The Hippy Girl In The Lighthouse.


Mike was a 23 year old, tall, athletic joiner who’s hobby was restoring classic cars.

He became tempted by an old Light house on the south west coast of England which was going up for sale by auction.

Being the only person at the auction who was willing to commit to the responsibility of renovating and maintaining the historic structure meant that he won the bidding straight away without competition.

Using money borrowed from his parents and the bank, it was to be his heart filled project converting it into a home for him to live, whilst abiding by the rules of keeping the lamp working at night time.

He struggled with local authorities when changing anything about the building as there seemed to be a lot of objections from the nearby villagers.

In early June, two weeks into the project, the access path had been cordoned off with temporary metal fencing for safety reasons and a notice saying ‘Footway closed until late September’.

One morning Mike was returning after picking up supplies in his white van when he noticed that the fence had been moved whilst he was out.

He parked the van and had a look around for tourists to find that his air compressor had been thrown down the rock face, smashed beyond repair.

Furious at whoever did this, he knew that the only answer to progress his project further was to replace the compressor.

Three hours later he returned to find that the fence had been disturbed and the lighthouse door was open. This time the inside of the lighthouse had been ransacked.

The fridge was door open slightly and with a little bit more investigation, he found that bleach had been poured into his milk carton. He also noticed that both of his battery drills had been stolen meaning another show stopper for the job.

Ensuring he locked the door this time, he was livid as he had to waste the afternoon out again buying a replacement drill.

In a second hand store he found a suitable drill at a bargain price, so picked it up and paid the cashier.

As he turned to walk out he noticed under the glass of the counter amongst other small items, a pair of handcuffs for sale.

“How much for those?” He asked pointing to the cuffs.

“Call it Ten.” The cashier replied, picking them up and handing them over the counter to Mike.

“But there’s only one key. I’ll give you Five.” Mike bargained.

“Seven and it’s a deal.” The cashier suggested holding out his hand to shake on it.

He’d have paid the full price but just wanted to barter a deal for the fun of it. The cuffs would be worth much more if they helped him apprehend the culprit who was vandalising his building site.

He began shouting obscenities when he returned to find the vandals had visited again and this time some of his building supplies had been thrown all over the rocks on the shore line.

Early the next morning he drove his van away from the light house and walked back so that he could lay in wait to catch the culprit.

He noticed what he thought was a man with long hair heading towards the fence but not wanting to get caught looking through the window, he ran and hid behind the front door ready to pounce.

He couldn’t see and so wasn’t to know that his intruder was a woman.

Her name was Jay-Jay, an environmentalist who opposed the changes which would allow the lighthouse to be converted to a private home and had actively campaigned against all the planning applications throughout the whole process.

She was wearing black Dr Martin boots, high waist light blue skinny stretch jeans and a rainbow coloured roll neck long sleeve woollen pullover. She had a pink ribbon in her long brown hair with a thin blue hair streak, advertising herself as a Hippy.

She waited a few minutes to make sure the coast was clear before sneaking through the fence and trying the door handle.

It was unlocked.

He couldn’t see who it was but as soon as he saw a hand appear around the door, he was ready and quickly snapped one of the cuffs tightly around the wrist that followed.

She was so shocked her whole body froze as she looked down at her hand and then up to Mike.

He wasn’t expecting a woman but it didn’t matter, he simply wrapped his arms around her chest, pinning her arms to her sides then quickly ran her backwards over to the bottom of the spiral staircase.

He pushed her back against the iron banister railings that ran with the stairs, all the way around the wall of the circular building from the floor to the glass light room at the very top.

“GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK!” He shouted, looking at her straight in the face.

Still shocked with the disbelief of what was happening, she realised that she’d been caught and found herself not fighting him off as he held her wrists.

By wrapping his arms around her waist, he pushed her shaking arms behind her back.

Before she knew it her other wrist was locked in the free cuff and he stepped away, letting go of her.

She realised when she tried to move that he had not only cuffed her hands behind her but also around one of the metal banister bars that she was leaning against.

“It’s not what it looks like.” She said.

Because Mike wasn’t expecting a woman, he had to be sure he wasn’t making a mistake.

“Who the fuck are you?” He asked.

“I’m Jay-Jay.” She replied. “This isn’t what you think.”

“What are you doing breaking into my property?” He said.

“I came across two battery drills on the rocks yesterday and wondered if they might be yours.”

“Really!” He said to her. “Would you like a glass of freshly poisoned milk before you start telling me the truth?” “There’s a camera over there. I’ve seen everything.”

There was no camera but he thought he’d try and trick a confession out of her.

It worked.

“I’m sorry.” was all she could say knowing that she was busted and not wanting to dig her self deeper into this hole.

“Theft!” He began, listing all of her offenses. “Vandalism! Destruction of somebody else’s property! Breaking and entering! Trespassing! Attempted murder by poisoning!” “You better start talking.”

“What do you want me to say?” she replied. “Are you going to call the police?”

“Do you know how much fucking money you’ve cost me?” He shouted. “Where’s your ID?”

“In my back pocket.” She told him.

He approached her and took a credit card wallet from one of her back pockets and her phone from the other.

Looking through her wallet he found her driving licence.

“Juliet Jones.” He said. “And you’re thirty five? Is this genuine?”

“Yes.” She replied, knowing exactly who he was from the local authority paperwork she’d been contesting “Are you Mike?”

“Yes I’m Mike.” “I’ve heard your name before.” he said, “You’re that pain in the arse lady who’s been objecting to all my planning applications for renovating this place aren’t you?”

“You shouldn’t be ruining this beautiful lighthouse.” She told him, “This is my childhood playground and the place I come to worship the stars.”

He went back over to her and searched her front pockets, removing her house keys and some cash, placing the items on a table.

“Do you have any other ID? I don’t believe you are twelve years older than me.” He said, then bent down and further searched her by running both his hands against the inside and outside of her leg, standing back up straight as he reached her waist.

He then repeated the process on her other leg, admiring the tightness of her jeans and the shape of her legs as he stood back up again.

Standing in front of her he held onto her hips and caught a glint from her eye.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” She asked. “You know I might have a gun in my bra?”

“You owe me compensation for all of your damage.” He said. “So I’m making sure you don’t have any little tricks up your sleeve.”

“What is it that you want me to do?” she asked, looking at him with big puppy eyes in the hope that she could gain his attraction to work in her favour.

“You need to make it up to me.” He told her.

Strangely the first thing that struck him when she spoke up close to his face was her breath. It smelled sweet, like she had recently been eating biscuits. It threw his mind into a quick ‘wow’ moment as he continued staring into her seductive eyes.

“Who knows that you’re here?” he asked.

“Nobody.” She replied. “This is all my own doing.”

“Who lives with you that’s going to come and help you?”

“I live on my own.” She told him “Nobody else is involved or knows about my campaign.”

They stood in silence, still staring into each others eyes.

One more accidental inhalation of her sweet breath had him hooked.

