The Reluctant Submissive

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This story is a mixture of real life events and events that could have happened. At the time I’m glad they didn’t, but now I kinda wish they had.


It was the late 1970’s and a young man name Jack had been an 18 year old for less than six months. He was thin, only about 135 pounds, with dark brown wavy hair that fell just below his shoulders and a natural medium tan complexion. Since his birthday his life had changed dramatically and it seemed like, to him anyway, that he was finally experiencing sexual things he had only read and masturbated about. Since the internet and social media had not been invented yet, the only advice and information he had about sexuality and orientations came from the adult magazines he often read, so his thoughts were a little confused and unsure.

Less than a month after his 18th birthday Jack finally lost his virginity. He was in a relationship that was fun, but nothing beyond ‘second base’, so for his present he practically begged for his girlfriend Diane to have sex with him to which she had eventually agreed. Having sex the first time was everything he had hoped it would be. When he slid inside her warm wet pussy, he knew that the stories he had been reading in magazines had not exaggerated the joy of sex. He knew it wasn’t a grand performance and probably not long enough for her, but he figured any short comings would surely be forgiven under the circumstances.

Over the next few months they had sex regularly about once or twice a week. Usually the encounter was a two orgasm experience for him, but because of his lack of knowledge and experience, he wasn’t sure if she had ever came. She seemed to like it, but he really didn’t know how to please her and certainly didn’t know how to recognize a real female orgasm.

On one occasion Jack and Diane were in his room on the couch drinking some wine and smoking a little pot when things heated up and they began to get passionate. Eager to be naked, Jack stood up and slid his pants and underwear off revealing his cock and as it instantly grew harder…Diane watched. Feeling sexy and lustful, he straddled her lap and began kissing her passionately. She grabbed his cock firmly and began stroking it as they kissed and she too was became excited. Suddenly she sensed he was breathing faster and deeper and his hips pumped his cock hard against her hand. It was the first time she ever gave a guy a handjob in this position and she thought it was strange, but exciting. She ran her free hand up his exposed thigh and grabbed his ass and a moment later she felt warm fluid spray onto her forearm and ooze across her hand and palm.

“OMG Jack! You Came?” She asked surprised after he all but finished his orgasm. He had been extremely excited by what was happening and he couldn’t hold back. Now it was over, he was feeling a little embarrassed.

“Yes, I guess I did” He answered meekly, “I’m sorry, I just…”

“Oh don’t worry, I thought it was exciting too. It felt like our roles were reversed, you sitting on my lap and me getting you off, kind of like you were my girlfriend!” She kidded. That really embarrassed him and was blushing red as that was exactly how he had felt…like a girl, or more precise… a feminine character of some sort. He was confused and uneasy with the situation and tried to shrug it off as it being the pot they had smoked.

“Oh? Well must have been the weed Diane” He reasoned, “Guess I got a little carried away.”

“You must have been pretty excited” She smiled, “Come on, your turn to do me now!”

They played most of the afternoon, but in the back of Jack’s mind he kept wondering why feeling feminine had gotten him so excited.

Weeks passed and the events of that afternoon soon faded and life continued as normal. His relationship with Diane stayed about the same, a lighthearted sexual affair with neither of them growing too serious about it. School had come to and end and he had graduated with his class, but not without a lot of hard work juggling his dishwashing job at night and having extra classes to make up credits. He had been lazy and failed several courses his first two years in high school.

Thankfully the stress of passing his heavy workload of classes was over and he had his diploma in hand. His night shift job was now the only thing he had to do besides partying with his friends. The job was at a hotel restaurant and he had been one of the dishwashers there for almost a year and a half. It wasn’t a bad job, not too busy most of the time and when he wasn’t helping the cooks cutting lettuce or something, he could just kind of hang out. It was during the slow Uzun porno times that he had explored around the hotel and found he could access the seldom used banquet rooms from a service hallway that ran off the back of the kitchen area. As luck would have it, the hotel didn’t turn off the drink dispensers and he found in the kitchenette there was a multi-button tap that dispensed not only soft drinks but liqueur as well! More than once he had snuck back to the banquet room and made himself a rum and coke to make the evening of dishwashing more enjoyable.

