The New Playmate’s Game


When he got home, Dad and Emma were still not back, but he knew that it wouldn’t be long. He unlocked the front door wondering if any of the guys were still there and what they’d got up to while he was out. But inside, he found the living room empty, all the blinds were up and the place looked as tidy as could be.

He slumped down on the sofa, and looked around for the remote for the television. Nowhere to be found. He delved down the cushions of the sofa, but instead of finding the remote, he came up with a small pair of panties – turquoise cotton thongs to be precise.

They were still slightly moist to the touch. He held them up to his nose and breathed in that intoxicating aroma of female arousal. Hmm, looked like somebody had been having a good time while he’d been out with Francesca. There was a tiny black hair in the garment, which probably pointed the finger at Penny. What had they all got up to?


It was Lucy, his soon-to-be step-sister, walking down the stairs with a satisfied grin on her face.

“Hi Lucy,” he smiled back at her, slipping Penny’s underwear into a pocket. “Good day?”

“I’ll say,” she said, slumping down opposite him in an armchair. “I’m pooped!”

“I’m quite tired myself,” he admitted.

“So what happened?” Lucy asked. “Don’t leave anything out at all.”

“What happened to you guys?”

“You first,” she said.

So he told her, describing every detail he could remember of the day, and as he spoke, she lifted her skirt to reveal that she was wearing no panties, her tender pussy glistening under the triangle of cherry hair. He actually enjoyed telling her just how he felt about Francesca, just what it was like in those changing booths all over the mall, and Lucy slipped a finger inside her juicy vagina.

“So what about you?” he asked after his narrative had come to a close. “What happened to you guys after I left?”

“Mmm…” she moaned, an impish smile over her pretty face. “You ever play ‘adult poker’?”

“Not that I can remember.”

“We did. It’s a little like strip poker,” she began, stirring her finger inside her pussy, “but strip poker is for kids. This was the real thing.”


“What do you mean you’re leaving? Why are you inviting us over if you’re not going to be here?”

Two of Jonathan’s school friends had stood out on the porch, looking a little bewildered. They hadn’t seen him for days, and now all of a sudden he had picked up a gorgeous girlfriend and didn’t seem all that keen to be seeing them. The gorgeous girlfriend was the obvious explanation, and standing there, looking at her, their lustful glances were mixed with envious sentiments: she was breaking up their friendship. It looked as though Jonathan wouldn’t be hanging with them for the Christmas vacation, and it wasn’t as interesting fooling round as just a pair.

“We have to go to the mall,” Jonathan sounded very apologetic, “Oh, guys, er…this is Francesca, by the way.” The cute blonde stepped forward and held out her hand. “Frannie, meet Charlie and Leo.”

“Hi,” she smiled and shook their hands, “nice to meet you both.”

She looked them over: Lucy and the girls were going to enjoy themselves, that was for certain. Charlie was a similar height to Jonathan, with round glasses that made him appear clever and sensitive under a mass of brown curly hair. He looked like a really nice guy, as did Leo, who was much taller than any of them, and looked to be quite the athlete with very short blonde hair and broad shoulders. Boy, were they in for a surprise today!

“Why don’t you guys come inside,” Jonathan said, “and I’ll try to explain.”

They all headed into the living room, and found Lucy, Anna and Penny lounging around watching television. Anna, a confident short-haired blonde particularly drew the boys’ eyes, since the way she had draped herself across an armchair, she revealed under her skirt a certain amount of red and white striped underwear. Charlie and Leo looked completely baffled again: what were all these pretty girls doing at Jonathan’s house? For as long as they’d known him, he’d been an only child, and all three of them had laughed at how none of them were very good with the opposite sex. What was going on?

“Charlie and Leo,” Jonathan introduced them, “this is Lucy, Penny and Anna.”

“Hi,” the three girls got up to greet the newcomers.

“Nice to meet you,” Charlie and Leo said to the three girls. Both of their heartbeats soared. What was the deal here?

“Lucy’s the daughter of my dad’s new fiancée,” Jonathan explained, and his two friends nodded their understanding. “And Penny, Anna and Francesca are all friends of hers from school.”

“Thought you’d found a genie in a lamp or something,” Charlie slapped Jonathan on the back.

“Well,” Jonathan smiled and hugged Francesca, “as good as.”

“So what’re you guys all up to?” Leo asked, trying to keep his eyes from wandering to the prominent cleavage around the room.

