smell of coffee, roast beef and mustard. Colleen flicked him a glance, hiding a smile when she noticed his change of clothes. “Hope I didn’t wake you up by being too noisy in here.”

Matt sauntered over the counter, taking a mug down from the cupboard above the coffee maker. “No problem. I fell asleep watching sports. You want me to pour you a cup too?” Colleen nodded and he reached for another mug.

“You want one of these while I’m making mine?” she offered, lifting up a couple of pieces of bread and the roast beef.

“Yeah, I’d love one sis.” He opened the fridge and took out some half-n-half, pouring a good dollop into Colleen’s mug before handing it to her. She thanked him with a smile and handed him his sandwich in return. “Let’s go eat these in the living room. It’s much warmer in there,” she suggested, picking up her coffee and heading out the door.

They settled on opposite ends of the couch, and ate in companionable silence for a couple of minutes. The television was still on but Matt turned the volume down low. He brushed some crumbs off his mustache after swallowing the last bite of his sandwich, and reached out to ruffle Colleen’s hair. “So, are you going to tell me what happened or not?” he asked.

Colleen raised her eyebrow at him, not sure how much she wanted to reveal about her evening. Oh well, he obviously knows things didn’t turn out as planned. Might as well give him a general idea of what happened.

She launched into the events leading up to her early return home. She described arriving at the hotel, walking into the bar and finding Brian sitting next to another woman. She was too embarrassed to admit she paid for the hotel herself, so she just skipped to going upstairs to their room and ordering room service.

Colleen’s voice faltered and she knew her face was pink, as she remembered putting on her sexy baby doll and stretching out on the bed, trying to entice Brian. “Well, there we were, alone at last and then he just made me so mad.”

Matt was only half listening, distracted by the view; Colleen’s robe was knee length, but as she sat turned sideways with her legs tucked up on the couch, it hiked up and gave him a clear view of her legs up to her thighs. They looked smooth and silky and he longed to reach out and touch them. Every time she leaned forward to pick up or replace her mug on the coffee table, her robe gaped open at the neck, and sometimes he got a clear look at the curve of her left breast. All of this was making it difficult to focus on Colleen’s story, but when she said that Brian upset her, that got his full attention. “What did he do? Did he try to make you do something you didn’t want to do?” The thought of Brian or any other guy trying to force Colleen to do anything, brought Matt’s temper to the surface. “I’ve got half a mind to go kick this guy’s ass Colleen!”

“No, no! It wasn’t like that. I guess you could say I tried to make him do something he didn’t want to do.”

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