The Metropolitan Affair


“Hi…” I waved and called him after spotting him in the crowd. I had got down from the Mumbai-Pune bus. It was 5 in the evening when I landed in the city for the first time. Another fresh college grad in the city of dreams, I was looking all messed up after a long 5 hours travel from Kandivali to Kothrud. My travel hand bag was looking too big on my lean body, but even after all the atrocities of travelling in a bus, I was standing out in the crowd of highly busy people. I did not even remember when I met him last and the latest few exchange of words between us was only through emails which told me how to prepare for the upcoming interviews and the written test which I had the next day.

“Hi Kriti…there you are, wow you have grown up” he said and hugged me. “Give me your bag and get on the bike” he told. I did as he said and held him by his shoulder to secure myself.

“How are you………? Akshay?” I said after a long pause. My reluctance was audible in my words. I did not know how to address him. He was the son of a very close family friends and also a friend to my elder sister. He was much elder to me and I used to call him as a brother when I was a kid. But lately he has asked me not to address him like that anymore because in professional world we call each other by names.

“Very well. I am so glad you came. Yesterday my parents left and so I was feeling a bit lonely. But now you are there to give me company.” he said.

“Sure. Why not, by the way, where do you live?” My sister had told me that he had a house but I did not bother to ask the details.

“I have a house here dear. Just bought. But it is still under construction. Hope you can adjust…”

“Ya you don’t worry. Anything is fine for me” I said and for rest of the ride I kept thinking how am I going to live in an under construction house.

After a half an hour ride we reached a society which was indeed under construction. We got down and he had to struggle through the rubble of concrete and cement to find a parking for himself. As he did that I noticed his strong arms babying his bike. He was very tall and fair. As kids I remembered him to be fairer than me but now we seemed equal. It was evident that he was coming directly from office on a Friday evening, that too a little early just to pick me. The sleeves of his formal shirt were folded up and exposed an expensive watch on his wrist. After parking his bike he came to me carrying my bag which looked like a toy on his shoulders. He guided me in the lift and pressed 3. The lift looks good and fully functional, I thought. We reached the house and he unlocked the main door. I reluctantly entered but was happily surprised.

It was a beautiful house, small and cute, French windows, balcony, wooden flooring, well-lit and empty. “It’s beautiful… you lied to me?” I said and he laughed. “Yes, just wanted to see your reaction. Although I still need to buy some furniture” he said.

“Ok, you freshen up now, I need to go to office for some time. Once I am back, I will prepare you for the test tomorrow” he said and left. I wanted a good shower after all the travelling in bus and bike. I took my clothes and went to the washroom. The shower was rejuvenating, after the shower I applied some moisturizer on my skin, wore a long ankle length skirt and a nice fitting top. My hair was wet and smelling good.

“Ok, I should start preparing for my test tomorrow” I thought. I took out a book of UNIX and sat at a corner of the room on the mattress. “Why do companies use UNIX anyway when there is Windows… and why there has to be a command to perform every operation when there can be mouse clicks?” Weird questions were coming to my mind and don’t know when I dozed off.

“Kriti… dear wake up…” I heard his voice and opened my eyes. “Have some food…” Oh yes, I was damn hungry.

I responded “sorry I don’t know when I slept.”

“It’s ok, you must be tired. Come out in the hall” he said. We settled in the hall with a lot of food in front of me from a famous fast food joint. “Help yourself” he said. At that point I thought I could eat everything he brought, but then picked up a veg burger and started eating. “So how much do you think you are prepared for tomorrow” he asked while unwrapping his burger.

“I am ok with other things, but don’t understand UNIX at all…” I went on and on with my issues with UNIX when I realized that I had already spoken for five minutes. I stopped and looked at him for a reaction.

He was staring at me and said “you have grown up to be a beautiful girl Kriti, even more beautiful than your sister.” he said. I felt a bit of awkwardness and replied…”

“Thanks… Akshay” for the next one minute I stuck my eyes on my burger and kept eating, I could sense that he was looking at me or maybe not… when I gathered the courage to look back to him he was busy with his burger.