It bursa anal yapan escort was the redhead, Lucy, who answered him. “Jonathan’s devoted himself to my friend Frannie, there,” she said, approaching the tall blonde boy, “so promised us that you two could…entertain us instead.”

“I don’t see why not,” Leo said, as Lucy approached him and placed her arms around his neck. It wasn’t as though he had the choice by now.

Penny and Anna introduced themselves to Charlie with the use of a few strategically placed kisses as Lucy began to slowly seduce Leo. Francesca turned to signal to Jonathan that they had things to be getting on with.

“See you later, guys,” Jonathan called before the two of them departed, but for some reason, he did not get a reply.


All around the house, the blinds on the windows were down as two schoolboys and three schoolgirls took their places around a low coffee table, each of them sitting cross-legged without any shoes, bottles of beer standing in front of them. Lucy, it was, that took control of proceedings, shuffling the deck of cards before placing them in the very centre of the table.

“Right,” she said, “first, I’ll explain the rules.”

All five of them looked at each other nervously: even the girls were nervous, despite what they’d got up to before with Jonathan. For they didn’t know much about the two boys here, and playing an erotic card game with strangers was bound to stir up the anxiety a little.

“Okay,” Lucy said, picking up the pack of cards. “First of all, each player here will be given five cards.” With quick flicks of her wrists, she dealt out the cards to each of them. “Look at your hand,” she went on, “and then starting from my left – that’s you, Anna – you have to put a stake in the middle of the table. Minimum bet: one item of clothing.”

They all looked at Anna, who seemed to enjoy the attention on her.

“Okay…” said the blonde with a grin. “I’ll bet…my sweater.”

She pulled off the thin crimson garment, stretching up her arms to pull it over her head before placing it in front of them, on the table. Underneath the sweater, she wore a fairly tight white t-shirt that did very little to conceal her full chest.

“Right,” said Lucy. “Penny, you’re next. You can either match Anna’s stake of one item of clothing, raise the stakes or fold if your hand’s no good.”

“Then I’ll stake my sweater too,” the raven-haired Penny said, pulling off her dark blue sweater and dumping it on top of Anna’s. Underneath, Penny had a small pale blue cotton tank top, her black bra slightly visible underneath.

“Okay, so you get the picture?” Lucy asked, before taking a sip of beer. “Once it gets round to Anna again, she can either keep it going – raising the stake – or ask to see your cards. Whoever wins gets the stake. If you’re running out of clothes when you win some more, you can put on whatever you like that’ll fit. Even if you don’t wear what you win, you can still use it as a stake – just like chips in a casino. Get it?”

There were nods around the table.

“Wait,” Charlie said – it was his turn next. “What happens when someone has no more clothes to bet with? Do they lose?”

“No,” Lucy smiled. “Where would the fun be in that? When you run out of clothes,” she picked up a notepad from under the coffee table, “you can ask the dealer for a loan.”

“A loan? How does that work?” Charlie asked.

“The dealer hands you a piece of paper,” Lucy answered, “this counts as your stake. If you win the round, you get the stake back, so you don’t have to do anything. But if you lose your stake, you have to carry out a dare, chosen by the dealer, before we start the next round.”

“What happens to the piece of paper when the dare’s been completed?” Penny asked.

“It goes to whoever wins, and they can use if it they want to as a stake – but whenever a piece of paper changes hands,” Lucy warned, “whoever loses it has to do a dealer’s dare. Okay?”

“Very well,” Charlie said, a wry smile on his intelligent-looking face. “Then it’s my turn. You girls don’t seem too confident just putting in your sweaters, so I’m going to raise it to two items.”

He pulled off his socks, and Lucy pointed out that socks counted as a single item. With a slight shrug, he pulled off his shirt. Underneath, he wore a simple white t-shirt.

“I’m folding,” Leo said, dropping his cards in front of him on the table. The others jokingly booed him, and the turn reached Lucy, the red-haired dealer.

“Hmm,” she said, peering at her cards in close scrutiny. “Okay,” she looked across at Charlie, smiling at him suspiciously, “I’m game.” She wasn’t wearing a sweater, but she removed a thin silver necklace and dropped it on the table, much to the consternation of the others. “It counts,” she insisted, “it counts. And anyway, I’m the dealer, so what I say goes.” As if to make up for her bending of fairplay, bursa eskort however – or perhaps to raise the temperature in there a little – she decided to remove her blouse next in order to equal Charlie’s stake.