“Looks like you’re at my mercy then?” He said continuing his body search over her arse cheeks with his hands.

In her mind she knew that he was right. This caused a little flutter in her loins from down below. She had to answer him quickly.

“If you think you’re man enough little boy.” She replied.

He was insulted and responded with “Is that what you think?”

He moved his hands up from her arse to around her waist and then up to her chest.

“Let’s have a look for guns then shall we?” he said, knowing full well that there wasn’t going to be any. He stopped when he reached her bra, still covered by her rainbow pattern knitted jumper.

She frowned at him when he tried to put his fingers inside her bra cups to feel her tits.

“That’s never going to work.” She said. “You’ll have to undo the strap first.”

“I know!” he said abruptly like a child would.

She smiled at him and asked “You haven’t done this before have you?”

“Yes!” he replied.

The look of shyness and embarrassment on his face told her otherwise.

“Oh my god.” She laughed. “You’re a cherry boy aren’t you?”

“No!” he said but couldn’t look her in the eye any more.

“So here I am then.” She smiled. “I’m chained up here, all available and at your mercy. Do your worst. Show me what you’ve got.”

He tried to look experienced by putting one hand in her crotch.

Do you like that? He asked.

She was now convinced that he had never been with a woman before.

“You can start by kissing me.” She said still smiling. “Don’t worry it won’t hurt.”

He looked her in the eyes and then at her sweet smelling mouth, about to make a move towards her, he gently touched the ball in the middle of the nose ring piercing she had between her nostrils through her septum.

“How do you get this in and out?” he asked.

Was he stalling? She thought.

“You don’t.” she explained. “It requires a special pair of plyers to remove it and to fit it.”

She could feel him trembling. The reality of this situation was obviously getting to him.

If she could get him to fuck her with these handcuffs on, she could threaten him with wrongful imprisonment and rape. That way he would be in more trouble than her and therefore wouldn’t go to the police.

This was now the avenue she would take him down.

“I think you need to search my arse again.” She said. “You might have missed something.”

He put his hands around her waist and slid them down behind her, stopping on her tightly clad arse cheeks.

She planted her mouth on his lips and pushed her tongue inside him.

He pulled her in close and locked lips with her. She could feel his growing erection pressing firmly against her.

Are we going to do this standing up or lying down?” she whispered.

“I’m not letting you escape if that’s what your game is.” He told her.

“If you cuff my hands in front of me so that I can use the toilet, then I’ll come back and show you what a woman really wants.” She told him. “I won’t try to escape. I want your virginity.”

He didn’t react, only stared into her wide eyes, kissed her again and pulled out the single key from his pocket.

As soon as the cuff swung open she bolted for the door, ripping the cuffs from his hands as he was trying to remove the key. He’d trusted her and wasn’t prepared for this.

He immediately took off after her, chasing her towards the door.

He thought it strange that she didn’t reach for the door handle but instead she put her back against the wall behind the door, turned to face him and laughed out loud.

He caught up with her and grabbed the open cuff swinging from her wrist.

She stood still and didn’t fight him as he fumbled with the now bent key in the lock.

When he eventually removed it he put it in his pocket and cuffed her free wrist again, this time with her hands in front of her.

“Don’t try that again!” he told her.

“If I wanted to get away then, I would have.” She told him.

He pointed to a door and said “Toilet is there.”

As she began the lengthy process of removing her jeans, he dragged his bed over to the bottom of the spiral staircase, pushing the head of it up against the banister railings she had previously been cuffed to.

Jay-Jay returned from the bathroom to see him manovering the bed at the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh that’s a convenient position for the bed right in front of that banister?” she hinted, sitting on the double bed.

He went to remove one of her cuffs but when he took the key from his pocket he noticed it was bent. On further inspection he saw that the bit on the end of the key was completely broken off and he was in fact only left holding a small metal tube in his fingers. This was a problem as now she will have to be cut free.

He walked over to his tool chest and lifted an open padlock from its lid.

“I’m guessing this iron banister and that lock in your hand have something to do with your next move.” She said, looking at the staircase.

She raised her arms above her head when he approached her. She was trying to encouraging him to lock them there with her on her back so that he wouldn’t be able to resist her availability and ‘his first time’ would happen the way she wanted, giving her the blackmailing ammunition she needed.

He hooked the lock around the connecting chain in the middle of the handcuffs and then around the metal bar of the banister. The whole banister clanged with the noise of the lock snapping shut.

“I’m all yours.” She told him, continuing with her plan of seduction into blackmail.

He lay on top of her and began kissing her sweet tasting lips.

“Aren’t you going to get undressed?” she asked.

“Of course.” He said sounding like he knew what he was doing.

He took off his clothes and lay down next to her on the bed.

“Obviously I would be playing with your cock by now but with my hands like this you’ll have to masturbate yourself first.”

“I know, I was about to.” He said beginning to rub his own cock.

She smiled at how naive this twenty three year old virgin was.

“Take my jeans off before you have an accident.” She told him.

“If you think you are ready enough.” He replied.

“Take my jeans off.” She said.

She loved watching the look of determination on his face as he struggled to remove the tight fitting jeans from her legs, all the time pretending that this was normal for him, as though he’d done it lots of times before.

After he realised that her boots were still on he had to stop with the jeans and remove her footwear first. She started to feel sorry for the guy. It was comical the amount of time it took him to strip her lower half naked.

“Can you lift my jumper above my head and remove my bra please, I would do it myself but with things as they are. You know.” She asked, knowing that the bra was going to be his next hurdle.

This was going to be like sleeping with a comedian she thought, changing her feelings to actually wanting sex with him, she again felt a flutter from down below.

“Kiss me Mike.” She said.

He lay on top of her and they kissed.

He began randomly stabbing around between her legs with his erection.

She took pity on him.

“Could you do me a favour?” she asked. “Could you spit in your hand and rub it on the end of your cock to lubricate us both please and use your hand to guide yourself in to me please?” “I’m sorry I’m just a little bit dry that’s all.”

His spitting action was far from romantic but he was successful in the end. Using one hand, he finally found his way inside her.

She anticipated and accepted the pain as he pushed himself all the way in with his first stroke.

“How’s that feel.” He said.

She turned her head and stole a kiss from him as he selfishly pounded away into her still moistening wetness.

Time to begin faking it she thought and so began to moan.

It worked. It didn’t take long before she felt him coming inside her. She quickly shouted out, faking her pleasure.

It worked.

He rolled off and lay on the bed next to her.

“What’s it feel like to be a man?” she joked. “Would you mind passing me a tissue?”

He brought her some tissues.

“You’ll have to un cuff me so that I can wipe myself.” She told him.

“I’m not risking you running again. The cuffs are staying on, I’ll wipe you myself.” He said.

“So are you going to dress me too?” she asked.

“Yes.” He replied, to her surprise.

This I have to see she thought.

He pulled on her underwear then went to refit her bra.

She laughed and laughed at his failed attempts to get it right.

Eventually the bra was on straight and her jumper was pulled down again.