“You don’t worry, I will take you to my office and make you practice some commands.” he said after taking a bite. “So what else? escort hikayeleri How was college, do you have a boyfriend?” he asked.

I smiled and said “No … actually, none.” “I don’t believe this. Just look at you. How can anybody not love you?” He said.

“Well… you are embarrassing me now. But really I don’t know” I said… even though I kind of knew the reason. I did my engineering from a city where I stayed with my relatives, my uncle was the chairman of the foundation and everybody knew that. I guess no boy gathered the courage to express his love interest in me even if they had any.

“Strange… so do you like anyone? C’mon tell me don’t be shy” he said.

“No… Nothing like that” I chose to lie. Actually that time I was having a crush on one of my school friends who had recently confessed his secret love for me. But somehow after that things were not moving between us.

“I must say… lucky will be the guy who gets you as his partner” he said. I was having such kind of conversation with him for the first time and was feeling really weird.

“Thanks…” was all I could say. After dinner we sat in the balcony discussing some random stuff.

“I think you should sleep Kriti, your eyes look heavy. For tomorrow I am planning to postpone your test to make you better prepared… what say?” he asked.

“Sounds good, but I have not come prepared to stay for long, I have got clothes only for a day or two.” I told my concern.

“Don’t worry, we will manage something… now go and take a good rest” he said. We both left for our respective rooms and retired for the day.

Next morning I was woken up by the noise of dogs from an adjacent farm house. I got up and hooked my bra which I had let loose before sleeping. I went to look out in the balcony. It was a beautiful morning with sun just risen up from the horizon, there was a chill in the air. My mind immediately started pondering… how will this city treat me? Will I be able to find a good job? Will I be able to fulfill my dreams…? I was deep in thoughts when a voice broke my silos.

“Beautiful…” he said. I turned to see that he was standing beside me. I looked at him with questionable eyes. “It’s a beautiful morning … isn’t it?” he said.

“Indeed it is …” I replied with a sarcastic smile as if I understood what he was referring to.

“So today we can go exploring Pune … what do you say?” he said “But what about my preparation?” I asked.

“Don’t worry … that is highest in my agenda.”

I was very excited to hear the plan. We decided that we will have our breakfast outside. I quickly got ready and changed into a pair of jeans and top. First he took me to his office. That was the first time I had seen any corporate office from inside. He made some phone calls and then told me that the test would be conducted next Saturday. The whole day we kept biking around in the city and gradually I was opening up to him.

“Why don’t you sit cross legs, it will be easier for me to drive” he said. I agreed and made myself comfortable. I felt a sense of freedom for the first time, nobody in the city knew me and I was free to take decisions for myself… I was enjoying every bit of getting a taste of a metropolitan city. Although for some time I had stayed in Mumbai also, but then that was with my sister and her family. I felt that I already was in love with the city. In the evening we reached home and got some dinner packed for ourselves.

“Shall we go in the balcony and have dinner? It’s so pleasant outside” he asked. I unpacked the food and plated it for both of us. We sat there under the moon light.

“So you asked me so many questions… tell me about your girlfriend … I am sure you must be having one” I asked him.

He smiled and said “well I was in a relationship, but we are no more together.”

“Why” I asked.

“Actually our parents won’t agree, and the girl is not keeping good health because of that… so for the betterment of both… we are not together, anyway she will get married soon…” I did not know what to say after that and started eating my food.

After a long pause I looked at him and saw that he was in deep thoughts. “What are you thinking? I am sorry to have asked you this question” I said.

“Nothing like that Kriti, I am thinking about something else” he replied.

“What are you thinking… tell me” I asked again.

He stared at me and said “I cannot tell you”.

It raised my curiosity multiple times “but why? Why can’t you tell me? I want to know” I was adamant.

After me asking him many times he said “because if I tell you, it might spoil our relationship”.

His words acted as a catalyst for the outburst of questions and confusions in my mind. Although his words were pretty clear I was not ready to hear the real message. I hesitantly asked “Why do you say so…”

He said “It’s for you to figure out…” For the rest of the time gaziantep escort hikayeleri we both were silent. For me, I was trying to get answers to all the questions in my mind and for him maybe he was trying to figure out what I understood.

