The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 26


First Date

The following Wednesday Mark took Marcie on their first real date. The Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Cali, located at the foot of Bednarik Crossing, a half block from Coyne’s Steakhouse where Marcie played piano nightly.

Marcie bought a little black dress especially for the evening. It was a little too short and a little too clingy and it cost twice what she’d intended on paying, but it was perfect for the evening she had in mind. The slinky black dress combined with black thigh highs, her only usable pair of ‘fuck me’ stilettos, (She made a mental note to buy another pair with her next paycheck.) no bra and just a black thong would provide her with the exact combination of chic and wanton availability.

She was certain that they would spend the night together. Lord knows, she thought, I’ve craved sex the last couple days after that little minx Aniah told me how she let those boys gang bang her.

She ran her hands up and down her sides, admiring her slender form. She admired her small, apple shaped breasts, flat tummy and narrow hips, and she twisted round looking over her shoulder at her small, tight heart-shaped derrière. She liked to imagine what other people thought when they saw her naked and it never failed to excite her to think that her body was desirable and turned others on. Her fingers slipped down the front of her thong and she was pleased with the smooth feel of her hairless sex, the result of regular waxing since meeting Yvonne two months before.

She watched Mark’s eyes light up on seeing her when she answered the door and breathed a sigh of relief. It’s going to be fine, she told herself.

“You look stunning tonight Marcie,” he said, “I didn’t think it possible, but … yes, you’ve outdone yourself. You are absolutely gorgeous.”

“Thanks, Mark, you’re looking quite dashing yourself,” Marcie replied, growing wetter with his compliments.

They caused a slight stir in the cliental when they arrived at Pho Cali. From Marcie’s perspective, Mark looked even handsomer than he had the last time she’d been with him, and that was going some. Needless to say she was aroused; not only by his close proximity, but by the looks the other diners, both men and women gave them as the Maître de escorted them to their table as well as the knowledge she would have him inside her before the night was much older.

“Mr. Newlin!” the owner screamed as she recognized Mark as they were seated at a corner table in the back with a view of all the comings and goings within the restaurant. He had been introduced to her three days before when County Commissioner Borelli, insisted he join him and Chastened’s Mayor, Bill Adams to discuss several possible projects.

“I’m impressed,” Marcie laughed. “You’re a celebrity. I had no idea. I’ve never been here before and I work just down the street. Kind of weird, you know?”

“No, not at all; I happened to have had lunch with the Mayor here a couple days ago. I got his tentative approval to design the new courthouse they want built.” He paused then laughed. “Oh … you meant the restaurant! Weird that it’s so close to work and you’ve never been. Dumb as a rock, that’s me!”

“I didn’t know you were in construction too!” Marcie said, choosing to ignore his self-depreciating remark.

Mark nodded, appreciating her tactfulness. “I’m not! I’m the architect, but it’s a major job designing inside and out, worth about $200,000 to my firm when all’s said and done. I should add the possibility of other contracts stemming from that one as well. So all in all, a very good day.”

Just then a waiter appeared at their side and he ordered for them without asking Marcie what she might want to drink.

“Wall Street Whiskey?” She said, questioningly.

“Yeah … I had some the other day. His Honor insisted. Don’t let the name fool you: Wall Street alcohol has very little to do with New York’s financial district. It’s actually a blend of Scotch and local Vietnamese spirits that has become widely available throughout the country. It’s not technically a whiskey, but for all intents and purposes is treated as one.”

“Are you ordering for me too?” Marcie inquired, not really caring if he did, all she wanted was to finish the meal and jump his bones. Damn that little slut, Aniah for turning her on. She was still turned on! Conveniently forgetting that Mark’s close proximity might have had something to do with her feelings more than Aniah did.

“No, but I will suggest some things from the menu as it’s in Vietnamese.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t … um, go ahead, what’s good?”

“Well then, if you like noodles, I recommend Po, a salty broth with fresh rice noodles, a sprinkling of herbs and chicken or beef. It’s a mainstay in their diet back home.”

“Mmmm, and?”

“Um, there’s Cha Ca, a dish of sizzling chunks of fish seasoned with garlic, ginger, turmeric and dill on a hot pan tableside. I’m told it’s so exceptional they named a street in the capital after it.”

“I’m impressed you know all this.”

