The Little Green Dress

Angela White

It all started at that Christmas party and that little green Christmas dress. Hank and Edie Andrews invited me over for dinner and football on their big screen. Their son Luke and I had been best friends forever. Luke was tall and blue eyed. I was average with brown hair and brown eyes. At twenty years old we attended community college. I majored in business preparing for a four year college. Luke was studying co-eds. Luke and his dad were smooth and smoother.

His dad was a contractor and in the summers and some holidays Luke and I worked for him on the framing crew. I did not like Mr. Andrews very much. He was sarcastic and demeaning to his employees. Also the rumors said when he drank he was a mean drunk. I only worked for him because Luke and I had good times. The Andrews had a few other people over that Christmas day. My parents were with my mom’s sister’s family. Luke’s mom had fixed a great dinner and afterward the guys had sat down for the game. After the game Luke came up to me.

“Hey Bruce I am going to leave now. Are you sure you don’t want a ride?”

“No, my dad probably has his cell off. I can’t get a hold of him. I don’t want him coming here out of his way just to find me gone.”

“Well I am off to see my girl.”

Luke had three girls: Sharon, Bee Dee and Missy. Sharon was a brown eyed brunette a girl next door type. Missy was like a plate of pancakes short and stacked. Bee Dee was tall and thin like a fashion model but not emaciated like some of them. I thought she was the hottest one of them all. The few times I had met her she was nice and polite but very reserved with me. It was as if she thought there was something wrong with me.

“Which one?”

“Why Sharon of course.”

“How do you keep them all from dumping you? I know they sort of know each other.”

“Well they each think they are the my best girl.”

“I don’t know how you get away with it. But I guess it runs in the family.”

“Hey,” he said a bit irked, “I am single, not married like my dad. I have made no promises.”

“Just be careful, some day it may bite you in the butt,” I couldn’t help warning.

“Well I am off,” he said with a grin.

After the game his dad put on a sports blooper video. As I wasn’t really interested, I sneaked out to the den to look at their books and sat down with a science magazine.

Mrs. Andrews had seen me and came in with a box of candy. Now I have to tell you about my best friend’s mom. I normally saw her in jeans and with no make up. But today she became the stereotypical ‘My best friend’s mom’. She was a tad taller than petite and was built like the proverbial brick outdoor facility. I had trouble not ogling her because of that short green dress. The bottom hem barely covered the crease where her legs met her ass, and the top was cut so low that if she leaned over I swear that her breasts would spill out.

“Oh here you are all alone,” she said. “Would you like a chocolate. They are creams. Don’t you just love creams. First you lick them, then put them in your mouth. You bite into them and swirl your tongue around as they melt and ooze between your teeth.”

She leaned over so I could see down her her dress. Oh those lovely boobs.

“Oops I am off balance. Here hold me steady.”

She put my hand on her leg and slid it up to the cheek of her ass. She had stuffed a chocolate in my mouth and I couldn’t talk. Against my will my hand started to massage her cheek.

“Oh you are so naughty,” she said. “Do you like what you see. Would you like to suck on them?”

She held the tray in one hand and put the other on my leg. She slid it up to my crotch. What was she doing and why wasn’t I objecting?

I stood up nervously. “I have to go to the bathroom,” I said.

“Here,” she said, “Let’s go into the master bedroom; there is always a line at the hall bathroom.”

Taking my hand she led the way. The bathroom toilet was separated from the shower and sink by an inset door. I went in and closed the door. Just as I finished peeing she came in and grabbed my prick.

“Oh were you hiding this from me?” she asked.

She squatted down in front of me and started sucking on it. I could see her exposed boobs swaying as she slid back and forth on me. I wanted to resist but my body betrayed me. Same one banged on the door.

“Edie are you in there?”

It was Mr. Andrews. I jumped and she stood up and closed my door.

“Yes dear,” she replied.

“Get some more beer out of the garage and bring it in here. I have to get back to the guys. And where did you get that dress. You look like a slut.”

“Yes dear I will get Bruce to help me.”

“I don’t care who you get. Just get your fat ass going.”

Yes that was my socially challenged boss, Hank. In the garage Mrs. Andrews rubbed against me.

“You are sweeter than that chocolate. I just have to get you alone. Why don’t you come over to see me.”

