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Big Dick

Thanksgiving was around the corner and Joanie had no company coming over. She asked me if I would like to join her for a holiday dinner and I was very happy to accept the invitation. She said she would do the turkey, stuffing and an apple pie. I said I would do the mashed, squash and sweet taters as well as a pumpkin pie.

The day came and she wanted me to come over around noon. The turkey was ready and smelled delicious. Joanie had a nice table set up and I could see that the way she does things, she would make a lovely wife.

Having brought the vegetables in pots or casserole dishes we just zapped the food to warm it.And this gave us time for talking and playing piano. We worked on Chopin’s etude for a bit and of course I would snatch looks through her gold granny glasses. She noticed and said,

“When we get intimate, we can use these for foreplay.”

I was so pleased she said that, she was thinking about getting closer as well as I was.

“What was it you said about high heels, Randy?”

“Oh just that I like the looks of black patent, so glossy and sexy black and dressy.”

“I have heels like that, a few pair really. One pair has ankle straps and are known as “fuck-me pumps.” She said with a giggle.

I looked at her in utter surprise like, what you just said I did not expect.

“Randy, I am not a prude, when you get up in age you can say the wild thing at times.”

Man I was getting my loins in an uproar!

Time to eat and we sat and said grace first then “pigged out.” Talking about music and life or whatever came up and I was enjoying Joanie’s company very much.

Thanksgiving was very nice and I was thinking about what to get Joanie for Christmas. I figured some nice music books and those carrying bags from Sam Ash’s with the music notes all over it but I wanted Anadolu Yakası escort to get her something very personal like an engagement ring.

I knew I would ask her to stay the night so we would be together Christmas morning. But if that did not work I would find a good time to give her the ring.

Who knows, maybe she won’t even be around for the next two holidays but one thing is very certain. I want her in my life.

So a few days before Christmas I went to a well known jeweler with a few rings of Joanie’s to make sure I had the right size, and bought her an engagement ring.

I called Joanie to see if she had plans for the holiday holiday and she did not aside from wanting to go to church. So I asked her if she would like to spend the day with me and she said she would love to.

Joanie told me she wanted to go to church as she loved the Christmas carols and I told her I would like to join her which made her happier.

I had a nice meal all done up, standing rib roast;Yorkshire pudding; baked potato with sour cream and pies. Not to be forgotten was a gallon of eggnog to which I would add a bit of rum.

I was really looking forward to giving her that diamond ring, as I know she loved me and I did not want to go through life without her.

We came back to my place after Christmas mass and Joanie was pleased that I had the place nicely decorated, tricked out in lights and garland.

Of course I had a mistletoe hanging and I made sure were were under it and I gave Joanie a hug and a half and she told me,

“I like what’s going on south of the equator.”

“Joanie, lets stay north for the time being, we can go there later.

We were sitting on the sofa enjoying Christmas carols and I had the ring in a nicely wrapped box behind a cushion so I could Anadolu Yakası escort bayan get it. I pulled her closer with the arm I had over her shoulder and at the same time I kissed her, wishing her a Merry Christmas the ring made an appearance.

Joanie knew what it was by the size of the box. Taking my head in her hands she started to French kiss me and that was a long kiss. She was wearing Chanel No.5 and had her womanly fragrance. Then she opened the box and her eyes lit up like a pinball machine.

“Oh Randy, Thank you and Merry Christmas I love you!”

I knew she did, it did not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

“Randy I have something for you as well, over in the bag.”

Oh nice, some music books of the classics for medium grade piano players. I was so happy about that and it reminded me I had another gift for Joanie. That gift being music bags and musical manuscript paper and sheet music.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner. Joanie said she had a gift for me, that had to be opened in the bedroom.

“You mean you got me a “56 Flatbed Ford?”

“Even better!”

My eyes followed the backs of her three inch patent black heels into my bedroom. She was dressed so nice. A plaid skirt, creme colored blouse. She had a pair of gold half rounds hung from the eyeglass chain I made her. She looked so nice and a part of that is the love she has for her man that shows in her eyes.

She starts undressing and I just stand there watching how gorgeous she looks. I just had a great meal but my eyes are eating her up. Large lovely bosoms, must be 46D’s that filled a bra of silk and lace. She wore a matching slip and panties.

“Merry Christmas, Randy, I want your body!”

“To have this work out well we need foreplay.” Said Joanie in a escort bayan voice of happiness.

“I know you have a fetish for my half glasses and heels and I want to see what happens down there.”

And what she did was so nice, Yeah I have fetishes but I use them when I am alone or for foreplay. Woman’s things turn me on and I like that but women really turn me on.

Joanie touched me all over down there looking at me through a pair of gold half round style glasses as she touched me with her other styles of glasses and the fuck-me pumps she brought long. When I knew I was hard I went in.

Joanie wanted me.

“Cum on in Randy!”

And I went in and I am savoring the feeling of this wonderful gift of Joanie. The tightness of her love box, the heat of her passion and the feeling of her pussy juices sloshing around the long fat cock that has been thinking of her since day one.

“Give it to me hard an fast, Randy!”

“Oh yes my dear, you will get it the way you want it.”

Joanie was getting turned on even more so as her hips were bucking and she was breathing heavily.


I inched up on the bed for leverage with the hope I could give Joanie the full length of my manhood. I was loving this and the thoughts of her niceness at various times went through my mind like a movie. I knew she came as she stiffened up.

“Fuck me hard Randy!”

All of her loveliness and thoughts of her, and me being into her caused the gates of total ecstasy to be “blown apart” as I blew my love sauce way up into her. I kept pounding away and Joanie came again!

“YES! YES Oh Gawd YES!”

Joanie had such a lovely look of real contentment one does not often see.

“Oh Randy, what you did to me, I loved it, what a lover you are!”

We laid upon the bed for awhile talking about the last ten months and how happy we are together and that I see a happy life for the both of us.

We went to the dining room for some apple pie and ice creme then to the parlor to watch “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and as Tiny Tim said, “God bless us everyone.”



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