The Need for Fresh Vegetables Ch. 02


After the first time I fucked Veenu, we came back into our normal ways of interacting with each other. As I was not the one who usually bought vegetables for the house, I didn’t come into contact with him at all. But whenever I heard him call out in our locality, I rushed to the first floor window in our house from where I could see him. And he always looked at me.

I didn’t know what went through his mind but every time I looked at him, I recalled our hurried sex in the storeroom. I relived every moment and hungered for more of his hard cock to be within me but knew that such a circumstance might not present itself. I lived in a huge household and the opportunity for being alone for him to meet me was virtually non-existent.

So I just looked at him out of the window and most times just inserted my hand into my salwar and fingered myself while watching him for the few minutes that he spent selling my mother or aunt vegetables. The way my pussy flooded every time was proof of how much I wished and wanted that it was Veenu who was fingering me and that we could do more together.

Days went by like this, with both of us just looking at each other from afar and enjoying only in our memories and fantasies. I got so frustrated with the situation (even though I was regularly masturbating all the time) that I knew I needed to do something to douse the fire that was raging within me.

So the next opportunity I got, I went out to his bicycle and lingered while my mother and aunt bartered with him for vegetables for the day. He noticed me right away even though I held back, standing on the threshold of our door, not venturing out, but he kept giving me looks out of the sides of his eyes.

After the shopping was done, he made his move.

“And does the little Madam want something?” he asked, motioning towards me.

My mother turned to look at me with surprise.

“Oh, Babli? What are you doing here? Are you finally showing some interest in cooking?” she asked.

I smiled and said, “No. Nothing like that, Ma. I just wanted some vegetables, if it’s ok.”

My mother frowned. “For what? We bought all we need for cooking.”

“Yes, but I wanted to make salad as we saw on TV the other day. So I just wanted to buy some vegetables for that,” I made up. I just wanted to interact with Veenu. The vegetables were just an excuse.

“Okay, tell him what you want and he will add it to our basket,” she said and moved away a little so I could approach Veenu.

“Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes…”

I had only started when he interrupted, “I don’t have any carrots today, Miss.”

I frowned at him.

“But tomorrow surely I will get you some,” he promised. “The first thing I will buy in the market will be carrots, okay?”

I nodded and looked at my mother.

She laughed. “The first time my daughter shows interest in anything to do with the kitchen and Veenu doesn’t have what she wants,” she said.

“He only has what I want, Ma, only the opportunity is not with us today,” I said in a low voice.

My mother didn’t understand my deeper meaning but Veenu did and he averted his eyes from mine and fumbled with his produce. “Anything else that you want tomorrow?” he asked.

“Just carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes will do. We buy hara masala anyway… that will complete what I have in mind,” I said.

“Okay, come, he will bring it tomorrow. You can do your salad tomorrow,” my mother said and paid him for the vegetables she had bought.

The next day, as soon as I heard him call out, I ran down and out of the görükle escort house, even before my mother or aunt could come out. Veenu rode his bicycle directly to our door and dismounted.

“Did you bring what I want?” I asked him.

“Yes, Miss,” he said. “I have it all here.” He motioned to his basket of vegetables with a tilt of his head.

“What I want is not in your basket, it’s… there,” I said, lowering my eyes to the front of his pants. “But the vegetables will also do for now.”

Veenu’s face changed at my lewdness. “Miss, that day… it was the best…” he trailed off and started arranging the merchandise in his basket.

“Best what?” I asked him. “Best fuck?”

Veenu gasped and looked up at me with huge eyes. “Don’t say that out loud, Miss. Anyone can hear you,” he said hurriedly.

At that moment, my aunt came out of our house to buy vegetables for the household so our talk was cut short.

“Miss wanted some vegetables also, Madam,” Veenu explained as he picked out the vegetables I wanted and started arranging it in a smaller basket for us. “For salad,” he said and smiled in my direction.

“Show me the carrots,” I demanded. “I want them long and hard. Not some small, soft varieties.”