Everything was going well and Jack’s only worries seemed to be what he would do if he had to work on a night when there was a really good concert he wanted to see. But that changed when the restaurant hired a new dishwasher. They wanted back up in case someone decided to go on vacation or decided to quit and move on. It was Thursday night when Jack met Rick for the first time. He seemed alright, he was older, around 45 and ruggedly handsome and on first impression he was someone you might like and not fear.

That evening Jack was tasked with showing Rick the dishwasher duties and later there was plenty of time to talk and get to know one another. It turned out that Rick had been in the Navy for a few years and had some interesting stories to tell of his travels around the world in one ship or another. To Jack it seemed strange that he had such a career and was now doing a minimum wage ‘Kids’ dishwasher job, but Rick explained it away saying he was just bored and wanted some extra spending money.

During one point in the evening Jack was showing Rick where to stack the clean plates when Rick leaned in close and put his hand on his shoulder to see back into the shelving. Jack thought it was a little too touchy for his liking, but didn’t really think much of it since Rick seemed ok. Later though, while Jack was sorting silverware, Rick came up from behind and stood next to him and once again placed his hand on Jack’s shoulder and said, “So Jack, you graduated High School recently?”

Jack responded after eyeballing Rick’s hand but pretending not to be bothered by the contact, “Yeah it was real pain…I had to make up several classes I failed earlier”.

“Oh, guess you were too busy chasing those young girls around to go to class?!” Rick kidding and casually let his hand slide down across Jack’s thin shoulders and to his lower back. “Ah Yeah” Jack responded wiggling away from Rick’s touch and looking at his smiling face, “You know how it is.” Rick crossed his arms and played it off, “Yes I know how it is, I like the young ones myself.”

Something about the tone and the touch bothered Jack and he felt uneasy with the situation. Another thing he noticed is that he felt strangely flush after thinking about it and he remembered that feeling from a few weeks before. He thought he must be imagining something, but he thought it was a lot like that feminine feeling he had with Diane when he had been straddled across her lap.

The next night was Friday and Jack was glad he didn’t have to work. After a night of friends and partying, the previous night at work and Rick seemed to disappear and things were back to normal. In fact, everything was great and when Jack took Diane home she surprised him with one of her fabulous blowjobs! As they sat in the car Diane sucked and slurped on his cock, which quickly brought him to a tremendous orgasm! Diane hungrily swallowed his cum and licked his cock clean as he returned from his orgasmic high.

“Good Night” Diane smiled and gave him a kiss, “Hope you enjoyed that!”

“Of course I did!” He said coming out of his daze, “Good Night Baby.” He tasted his cum on her lips and wondered if she intended that to happen. He watched her walk up to her parent’s house and as she turned and waved before she entered, he couldn’t help but further wonder what it would be like to have a cock explode in your mouth… “Ugh! Disgusting!” he concluded after a few seconds of the thought.

The next week at work was uneventful until Wednesday when Rick was scheduled to work again. Everything seemed pretty casual and Jack started thinking he had imaged the whole uncomfortable situation the week before and his mind was just messing with him. Work was pretty busy until about 8pm and then it tapered off to a crawl. Jack decided he’d sneak back to one of the banquet rooms and get some rum so he could make a rum and coke. Nonchalantly he worked his way to the rear of the kitchen and slipped down the hallway careful not to bump into any of the many things stored along the dark passage. Once in the banquet Öğrenci porno kitchenette, he reaching over the counter he filled a glass about halfway with rum that he would take back to his station and mix with a glass of coke they were allowed to get from the waiter’s drink dispenser. He was on his way back along the seldom-used hallway when he heard a voice that started him.

“Whatcha got there?” Rick asked triumphantly having caught Jack in the act of stealing.

“Nothing!” Jack tried, sounding more than a little guilty.