Next came the jeans. The dreaded jeans.

“You don’t escort gaziantep minyon bayan stand a chance.” She said.

“I can do this.” He told her. “Just wait and see.”

With a lot of work he managed to get them as far as her thighs before realising that they were going no further without her standing up.

He had an idea.

Jay-Jay wondered what he was doing as he battled to remove the jeans again, then disappeared trough a door with them in his hand.

Mike cut the legs of her jeans away on a slight diagonal angle having the longest part in the middle of the jeans and tapering away shorter as the cut went out towards the hips. With four inches of denim left below the crotch he turned each leg up one inch at a time and held them up with fast drying superglue. A second one inch turn up hid the cut that he had made and he repeated the gluing in small spots as before, preventing the turn-ups from rolling down.

Admiring his work, he returned to the bed and showed her his creation.

“WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO MY JEANS?” she shouted. “Do you know how much they cost?”

“Don’t you talk to me about money.” He said. “You owe me loads!”

“I owe you nothing.” She pointed out. “This is wrongful imprisonment and that first fuck of yours counts as RAPE!”

Mike stood there in shock whilst what she just said sank in.

“Undo these cuffs!” she ordered.

He immediately ran over and hopelessly fumbled with the broken key in the lock again.

“It’s broken.” He announced.

“What?” she asked.

Reaching for the padlock key he popped it open and released the chain from the banister, sending another clang all the way up the stairs.

Jay-Jay also struggled with the handcuff key but gave up when she realised that it was doing nothing.

“I’ll have to cut them off.” He told her “I have a saw.”

She stood up, snatched her ruined jeans from his hand and pulled them on over her hips, followed by her boots. He was right they went on much easier than when they were full length jeans.

“How are you going to do this?” she asked holding the cuffs in front of his face.

He took her to an adjacent room and down five rickety wooden steps, into what is known as a bund. This was a sealed waterproof area like a wet room or small swimming pool, designed to catch and contain any Diesel spillages from the fuel storage tank which had been removed years ago when the lighthouse became electrically automated.

There were no windows in this area, but it was almost open plan as there was no wall between the dugout spillage containment pit they were now standing in and the rest of the lighthouse.

She could see amongst other materials being stored in this sunken area, a heavy old wooden dining table.

The table had a workshop vice temporarily attached to one side of it in the middle of its rectangular length, held securely in place with a screw tight clamp, tightened from underneath the thick wooden top.

He guided her around to the opposite side of the table.

“Reach over and pass me your wrists.” He said.

She understood the logic and reached over the width of the table, resting her elbows ether side of the vice so that he could clamp the handcuffs and cut them off.

He tightened the vice grip on both cuffs at the same time over the part where the locking mechanism was, with the chain down in to the vice and the hinges of both cuffs pointing up.

After picking up the saw, he paused for a moment.

Right now I’m safe he thought but if I set her free she will get me arrested, completing her campaign to stop this renovation project which is exactly what she’s wants.

He walked around the back of the table, admiring his captive and her predicament, leaning over the table, clamped in her vulnerable position.

After just threatening him with a lengthily prison sentence, he changed his mind. He had no doubts that she would go straight to the police if he allowed her to.

“I can’t let you go.” He said, now admiring the curvature of her arse as she was bent over the table.

“WHAT?” she cried out, looking back over her shoulder at him.

“I can’t let you go and tell the police.”

“I’m not going to the police.” She said. “Come on. Cut these things off.”

He put the saw down and slid his little finger up and inside the bottom of her shorts, running it along the lowest part of her arse cheek.

He then kissed her tightly denim clad arse and stroked the smooth flesh inside her leg at the top just before the indentation caused by the tight turned up hem which was now digging into her skin at both sides, exaggerating the thigh gap at her crotch in-between her legs.

“I think I might be in love.” He said, knowing that it didn’t matter what he said as he was fully in charge of the situation.

“What?” She said. “Don’t be ridiculous. You’ve just had your first taste of a woman that’s all.”

“That maybe true but seeing you like this is making me want to fuck you again.” He told her.

“If you cut these cuffs off I’ll fuck you again.”

“No. I want to fuck you over this table.” He said.

He lay on the table on his back. She allowed him to push her up and wriggle his way under her chest, facing up at her.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Being careful not to bang his head on the vice he said “I want to taste your sweetness one more time.”

She looked him in the eye and asked “Then will you let me go?”

Without replying he pressed his lips against hers and she gave in. She pushed her tongue all the way in to his mouth, breathing more and more heavy through her nose as the kiss continued. She could feel his erection poking her in the stomach through his jeans.

Eventually when the kiss broke he wriggled his way out from under her chest, stood up and walked around the back of her.

Starting with his hands on her arse he slid them over her hips, around to her front and stopped on the top button of her shorts.

“I might try a different hole this time.” He said as he was about to pop the button open.

“NO!” she shouted kicking her boot backwards into his shin.

“I think you’re forgetting who’s the boss around here.” He said then picked up a coil of rope.

Keeping his distance he wrapped a loop of rope around her right ankle and pulled it tight, securing the other end to a table leg.

Repeating this on her other ankle, he spread her legs wide apart by tying the rope off on the opposite side of the table, forcing her body down until her stomach was resting on the wooden table top.

“Ok, we can make love again if you promise to let me go?” she said, almost pleading.

Looking at her lower half spread eagle he replied “I’m afraid it’s too late for that now. You need to be taught a lesson.”

“JUST LET ME GO YOU FUCKING ARSE HOLE!” she shouted, pulling at the cuffs.

“This is such a beauty.” he said, slapping her arse once with his right hand.

She twisted her wrists in the cuffs again as he pressed himself against her, confirming his arousal through their clothes.

“I have to go out for a while.” he told her.

“Well untie me then.” She said.

Beginning at her ankle he ran both his hands along the soft skin of her leg, all the way up to her crotch where he rubbed his fingers on her tightly enhanced camel toe, then sunk his teeth into one of her two, beautiful helplessly displayed arse cheeks.

“Consider yourself under punishment.” He said standing and speaking softly into her ear. “Besides, I won’t be long.”

“YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!” she screamed. “Just fuck me and let me out of here!”

He went up the wobbly wooden stairs leaving her there with her legs spread wide apart and her wrists cruelly restrained in the vice clamped handcuffs.

Looking at her house keys he convinced himself that he had to go check her place out.

Walking back down the stairs, he had one more kiss of her arse then said “Don’t go any where now will you.”

With her phone and keys in his hand, he closed the lighthouse door behind him making sure it was locked then walked to retrieve his van and pay her house a visit.

After casually knocking on her door and receiving no answer he nervously unlocked it and walked in.

The property was the end building in a row of terrace houses with a fence around the driveway providing ample privacy from any on looking neighbours.

His body subconsciously confirmed that he was in the right place as he smelled her recognisable aroma.

The immediate goal was not to rob the place but to remove any items that if a family member or even the police where to look around, would make it look like she had packed her essentials and gone away for a while of her own accord.