“Please Mrs. Andrews don’t do this. Someone is sure to see my car and blab,” I answered thinking this escort reklamları would keep me from getting sucked into a hole I couldn’t get out of.

“Call me Edie,” she said. “Do you want me to tell Hank what you were doing?”

Actually she was the one doing the doing but I understood the threat.

“You would be in just as much trouble as me,” I replied.

“We’ll see she said.”

Later after most of the guests had left Mrs. Andrews went up to her husband with me in tow.

“Hank I have to talk to you.” My heart sank. She was actually going to tell. Besides ham and turkey we just might have cooked goose for the holidays I thought – mine.

“Are you still intending to take Luke to the convention?” She asked her husband.

“I said I was didn’t I?” He answered.

This was the contractor’s convention. Luke and Hank were going to be gone for three days just before New Years day. Luke was always talking about it.

“I’m a little apprehensive,” She said. “This is the first time I will be in this house all alone without Luke or you. Would you mind if Bruce here stayed over with me. He could do his homework here and we have the big screen TV.”

Mr. Andrews turned and placed his big hand on my shoulder. My mouth felt dry.

“Luke would you do this for me?”

“Ah, yes sir. I would be glad to do that for you and Mrs. Andrews,” I heard my mouth saying.

I knew I should have backed out but I couldn’t get those glorious boobs out of my mind. Edie was standing to the side and gave me a slow wink. Behind her I could see my bridges burning.

Two days later I parked my car next to their SUV and went into the house with my small carry on bag. Mrs. Andrews was wearing a white robe staying out of the way. Luke and his dad were running around getting everything together for their trip. Luke caught me alone in the hallway.

“Take good care of Mom,” he said leering.

The smile on his face implied he knew what was going to happen.

“Luke, I am not going to do that to my best friend.”

He backed off quickly.

“I didn’t mean to imply. I’m sorry. Forgive me,” He paused for a moment. “But I would understand. I know about dad and his secretary of the month club. And he treats Mom so mean and ignores her most of the time. I just wish she could have some fun herself.”

“Well I bettor get going,” he said quickly, backing away and escaping from that awkward conversation.

Is this turning into a weird family or what? As soon as they had walked out the door, Edie was on me. She backed me against tho wall and pressed her lips to mine. She opened her mouth and her tongue came out to explore mine. My hand moved under her robe to squeeze her ass. She was naked! A key in the door rattled. We both jumped back and Hank came in.

“Edie where are the damn tickets?”

“They are in your jacket pocket.”

“No they aren’t,” he said feeling his left inside pocket.

“No the other side,” she said.

“Oh, he said as he put his hand in the right hand pocket.

“Damn, just because you are left handed doesn’t mean you have to do everything backwards.”

It was never his fault I thought. He backed out slamming the door.

“Now where were we,” Edie said.

I went to the door and looked out window at the top. Edie’s robe had fallen open and she wrapped her hands around me. As she rubbed those glorious tits up and down my back, she was rubbing the front of my jeans with that left hand. I kept looking out the window until the SUV pulled out and went down the street.

“Enough foreplay,” she said. “I want it and I want it now.”

Practically running she dragged me to the master bedroom. True to her word she shucked off my clothes, sucked on my dick several times – just to make sure it is good and hard she said – then she pushed me down on the bed and impaled herself on me.

“I thought about this ever since you left and I don’t need any more time to get into the mood.”

After a few strokes up and down on my prick with her pussy she let out a scream.

“Yes, yes.” she screamed. “That rat bastard of mine is always saying ‘Don’t scream you’ll wake the kid’, as if the kid doesn’t know the score.”

“Oh that was good,” she said as she laid her body on me.

“Don’t worry kid I will make you come so many times you will hardly be able to stand. But first just to torture you, I need you to eat me out”.

She rolled over on her back and and spread her legs. She pulled my knees close to her head so she could stroke my prick. She pulled my head down into her crotch. I started to kiss her lips there.

“No no,” she said, “Lick it with your tongue. That’s it now all around.”

She moaned softly.

“That’s better now. Just keep going. Oh that’s a good spot.”

Some of my licks were short and some were long.

“Oh you are such a fast learner. I like that in a young man.”

“May I suck on your titties,” I asked.

“OK gaziantep escort reklamları but just for a while.” I kissed my way up to those glorious globes. Spreading my saliva on an aureola I then slowly sucked it off. I loved the taste and feel of those pink soft bumps surrounding her nipples. I swirled my tongue around her nipples and sucked on them. I got them both nice and hard.

