The Masseur

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I’m not gay. At least that is what I keep telling myself. In high school I played football in the fall, wrestled during the winter, played baseball in the spring/summer. Lettered in all three sports. I was popular with the girls, had a couple of steady girlfriends throughout high school, and in between always had a girl with me. I attended a small college where I played baseball all 4 years. Belonged to a fraternity, did all the frat boy things. After school I moved around a bit, living in several different towns, never really finding a job that kept my interest long.

A couple of years and towns after college, I was bored with my job, my life. I dated a few women, but nothing long term. I was working out at the local gym, and I befriend the local masseur, Jerome. I knew from years of playing competitive sports that a massage was a great way to recover and relax. Jerome also said it was a great way to make some extra money and meet women. After some talking he convinced me I should do it to. So I enrolled in a class at the local community college and became a certified masseur.

Well it wasn’t as glamorous as Jerome had led me to believe. I had a few short term jobs here and there but nothing regular. I was let go from my day job and with nothing really holding me to that town I moved to another town several hours away, one that was bigger, had more opportunities. I found a regular job in no time, joined the local gym. After a couple of months I convinced the owner to let me offer my services to at his gym for a small fee. I got use of a small unused office but had to furnish it myself. I found adana escort a used massage table and some chairs for a cheap price and set up shop.

Business was slow. I was there most evenings, Monday through Saturday. It was putting a real crimp on my social life and it wasn’t paying any dividends. I had 2 or 3 clients a week. Not really worth it. But I met my girlfriend Jessica there. An awesome girl. Small, petite, light brown hair which reach down past her shoulders. She has a killer smile which never stops. I had seen her around the gym a few times, but it wasn’t until she came in for a massage that we really hit it off. She became my first regular, and soon we were dating. Sex with her was great, and it wasn’t long before I moved in with her.

I was still trying to make the massage thing work, but I cut my hours to only weekend days, or other times by appointments. My day job kept me busy during the week and I wanted to spend time with Jessica. She had a nonstop sexual appetite. More than once she would show up at my office unannounced, close the door to my office and fuck me right there. She would surprise me at home too. She would meet me at the door totally naked and we fuck in the hallway or the living room. A couple of times she had dinner ready for me, served me while wearing only panties and bra, then for desert pulled out a can of whipped cream. Life with Jessica was great.

In the mean time this guy Paul became a regular of mine. He was older, mid forties probably. He was in pretty good shape, worked out on a regular basis. At first eskişehir escort he would come in for a massage once a month or so. Then every couple of weeks. Soon he had a regular appointment every Saturday at 10am, right after his morning workout. At first nothing unusual happened, just another massage. One day while working on his quads he appeared to have a hard on underneath the towel. I didn’t say anything or act any different, just continued on about my business.

The next week it was the same thing. This time he caught me eyeing the lump beneath the towel covering him. He didn’t say anything. But something intrigued me, so I moved my hands up higher. My hands slipped under the towel, still on his leg. The back side of my fingers brushed his balls. He took a short sharp breath. I did it again, got the same reaction from him. His eyes were closed, but he was grinning. After a couple more times I moved to the other lag, where I repeated the process, every time brushing his balls. I don’t know why but I also had hard on. I finished up with Paul, he got dressed and left. I had another appointment right after that, and could hardly contain myself. After that I called Jessica and told her to come down to the gym. When she got there I started to massage her but we ended fucking right there on the table. We had to keep quiet since the room wasn’t exactly sound proof. That night when I got home we fucked again.

The following week Paul had his usual appointment. But I had purposely kept the next time slot open, not sure why. The massage started as sakarya escort normal, like nothing had ever happened. When he rolled over I immediately notice his hard on under the towel. I worked on his thigh, again brushing his balls. He moaned slightly. Moving to his other thigh I continued to brush his balls. “Yeah” he moaned. I was about finished when he slowly pulled the towel away. He lay on the table completely naked. It was the first time I had seen another man’s hard on in person so to speak.

“I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at that, go ahead, touch it.”

I didn’t know what to say or do. I looked at Paul, he was serious. I looked at his cock, standing up from his stomach. The head purple and swollen. It looked a lot like mine.

“Go away, put you hand on it.”

Again I looked at Paul, then back down at his cock. He reached out with his hand, took mine and guided it towards his cock. It touched my hand. The first thing I noticed was how warm it was. It was hard and smooth. With his hand he closed my hand on his cock. I gripped it firmly and he let out a moan. He started my hand stroking up and down on his cock. Moaning again he closed his eyes.

After a few strokes he took his hand away, but I kept stroking. I couldn’t believe but here I was jerking off another guy. And the strangest thing was I also had a raging hard on. I stroked faster, Paul was moaning, his hips starts to push up. With my other hand I reached for his balls. I was surprised hard hot they where, how heavy they were. I squeezed them lightly, causing another moan. His cock seemed to get harder, then it exploded. Paul moaned loudly as his cum shot up onto his belly, I kept stroking, several more squirts of cum shot out.

When he was done I grabbed a towel and wiped him clean. He got up, got dressed, thanked me then left. He didn’t even tip me.

That evening I made Jessica jerk me off before we fucked all night.

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