Knowing that she lived alone, he had to look for evidence of any pets. Finding none he nervously headed upstairs.

He packed a suitcase with underwear, cosmetics and medication of the sort that a woman might take away with her when going traveling.

His guilty feeling whilst rummaging through her personal possessions quickly changed to that of excitement when he opened a shoe box he’d found under her bed.

It was her sex box containing three different size and shape of vibrators, a blindfold and some strange rubber tape on a roll.

The vibrators all went into the bag along with a small shiny jewellery box, her passport, bank cards, toothbrush and anything else this hippy girl might take traveling with her. The only thing he didn’t pack was any of her clothes as there wasn’t room and besides, who would notice which clothes were not missing? He thought.

A teddy dog with a love heart on it sitting on her bed caught his attention as a token gesture to take her so he stuffed it in the suit case with the rest of her gear.

Before leaving he turned the electricity off, followed by the phone she’d brought with her to the lighthouse, meaning that any tracking would show her last location as her home.

He stopped for food on his way back home.

On entering the lighthouse he could hear her calling for him to release her before he even set eyes on her.

“I brought you something.” He said, laying the teddy on the table.

Feeling violated, she immediately began to cry, knowing that he had been in her house.

“You want out do you?” he asked.

“Yes please.” She snivelled quietly.

He took off his leather belt and hammered a hole through the middle of it using a screwdriver. He then threaded the belt from behind her, through the belt loops all the way around her shorts and fastened the buckle at her rear.

After passing the padlock through the hole, now at her front that he had just made with the screwdriver, he walked around the table and opened the vice, releasing the handcuffs from the grip of its jaws, allowing her a small amount of freedom so she could try and stand up again.

As she assisted herself by using her hands on the wooden top, having her legs still bound spread apart, he walked back around the table and took hold of the chain between her handcuffs.

She didn’t resist as he snapped the lock shut around the chain, securing her hands to the belt at waist height in front of her, meaning she had no chance of unfastening the buckle which was now in the small of her back.

Untying her ankles from the table legs allowed her to stand up correctly.

The dugout area they were standing in was five feet lower than the main floor. It was accessed via the small wooden staircase that wasn’t fixed to the ground or to the wall so the next thing he did was lift the steps up out of the room.

Above the opposite wall to where the steps had been was a tunnel leading to the original coal cellar which would be accessed by moving the rickety wooden steps underneath its entrance.

He then lifted all the other equipment up and out of the room, including the table and vice, leaving the two of them standing in this five foot deep sunken area with no means of getting out.

Having the use of his arms meant that he could jump up and pull himself out of the pit but Jay-Jay had no chance with her wrists cuffed to her waist in front of her.

Before climbing out he stood behind her, put his arm around her waist and handed her the teddy dog.

“If you behave, I won’t hurt you.” He whispered into her ear.

He cleared the edge of all the material he had just lifted out then cooked for the two of them.

By lowering the wooden steps back down into the sunken room he was able to guide her into the main lighthouse tower room where she sat down to eat.

“I went to collect some of your things.” He said, opening the suit case in front of her. “I found some interesting items.”

He held the small shiny jewellery box in his hand. It was three inches long and one and a half inches wide with the lid being the whole top half of the box and it was inscribed Jay Jay in the polished silver.

He slid the lid away from the bottom, pulled out a pair of small shiny plyers and held them up in front of her with a questioning frown on his face.

“Their for my nose ring” she told him.

He placed them back and picked up a stud.

“Is this for you nose too?” he asked.

“No. That’s for my lower lip.” She replied.

He looked closer at the bottom lip of hers that he had kissed so passionately but never before noticed that it was pierced.

“You unscrew the dome from the end and then I can thread it through my lip.” She explained.

The stud was made up of a silver looking short bar joined to a large round flat plate at one end and with the removable screw off shiny dome at the other.

He put his hand back in the jewellery box and picked out another piece. This one had the same large disc at one end of the shiny silver shaft but the part that screwed off had a ball with a silver ring going through it, like a tiny half inch diameter towel ring.

He unscrewed the ring from the end, then placed both parts back in the box and picked out the original domed stud.

“Can I see?” he asked, unscrewing the silver stud from the end.

She opened her jaw so he could poke the small shiny shaft through her lower lip piercing all the way until the flat disk pressed against the inside of her mouth.

Reaching back down into the box he picked out the small ring. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to see her own lip, he screwed the ring in place of the domed stud on the end of the silver shaft poking through her lip.

She immediately felt the ring resting on her chin and asked him “Is that my slave ring?”

“Is that what it’s called.” He replied. “Unusual choice of jewellery I must say.”

“My girlfriend bought it for me years ago.” She explained.

He was stunned at her revelation.

“Girlfriend?” he asked.

“Yes.” She continued. “It was just a girl I met in prison.” “I didn’t know that I was bi-sexual until I went away but being around women all day turned me prison bent.”

“Prison?” he asked.

“Yes. I accidently hit a police woman in the face with my elbow as I turned around in a scuffle during an environmental protest in London. It drew blood from her nose and I was charged. Because I showed no remorse and refused to apologise I received three months inside.”

Mike was shocked. He stared at her, sitting handcuffed to her waist, now with a ring through the middle of her bottom lip, matching the ring through the middle of her nose.

“You’re a bad apple aren’t you?” He said.

“You mean so bad that you love me?” she replied.

Shit! He thought.

She was right.

He was attracted to her.

He kept her handcuffs locked to her belt as he fed her with a fork but released them and removed her belt afterwards so that she could use the toilet.

“What now, bad apple lover? She asked.

He asked her to lie on the bed so that he could lock the chain of her handcuffs above her head to the metal railing of the banister again.

She obliged and the familiar clanging noise rang out from the staircase as he snapped the lock shut, confirming her immobilisation.

“So you’re a lesbian are you?” he asked.

“Bisexual.” She corrected him.

“So now that you’re in my prison.” He said, “Teach me how to be a lesbian.”

“Ok. You start by taking these cuffs off.”

“Nice try.” He replied, then wandered over to the suitcase and picked up one of her vibrators.

She watched as he switched it on and pressed it into her crotch. He then crawled up onto the bed on top of her, holding the vibrator in position with his knee inbetween her legs.

“Do bisexuals kiss each other?” he joked.

“No.” she told him, knowing that it would make no difference to him planting his face on hers.

Using his lips, he played with her ‘slave ring’ Labret piercing in her bottom lip.

“Take my clothes off.” She said.

He obliged by lifting her jumper over her head and stripping her lower half naked apart from her heavy boots and socks.

“Now put your head between my legs.” She told him, lifting her knees slightly.

“Gently part my lips and feel for my clitoris.” She said and then continued to guide him to the right spot.

“Bisexuals have to continually lick that spot right there with their tongue.”

He did as instructed and was surprised with the result of his actions.

She squeezed her legs together, pressing against his ears, holding his head still.