“Now come back down,” she commanded.

I kissed my way down and slid my tongue back and forth in her slit. I licked her bud with the tip of my tongue. She finally let out a scream and practically bucked me off of the bed. She held my face in her crotch until she calmed down.

“OK, it is your turn now,” she said and rolled over on her back.

I slipped my dripping prick into her pussy and started pumping. It didn’t take me long to come as I was ready even when my nose was buried in her slit.

She gave me a breather and we had a light supper. Afterward we sat naked on the couch watching porno on DVD fondling each other. We went to bed that way and fell asleep. I swear she had more stamina than I would have thought possible.

Next morning I lay on my back while she did the work. Then we took a shower. I don’t know which got cleaner her tits or my prick. We went out for breakfast and shopping. She wanted to buy me an expensive watch, but I felt this was a bit much. I knew I was in too deep as it was.

“Maybe later,” she said.

It was like this from Thursday night to late Saturday night. And I thought building houses was hard. Mrs. Andrews was ready to go again Sunday morning when my phone rang. It was Luke at the airport and they were coming home early. He sounded strange.

“What is wrong?” I asked. “Did something happen?”

“I’ll explain later.” He said. “Just clean everything up. Dad is in a foul mood.”

Clean everything up? Again that hint that Luke knew what his mom and I had been up to? We did as Luke asked. I headed for home before I would have to face him and his dad. Especially his dad.

Monday was mid semester break. Luke and I went back to work framing a new house. Between breaks and lunches he told me the story.

“Yesterday at the convention I could tell dad had been drinking. We started talking to two girls at a roofing tools booth. Dad said lets buy you lunch. It was just a hot dog stand on the convention floor. After talking awhile, dad started putting the moves on one of the girls. She pushed him away and said she wasn’t interested. They weren’t flirting just talking, but dad got real belligerent. He kept trying to grope her. And when she shoved him real hard he slapped her. Several people jumped in and held him back.

Dad realized he was in trouble and tried to talk the girls out of making a complaint. But it cost him some money. Between getting caught and having to pay out money made him even madder. I insisted we come back early. I don’t know what is going to happen now.”

Now I was starting to get scared. On top of it all I lost my cell phone. I was never careless with it and hadn’t the slightest idea where it could be.

By Wednesday Mr. Andrews hadn’t even showed up and I started to calm down. For some reason the calmer I got the jumpier Luke got. Someone dropped a 2 by 4 and Luke practically jumped out of his shoes. What was going on? Later I was nailing a cross piece on the frame when I heard a scream.

“There you are you bastard.”

As I turned around it was only my reflexes that saved me. It was Mr. Andrews. I had ducked even before I realized he had thrown a hammer at me. It bounced off my helmet, but he was on top of me a second later. I held my arms in front of me, but some of his blows got through. I tripped on a piece of lumber and fell backwards. He kicked me.

The sky was a pastel pale blue. Fluffy white clouds were floating by. Then I heard a voice in the distance. ‘Stop. I’m O.K. Just don’t call the cops.’ That last kick must have knocked me out for a second or two. I was flat on my back. I rolled over in pain. Luke was sitting on his dad’s legs, and two of the workers had his arms pinned down. His pleas had been in vain. The ubiquitous cell had dialed 911 and taken pictures. The paramedics came to me. I tried to get up and fell back on my butt.

“That’s O.K,” I said “I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Actually I was a bit woozy. I knew more pain and soreness would soon come after the shock. Luke and the paramedics insisted I go to the hospital. I ended up spending the night there. At the hospital I gave the police a statement, and they asked me why Mr. Andrews had attacked me. I didn’t absolutely know although I suspected so I just kind of skirted the issue. They didn’t seem too concerned. Because of the witnesses it wasn’t absolutely necessary to know why. Of course Mom and Dad were there the whole time. Dad kept ranting about suing and Mom kept fussing over me.

The hospital released me and my folks took me home.

“Mom, Dad please set down. I have some gaziantep escort bayan reklamları explaining to do.”

So trying to not be too explicit I told them the whole story and why Mr. Andrews attacked me. This calmed Dad down as he saw my embarrassment. I then assured them that I would be O.K. alone at home while they went to work. Mom surprised me by winking at me when they left the room.

