The Motherfuckers Club Ch. 04


Mother and son step out of the shower and dry each other off. Carole has picked out the light blue g-string and matching light blue heels, not bothering with a top. Hell, everyone will probably be naked anyway! Ricky is wearing a pair of the sexy striped jockeys that Jojolove had recommended.

“Mom, look, we look different, don’t we?”

“Yes…we are now…Mr and Mrs…Motherfucker!”

Holding hands they walk down the hall and into the meeting room. The mattress has been pushed away and ten chairs are lined up in a row. Everyone can’t wait to find out about the contest Michelle has planned.

Andrea was right. All of the boys are wearing various colored jockey shorts. All of the moms are wearing panties but no one has a top on. Ricky looks around and sees 10 pairs of milf tits. This is going to be fun, whatever it is!

Dr Stella speaks to the group.

“Okay everyone….listen up! First of all, I invited Ricky and Carole Baker into our club. I think we can all agree that you two are going to be great members. Ricky come up here.”

Ricky goes up and Dr Stella gives the boy a tiny box.

“Rick go ahead and open it. Its for you to give to your mother.”

Ricky opens the box and takes out the gold necklace. The charm is in gold with the letters “MF.”

“Come up here Carole. Ricky go ahead and put it on your mother.”

Ricky puts the gold necklace on his mother and mother and son kiss to seal the deal.

“Okay, we aren’t quite done. The hotel here has given us a free weekend in their honeymoon suite. I understand is has a big heart shaped bed, mirrors on the ceiling, the whole works, even has its own spa and hot tub. So…Ricky and your mother Carole, for your great job of…entertaining us…this is for you two.”

Everyone cheers for the two new members of the motherfuckers club.

“Okay, now Michelle, tell us about our contest.”

“Okay everyone here it is. We’re gonna call this contest musical cocks! Boys, you can sit down in the chairs.”

The boys sit in the chairs. Ten teenage hunks lined up in a row.

“Okay mothers…here it is. Go ahead and kneel down in front of your son.”

The women get on their knees in front of their sons. Most of the boys are hard already, the 10 teenage pricks waiting to be let out of the confinement of their tight jockeys.

“Mothers, here it is. When the music starts, pull your son’s shorts off, but you can’t use your hands. Probably the best way is to pull his shorts off with your teeth. And go ahead and worship your son’s cock in the way only a mother can. Talk dirty to him if you want. The music will go on for three minutes. Every time music stops the boys are to move one spot to the right, and the next mother worships the next boy’s cock. Then the music will go on and stop. Sometimes one minute, sometimes two minutes. No one knows when the music will stop. So moms if there’s a particular boy you want to hook up with, suggest you work extra hard if you know what I mean. There is going to be one time that the music will go on for five whole minutes!”

This really sounds like fun. The mothers are all excited at the thought of ten young boys to suck!

“Now…here it is here’s the contest…when a boy finally explodes in a mother’s mouth…moms, you are require to swallow it all, okay?”

All the moms smile and nod yes.

“Now when that boy cums in your mouth, that boy is your date for the whole evening! You and your date will have a nice romantic dinner together in your own private booth, then off to your room and we will see you tomorrow morning.”

Everyone starts looking up and down the row, trying to figure out which boy wants to cum in which mothers mouth.

“That sounds easy, doesn’t it? But wait! We aren’t quite done! The rest of the contest we will call first mom, last boy! The mother who can bring a cock to explode the quickest..well at least for this contest you are the queen cocksucker!…and as the queen cocksucker you win a special prize… $200 shopping card from Jojoloves lingerie store.”

The mothers all look at each other and smile. A $200 gift card is certainly incentive to use every trick in the book to bring a teenage cock off.

“So mothers, do your best to bring those cocks off quickly as possible! Then boys, we have a little incentive for you too. For the one boy who lasts the longest…who can hold it off the longest…he becomes the king cock! And the king cock gets to steal any mother he wants. Now…also, mothers…one more rule…you have to use your mouth to bring him off…you are not allowed to put your hands on his cock. Does every understand the rules?”

The mothers, on their knees, all look at each other, and nod yes….they are ready for some young cock!

“Okay, the music is gonna start. Go ahead and pull your boys jockeys off with your teeth!…go ahead if you want, talk dirty to him…eat that young cock girls!…eat it all up…anything to get him off as quickly as you can.”