“Let’s see” Rick said and grabbed Jack’s wrist and then the glass from his hand. As he raised the glass to smell it, he held on to Jack’s wrist, “Ah, nothing sure smells a lot like rum.” Jack struggled to get his wrist free, but the stronger man’s grip was powerful and he realized he’d have to really fight to release himself from his grasp.

“Do they know what you’re doing back here” Rick asked accusingly.

“No, Don’t tell, I’ll show you where to get it, you can make your own drink if you want” Jack offered.

“Naw, no thanks” Rick said setting the glass on a stack of boxes, “I have what I want right here!” Before Jack knew what happened Rick twisted his arm behind his back and pulled him into a darken cubbyhole in the hallway. Jack struggled to get free, but Rick was too strong and outweighed him by nearly 60 pounds.

“Let Me Go!” Jack said as loud and as forcefully as he dared.

“I don’t think so. Do as I want and I won’t turn you in” Rick said and pulled Jack who faced away from him back against his chest, “It’s been a long time since I had a nice little Chicken like you!”

Jack was in shock and horrified as he felt Rick fondled him roughly pawing at his chest, ass and groin. He tried again to wiggle away, but when he tried…Rick forcefully twisted his arm more and the pain made Jack give up trying to escape.

“No!” Jack pleaded as Rick unbuckled his belt and started to push his pants down. Rick quickly had Jack’s pants down to his ankles and after stepping on the heal of one of Jack’s shoes to pop it off, maneuvered his knee between Jack’s legs and pushed his leg up out of the bunched up clothing.

“There you go sweetie, you’re almost ready” Rick whispered in Jacks ear as he kissed and bit his shoulder and neck. Jack couldn’t believe what was happening! How could he have been manipulated so quickly into this position?!

Rick spun Jack around to the right so he faced a short stack of boxes and pushed him forward bending him over at the waist. The next thing Jack heard was a zipper and what he assumed was Rick spitting into his hand.

“Now just relax, I think you’ll like this more than me!” Rick laughed as he stroked his spit over his cock and started pressing it against Jack’s young virgin asshole.

There wasn’t anything Jack could do, he couldn’t call for help and Rick had a size advantage. With his legs being forced wide and his ass sticking out from being bent over, Jack prepared for the worst! In just a mere moment he felt something large being pushed between his ass cheeks. He tried to push it out and to clinch his muscle closed, but steady pressure was winning out and soon the tip of the massive invader was beginning to penetrate!

“Just relax…” Rick said calmly, “Come on Jackie”.

As Rick continued to push against his tightly clinched opening, Jack began to feel that submissive feminine sensation sweep over him. He could feel his hair fall into his face and shockingly he sensed he was unintentionally starting to arch his back a little. “NOOOO!” He screamed at himself in his mind! He wanted it to Stop! Didn’t he?

Finally Rick’s tenacious effort paid off and the head of his cock pushed into Jack’s ass! Jack felt like he was being ripped apart and his face pushed against the dusty box top as he moaned out loud from the huge invader. “It must be massive!” Jack thought to himself as his asshole stretched to accommodate Rick’s cock, “Certainly there can’t be much more!?” Rick paused for a moment and Jack thought his conclusion was correct, but then Rick spoke.

“Good Job Sweetie, it took some work but the head of my cock is in! Don’t worry, there’s only 8 more inches to go!” Rick smiled and started to push again. He watched as his thick swollen cock start to disappear into the 18 year old’s little tanned ass. “Wow, this little ass makes my cock look gigantic!” Rick whispered to himself and continued to push forward.

Jack’s mind was a blur. He was ashamed about what was happening, but also curious and excited at the same time. The pain was bad and his knees weakened as Rick worked another inch into him. Jack could feel every bump and vein as Rick kept up his assault and pressed forward inch by agonizing inch! It continued to hurt, but somehow it was perversely sexy and Jack could feel his face flush and then he was alarmed when he noticed that his own cock was starting to grow hard pushing against a box. Rick had fucked enough young men to know when they have given up the fight and he let Jack’s arm go so he could grab his hips with both hands and concentrate on working the last few inches into him. Feeling his arm was free Jack had one last impulse to try and escape, but when he felt Rick’s strong heavy hands grab his hips tightly, lust overcame him and he shockingly found he now didn’t want to escape! Instead he grabbed tightly to the box he was bent over and arched his back more.

