The Old Man

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Nobody ever seemed to know what he did! He always seemed to be in the way, this old, white haired NOTHING! This man with the perpetually smiley face! He was ALWAYS sticking his nose in places they didn’t belong!

When she asked the elders or the women, the answer was always the same – nobody seemed to know what he did. They all said that, when he was in his prime, he was the greatest of their hunters. They quietly tolerate his antics now, because of his past. As it was, he even SMELLED badly! All, however, treated him with the utmost respect – even all the boys and men. The girls, however, seemed to avoid him – they didn’t abuse him because they saw how the rest respected him – but rather than respecting him, they would just avoid him.

She did, however, notice that he had an eye for the young girls, and for some reason, especially for her. Why? She didn’t know. But, he would pick wild flowers and give them to the young girls and all the women. The women would seem to receive his gifts with a smile – the young girls would frown at him, but then treat him with respect. When he left, they would throw the flowers away.

She was young, but had recently had her first period – she was becoming a woman and would be eligible for marriage. She looked fondly at the young, strong hunters and saw what mighty, fierce, beautiful warriors they made! With soft curly hair, they would perform heroic deeds, bringing back only the best of kills. She would nestle as near to them as she could, within the confines of her family’s space in the cave. She would smile at them, and noticed that most of them would sort-of smile back – she wasn’t the most beautiful of the girls. She noticed that the old, scarred man would smile his brightest smile for her, though.

Finally, the day came, and she was made ready for her “coming of age” ceremony – her hair washed and perfumed with flowers, scrubbing sweet-sand used on her body and between every crevice and in her navel until she felt like she had been raked over a gravel pit! A little dab of honey had been placed in her navel. Then, she was dressed in the most beautiful of gowns, with her navel and belly area left open. She thought she had a beautiful navel, oval and deep, overly large, softly inward curving – the others would make fun at her because she had such a large navel! She thought it looked very good though, and would practically orgasm whenever she merely touched it. She wondered how come her dress was open, though, exposing her navel.

With drum, song and appropriate prayers to the gods on her behalf, she was led by all the men and elders – all men – no women, into the circle in a special cave where a bed had been created. She was to be made love to by the most HANDSOME, of the men, she was sure! She had been told that she would enjoy it and that she was to relax. She was STRICTLY admonished that she was NOT to touch her lover’s body nor open her eyes! She was to do NOTHING that would give who he was away. She just KNEW that the one elected to open her and “cross her over” would be the one she would be mated with – her perfect lover.

The humming having started, she was laid on the bed. To the delight of her senses, her nose, she smelled the sweetest, yet most thrillingly manly smell she had ever sensed! Excited, her whole body was trembling!

Strong hands gently, oh so very gently held her, as he lay between her legs! Slightly confused by the sensation, what she felt between her legs was indeed a man’s body but yet, not as strong as she perceived the young men would feel. But yet, his touch was so gentle, urfa escort and yet so very in control, she could not help but be totally in his power.

He had gently removed her gown – which had been specially made for this, and to her utter sexual delight the first place he kissed was her navel! A lightning bolt, an arrow, of pure erotic HEAT shot through her navel, her whole bod,y as she felt him gently brushing his face and lips against her navel and her soft belly! OHHHHHH, by the gods! Ohhhh, how she was INSTANTLY in Flames!!

Her body writhing, her belly heaving with the utmost erotic pleasure ever imagined, she melted totally in this beautiful “stranger’s” arms – surely the most handsome of the men, yet maybe still not the full warrior she imagined. She didn’t care; this man had her totally in his power as she felt his tongue lovingly probing her navel, his hands loving her belly as only a DREAM could do! From that very first kiss, she was wailing, and writhing, her belly convulsing in pure pleasure as this man mastered her sexually and emotionally.

