The Joys of Polyamory


I met my wife Julie when we were both seniors in high school. She was an only child and her parents had divorced when she was 3, so she grew up with her mother Linda. By the time I met Julie, she was a tall, busty natural blonde whose height seemed to be 2/3 legs. I stood a few inches shorter, but unlike many guys I was not intimidated. It also helped that she, unlike many girls, did not find shorter guys a turnoff. I would learn later that she inherited her blonde hair, long legs and large breasts from Linda, for when I arrived at their house to pick Julie up for our first date, Linda answered the door. As she told me that Julie would be ready in a minute, I couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance. She greeted me with a smile that showed approval, in fact enthusiasm, that I was dating her daughter. Later that night, when the date was over, Linda gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek for bringing Julie home on time. From then on, Linda would often flirt with me whenever I visited. I didn’t mind, nor did Julie seem to.

Shortly before Julie and I graduated from high school, we reached a new milestone in our relationship: our first sexual intercourse. We did it behind Julie’s locked bedroom door, but Linda must have heard us, for once we came out, she looked at us both and said, “Next time you 2 do the nasty, I wanna join the action.” Julie and I looked at each other, then we both told her mom it would be OK. I had no idea what to expect at first, but early in the summer we had our first threesome on Julie’s bedroom floor. Julie was on her hands and knees, while Linda rested her head against one of her daughter’s butt cheeks. Linda lubricated my penis by sucking on it, then I slid it into Julie’s vagina. After several strokes I pulled out of Julie, then escort resimleri had Linda fellate me again. I alternated several times until I warned Linda that I was about to shoot my load; she responded by tightening her mouth around me and I shot rope after rope of my semen down her throat. Afterward, as I lay flat on the floor between the two women, I commented that I enjoyed the session immensely, more than I thought I would. Julie then said something to the same effect. Finally Linda told me she enjoyed the taste of my semen and was looking forward to our next threesome.

Fast-forward 3 years, Julie and I were both 21 and planning to get married. Since Linda, 41, was very much a part of our lives by then, we agreed that while Julie would be my wife in the eyes of the law, Linda would live with us as my second life-partner. During the ceremony and reception, we behaved as if Linda were just my new mother-in-law, but once the formalities were over, all pretenses were dropped and all 3 of us honeymooned together. We stayed in a hotel room with a king-size bed so we all could fit comfortably.

On our first night, once we got settled in, we all got naked. Having foregone sex for a week, we were anxious to get it on with little foreplay. So after I gave each woman a hug and a kiss on the lips, Linda walked toward the bed, drew back the covers and lay flat on her back. Julie grabbed a pillow for Linda to rest her hips on, then beckoned me to get on top of Linda. Once I did, Julie brought my penis to the opening of her mother’s vagina and rubbed it up and down until she was certain that Linda would be lubricated enough for intercourse. Then Julie pushed the head of my penis inside Linda and said to me, “There you gaziantep escort resimleri go, my love. Now give me a brother or sister!”

As I slowly buried my penis the rest of the way inside her vagina, the thought of impregnating my mother-in-law began to drive me wild. Suddenly I wanted this; I wanted to plant a child inside the woman who’d given my wife life; I wanted to see her belly and breasts swell! So I slid in and out of her, slowly at first, then gradually picking up the pace. I leaned forward, crushing my chest against her breasts, and we kissed as I continued thrusting. After a few minutes I moaned, “Oh Linda, my seed’s about to splash in you!”

She responded by wrapping her legs around my waist and moaning, “Yeah baby, come inside me! Make me pregnant!” Instantly it happened. Having kept a whole week’s worth of sexual energy bottled up inside me, I could no longer hold it back; I let her have it all! A dozen long, hot, sticky ropes of my semen erupted from my penis and into Linda’s womb. Once I finished ejaculating, I stayed inside Linda and we kissed some more until my erection went away. Then we arose and put the pillow back at the head of the bed, the pillow on which she had rested her hips.

Julie, watching from mere feet away, said, “That was great! I may have just witnessed the conception of my own brother or sister!”

“I’m quite sure you did,” Linda replied, “And in the morning it’ll be your turn to be bred.” With that, the 3 of us retired for the night, with me sleeping between my lovely wife and mother-in-law.

When we got up the next morning, it was Julie who lay flat on her back and Linda who supplied the hip-raising pillow. Once I straddled Julie, Linda gaziantep escort bayan resimleri guided my penis to her daughter’s vagina and said, “OK cutie, now make me a grandma!”

And we sure did not hesistate! As I did before with Linda, I thrust in and out of Julie, and after several minutes warned her of my impending orgasm. She wrapped her legs around me, telling me to knock her up, and I shot into her a load almost as large as the one I’d shot into her mom. As we basked in the afterglow, we were confident that both women would catch by the time our honeymoon was over.

After 5 more nights at the hotel, we returned to our hometown. We arranged to live in Linda’s house and sleep in her bedroom; for that room we bought a king-size bed. Julie cleaned out her childhood room, moving whatever clothes and other belongings she still valued into the room that was now ours, and giving the rest to charity. But best of all, a week after our return home, Julie and Linda both took home pregnancy tests, and they turned up positive.

As the months passed and their bellies and breasts swelled, the two women would get horny often, and I was more than happy to satisfy them. When they were about 6 months along, both started lactating and asked me to suck the milk from their breasts. I had long dreamed of nursing from a partner’s breasts; now that fantasy would come true doubly for me.

Almost 9 months after our honeymoon, Linda gave birth first, to a girl whom we named Jennifer. A week after that, Julie gave birth to a boy whom we named Marty. The babies became top priority when it came to breast milk, but once Linda and Julie finished feeding them, there was always some left for me. In fact, they produced so much that we stopped buying milk from the store. As much as I loved their milk straight from the source, the cookies they’d sometimes make with it were a close second. Linda and Julie continued to lactate long after the children were weaned.

Ah, the joys of polyamory! Two beautiful, sweet, sexy women, a mother and her daughter. And a beautiful child by each of them. I feel lucky, for few men get to experience such joys.

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