The music starts. fetiş escort There is some laughter as the mothers struggle to get their son’s tight jockey shorts off. Carole had figured it out. She slipped her tongue under the tight waistband, biting the elastic waistband. She had done it! She had the waistband of her horny teenage son’s striped jockeys squarely in the grasp of her front teeth. The blonde mother looked at her son’s face and motioned for him to raise his hips off the chair. She gave a yank and the striped shorts were partly down his hips. Congratulating herself for figuring out the hard part, she quickly looked around. Michelle had Peter’s shorts down around his ankles and already had his young cock in her mouth. Obviously she had done this before! The overweight mother Sandra Smith was also going to town on her boy little Jimmy. Carole was startled. My God! Andrea was right. That little 120 pound boy had a dick almost a foot long and thick as her wrist! She saw that a couple of the others hadn’t yet figured out how to get started getting their son’s jockey shorts off.

Carole looks at her teenage son who is enjoying the whole thing. There is some moaning, but mostly laughter. One by one the mothers succeed getting the jockeys off their own son.

The music stops. Carole looks over and the next boy will be Mark Hughes, Dr Stella’s middle son. The last few drags from the joint were starting to take effect. Her mind became a bit foggy with the scent and aura of young cock. As the concentrated on giving Mark the best blowjob she could her mind flashed to her boy Ricky next to her whose cock is being taken care of by Sandra Smith.

Soon there is a lot of moaning from the boys but it seems no one is ready to cum yet. The music stops again. Next up for Carole will be young Grant, the big half black muscle boy. She wondered what his father’s cock was like. She had heard all the stuff about black boys and their huge cocks. It sounded like tiny Eileen must be addicted to those monsters. She figured to try a bit harder on this one as she thought of spending the night flat on her back with the huge muscled half black boy on top of her pounding her senseless. Maybe he’ll smother me to death, she thought. Ricky is two spots to her left, his cock being sucked by tiny big titted Eileen. There was a rule against touching the boy’s penis with your hand but Eileen had grabbed Ricky’s hands and she squealed as Ricky started playing with her big fake tits. It seemed that Eileen was really going after Ricky’s cock in an effort to get the boy off. It struck the horny mother that her boy Ricky is a tit man! It looks like he is in love with those big fake boobs of hers! Eileen’s head was a blur as she bobbed up and down on Ricky’s stiff teenage prick.

The music stops again. There is a lot of moaning and grunting. Carole can hear the unmistakable sound. She knows that some of the boys most be getting close. The boys move one spot over and Carole’s mouth is filled with Peter Watson’s teenage prick. His dick is a nice size. She is sure that the slut Michelle has trained him well! It would feel very good deep inside her, filling her with all that boy cum. She wondered about how much cum is in those balls of his. The room suddenly is filled with a grunting sound.


Carole looks over and sees that a couple spots over muscle boy Grant was the first boy to give it up. Michelle had his big dick in her cocksucking mouth as she moaned and swallowed the shooting jizz. Grant bucked his hips desperately trying to ram his muscled shaft down Michelle’s throat. Michelle took it all like a trooper, eating all the boys warm cock sauce.

The mothers stop for a minute. Everyone looks to see who won the cocksucking contest.

“We have a winner! And its Michelle!”

Andrea, her best friend, isn’t surprised. She knew that her best friend had more than a passing interest in the big muscle boy Grant. She speaks up.

“Goddam it!!! That fucking Michelle! She always wins! Every goddam cock sucking contest we ever have. Michelle always wins.”

“MMMM!!! YES!!! Eat your heart out girls! I just won $200 and a night with my big muscle boy here! And yes…now you can please call me the cocksucking queen of the motherfuckers club!”

Everyone has a good laugh. Michelle is done so she will be the emcee for the rest of the contest.

“Ok girls! It’s back to work! We still have nine big young teenage dicks! Full of fresh young jizz!! Go and get that jizz, girls”

The music starts again. Now there are nine milf moms bobbing up and down on nine teenage dicks. Carole starts working on young Dan Stewart. She hasn’t really talked to the boy yet but his mother is a really good looking brunette who seems very nice. The boy seems to be trying extra hard to get off! He’s close! Carole looks up and sees that the next boy will be sweet gaziantep fetiş escort young Jason. Suddenly she knows that she can’t let Dan Stewart lose it in her mouth. Jason is next to her being worked over by Sandra Smith who seems to be trying to take Jason’s cock down her throat. Jason makes eye contact with Carole and Carole realizes that sweet young Jason who makes her heart race is desperately struggling not to cum down the mouth of Sandra Smith.