Occasionally, she found that he would wander to her breasts or even her mouth. She would cry out and plead, PLEASE master!! Please, to my navel and my belly, please!! At this command, he would obediently go back to kissing, nuzzling and gently biting her navel and belly (although she was thrilled by even his kisses to her mouth and breasts.) She wanted more!! She wanted him to stab her navel; she wanted him to rip her belly apart with his teeth! She wanted him to devour her navel and belly! Her body was in TORMENT from his kisses! How could this man worship her navel and belly, when she was pudgy and curvy, with this PAUCH where her navel was – not flat and sexy like the other girls with this huge HOLE of a navel! She had been wailing and screaming her delight in continuous cries! She thrilled at his fingers gently moving adoringly over her navel rim, and across the swell below her navel – her, previously mentioned “paunch.” He was WORSHIPING her “paunch, his lips like burning coals on her swell!”

Gently, oh so gently backing up his ministrations to every square inch of her belly and her navel was his hands – one hand caressing her soft belly, caressing that paunch that she hungered to have loved, and her breasts, the other gently inserted into her womb which, from the first kiss, was dripping with nectar. He expertly, like never imagined, even more gently than she herself had done, caressed inside her with his rough hunter hands, which further excited her – texture to the smoothness of her own hands – adding to the hot fire in her belly and navel! None of the women, whom she had talked to about her coming-of-age celebration, had seemed to act like this. They were pleased and happy and indeed had climaxed with his ministrations – whoever he was. But, not like THIS!!

She could hear the man softly groaning, again confusing her as this did not seem to be the sound of a youth! But, his TOUCH, his KISSES!

Climaxing over and over again, he finally felt her enter her, with a very STRONG, HARD, THICK member, as he gently, expertly slid into her – in the softest entry she could ever imagine! Even her own ministrations with her hands were not as soft!

She was in the hands of the UTMOST Expert! Her belly, her navel, her womb – all of her, in the hands of this formost, gentle hunter!

Having broken her maidenhood, which hurt slightly, but still was masked by the extreme pleasure, she felt the rich, warm flow of his nectar deep inside her belly balıkesir escort – warming her and pleasing her – not as much as the wonderful feel of his skin on her belly though – but so very pleasing indeed! He had gone back to kissing her navel and belly, helping her to stay on top of her multiple climaxes. He bit her navel rim – much harder than ever before, which caused her to gasp and jump harder! She heard him utter a grunt of apology.

Ohhhh, NOOOO it happened – she opened her eyes!! NOOOOO, by the gods! There on top of her was this OLD MAN!! Noooooo! Not HIM!! Her body still in flames, she whimpered piteously as she looked at him. Although you could see he was hurt by her stare of surprise and a certain measure of disgust and her look of incredulous betrayal, he never-the-less brought her down with the gentlest ministrations he could – until she lay there in a weak, baby-like heap, her body curled in a fetal ball.

Putting his finger to his lips, he had cautioned her not to say anything. Afterwards, all the elders came to her, and by the strictest warnings, commanded her to keep silent to everybody about her “lover”. As yet, she could see him walking away, crushed, with a totally defeated look on his face, not crying, but near to it – a gentle but proud look on his face. Although she had been shocked by this revelation, she now looked at him through slightly different eyes. She saw the age, and the scars, but she also saw the immense love and gentleness that he gave out – that was him. Instead of a scarred old man, she saw instead, a sweet face where before she could only see age.

Through the time that followed, no man, even the older ones, came forward to claim her as his mate! She was plain and chubby! Not sleek and beautiful like the other girls! The young men would poke her in her navel! It didn’t feel all that good; they would make sure it HURT! The old man would shoo them away from her whenever they would taunt her! Out of respect, they obediently would leave. When men would have sex with her – it was not LOVE, not like what that old man did for her! It would leave her crying and sore with a huge ache in her soft, curvy belly and her navel. She would go off alone and cry – and for some reason, the old man and his technique would ALWAYS come back to her – never again had she felt this expert gentleness and love!