“Thank the Mayor and tecavüz porno Mr. Borelli. And if you like crepe dishes, you might want to try Banh Xeo, a crispy crepe bulging with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts, plus the garnish of fresh herbs that are characteristic of most authentic Vietnamese dishes. You err, cut it into manageable slices, roll it up in rice paper or lettuce leaves and dunk it in whatever special sauce the chef has mixed up for you. He told her about several other dishes then closed his menu and looked at her.

Marcie’s eyes were sparkling and her thong was already wet. This guy went to a lot of trouble to impress me. He didn’t have to; he could have had me back in my apartment when I told him I’m a sex addict. Then when I all but lie down and spread my legs, he cut the date short and left. He refused to take advantage of me! I know he wanted me. I saw that boner, but he walked away rather than let me break the rules … although he did say we’d fuck, but didn’t say when. If I’m honest with myself I want him inside me. I can’t resist having sex.

“So what are you having? I can order something else and we can share.”

“I think we should start with Cha Gio, a kind of bite-sized crunchy spring roll with a crispy shell and soft veggie and meat filling dunked in a tangy sauce that will get your gastronomic juices flowing before a main course. But for entrée’s I’m opting for the Cha Ca, um, you know the fish dish.”

“Great, then I’ll go with that spring roll and the um, Bun bo nam bo. I feel like noodles, and this doesn’t have any broth. I prefer it that way. I don’t want everything soggy, I like crispy food. Beef, peanuts and veggies and a splash of fish sauce and fiery chili pepper.”

She was impressed when he ordered for them without faltering, and raised her glass of Wall Street Whiskey in a toast. “To superior knowledge.”

“Hardly,” he replied, but was pleased all the same.

“Well I’m impressed,” Marcie said with a smile. “Now I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes but can you tell me how you made out with that woman?”

Teasing her, Mark replied, “And which one might that be?”

Lowering her voice to a whisper, she answered, saying: “C’mon you fuckin’ horn dog, you know ‘which woman’ I mean!”

“Ah, the one at the party?”

“Yeah, Mrs. Borelli. The County Commissioners’ wife.”

“Um, you being in Sex Addicts Anonymous … should I be talking about such things?”

“I can break your kneecap with these stilettos here and now. I suggest you quit teasing me and answer the question.” This was said with a perfect smile on her face and no indication that she was threatening him.

“We had an interesting evening at their lake front home. The Mr. got involved at one point. The Mrs. was totally worn out by 10 o’clock that night.”


“Um, actually I doubt any woman can be worn out from sexual activities, unless she’s beaten during them and requires medical attention. I assure you that was not the case with the Mrs.”

“Mmm, the things we women do out of lo … oops, I mean lust.”

Mark raised an eyebrow at that and Marcie thought, God, he’s soooo hot!

She felt a sudden gush trickle from between her legs. Balling up her napkin, she said, “Point me toward the Ladies, please. I have a … um, nature calls, sorry.”

“It’s over to your left, see the statue of the Dragon?”

“Yes, okay, be right back, Mark.”

“I certainly hope so,” he said rising up as she did and turning to watch her walking to the ladies room in her clingy black dress. I bet she’s not wearing a thing under that dress, he thought as she vanished into the restroom.

It was a full ten minutes before Marcie emerged from the restroom. Just about every eye in the restaurant followed her as she made her way back to their table.

“Everything all right?” Mark inquired innocently.

“For the moment, Mark,” Marcie answered sexily and handed him the thong she had balled up in her fist.

“You have an accident … I mean these are kind of wet?”

“Mmmmm, yeah. Well you’re so fucking hot,” she said. “Made me wet myself. Let’s skip desert, Mark. I know what I want and they don’t serve it here.”

“I did that?”

She nodded.

“I thought you were looking for a real relationship, Marcie.”

“I am, Mark, but I consider fucking a part of it, don’t you?”

“You really want to know? I mean under the circumstances … ahh, shit! Can you handle it?”

“You know what I am, Mark. I can handle it. Can you?”

Mark felt like he’d been kicked in the stomach. But he also felt himself grow hard with wanting her. “I’ll get the check,” he said and waved to get the waiter’s attention.

The waiters bowed as they walked out. Marcie took his hand and leaned on his shoulder as they made their way to his car. The night was so humid it nearly took her breath away.

“So, does this mean we’re actually going out now?” He asked as they reached the car and he opened the door for her.

“Do you want me to be travesti porno your girlfriend or just a good fuck?”

