The Next Day

Big Boobs

The rest of the shift was uneventful. Casual chit-chat between my coworkers and myself. Hanna took a chance to flash me as she bent over to restock the refrigerator. She would shake her ass a little. I pretended to work on a bar-top machine so I could enjoy the show, a nice little nip-slip here and there as she bent into the refrigerator.Sue did her best not to blush every time we met. I even saw her slip off for a smoke with Hanna.With one hour left for the shift, I grabbed my log and headed out to the break area. I sat for a final break, noting the day’s work. Hanna appears out the door. She stole my cigarette, took a long drag, and looked at me.“You know she thinks we did that to trap her,” she says.“That was your idea,” I say, taking the cigarette back.“Didn’t you like your treat? I worked hard to get it to you.” Hanna smiled devilishly.I finished my log and went back. Looking at my watch, just twenty minutes left, I headed to the shop. The boss should be here to relieve me. I informed him of the evening’s events: not much peaceful night, a lot of cleaning accomplished.We finished up and head to the time clock. Sue was there waiting to punch out.We smiled at each other. “Heading to xnxx the bar?” I asked her. She answered yes. “Good, I will meet you there. Just have to run out to the car and change my shirt.”I got back inside and met up with Sue and Hanna at the bar. They saved me the seat between them. I ordered a beer and a shot of Jack, and the girls ordered their drinks. After about an hour of drinking and talking, we left and got some breakfast. We talked some more, Sue coming out of her shell.As we sat waiting for our meal, Hanna grabbed my hand and led it down to her thigh. Knowing already that she was hornier than hell, I started teasing her thighs, scratching. Sue looked up from her phone and saw Hanna gasp. Seeing this, I slipped my hand up her thigh and started teasing her pussy. God, she was wet as hell already. I looked over at Sue and asked her what was on her mind, my fingers rubbing and probing Hanna. She blushed and looked down, muttering about how she was getting hot.I smiled, hand working Hanna over nice and slow, Sue blushing more. I asked, “Do you wanna see?” She nods yes. I pulled my hand up and let her see my hand covered in Hanna’s juices. She gasped. I looked over and noticed bakire porno that her hand has been quite busy. Hanna took my hand and gave it a good long lick. Sue groaned, her eyes shutting. “Did you just…” Sue, panting, nodded her head.We ate our meal, talking softly about what just happened. I excused myself and went to pay the bill. The girls excused themselves to the restroom. I waited for them by the door. They were whispering to each other as they exited.“Where are we off to?” I asked.“Back to your house. I have the babysitter ‘til noon.”Hanna answered, “Oh, and Sue wants to come too, but she needs a ride.”“Ok let’s go, Sue can ride with me,” I said and took her by the hand, leading her to the car.It’s a short drive; I only live five minutes away. I let her pick the music and enjoyed the ride. We parked and I led her into the house, Hanna pulled in and almost ran to join us. The moment the door closed, Hanna nearly knocked me over as she jumped onto me, kissing me hard. I wrapped my arms around her and let my tongue explore her mouth, rubbing at her tongue.She let go of me and tried to pull away. “Nope, you’re mine now,” I said as I pushed bedava porno her up against the wall and started nibbling at her neck. She moaned loudly. I could hear light panting behind me.“Stay right here, little girl. Someone else needs some attention.”I turned to Sue to see her eyes locked on us. I could see her chest heaving, her lips quivering.“Come here, I want a kiss!” I demanded of her.Sue walked over and I leaned down, kissing her lips softly. I could almost hear her purr as I licked her lips and kissed her more.Hanna let out a soft moan. I peeked over my shoulder and Hanna had her hand under her skirt. I pulled back from Sue, her eyes closed and arms wrapped around my neck.“I think Hanna is having fun watching us,” I said as my hands rubbed at Sue’s back. “Should we give her more to see?”Sheepishly, she said yes. I pulled her close and let my hand hands run down her back and squeezed her ass hard. She moaned louder. I slowly started kissing and nibbling her neck and throat.Sue gasped hard, holding tight around my neck, my hand slipping her shirt up, my right hand slipping in and releasing the clasp of her bra. She giggled softly. I pulled her arms off my neck and swept her shirt and bra off in one smooth motion. Hanna moaned loudly. I peered down and saw her beautiful perky tits, nipples standing straight out. Licking my lips, I leaned down further and kissed her nipple softly, my lips brushing and hot breath blowing.

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