The others gave chuckles or giggles or even the odd wolf whistle as they watched her fingers undoing the buttons on her blouse all the way down to her skirt. As she pulled it aside, pushing out her chest as she unthreaded her arms from the garment, Charlie and Leo’s eyes widened, and they looked at each other briefly, as if to confirm that it was actually happening there before their eyes. Underneath her blouse, Lucy wore nothing but a white lace bra to cover her small but beautifully rounded breasts.

There were a few shivers going round the five of them – not from the cold, but from the nerves. This was going to turn out to be some day.

“You’re up, Anna,” Lucy said, doing nothing to hide herself from prying eyes. Leo and Charlie both tried not to appear as if they were looking at her bra, but it was hard not to. Neither of them exactly had a lot of experience with women: Charlie especially. “If you want to see our cards,” the pretty redhead said, “you have to equal the stake. Otherwise you fold. Oh, you can still raise it, of course.”

“Okay,” Anna said, looking round the table. She loved the way the boys were surreptitiously looking at Lucy now, and she wanted some of that attention for herself. Perhaps not too much though – with a pair of twos, she didn’t have wonderful cards, and at this nervous early stage of the game, she didn’t want to be the first one pulling off her panties in front of these strangers, friends of Jonathan or not. She needed a bit more beer inside her first.

She equalled the stake by pulling her t-shirt off, to show that her red-and-white striped panties the boys had had a glimpse of earlier was in fact a red-and-white striped teddy, reaching up from underneath her skirt to enclose her breasts with a little under-wire, two thin straps fastened over her shoulders. That would be one less item she could stake – bummer.

“Right, so everyone has to show their cards now,” Lucy said, dropping her hand down to reveal a pair of threes and a ten.

They all dropped their hands, and it was Anna that one the hand, pulling the mound of clothing over towards her, slipping her t-shirt back on, but leaving her other winnings in a pile beside her.

With the beer flowing freely, the five of them began the next round, each one wondering what the others would do, and what the others had in their hands. Anna had won the round, so she started the next: a pair of jacks sitting nicely. With her pile of winnings, she could afford to lose more than the others, so she put two items into the middle of the coffee table: Charlie’s shirt and Penny’s sweater.

Penny looked at Anna, trying to see whether she was bluffing or not, but couldn’t tell. Penny had a couple of fives in her hand, and that was better than nothing, wasn’t it? She pulled off her navy-blue socks and placed them on the pile – then her nerves started to get the better of her. She wasn’t quite as full-chested as Anna, and not quite so confident as Lucy, so she didn’t really want to expose too much of herself at this stage, with not even a single bottle of beer within her to give her courage. But the others were looking at her in that way, pointing out that she still had to match Anna’s stake. Maintaining her coverage, she reached her arms up behind her back, underneath the pale blue cotton tank top and unfastened her bra, pulling it out to drop it on the table.

“Now that’s strategy,” Anna giggled.

“Charlie’s go,” Lucy said.

Charlie pulled off his glasses, but Lucy told him that they didn’t count as an item.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” the brown curly-haired boy complained. “You girls wear more stuff than we do. Your necklace was an item, Lucy, why not my glasses?”

“Because you have to be able to see in this game, otherwise it spoils the game.”

“Well I don’t think that’s fair.”

He stood up to remove his white t-shirt and khaki chinos – much to the great amusement of the others. For a fairly bookish boy, he had quite a good body, and the girls’ eyes spent a fair while checking him out after he sat down again in just a pair of fairly loose blue boxers.

Leo, who had folded the previous round so hadn’t lost anything, now donated his black socks and faded athletics sweatshirt to the proceedings. The buck passed to Lucy.

The pretty young redhead had two kings, and that was a very good thing in her book. But she was fast running out of clothes: she had better win the hand, or there would be trouble. She stood up, to a small cheer from the others, took a large swig of beer to finish her first bottle, then reached up under her skirt to pull down her white nylons and toss them onto the heap. After this, things were getting interesting. She sat down, looking at the others waiting for bursa escort kızlar her to pull off the second item of her rapidly diminishing wardrobe, and had to admit to a few butterflies fluttering around her stomach. Finally, she made a decision, and reached around to pull off her bra.