Luke called that night.

“Hey Bruce, I am sorry about all that happened – so sorry. I can’t come over yet. Dad is in jail and I have to be here to help Mom. I will explain it more soon. Again I am so sorry. If I hadn’t been in the portable john when he showed up maybe I could have stopped him. Well I have to go.”

And abruptly he hung up. The next day the soreness was bad, but I only took the prescription pills to help me sleep and lived on aspirin during the day. The second day the doorbell rang. A little paranoid I made sure it wasn’t Mr. Andrews.

It was Sharon.

“Can I came in?”

“Of course,” I replied. “Have a seat.”

“Luke asked me to come over and see how you are doing.”

“Oh O.K. I am still stiff and sore but it will go away.”

“You have a cast on your leg.”

“It is just a brace to help support my ankle.”

“Luke wanted me to say he was sorry and said he would see you when he could. He also said I was to be extra kind to you.”

“Oh, well that is nice of you, but I am doing alright.”

“I mean I will do anything that you ask,” She emphasized the anything.

“I don’t think you have to go that far. I don’t think he should have asked that of you.”

“I don’t mind. You are kind of cute.”

With that she undid my pants and pulled out my prick. This was getting interesting. She was not shy as her lips slid easily up and down making me enjoy every moment. It was not long before I came.

“Now it is my turn,” I said, “Let me eat you out.”

“Oh no I can’t.” she replied, “I mean Luke said that is gross.”

“Nonsense, just pull down your jeans and lay back on the sofa.”

She did as I asked, and my tongue started to explore her nether lips. At first she was stiff but she soon loosened up. I slid my hands under her butt and squeezed as I continued to slide my tongue up and down the folds in her pussy. I found her bud and slowly caressed it. I felt the tremors as she came.

“Oh that was amazing. Why didn’t Lute ever do that?”

“I think Luke is too concerned with his own pleasure. Me, I get pleasure out of giving pleasure.”

When she left I thanked her for coming to which she replied we both had. Yes we had. Two days later, Thursday, I got a small box in the mail. It was from Luke. In it was my cell phone, a flash drive, a key to the Andrews’ house and a note.

‘Bruce, take this to my house and play the flash on my computer. Don’t worry, no one will be there.’

I drove over to find their driveway empty and a for sale sign on the lawn. Going Inside I looked around. The house was not empty but stripped of small and personal items. In the fridge were only a couple of beers. Luke’s computer was on the kitchen table. He had just bought it a few months earlier. I wondered why he hadn’t taken it with him. I put in the flash drive and a video started up. It was Luke.

“Bruce, I should have talked to you sooner but I just didn’t know what to say. Dad had been convicted a few years back for assault but not locked up. After the police found out he was on parole they put him in jail. Later somehow the authorities found about that incident at the contractor’s convention.

Dad saw there was no way out so he accepted a plea. He will definitely spend some time in jail. Mom sold the company to the Johnson Home Builders. They will get all our crew who want to go and all the assets. Mom was a smart negotiator and we came out pretty well. To be honest Mom and I are going to take the money and run.”

During the video Luke seemed to move around a lot as if he needed to scratch an itch. Then I saw the back of someone’s head at the bottom of the screen. Was someone giving him head? As if to answer my question the head popped up. It was Edie. She turned around exposing bare boobs.

“Hi Bruce did you miss me?”

She cupped her breasts with her hands and waved them at me.

“I bet you missed these.”

Luke’s face turned red with embarrassment. His hand reached up and quickly covered the laptop’s camera.

“Mom!” I heard him say. There the video ended.

Then the my cell rang. It was Bee Dee. She said she had been trying to call me after she heard about the incident but only got voice mail. I explained about losing my phone. I was a little surprised she called based on my past experiences with her.

“I talked to Luke and can’t believe he hasn’t even been to see you.”

“Well he has been busy,” I defended him.

“Well it wasn’t right,” she replied, “Can I come over to see you?”

“Sure. But I am at Luke’s house. No one else is here.”

While waiting for Bee Dee I took out a beer and sat there trying to figure things out. Looking through the text messages I hadn’t seen yet, I found a picture of Mrs. Andrews. A crotch shot with a message. ‘It’s always open house for you Bruce.’

The phone rang again. It was Sharon.

“Do you know where Luke is?” she yelled.

She had been calling all over trying to find him.

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