He could no longer hear her moaning because of her thighs deafening him but minutes later he escort bayan nizip was shocked to hear her screaming when she momentarily opened her thighs, enjoying the pleasuring.

He continued the licking, stopping only when she released his head and told him that he’d done well and that she’d had enough.

“It must be my turn.” He said, then crawled up the bed and straddled her chest with his erection pointing in her face.

“If that thing goes anywhere near my mouth I’ll bite it off!” she warned him.

He moved his groin right up to her face.

“I mean it. I’ll bite it off!” she repeated.

After being exited about his first blow job and getting rejected by her threats, he kind of lost the moment and climbed off, leaving her naked with her arms still cuffed above her head.

‘Bitch’ he thought. She needed teaching another lesson.

Looking around the lighthouse for inspiration he wandered into the adjacent building which housed the foghorn. Looking at some of the pipework he wondered if he could make a shackle for her ankle and keep her chained up somewhere. This idea changed to possible wrist shackles when he measured and realised that the inside diameter of the pipe would be too small for an ankle but ideal for a wrist.

Noticing a large clamp wrapped around a thick pipe leading up to the foghorn, gave him an idea.

It was a style known as a T-bolt hose clamp, made from a thin metal band with each end having a thicker piece of steel attached, housing a bolt which when screwed tighter brought the ends of the band together, tightening it around the pipe.

Still lying on the bed, naked he took a cable tie and zip tied it around her neck until it was touching her skin comfortably all the way around.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Taking some measurements.” He told her then immediately cut it off her neck again.

He did the same with one of her wrists, cutting it off again immediately after putting it on.

He then pulled her bra and jumper back down from up over her head and opened the lock holding the handcuff chain to the metal railing at the top of the bed.

After using the toilet, she put her clothes back on.

“Don’t forget the belt.” He told her, picking it up and starting to thread it through her belt loops from behind.

“You don’t need that.” She said. “I won’t fight you.”

After fastening the buckle at her rear he took the lock and threaded it through the hole in the belt at the front of her waist.

“It’s not about fighting me.” He told her, guiding the handcuff chain into the padlock. “I have to go out for a moment, it’s this or cuffed to the railing on the bed.”

They looked at each other in the eyes for a short time, not speaking, just waiting.


Her hands were now locked to the belt at her waist again.

He guided her back down the rickety wooden steps into the sunken bund area in front of the coal cellar tunnel and lifted the steps out again so that she could not jump out.

“How long will you be?” she asked.

“Not long.” he replied closing and locking the door behind him.

At the hardware store he picked out a seven inch diameter hose clamp of the correct style for what he was planning. He also bought a small metal screw on eyelet ring similar in design but larger than the slave ring he had tricked her into wearing through her lower lip. He then picked out two tension springs from the vast selec-tion on display.

Back at the lighthouse he checked in on Jay-Jay before getting to work on his contraption.

He measured and cut a small strip of square metal bar from a scrap iron gate to make a spacing pin. Then he removed the screw from the two ends of the clamp and replaced it with the pin made from the piece of square bar he had just cut.

Holding the square pin in place he then took one of the tension springs and struggled with his tools as he extended it across the gap of the two ends of the clamps metal band.

With the first spring in place, spanning the top of the clamp opening, he struggled again with the other spring; this one was to go across the bottom of the clamp.

Fitting the springs on the top and bottom out of the way of the square pin holding the ends of the band apart, meant that when he pulled the square pin out, the clamp springs would immediately contract, tightening the band up.

He almost shat himself as it nearly took his finger off when he tested it.

Finally he manufactured a treaded hole through the middle of the square pin and screwed the shiny eyelet ring into it so that it could be used to pull the pin out next time.

“I’ve got something for you.” He announced, lowering the wooden steps back down into the dugout area as she turned and looked at him from the opposite side, standing in front of the old coal bunker tunnel.

He then escorted her up and over to the bed where he sat her on the side of the mattress.

“What’s that?” she asked.

With the new contraption in his hands, he wrapped it around one of her legs, just above her knee. He then fitted the square pin in between the two ends of the clamp, followed by the first spring. Again he had to use tools to help him pull the spring across the gap as it was too strong to use just his fingers. He then repeated this with the second spring.

Just before he screwed in the dangling ring, he had a thought.

“Two minutes.” He said then walked away.

She heard the sound of a battery drill shortly before he returned with the shiny little rectangular domed lid from her jewellery box.

He held it over the two springs and square bar then screwed the pull ring in place.

“There.” He said. “Doesn’t that look beautiful?”

“What the hell is it?” she asked.

“Pull on the ring and you’ll see.” He told her.

“I can’t reach.” she replied. “What the hell is it for?”

“I’ll show you.” He said, putting his finger through the ring, pulling the square bar and the shiny cover out of the way of the springs, allowing them to contract, immediately closing the gap in the clamp.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!” she shouted in absolute agony as the clamp tightened painfully around her leg.


He looked in amazement at how deep the band went into her leg and had to admit, it did look painful.

Feeling proud of his handy-work, he quickly removed the springs and took the metal strap from around her leg, leaving a slight red mark where the blood now rushed back.

“What the fuck was that for?” she asked.

He unlocked her handcuffs from the belt and lay her back on the bed, locking them over her head to the banister again.

“What have I done wrong?” she said.

He picked up the rope and began tying her ankles together then pulled the rope over the mattress and down to one of the bed legs, stretching her body slightly diagonally across the bed.

He then placed all the parts of the device on the pillow next to her and sat on her chest with his knees at her armpits.

“Oh no. Please no.” she said.

He picked up the metal band and fitted it around the back of her neck so that the open end was at her front.

She began to shout “NO!” “NO PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU. DON’T DO THIS.”

The banister began making noises as she struggled against her cuffs, trying once more to pull her wrists through but to no avail, they were just too tight. The rope holding her legs down was pulled so tight that any amount of struggling would do her no good.

She began shaking her head from side to side, trying to make it impossible for him to continue but she remain still when he told her that the first spring was in place and he might accidently release the square pin if she wasn’t careful.

As he pulled the second tension spring in place he could feel her hyperventilating with fear. The cover from her jewellery box lid was next, followed by the screw in ring, holding it in place.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“To ensure that you don’t bite me.” He told her. “Because if you try anything like that I’ll pull on this ring and it will go ‘BOING’.” He said with a smile on his face.

“It will cause that soft, beautiful tender neck of yours to be so constricted that you won’t be able to breathe.”

“Please don’t.” she begged.

“So let’s see if you bite me now.” He said.

Then gently holding onto the ring he bent down and kissed her lips, forcing his tongue inside her mouth to make his point.

“It makes you more sexy too.” He confessed.

He sat back and admired his handy work, proud of how professional it looked.

The shiny metal band complimented her beautifull smooth skin as it gently clung to her all the way around her neck.

At the front, the springs and trigger mechanism were hidden by the shiny oval shaped jewellery box lid, inscribed with her name Jay Jay.

Perfectly in the middle of the words Jay and Jay was the ring, swinging down like a larger version of her lower lip piercing.