Suddenly another boy loses it and then another. Soon there are multiple boys emptying their teenage balls into the mouths of a milf mom. The whole room is filled with the sound of sex.

Grunting and groaning, and boys thrashing in their chair, each boy bathed in sweat and bathed in the pleasure of shooting a load of teenage semen into a hungry mouth. The sound of swallowing as each mother desperately tries to keep up with the unloading cocks.

Carole hears something familiar. She looks over and knows it’s her son Ricky! She can see her boy emptying his young cock into the mouth of Dr Stella.


Dr Stella swallows rope after rope of her son’s teenage semen. Stella is pleased that her sweet young son will get to spend the night with the sexy Dr Stella!

There are now only four moms left. She knows that the song will end in less than a minute. Young Dan is straining to empty his load into the mouth of the incredibly sexy milf newcomer. Please don’t cum…please don’t…Carole thinks to herself as next door her young heartthrob Jason is trying not to cum either. Just a few more seconds!! OHHH Shit!! Young Dan is going to lose it!

Just then the music stops. Carole immediately takes her mouth off of Dan Stewart’s cock. Disaster avoided, she thinks.

What? Next door that fat bitch Sandra Smith isn’t letting go of poor sweet Jason! She seems determined to get Jason off any way she can! But luckily another boy taps her on the shoulder basically telling her it’s his turn.

Another song comes on, and Carole recognizes it. It’s a long slow song. This must be the five minute son they were talking about! Carole looks up at the beautiful young boy who is looking at the sexy classy blonde mother with goo goo eyes! She smiles at the horny youngster and licks her lips.

“I’ve been waiting for you, darling! I’m gonna rock your world!”

She slowly goes down on the horny teenager who is suddenly so excited he can’t keep his balance.

She knows she has five whole minutes to get young Jason off before he goes away into the arms of another woman, like that bitch Sandra Smith! She slowly takes the boy’s stiff prick and massages his throbbing organ with her lips and tongue. Young Jason has thought he has died and gone to heaven! He has his dick inside the beautiful Mrs Baker’s mouth and she actually LIKES it! The boy closes his eyes and knows he HAS to get off or some other boy will get his favorite milf mom, the beautiful Mrs Baker! He can’t let anyone else get her tonight! He closes his eyes and tries to concentrate. Carole makes eye contact with the love struck teenager and takes the boy’s throbbing dick down her throat.

“Go ahead, darling…let it go!! Let it all go!!! I’m gonna eat it all…!”

Its FINALLY happening!


Carole has done it! Everything worked out perfectly! Her boy crush young Jason unloads spurt after spurt of his teenage jizz. Carole is blown away by the sweet taste of his fresh teenage semen. She would have liked to keep his jizz in her mouth so she could savor the sweet taste but she knows she has to start swallowing. The gorgeous blonde milf is swallowing gulp after gulp of cock cream down her throat, their eyes meeting as Carole nods yes!!! You did it Jason!! You came for me, and tonight I am all yours!!

Now there are only two boys left to unload. Little Jimmy Smith, the little boy with the huge monster cock and young Joel Graves. The two moms are side by side with everyone cheering them on. Which boy will become the king cock? Which boy will get his pick of all the milfs and steal that milf mom away from another boy? A loud groan and now there will be an answer!


Its Joel Graves! He’s a really good looking kid with a huge cock. Carole thought that he was another sweetheart, very polite. He made her pussy wet when he came over to introduce himself. His mother is a sexy little thing who seems to be always having a great time, always smiling. She knew she definitely wanted to hook up with young Joel next time. But tonight the nice sexy young boy Joel Graves will be the date of Carole’s new friend Andrea Cook. Andrea seems thrilled She gives Carole a huge smile like she just won the lottery.

Soon the last boy loses his load. It looks like there gaziantep fetiş escort will be a king of the cocks!