Again, the double meaning in my words was making the both of us excited.

Veenu extended the basket towards me and I inspected the carrots. They were fine. Just the way I wanted.

“And the cucumbers?”

“Fat and tender,” he replied. “See for yourself.”

I picked up one cucumber and ran my hand over it, as if checking it. I clasped it in my fist and ran my hand up and down slowly over it like I was stroking a hard cock. Some hard knots on the body of the local variety rubbed against my palm.

“Why are these raised bumps here?” I asked.

Veenu’s whole face was red. “Because it is ripe, Miss. When the vegetable becomes ready for picking, the bumps come on it and it is not bitter to the taste anymore. Ask your aunt,” he said.

We both looked towards my aunt.

“Veenu is right. Babli needs to know more about picking the right vegetables, huh Veenu?” she said.

They chuckled at me and I moved over to see the tomatoes.

“Now give her the ripe, juicy ones,” my aunt directed.

I couldn’t have said it better. The sexual undertone of the whole conversation had me overflowing within my salwar and my nipples were straining against my bra to be caressed. I was aroused to a really agonising level.

“Babli, you pick the tomatoes you want, I’ll just duck inside to get the basket he had left here yesterday so we can exchange it,” my aunt said as she left us both alone once again.

I immediately took advantage of the situation.

“Is it standing?” I asked him, my meaning clear.

Veenu simply nodded.

I looked down to the front of his pants again, which he had been hiding behind his large basket of vegetables. He moved a little and I saw a huge bulge in his pants. He moved a hand to adjust himself and I wished I was the one touching him, but we were standing in the lane and it was just not feasible in a public place so I controlled my desires.

“You know why I want the vegetables?” I asked him.

“For the salad?”

“No. If I can’t have that…” I nodded at his hard on, “I can at least satisfy myself with these,” I said, picking up a carrot from the basket and closed my fist around it.

“Oh God, Miss, you will make me…”

I didn’t get to hear what I would make him do as we both heard my aunt coming back and he karacabey escort abruptly stopped speaking, but I had a very good idea about the way my words were affecting him.

I finally picked out my tomatoes, and with one lingering smile as a way to thank him, I went in with my loot. I had plans for the vegetables, and he knew the way I was going to use them too.

It was a while before I could bring my plans to fruition. It was late afternoon after lunch when I could get the time to take a carrot and cucumber and steal away to my room. I had picked a carrot and a fat cucumber that was curved slightly, like a hard cock.

I locked the room from the inside so that no one could disturb me, then took off my shirt, unhooked my bra and loosened the cord of my salwar, the same as the time I was with Veenu before. I lay down on my bed and started touching myself. My hands were on my breasts and I squeezed and pinched them as he had done. In my mind, I was imagining him here with me, doing those things to me.

As I touched myself, I started to become more and more aroused. A few little moans were escaping my open lips and my chest was heaving from the heavy breaths that were flowing through me. I spread my legs wide and snaked a hand down into my open salwar, sliding a finger down into the split between my pussy lips. They were slick and wet from the copious juices that were seeping out of me due to my heightened arousal.

I spread the wetness around, coating my fingers and pussy liberally with it. Then I touched my hard nub and the sensation was so electric that a small orgasm ran through me. Never before had I been aroused to this extent so soon.

I moaned and clutched my pussy tight as the sensations zinged through my body, shimmering and shivering through me. I lay there like that for a while, just lightly touching myself and enjoying the feelings running through me.

When the tide of feelings had flowed over me for a while, I took up the carrot lying beside me and manoeuvred it into my salwar and between my pussy lips. It was lying adjacent to the pussy, the whole length touching me like Veenu’s cock had touched me. I slowly started moving it up and down my drenched cunt.

The sensation was unlike anything in this world. The rough ridges of the carrot stimulated my pussy to an extent that I couldn’t even bear. I cried out in the pleasure and tried to gentle my hand as I grew used to the sensitivity. Then slowly, I increased the pressure until again the pleasure was at the edge of pain almost and tears ran down my eyes from the overwhelming impressions that were flowing over me. The carrot kept rasping over my delicate flesh until I was rocked by a second, more powerful orgasm that made my juices gush out of me.