He untied her legs and released her hands from the banister railing above her head.

She ran to the bathroom to look at the latest addition to her bondage.

“I won’t really bite. I was being threatening because you were making me feel like a cheep whore. I was only trying to keep a sense of dignity about me.” She explained.

“Well that’s exactly what you are.” He said. “From now on you’re going to be a good little whore and not answer me back.” “Understand?”

“I’m sorry.” She told him.

“Prove it.” He said. “kneel down.”

She knew exactly what was coming next as he unfastened his trousers in front of her face.

With one hand on the collar ring and his other on the back of her head, he guided his cock into her mouth.

Being inexperienced he rammed it all the way to the back of her throat, causing her to gag.

“Mmmm.” She said, trying to speak.

He let go of her for a moment and she pulled away enough to be able to talk.

“Just stand still and let me do all the work.” She said.

“Ok.” He agreed. “You’re the slave here.”

Having the use of her cuffed hands she was able to do a proper job of wanking and licking his cock, periodically sucking it in and out of her mouth.

It was a little demoralising at first but she overcame that when she heard him moaning with pleasure, meaning that she was winning him over.

She could feel his cock pulsing as he was about to cum so she worked on the sensitive head of it instead of the shaft.

He had other ideas.

With both hands on the back of her head, he pushed himself in to the back of her mouth, causing her to gag again.

She tried to pull away but he held her tight, unable to breathe for the few seconds it took him to empty his load beyond her tongue, all the way down the back of her throat.

It was a horrible experience for her but there was no way she could stop him from firing away inside her.

She had no choice other than to swallow it down as he came again and again before he eventually released her head, allowing her to breathe again.

“You are amazing.” He said, knowing that he didn’t have any experience in oral sex to be able to compare her with.

He assisted her standing up with his hand under her arm and guided her over to the bed where he lay her down.

Her hands were just below her chest when he lay on top of her, heading for a kiss.

There was a quick succession of clicks from both sides of the handcuffs as he accidently lay on the bracelets, locking them tighter around her wrists.

“Aahhh.” She complained. “Be careful, that hurts.”

They both studied the handcuffs which were now all the way through their ratchet locking mechanism and on the tightest setting. They both knew that there was only one solution if they wanted them opening.

“I’m sorry.” he told her.

The cuffs weren’t painful now he wasn’t laying down on top of them but it meant that she could no longer rotate her wrists around in them.

“You fucking stupid idiot!” she said, pulling on the cuffs.

“I’m sorry.” he replied. “I’ll have to cut them off.”

She couldn’t believe her ears. She wasn’t expecting him to say that.

She assumed that by swallowing his seed she must have earned his sole. That blowjob had won him over. She was so relieved.

However, he had other plans.

There was no way in the world he was going to let this little treasure get away from him now. Especially after just proving what she was capable of with that sweet little mouth of hers.

He had a plan.

He was in so much trouble already and realising just how deep in it he was, he decided he would keep her captive permanently or at least for as long as fate allowed.

“Let’s eat first.” He said.

After eating she asked him if he was really going to remove the cuffs. He told her yes but the collar was staying on.

They walked over to the wooden table where the bench vice was attached. It was no longer in the sunken area at the entrance to the coal cellar.

Overjoyed at the thought of getting her freedom back at last, she gladly lay across the table for him to clamp her handcuffs in the vice jaws, as before, to cut them off.

Surprised at her willingness to lay over the table again after last time and before she changed her mind, he quickly tightened up the vice on both cuffs, holding them steady in preparation for their removal.

She knew something was going wrong when he walked around to her side of the table and stood behind her.

There was a loud SLAP as his hand smacked into her arse cheek.





“Idiot am I?” he repeated to her.

Oh shit, she thought, how stupid of me. I’ve been tricked again.

“I’m sorry.” She said. I was a bit shocked. I didn’t mean it.” “Please don’t take it personally.”

“You need to learn your place around here.” he told her.

“I’m sorry.” She said again. “The cuffs were hurting me at the time.”

His hands were now stroking the beautiful peaches of her arse cheeks that he’d just been slapping.

“I’m sure we could work something out.” He said.

“Yes we can. Please, anything but this.” she begged.

“Anything?” he asked.

“Oh come on.” She said. “Please.”

He removed her shorts and underwear, leaving her boots on then disappeared for a short time, returning with a bottle of vegetable oil.

“Irresistible.” he said as he guided her legs apart slightly and poured a little vegetable oil over her arse crack then massaged it in to her lips as it dribbled down around her crotch.

She tried tugging and twisting her wrists in the cuffs again but it was pointless, they were even tighter than before.

He began stripping off and stood behind her naked from the waist down with his erection pointing straight towards her arse.

“I’m definitely going anal this time.” he told her.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE!” she screamed. “Fuck me normally if you’re going to!”

Her lubricated, inviting arse was right there waiting for him to make his move.

He poked his index finger in to her hole, testing the tightness.

“NO PLEASE!” she cried out.

One more big glug of oil landed where the tip of his cock pressed against her arse hole.

He spread her cheeks and pushed himself in.

“No please don’t.” she cried “Please.”

He began the motion of selfishly pushing and pulling himself in and out, destroying the dignity of her defenceless body more and more with each stroke.

The feeling of a reverse shit was so uncomfortable and degrading that she broke down and began to cry.

“Stop it please.” She said through her sobbing.

Now addicted to her tight slippery arse hole he continued pumping in and out whilst she cried and begged, stretched out over the table, cuffed and helpless against his fucking frenzy.

Minutes later he was pulling back on her hips and coming inside her, groaning loudly as she continued to cry below him, like the broken slave that she now was.

Pulling out and moving away from her, he anticipated that bodily fluids would soon run down her legs, so he told her to lift her feet as he put his own form fitting boxer shorts on her to absorb any liquid.

He went to clean himself up, leaving her there crying, wearing his cotton boxer shorts, shifting her weight from one leg to the other, hating the situation. She cursed after allowing herself to be tricked again into being bent over the table, with her wrists restrained once more by the handcuffs in the vice. How could I be so gullible? She thought.

She was still snivelling and rocking her weight from one leg to the other in the same position, now completely broken by this man who she had turned from boy to monster by releasing his hormones and allowing them to run wild, causing her demise into his sex slave.

“Don’t cry honey.” He said, returning to her side. “I’m only showing you who’s in charge.”

“Please.” She said.

He kissed her arse cheek then walked away.

“Where are you going?” she asked watching him enter the adjacent foghorn building.

He got to work immediately.

From a piece of scrap foghorn pipe, he cut two circles from the end, each of them one and a half inches wide, he then rounded the edges with a file to give them a smooth finish that wouldn’t chafe against her skin.

He then cut a split in the rings and bent them open a little, just enough to fit her wrists through.

After cutting the link of a chain escort bayan nurdağı in half he took everything back into the lighthouse to weld the half links onto the circles, attaching the chain between them.