The boys tried desperately not to stare at her pretty little breasts with the sweet pink nipples stiffening in the centre, but it was hard not to. It wasn’t every day they got to see topless females, after all.

“Okay,” Anna said, “I wanna see your cards, guys.”

The blonde was playing it safe this round. And with good reason: as the hands fell to the table, it was Charlie’s triplet of nines that won it – much to his relief. Scooping up the clothes, he grinned like the Cheshire Cat, putting his khaki chinos and white t-shirt back on, but leaving the other items at his side. It was warming up in there, and he couldn’t be bothered to put unnecessary clothing on when he could just as well leave it and use it as a stake.

Now both Charlie and Anna were fairly wealthy in the clothes department, but the others’ accounts weren’t looking quite so healthy.

Charlie had absolutely hopeless cards, however, next go, and folded. The others jeered at him for winning so much the previous round and then chickening out.

“Not my fault I got dealt dodgy cards,” he smiled.

“Ever heard of bluffing?” Leo asked.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t reveal what you’re going to do, Leo,” Charlie laughed, and Leo smiled back before attempting to put on a poker face again.

Leo’s turn, and he was quietly confident, but not particularly rich, so he pulled off his long-sleeved grey t-shirt and placed it in the middle as the girls’ eyes meandered over his strong torso.

Lucy was next, but in her state, she wasn’t going to risk anything with her current hand, and she folded.

“Anyone staying in this round?” Leo asked.

“Sure,” Penny replied, “and I’ll raise you.”

Her confident expression denoted either a good hand or an even better bluffing technique as she stood up to pull down her jeans, revealing the small turquoise thongs underneath, which Leo tried very hard not to stare at – getting an erection at this stage might not be such a good idea, and with Penny stripping off, he could feel that tingling sensation down there that would soon turn his penis hard.

The attractive black-haired girl sat back down, realising that her confidence had led her into betting more than just her jeans: she now had to pull off her tank top, and with no bra on underneath, opened her breasts to the others’ eyes.

She dropped her top in the middle of the pile quickly, hoping that a certain blond boy wouldn’t get too much of a look before she could draw her knees up under her chin to hide herself with her legs. Slightly blushed, she looked over at Leo, who smiled at her. Her insides nearly melted, and she dearly hoped that her panties wouldn’t be wet if she was going to have to bet with them – and she had the feeling she would have to.

Penny hadn’t been quite so nervous the day before, when they’d played truth-dare with Jonathan. Right now, she was really nervous, and it had something to do with Leo sitting opposite her across the coffee table.

“Hmm,” said Anna, still with a surplus of clothes. “Are you guys bluffing, or what?” she smiled, “okay, I’m game…I’ll put Charlie’s socks and Lucy’s blouse down…” she dropped the items on the pile, “I’ll keep that nice bracelet of yours for now, Luce.”

Then it was back with Leo.

“Back to me,” he said, looking from Anna back to Penny. “I’ll see your bet,” he said, unfastening his black digital watch and dropping it into the centre. Charlie frowned briefly at his friend using a watch as a stake when he was unable to use his glasses. “And I’ll raise it again,” he said, knowing he was one step ahead of Penny in the betting stakes.

The athletic blond boy stood up, and popped the buttons on the fly of his black jeans. Penny felt the core of her body heat up by a few degrees as he stooped to pull the jeans down his legs. Underneath, he wore grey skin-tight undershorts, and there could be no doubting that he was fairly gifted underneath them. The sight fair took her breath away, but she tried to act as though it made no difference to her.

Leo folded his jeans and added them to the pot. He had nice legs, too, Penny noticed as he sat back down.

Oh God, now it was back to her. What did she do? If she folded right now, she’d keep her panties, but then that would be all she had to bet with in the next round, and besides, what if Leo was bluffing? If she wanted to see his cards, she would risk losing her panties, though. If she wanted to raise him, she’d be the first to submit to a dealer’s dare. She looked across at Leo. Somehow, she figured Anna didn’t have anything special in her hand. It was her against Leo.

“What are you going to do?” Leo asked, his eyes fixing on hers. Oh God, why did it have to be her facing Leo like this?

“I’ll see you,” she said, and somehow managed to slip off her panties without shifting position, throwing them onto the pile with her modesty still intact, hidden by her legs and feet. There was a small wet patch on her thongs, but she hoped no one spotted it as they landed in a ball on the pile.

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