I tucked the carrot snugly against my cunt and curled up my legs so I could feel the hardness tucked against me, and just lay there, trying to recover my energy. After a while, I started little movements, like I was humping something, and the hardness between my legs brushed against me with every small movement. I started to get aroused again.

Now was the time for the cucumber. I picked up the fat vegetable. It was almost the width of my wrist and long and curved, with the little bumps on it like I described before. Just looking at the thing caused me apprehension and desire. I was eager to be fucked but also hoping that I didn’t hurt myself in the process. Anyway, nothing gained by just thinking along those lines, so I got ready to do it.

I removed the now soggy carrot from mudanya escort between my legs and put it aside, then inserted the cucumber in its place. It felt huge. I simulated the same way as I had done with the carrot, letting the hard protrusions rub against me. Once or twice as it bumped against my clit, it zinged through my entire body and I felt like I was constantly at the edge of losing it.

After a while of teasing myself with it, I positioned the cucumber in line with the entrance to my pussy. I was wet through with anticipation by now. I started bumping the cucumber against my opening in preparation for the insertion, the same way Veenu had come up with his hard cock again and again to my entrance.

Finally, I grit my teeth and pushed it hard against my cunt while bearing down on it, and the vegetable slipped in.

“Oh my God, oh God, Veenu… it is so big,” I blurted out as the fat head of the cucumber breached my defences and slid in.

At that first insertion, I was scared and excited. I adjusted it a little, trying to see if I could push it in like a screw going in by rotating it and pushing. A little more slipped in. My cunt was opening and taking it in. I felt a little heartened by this, and there was almost no pain, except for a little twinge and a feeling like I was filled up. But more than that was the excitement that was thrumming through my whole body. I felt like if I touched myself anywhere, I would cum like an explosion, so I just concentrated on pushing the cucumber inside even more.

Little by little, I screwed it in, adjusting and titling my hips as more of the huge object went in me. The little knobs on it kept coming up and slipping into me, notching up the sensations seven fold. I was moaning and almost crying by the pure pleasure that it was giving me. It was heaven.

When I felt that I was absolutely filled to the brim and couldn’t take in anymore, I stopped and just lay there, with my hand holding the cucumber inside me, feeling my cunt stretched and expanded like rubber around it.

Gently, I started extracting it and then pushed it in again. This time it went it faster and smoother. And as I kept it up the motions became faster and faster until I was fucking myself with the huge thing. The hard little bumps were coming up and rubbing against my pussy and walls, bringing a different kind of sensation to the fuck.

“Oh, God, Veenu… this feels so good,” I muttered as I fucked myself.

In my mind, it was his cock that was pounding me. I went back to lying on the grain sacks in our storeroom with his hard cock in me. As the vegetable ran in and out of me, the memories of his cock going in and out flooded my brain. I kept moving fast, faster as all of the feelings rushed over me and I exploded, coming with a ferocity that rocked me to my core. I cried out with the intensity of it, almost sobbing as the sensations washed over me.

When it all ended, I was lying with my legs spread, with the cucumber still a bit inside me. I reached down and plucked it out, bringing it in front of my face to inspect it. The thing was the length of my wrist to my elbow and I had taken more than half the monster inside me. It was slick with my juices running down the length, and I licked it clean, tasting my salty self on it.

Later, as I made the salad that I had bought the vegetables for, the entire scene kept running through my head and I was wet all through. At the end, I saved myself another great cucumber and fucked myself with it again that night.

Through the time Veenu was with us, I was kept supplied by vegetables that stood in for the fucking that his cock had given me. It wasn’t a perfect substitution, but until I could have the real thing again, it would work.

* * * * *

Author’s note: I hope you enjoyed the story. Please don’t forget to vote and leave comments on it. 🙂

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