“Don’t say I don’t think about you.” He said as he walked past her still restrained body, showing her the twelve inch chain and metal components in his hands.

After welding the chain between the two soon to be cuffs, he took them over to the table she was laying on.

“What are you doing with that?” she asked as the chain rattled down on to the table.

“You didn’t think I was going to remove those handcuffs without replacing them did you?” he told her.

He threaded a piece of rope through the ring on the front of her slave collar and tied it off around the vice clamp under the table.

He then began cutting through one of the handcuffs in the vice.

As her first wrist was freed, she found that because of the collar now holding her down, the most comfortable thing she could do was to place her arm under her chest and rest on her elbow.

She did the same with the other arm when her second wrist was cut free.

“Lay on the table and spin your legs around to this side.” He told her.

Carefully she did as she was told, making sure she did not pull the safety pin out from between the springs of her collar as she swung her legs around to stand next to him at the side of the vice.

With her body still bent over due to the short rope through her collar, he pulled her jumper over her head and removed her bra.

He picked up the newly manufactured shackle set, took hold of one of her wrists and placed it through the gap in the awaiting open circle.

Frightened stiff by the weight of her jumper pulling on the rope attached to her collar, she could only watch as he put the open cuff in the vice and wound the jaws together, closing the circle around her wrist.

“Other hand please.” He said, holding up the cuff at the opposite end of the welded chain.

She was expecting something to hurt her but that didn’t happen, he just wound the vice closed and encased her other wrist in the shiny metal circle.

“That will do for now.” He said.

The jumper fell to the floor when he untied the rope, removed it from her collar and released her, as she understandably needed the toilet.

Sitting on the toilet she inspected her new handcuffs.

They had a twelve inch long chain welded to each of the cuffs around her wrists. Each cuff had a slight gap where they had sprung back open a little after being released from the vice jaws. This gap was only a few millimetres, not even enough to fit a pencil through, let alone a wrist.

She tried pulling the cuffs open but the thick metal circle that had needed a vice to close it, wouldn’t budge without some sort of tools. That would be her next mission she thought, go and find some tools.

She picked up her clothes and ignored him, taking them over to the bed where she pulled on her underwear and shorts before curling up under the covers.

After sleeping through until the evening, she awoke to the smell of food.

Humiliated because she wasn’t able to put on any clothing over her cuffs to cover her top half, she couldn’t bring herself to speak to him all the time that they ate. She simply remained silent, ignoring his every word as he periodically stared at her naked tits.

Later that evening he wrapped her woollen jumper around her neck so that the sleeves were covering part of her nakedness and picked up a small cable tie as she sat on a chair.

He put his knee on her handcuff chain, pinning it to the chair between her legs and began threading the zip tie through the small slave ring piercing in her lower lip.

He then threaded the cable tie through her nose ring and zip tied the two rings together, pulling her bottom lip up over her top lip.

She tried to say something but only a murmur came from the sides of her mouth.

“Oh now you want to talk to me do you?” he said as he stood up, releasing her chain from under his knee.

“Come on.” he told her, gently touching the ring on her collar and taking hold of her cuff chain. “Let’s get these finished off.”

He took her over to the vice and told her to wait there.

She tested the security of her nose and lip rings joined by the cable tie as he dragged his welding equipment over to the table, placing a pair of heat resistant gauntlet style gloves next to her.

The gloves were put on her hands by tucking them tightly between her wrists and under the cuffs, to prevent her from being burnt by the heat from the welder.

He then tightened the cuff fully closed in the vice and welded the two sides of the circle together.

The heat resistant gauntlet was now clamped tighter against her skin meaning it couldn’t be pulled back through the gap and would have to be cut up and pulled out in pieces.

He repeated the process around her other wrist, welding it closed as she watched in horror, knowing that resisting him would only make things worse for her.

When they had cooled and after cutting the gauntlets away he checked for any sharp edges then allowed her to inspect her new manacles.

“If you follow my instructions I’ll remove your collar.” he told her. “Would you like that?”

Still unable to speak, she nodded her head up and down, humming in agreement.

“Ok, I want you to step over the chain so that it is behind you.” He said.

Looking at the length of the chain, she hesitantly crouched down to the floor and stepped over the chain then stood up again with the cuffs now behind her.

“That’s good.” he told her. “Turn around so I can see.”

As she turned he could see that the chain was not too short and that when he held it up to above her arse she would be able to lay on her back without the cuffs pressing into her.

He picked up the belt and padlock, fed it through the belt loops of her shorts the correct way around and buckled it tightly in front of her, enhancing her waistline as it narrowed just above her hips.

He then fitted the padlock through the hole at the back of the belt and through the middle link of her handcuff chain before snapping it shut.

Reminding her who has control by gently touching the ring of her collar, he turned her back around to face him.

“Nearly there.” he said. “I’m going to release your lips. If you want me to remove the collar then the first and only words that I want to hear from you are.”

“Thank you for fucking my arse this afternoon, it was lovely. Can we do it again sometime.” “Have you got that?”

She frowned at him but understood.

“Thank you for fucking my arse this afternoon, it was lovely. Can we do it again sometime.” He repeated. “If you say anything else, the collar stays on. Understand?”

She nodded her head.

He reached for his cutters and cut off the zip tie allowing her to open her mouth again.

He put his hand to his ear and watched as she spoke.

“Thank you for fucking my arse this afternoon, it was lovely. Can we do it again sometime.” She said reluctantly.

“You’re learning.” He said with a smile on his face. “Well done.”

She was still nervous of him as he unscrewed the ring from the front of her collar so that he could remove the shiny jewellery box cover, allowing access to the springs.

“Please be careful.” She said.

Using pliers he disarmed the collar and removed it from around her neck. She shivered when she saw it in his hand.

“Thank you.” She said with a relieved sigh.

“That’s ok.” He told her. “As long as your hands are behind your back, the collar can stay off.”

“What about eating, drinking and toileting?” she asked.

“The collar will be on.” He told her. “However I may make an exception if you want, I could bolt the chain of your cuffs to the table and you could join me for a bottle of wine?”

Result, she thought. This was all going in the right direction.

“I’d love that.” She told him, cracking a little smile at the thought of having a more social time with him.

He drilled a hole through the table at the opposite side to the vice and bolted the chain to the table top so that she could reach far enough to her mouth but not underneath to loosen the nut.

They sat opposite each other and he began pouring large glasses of wine.

They talked about how he served his apprenticeship in engineering but decided to go into property renovation.

He’d caught the auction gambling bug after his first project was a success and had to do it again, especially after falling in love with this lighthouse. He told her how it had something exciting about it that pulled him in and that he was so surprised there were no other bidders interested at the auction.

“I know exactly what you mean. How many lives has this old structure saved over the years?” She said. “I first discovered the secret entrance to this place when I was eight years old.”

“Secret entrance?” he asked.