Still, he gave out flowers to the women and girls and still gave her the best. She found she began smiling at him and keeping the flowers, rather than discarding them as the other girls did. She would line her bed with them and lay in that sweet smell, thinking of the moment when this unlikely man made love to her – LOVE, not Sex!! LOVE!!

She found herself wandering around his area, feigning interest in what he was doing. He actually took the time, not like the women who would push her around and scold her for not learning fast enough, but with patience and smiles and love in his gentle guidance and eyes. She found herself snuggling onto his lap when some woman of the tribe was meaner to her than usual. He would wrap his arms so gently around her and begin humming a soft song just to her. With his hands gently touching her belly and navel – she would gasp and arch hard, pushing her soft belly into his hands! Again, she would instantly feel that rush of ecstatic climax as his touch would bring back what he had done to her.

Eventually, she found that she was with him all the time, as he held her in his arms, cradling her like the most precious of babies as his touch trabzon escort to her belly and navel brought her the utmost of pleasures. Strange, he didn’t smell bad at all! Indeed, whenever his hands would touch some other place, she would very gently guide his hands back, although she loved him touching other areas as well. Indeed, he seemed to prefer her navel and her belly, gently drawing little circles on her navel rim and inside as she felt him enjoying it too – although odd at first, she came not only to enjoy his excitement – from THIS OLD MAN – but to do whatever she could to promote it. She found him teasing him, dancing her navel in front of his eyes, just out of reach of his hands, until finally, both of them giggling, she would get “caught” and he would pull her navel to his mouth, her soft, curvy belly to his face as he would provide her the GREATEST of pleasures, as on that first day.

Having been alone since his mate died, he had stayed alone, never even availing himself, which was his right, to lay with a woman. He would eat and sleep alone, or with the elders – but never with a woman. However, he would let her sleep with him, curling his worn arms around her soft waist as if protecting a baby. Always causing her the utmost of sexual pleasure, his hand on her belly and his finger gently in her navel – she found they would play in the middle of the night, the deep respect of the elders, and the soft chides of the women, and the barely masked disgust of the young maidens, not withstanding.

He had asked her!! Why was she surprised and amazed that he would do this!!???

And, instead of just grabbing her and hauling her before the elders, he had ASKED her! He had asked her to be his mate! She found herself crying and clutching her soft belly tightly, in his eyes, the most BEAUTIFUL and most PLEASURABLE of bellies and navels – even more-so than his own mate’s had been. She could not help it, the deep emotion flooding through her body and aching in her little belly – and in a voice filled with tears of the utmost of joys, she said “Yes.”

Giggling and laughing, holding hands rather than her being dragged, they giggled like little children as they both raced to the elders, who – not being at all surprised, joyously said “Yes.” With beams elation on the elders’ faces and even from the women – disgust again being barely hidden by the girls, they were joined in which seemed like the grandest of celebrations for the two.

Indeed – that celebration continued on for the rest of their lives, as this “old man” felt himself made new and young by this “beautiful” girl and this girl made to feel the most precious of women in the arms of her “man”. They neither shared nor gave each other to any other. Except that he would, of course, “open the flower”, of every single maiden who came of age. THAT was his task. When the maidens would ask her about him, what his duties were, being that she lived with him, or if she knew anything about the “lover” in the coming-of-age ceremony, she would NEVER divulge his secret, but would shrug and say, he used to be the tribe’s chief hunter – above that, she didn’t know, and she knew not who the “lover” was. But, she would watch him wander around trying to help, and giggle because he saw the mischief in his eyes, and the youthful antics he would do – like that of a 5 year old child! She could never love someone more than he and he for her.

He continued placing the most beautiful of flowers on her pretty belly, every single morning – and would kiss her beautiful belly and navel every night. And, long past his passing, a flower would appear on her belly every morning, the soft petals kissing her navel. And at night, her hand on her belly, her finger gently caressing her navel rim, this would bring back the strongest and most wonderfully erotic remembrances of his amazing touch.

The touch of her ultimate lover – “The Old Man.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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