The Pleasurable And Thrilling First Time With A Trannie


My name is Cassandra Jenner, thirty years old and from London. I have always been open-minded to try and experience new things and people, especially when it came to sex. I’m very experienced in the bedroom. Bondage, lesbian sex, straight sex, I’m up for it. Sex relaxes me, and makes me happy.When I was eighteen, I was very much alone as my parents never had time for me in their own drama. So I would learn for myself what sex was by watching porn on the internet. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I was shocked and excited. Every day after that, I would watch porn and masturbate until orgasm. And boy, it made my miserable existence happy and relaxed.One thing I haven’t gaziantep minyon escort tried in my very active sex life is doing it with a trans-gender. It’s not that I don’t like the idea; it’s just that the opportunity to experience sex with a trannie never came around. I’d seen she-male porn, girls with dicks and balls, and that made me desire it. I wanted to have sex with a tranny.I went to a drag queen club one night in uptown London to see what all the fuss was about. The club was packed but I managed to find a space at the bar. I ordered a martini. I wore a gold shimmery mini dress and had my long dark nizip escort hair down, and gold heels to match. I thanked the bartender.The stage lights dimmed and then a stage light came on and a beautiful blonde tranny came out onstage in a lilac-coloured sequinned dress and began dancing. The way she moved gracefully across the stage moved me as I was captivated by her. When she was under the spotlight now and again, I could see the outline of her dick in her dress. I sipped my martini.The tranny finished her dance by doing the splits with her arms out like a ballerina.Everyone got to their feet and applauded and so did I.She nurdağı escort curtsied and smiled widely. Her eyes travelled around the crowded club and rested on me. She winked and then went off stage.An hour or so went by before the blonde tranny finished work and walked over to me in a pair of jeans and a white low-cut top at the bar.”Hi, I’m Wilma,” she said in a feminine voice, which surprised me as, for a tranny, I thought she would have a deep voice.”Cassandra,” I replied, shaking her right hand.Wilma sat on the stool in front of me and touched my right thigh. “Well, it’s a pleasure meeting you, honey. Would you like a drink?””Sure,” I replied with a smile. My eyes lingered down to her huge chest and I felt my pussy getting wet. They widened when I noticed a bulge in her pants.”See anything you like, honey?” she asked.I blushed as I quickly turned away.Wilma laughed and handed me a martini. “Well, to new friends,” she said.I clicked my glass against hers and we drank. “To new friends,” I said with a smile.

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