She explained how as a child she would lift the cover from the coal cellar and climb down the ladder into the dark dirty cavern. She had no friends around here to play with so she would play alone quietly in the cold musty room, letting her imagination run wild. She had her first cigarette down there and then later as a teenager she experimented with stronger things and braved the staircase up to the light room where she stared at the stars for hours on end.

“I was gutted when you had my secret entrance concreted over.” She told him. “It’s like a huge part of my life has been taken from me. Almost like the death of my oldest friend.”

As the alcohol flowed he began to sympathise with her and understood her refusal to allow anybody to destroy her childhood cathedral.

“My Grandfather worked here for a time and my mother was even inspired by the lighthouse when she named me.”

“What Jay-Jay?” he asked.

“No. Juliet.” She explained. “The United Kingdom radio call sign for here is Tango Juliet. That’s T.J. in the phonetic alphabet. ‘T’ meaning tower and ‘J’ being the tenth letter of the alphabet because we are number ten out of sixteen lighthouses along this stretch of coastline.”

“Tango Juliet?” he repeated. “Tower Ten. I didn’t know that.”

“You’ll see my graffiti on the walls of the coal cellar and in the tunnels leading into it.” She confessed. “I have slept there on numerous occasions, I find it peaceful but scarily exciting at the same time, I’ve had the wildest of dreams down there. I have also slept up stairs in the wildest of storms.”

All the time they talked, she kept him hooked with her seductive eyes but it wasn’t long before they began to turn red and fill with tears.

He now felt so guilty about his plans to change this place.

“Are you telling the truth?” he asked.

She nodded her head.

“Show me.”

He un-bolted the chain from the middle of the table and went to collect his rechargeable battery lantern.

When he returned she had stepped over her chain and was waiting for him to lock her hands behind her back so that he wouldn’t put the dreaded collar on her.

He didn’t lock the chain to the back of her belt but instead he put the lock and key in his pocket and told her to lead the way.

When at the bottom of the wooden stairs he dragged the steps across the dug out area so they could climb up into the entrance of the coal cellar tunnel.

The tunnel was less than head height so they both had to stoop down to walk through it.

The end of the tunnel opened out into the large coal storage area where the battery lantern reflected from the white walls, illuminating the area brighter than she’d ever seen it before.

Now able to stand up properly she walked across to a wall with the word’s ‘Juliet’s Room’ written, confirming her story.

In the corner were thick metal ladder steps embedded in the wall with vertical poles for hand rails ether side, leading up to her secret entrance which had now been capped off.

Another tunnel went from the chamber at a right angle to the entrance tunnel.

“Where does that one go?” he asked.

“It doesn’t.” she replied. “It just ends in a pile of collapsed dirt.”

They both ducked down and walked as far as they could until they could go no further. She pointed out the words Jay Jay on the wall and smiled at him.

He was hanging onto every word she said. The lighthouse had drawn him in so much that he had to buy it at the auction and now, here was a girl who was part of the history and to whom he was very much attracted.

Back in the main chamber she walked all around, reminiscing, having her mind filled with almost a lifetime of dreams.

“You know.” She said “It’s ironic that me and you are standing here like this right now because as a child I sometimes fantasised about this being a prison cell and that I was chained up in here.” “I just never thought it would actually happen.”

“Maybe I was sent to answer your dreams” he said smiling at her.

He took the padlock from his pocket and dangled it in front of her eyes.

She took a short intake of breath as she stared back at him with a beaming smile on her face.

When he walked towards her she had the option of heading for the tunnel but instead she chose to back away from him and entice him over to the corner where the ladder was fixed to the wall.

Her wide eyes had a kind of hopeful pleading look in them as she pushed the chain around the upright metal handrail so that her wrists were touching around the back of the iron pole.

He fed the padlock through the links where the two sides of the chain met immediately behind the handrail.

Holding the open lock in his hand he stood in front of her with his lips almost touching hers.

“Let me hear you say please.” He said.

With her alcohol infused breath she replied.


The lock snapped shut as their lips touched, fulfilling one of her lifelong fantasies that she had only ever dreamed about before he came into her life.

Leaving her jumper around her neck, he kissed her and unfastened her belt, followed by her shorts. He lowered her clothing and helped her pull her boots through before kissing her drunken lips again.

“Let me see if I can get this right.” He said, kneeling down and licking his thumbs.

He parted her lips and went searching for her G spot and clitoris with his tongue.

Judging by her breathing, he was doing well so he continued for a few more minutes until he could hear her moaning turning faster and higher pitched then using his thumbs to continue with her stimulation he looked up to speak to her.

“Would you be able to help me redesign the drawings so that we can make this place our bedroom?” he asked then quickly got back to his tongue work.

She screamed out in ecstasy and he felt her expel some liquid into his mouth, just before her legs collapsed sending her arse down onto his squatted knees.

He could feel her shaking as he held her in his arms.

She looked at him in shock, not quite knowing if she’d heard him correctly but observing that the smile on his face was the biggest she’d ever seen from him so far.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” he said still smiling, almost confirming that she’d heard him correctly.

“How do you mean?” she had to ask.

“There is something magical about this place and you.” He replied. “I want to keep you as part of it.” “Will you help me?”

“Of course. I’d love to.” She smiled back.

“Would you object to me naming this lighthouse Juliet’s Tower?” he asked. “It’s because of a girl who means a lot to me”.

After holding her tightly against him and kissing for a long time, the lantern began to flicker meaning the battery was about to die.

“Are you coming or staying?” he asked holding up the padlock key.

“Do we have to go?” she replied.

They laughed as they climbed down the stairs and dragged them around to climb back up into the main lighthouse.

The next morning he woke to find her sitting at the table with her cuffs in front of her, drawing.

“I didn’t know you were an artist.” He said complimenting on the excellent pencil work of her design sketch.

“What do you think?” she asked, turning the picture around for him to see. “Would this be possible?”

“Absolutely.” He said before studying the actual content of the picture. “Anything is possible.”

Looking at the picture he was absolutely stunned at what he saw in front of him.

It was a panoramic drawing of the coal cellar.

Beginning on the left with the ladder from the secret entrance, it showed a log burning stove with the chimney flue reaching up and out of the now capped off cover.

There was bright electric lighting shining down simulating sunlight coming from above.

Moving along, the picture had an iron framed double bed pushed up against the white washed stone wall with the small attention to detail graffiti reading Juliet’s Room written on it.

Next was the shocker, showing Jay-Jay dressed as she was now in the same boots, socks, shorts and belt, with her larger tits on show after being slightly enhanced using a little artistic licence.

She was standing with her arms chained to the wall with similar cuffs to what he had made for her, just above her head and her ankles chained slightly spread apart with shackles attached to the wall at floor level.

Next to her chained exposed body, in the collapsed tunnel was the bathroom but the tunnel entrance now had bars across it with a lockable gate to enter and exit.

To the right of the picture was the main entrance tunnel which now also had bars and a lockable gate over it.

What the hell did she dream about when she was younger? He thought.

“Wow.” Was all he could say.

“Do you like it?” She replied with a smile on her face.

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