“Is this some kind of joke? Or I am too dumb to understand something important he is trying to tell me? Or does he really mean what I am not ready to accept?” I kept pondering. We both finished our meal and then I went in my room to change.

“Shall I help you with some clothes Kriti? You can take my track pants” he offered. As I was prepared for only a day’s stay, I accepted his offer. I changed into his tracks which was way too loose and long for me, still it was much comfortable than my jeans. I came out of my room and saw him smiling.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. He did not say anything and kept on smiling “are you going to tell me or will this spoil our relationship too?” I asked again.

“Pull up your zip madam, it’s distracting me” he said.

“Oh shit…” I immediately corrected my mistake but then could not control my laughter. We both had a good laugh.

“Can I ask you something?” he said. “Do you mind sleeping in my room? We can chat as long as we want and then sleep, I will put your mattress there.” he added.

“Well…ok” was all I could say.

He arranged both the mattresses in his room side by side with a gap in between. I went and slipped inside my mattress. He also joined after sometime. We started chatting over random things like my college friends, his colleagues, his work etc. I noticed that after every few minutes he was almost there on my bed. I told him to go back every time. In fact for once I even drew an imaginary line in between us and asked him not to cross it but all in vain. Around midnight I felt really sleepy. I requested him to switch off the light and turned to the other side facing the wall and closed my eyes.

“You are so adorable Kriti… I will never forget this day I spent with you” I heard his voice whispering in my ears. I smiled as said” Thanks Akshay… now please sleep no… I am damn tired” I removed his hands from my shoulders and went back to sleep. “It’s such an awesome night… why do you want to sleep?” His whispers were tickling my nerves in my slumber state. Even after my soft dismissals he continued…” You are so desirable…” His fingers had started playing with my ears and neck as he spoke. I tried to remove his hand every time he spoke, but he refused to quit. “You have enticed me big time… how can you look so pretty and charming at the same time…” his words, his tone and his breath was now working some kind of a magic on me. That day I realized that I had a turn on spot in my ears. “You are irresistible…” he continued.

All I was doing at that time was trying to prevent his fingers touch my body, although I could feel that I was getting out of my control. “I want to confess something… you were looking so innocent in the morning that I felt like kissing you there and then.” with these words his lips touched the rim of my ear. I did not realize but this time my hands held his hands and placed them on my belly instead.

This action of mine had sparked a moment where we both were out of control. He slipped his big hands deeper inside my Tee, grabbed my waist and pulled me towards himself. His big mouth was now licking and sucking my ear vigorously. Don’t know when, but I held his hand and pushed it deeper to reach my bosom. Each and every touch of his was making me more and more horny. He was caressing my boobs and crushing them. His lips were kissing and sucking my neck and shoulders.

He then turned me to lie down on my back and climbed over. His face was slightly visible in the street lights bypassing the window. He looked into my eyes and got his lips near to mine “You tender one…you have intoxicated me” he said and started kissing all over my face and neck till my cleavage and then back. His lips came near to mine but then he kissed only the corner of my lips. His whole body was rubbing against mine and I was being crushed under, but still my hands were over is back as I was pulling him towards myself. He paused for a moment and took my face in his palms.

His eyes were glued on my lips, he gently came close to kiss them. I held him close with my hands on his arms and closed my eyes in pleasure as he touched my lips. As we kissed, fraction of thoughts were coming to my mind. This is not correct, we should stop now or it will be too late, stop Kriti… what will others say when they come to know… But nothing was good enough to overpower the pleasure which I was experiencing. Then he took both my lips inside his mouth and started sucking them hard. After sometime it started hurting me so I pushed him a little to break the momentum.

“Sorry…” he said and moved back. He checked out my body lying on his arm and then started to pull my Tee up. I put a feeble effort to block escort gaziantep hikayeleri him but nothing could have stopped him. By then he had started kissing my belly with his one hand pulling my Tee further up to expose my bra. His big face and mouth were working intensely on my body as he moved towards my cleavage. “OH Shit… you are awesome” he said as he looked at my boobs before intruding my set of privates.