Its the big cocked little Jimmy Smith! The sexy blonde Nancy Graves is trying to get his horse cock into her mouth but can just get a couple of inches of his cock meat inside her tiny mouth. In a minute young Jimmy, the last boy standing, erupts with a torrent of jizz down sexy Nancy’s mouth. She had his cock head in her mouth but can’t possibly fit any more of his monster cock in her mouth. The sweet sexy Nancy tries her best to swallow little Jimmy’s load but there no way she can keep up with the flood of cum erupting from his balls. A lot of Jimmy’s semen runs down Nancy’s cheeks and down her chin. Nancy looks up at the little boy. She had sucked off the little boys big horse cock!

“Jimmy…I’m sorry! I tried to swallow it all, but there was just too much. I couldn’t keep up.”

Everyone knows that Nancy tried her best. But little Jimmy Smith is some sort of miracle kid! Andrea suddenly fears for the sexy Mrs Graves. Her tiny little cunt can’t possibly that hard of a pounding from that huge teenage dick of his. He’s going to rip her a new one!

Everyone cheers as the contest comes to a conclusion. All ten couples are ready to get changed and get ready for their dinner dates and the long night ahead. Carole looks over and sees that Dr Stella is whispering something into her son Ricky’s ear. He nods yes and gives her a big smile. Carole knows that the sexy Dr Stella will take good care of her precious young son. Andrea goes over to Carole, telling her that she is so happy that her boy that gets spend the night with her. She tells her new friend she wants the blonde newcomer to give her boy a night he will never forget!

Carole kisses her teenage lover to be, the sweet young boy Jason, and holds onto him like she doesn’t want to let go.

But there’s one last piece of business.

“Okay everyone! We have a winner! Jimmy Smith…you are the king of the cocks! King of the cocks of the motherfuckers club!”

Everyone has a chuckle.

“And as king of the cocks…it’s time! It’s time, son, to collect your prize! You get to steal one of the mothers away…and she’s all yours…until 10 am tomorrow! Jimmy Smith, who is the lucky mommy?”

Lucky mommy?? Andrea thinks…who is the unlucky mommy?

Carole suddenly fears the worst…is little Jimmy Smith…going to pick…?”

“As king of the cocks I want to steal Mrs Baker…”

My God? Shit? You mean? Shit? Carole suddenly realizes that her dream date with Jason has left the building. She’s going to have to spend the night with little Jimmy Smith! She hasn’t really talked to Jimmy Smith but she already knows that his mother Sandra is a real bitch!

Andrea is brokenhearted. She wanted so much for her precious young boy to spend the night with his crush, Mrs Baker. He went out and bought some new shirts and got his hair cut just to impress the sexy older woman. Andrea knew that it would be the best thing in the world to hook up with the gorgeous classy Carole Baker. He would learn the difference between fucking a slut like her best friend Michelle and learning to make love with a classy woman like her new friend Carole. And now the whole thing is out the window, gone.

She looks over at her only son and poor Jason looks like he just got hit with a ton of bricks. He looks down at he ground not able to make eye contact with anyone. She goes over to console him.

“So here it is, Jimmy, your date for tonight will be Carole, and Jason, your date for tonight will be Nancy Graves.”

Andrea is consoled by the fact that Nancy seems like a little sexy sweetheart. Jason is broken hearted, but he’ll be okay. At least he didn’t end up with Sandra Smith!

Andrea comes over to Carole and hands her a joint.

“Here sweetie. You’ll need this. That boy is going to fuck you so many times with that horsecock you will lose count! If you smoke the whole joint the whole night will be just one orgasm after another! You’ll get the fucking of your life.”

“Andrea, thanks…and tell Jason that I will make it up to him…if not this weekend then soon.”

“Okay everyone, its time for everyone to get dressed for dinner. The kitchen just told me that they have some great dinner specials for tonight. Everyone get changed and cleaned up if you want and we will see everyone in the dining room at 6 pm.”

The two newest members of the motherfuckers club head back to their room to get changed. After getting cleaned up Ricky puts on a new shirt and slacks. As they get ready for their dinner dates it’s a good time to catch up a bit.

“Darling, I think you are going to have a great time tonight with Dr Stella. She’s a sexy little thing, and she told me she’s going to take really good care of you. She knows you are new to all of this, so she promised me she’s going to show you some new moves. I saw her whispering something to you…what was that about?”

“Well mom she told me about a couple things she’s going to teach me. Things I can use…on you. But for now I’m not supposed to tell you.”

“New moves huh? Last week you were a total virgin and now you are learning new things to use on your mother! You are growing up, kiddo!”

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