“Girlfriend, by all means, Marcie,” he said joyfully and picked her up and swung her around twice. She wrapped her legs around him and laughed as I kissed her. When he finally put her down, her head was spinning and they were both laughing.

“Yes,” he said. “Yes I do. Do you want me to be your boyfriend? Your full time Sugar Daddy?”

Marcie bit her lip, “My Sugar Daddy?” She gave the idea some thought then answered, “Yeah … why not? C’mon Daddy let’s get on home,” she said, sounding just like a little girl.


They were just inside her apartment when Marcie slipped her tongue into his mouth, only this time she didn’t want to kiss him. She just wanted to lick and suck his mouth, lips and tongue, tasting him for her own pleasure. She licked deeply inside and then sucked his lips and tongue. She wanted to taste him, feel him on her tongue and drink his saliva. Mark was an experienced kisser, but he’d never experienced anything quite like this before. He liked it and tried to reciprocate, but found her so hungry for his mouth that he let her do all the work.

Eventually her lips slid back against his and they continued to kiss normally. Mark sighed into her mouth as her hand slid across his chest to his nipples to pinch first one and then the other, squeezing them more firmly than she had done before. He moaned and moved his body slightly against her hand. Almost reluctantly she left his mouth, sliding her lips down his neck, sucking and licking his smooth tanned skin as she went. Then, finding herself at his chest, she pressed her nose against his skin and breathed in deeply, savoring the unique smell of a man in heat.

Marcie pressed against him. His body tensed as she traced the line of his throat. She kissed him. Her hands were claws on his shirt, and something tore. He stuck a finger through the hole in the cotton and smiled. His lips were pink from her love bites.

“My favorite shirt. Was, anyway.” He stuck a finger in the hole and pulled until the shirt tore in two. “See? It’s no big deal.

She growled and dropped to her knees, and the contents of her purse spilled all over the floor. He felt her overheated mouth on his abdomen just exposed by the ripped shirt; felt her fingers pulling at his fly. He wasn’t wearing underwear, so her mouth was sucking on the tip of his cock before he could instinctively help her with her bag.

She wet him with a mouth half full of saliva the moment her lips hotly engulfed him; managing to squeeze his firm ass with both hands as she drew him deeper into her the welcoming warmth of her mouth and swirling tongue.

He arched his back slightly her hand returned to stroking his chest, particularly his nipples, now fully hardened.

Marcie knew how nice it was when someone expertly sucked and nibbled her nipples and she wanted to give Mark the same experience. Gentle sucking, licking and nibbling combined with harder sucking and biting was extremely erotic if done correctly. The skill came in not biting too hard so as to actually cause pain and Marcie was an expert at this. If she left a few bite marks on his body then so what? He was a big boy and didn’t have a wife to answer too.

She pressed her hand pressed flat against his chest, and while she did she chewed and sucked on his nipples. She sucked hard on one, and then pulled away to see his wet skin with a deep red mark around his nipple where her mouth had been.

Mark exhaled deeply and moved beneath her. “I like it when you do that, it’s nice.”

He moaned a little louder when she ground his nipple in-between her teeth and flicked her tongue over the little bud that she had trapped in-between them. Then, Mark moaned quite loudly as she slowly but firmly raked her fingernails from his pubic bone up to his sternum, leaving four faint-pink lines across his skin. She repeated the process and this time he arched his back, his body moving like a wave underneath her fingers. It was like playing Chopin, she thought.

She momentarily pulled up from his chest to look at his body. The skin around his hard nipples was wet and red from sucking, but she noticed too that the rest of his chest was a blotchy pink, a sure sign of arousal. She rested her cheek on his chest and looked down at his penis. She could see it pointed straight up at the ceiling and delighted in both its length and thickness. It will suit me just fine, she thought. Perhaps it’s time to give it some attention.

Marcie looked into his eyes as her fingers traveled down across his body towards his erection. I love it that he’s letting me do whatever I want. He’s a very confident man.

She continued to watch him as her fingers encircled his penis, and then gripped it firmly in her fist. His eyes closed and his lips parted, but at first she didn’t move her hand. She just enjoyed the feeling of holding it, increasing and decreasing the pressure xhamster porno of her grip and feeling the little throbs it gave back, as if in reply.

Oh, he’s gonna taste soooo good. He’s an all day lollipop, I’m gonna drive both of us crazy when I get him in my mouth!