“That’s it…I knew you’d like it” Rick said seeing Jack’s reluctance slowly turn into willingness. He pushed in hard once more and his cock pushed past the youngster’s prostate and now was fully in!

“Arrrghhh!” Jack moaned into his shoulder turning his head while his hair now damp with spit and body heat stuck to his mouth and lips. Before Rick did anything else he reached around Jack’s hips and felt his hard cock. “Oh well what have we here!” Rick beamed with pleasure, “Looks like your little clit is all excited!”

Jack was confused but he didn’t have time to dwell on what Rick meant by ‘Clit’ as Rick started to slowly pull out and after spitting again on his cock, push back in again. Suddenly Jack’s world was turned upside down. The pain subsided and soon all he could think about was how good Rick’s cock felt in his ass and how he wanted it more and more. He quickly became addicted to it and started pushing back against Rick’s thrusts trying to get that almost orgasmic feeling as Rick’s big cock head pushed past his prostate.

Now that Jack had loosened up, Rick started pumping harder and faster. He leaned over and grabbed Jack’s lean shoulder and pulled his body back onto his cock and he thrusts powerfully forward. Each time Rick slammed into his now horny ass, Jack felt Rick’s balls slap against his own and he also felt streams of precum that had dripped from his little by comparison cock land on his inner thighs.

To Jack the older man seemed to have a lot of stamina…certainly he would have came a long time ago fucking Diane this hard! That realization shamed him and he couldn’t help but think maybe he was better off receiving instead of giving.

Rick’s assault on the Jack’s ass lasted for only 10 minutes once he had loosened up. Rick normally lasted a good deal longer, but given the circumstances, he didn’t want to drag it out too long. Plus Jack’s sexy body with his long wavy brown hair flowing between his shoulders while his wet shinny cock slid in and out of the once reluctant asshole was more than enough to send any old sailor over the edge!

“I’m going to fill you up” Rick hissed as he grew nearer and nearer to a climatic orgasm, “Get ready Bitch! I’M CUMMMINNGG!!”

Jack braced as Rick fell onto him with his full weight and he felt the huge cock pulse inside his ass as it spewed a flooding stream of cum deep inside him. It was so erotic and exciting that Jack himself came just as the 3rd pulse of cum exploded from Rick’s cock! He had never orgasmed so hard in his young life and this without even touching his cock! His knees buckled from weakness and his breath was labored as a final shiver washed over him.

“That’s a good little Bitch” Rick said starting to slide his softening cock out, “I could feel your asshole grab my cock when you came. Were you touching yourself?”

“No I wasn’t” Jack responded meekly and too embarrassed to look up at Rick.

“You’re such a slut! For now on when we are alone, you will call me Sir, do you got that?” Rick instructed lifting Jack’s chin up so their eyes met.

“Yes Sir” Jack answered submissively.

“Good! Now quickly clean me up…we have to get back to work” Rick pushed Jack down to his knees and pushed his cum covered cock into his mouth.

“Yes Sir” Jack managed to say before the huge slippery head popped into his mouth. It was warm and soft but still had an underlying hardness as he began licking and sucking the older man’s cock. He thought about the other night when Diane had given him a blowjob and how he had wondered what it was like.

“Ok” Rick said pushing Jack back and feeling his cock already getting hard again from forcing the reluctant teen to suck his first cock, “Now clean yourself up and get back as soon as you can…Oh and don’t forget your rum!”

Rick laughed as he left Jack sitting on the floor with his pants and underwear bunched up around one ankle and spotted with his own cum while his ass leaked from it first of what might be many abusive fuckings.

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