His tongue had already started working on my bouncy boobs. He was becoming aggressive with every passing gesture of his, so much that it was becoming painful at times but I could not or rather did not want to stop him. He then tried to slide his hand inside my bra. “Stop him Kriti… you cannot let him touch your nipples…” I thought to myself. My mind and body were in total contradiction tonight but for once I let my mind win, I pushed him back and got up to sit showing my back towards him. “Where was he?” I thought and looked back to see.

He had removed his shirt and at that moment he pulled my Tee and slid it out from over my head. “No…” I said.

“Don’t worry I will not hurt you” he said and snapped open the hook of my bra. I was rendered helpless and tried to cover my boobs with my arms, but he held me from back and slid his hands undermine to cover my boobs. His big hands had almost covered my boobs and were pressing them. His chest was rubbing against my bare back. I could do nothing but to support myself on the wall. By now my boobs were all his. He was feeling and touching my nipples and pinching them frequently. He was rubbing, pressing and pumping them …

At this I could not stop my moans…”See you are liking it too…” he said “Don’t be shy…” and started to make me turn towards him. I hesitated a bit but then gave up to his actions.

He looked at me with fascination, then came and kissed my lips again. This time his hands were on my boobs, slowly he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight with my lips still inside his mouth. Again the same thoughts came back to my mind.

“This is wrong” I thought and I pushed him back after sometime, then I picked up my Tee and went towards the washroom.

“Where are you going?” he asked. “I want to go to the washroom.” I said trying to hide my bosom with the shirt. “Don’t go… I mean at least don’t lock the door.” he said.

“Why…?” I asked.

“Just … don’t lock it. I will not come inside but I cannot let you lock the door… I know what must be going on in your mind… so please” he insisted.

“But… ok…” I said and went inside.

As I saw myself in the mirror, I got panicked to see the marks he had left on my body. My skin showed signs of wary all over. My lips also showed all red and blue colors. I washed my face and tried to rub some water over the marks to soothe although nothing helped. I also washed my private area which was so wet by then. I came out trying to avoid eye contact with him. He looked at me and said.

“Kriti… don’t think much now. Take some sleep, I will not disturb you… ok, I will go in the other room if you want.” “Ok” I said. He went out of the room with the mattress and I got inside mine to catch up on some sleep.

Sleep was a distant dream that night. It was already going to be 3 am when I was trying to push myself to sleep. Why did I do such a thing? Or was it inevitable? I should not think so much. All these thoughts were coming to my mind but still could not tow down the thoughts of the recent encounter I had. The images of what just happened were reverberating in my mind and somehow I was getting mesmerized by them. Don’t know when I fell asleep.

In the morning my eyes opened to the sound of someone walking, I saw that he was walking out of my room. So he was awake already. I did not know how to face him after the last night so I decided to pretend sleeping for some more time. In between many times he came inside my room. It was 9am in the morning but I still could not gather the courage to wake up and face him. Finally he came to my room and called my name

“Kriti… are you ok? Wake up, have some breakfast” he said. I pretended that he has broken my sleep and got up. He looked at me and asked “are you fine? I had prepared some breakfast for you”

“Yes I am ok… thanks” I said.

“Great, actually I have some important stuff to do so I will leave now… you freshen up and finish your breakfast and I will see you in a couple of hours” he said and went out of the room.

I got up and went to the washroom to freshen up. “Kriti … lock the door, I am leaving” he said. I went out in the hall and saw that he was about to leave. He looked at me and said… “Take care… see you soon” and left. I closed the door and took a sigh of relief. I was damn hungry and quickly finished my sandwich.

I then took my same old set of skirt and top and went for a shower. As I removed my clothes I saw that some of the marks were still visible. I took a shower and changed my clothes. All this time I was thinking of what has happened and what should I do. Shall I leave for Mumbai today? Anyway I was supposed to go today…I was thinking, there is no point staying here or I will complicate the things… Yes, that’s the right thing to do… I decided. I called my sister in Mumbai and told her that although the test is next week I am planning to come back as per the previous plan.

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