She squeezed his penis. He gasped, and began rubbing her hot, sticky thighs in return, and then raised his knees so she could lean back comfortably. This simple act got Marcie so hot that she temporarily forgot about sucking on him.

“Touch it!” She said it in such a rough, dirty tone that he blushed.

She licked then spat on one of his thick fingers before guiding it down her slit. His cock poked promisingly against her ass crack. He flicked his finger on her clit, looking at her for approval. She giggled.

“Uh-uh,” Marcie said huskily. “Touch it like YOU want to.”

Some women know exactly what they want and have no compunctions about letting you know. Most prefer being abstract or even obtuse about it, but Marcie got right to the fucking point.

His mouth fell open. No female had ever told him that. Not one. She shrugged her shoulders. He knew enough to make her wait a little longer. He sat up and grabbed a thick handful of her hair, brought it to his nose and sniffed.

“What the fuck?” Marcie blurted out in surprise. “I thought…”

“I could smell you from the moment I walked in the door,” Mark growled as he maneuvered her to the couch and pushed her down. She giggled, girlishly as he reached out to lightly caress her shoulders, hips, and stomach with the tips of his fingers.

He kicked off his shoes; she wormed her way out of the slinky black dress and began to shudder with excitement as he peeled off his socks with his fully engorged cock waving wildly in all directions.

He buried his face in her freshly shampooed hair, “And you smell like someone who needs to be fucked hard.”

“Ohhh, Christ!”

He took her face in his hands and kissed her. Marcie’s body seemed to melt into the couch.

“Just—just touch me for a while …”

He was surprised at the heat she gave off when his two fingers entered her. Her swollen flesh swallowed his fingers easily.

Mark had always enjoyed fingering a woman. He’d loved doing this even after he’d had sex with them. There was something about being able to feel inside them, and being able to stretch and stroke and caress and more importantly, observe their varied reactions to the pleasure he gave them without being distracted with his own.

Marcie’s vaginal muscles grabbed at his fingers; resisting when he pressed into her hollows.

“Mmmmm, you’re good at this,” she moaned, already trembling. “Really good.”

Mark took complete control or perhaps Marcie relinquished it to him. Neither cared.

He leaned down and traced the line of her neck with his nose taking in her fragrance, and then draped her legs over his shoulders.

He put his nose to Marcie’s pussy and inhaled a vast cloud of her perfumed scent.

“Mmmmm, I thought so,” he murmured.

“What? What’s wrong?” Marcie blurted as several disastrous possibilities loomed in her mind.

“Nothing’s wrong, bitch,” Mark said, “You are a bitch; my bitch in heat.”

He recalled her demanding that he touch her, and did. Her clit was hot and hard under his thumb, and his mouth watered. The very thought of sucking her to orgasm nearly caused him to ejaculate, but he fought back the urge, gained control and resumed tonguing and licking her most sensitive parts.

Stunned, Marcie could only manage, “I love the way you’re touching me, baby,” she said, breaking away from him to kiss him again, even hungrier than before. Then bit his lower lip, but not hard enough to draw blood and asked, “I love your mouth, baby … but I also want you to fuck me. Would you? Please?”

He grunted once and sent his cock into her tight little furnace. They both grunted when his second thrust found him balls deep.

Marcie gasped, “Ohhh, GOD!”

He hadn’t planned on taking her like that, not the first time, but he had the urge to show her who was the man. She put her cheek up against the couch cushion wall and breathed softly. It was if she were letting him do it.

“I really, really like you,” he said, panting. His fingers dimpled her hips. She grabbed his ass hard then slapped it. “I really like you too,” she rasped, rolling her hips into his and establishing a quicker rhythm. Moments later she shook out of his tight embrace, but kissed him soft and deep.

His grip on her hips tightened again, as he renewed his thrusting. “Harder, you gotta fuck harder than that!”

He leaned into her and thrust again. She was wet enough and still tight from endless kegeling. But Marcie sighed and backed away enough to dislodge him.

The sudden loss of her deliciousness had Mark groaning, “No—No— No!” until Marcie motioned at the armless

chair several feet away. He shuffled over to it and sat down, his cock jutting upward at a comical angle. She followed him then stood there looking at him as he looked at her.

Mark wanted to do all sorts of things, nameless things; but pushed them aside. They were just starting out. It wasn’t befitting, and he refused to think of the sordid acts that she’d performed with and for others. That was the past. He was her future.

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