The Roommate Pt. 17 – Miranda

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Lori missed sex with Nathan and had some hot solo sex while replaying the mental video of the lawyer fucking her.

Thrusting a big dildo into her ass while imagining Nathan’s rod was stimulating but it just didn’t match Nathan’s real cock and body.

Still, Lori wasn’t the type to call him at his law office.

She even fantasized about having a three-way with him and his so-so girlfriend where Nathan would fuck Lori while Lori ate out the other woman. Then Lori and the girl would dress and make up Nathan up as a woman – the whole shtick – and the girlfriend would fuck Nathan with a strapon while Lori attended to his cock.

In one final hot episode, Nathan and his friend would tie Lori standing up and tease her nipples and cock until she couldn’t stand it anymore, and would then make her watch while they fucked each other. Lori’s hot cock would be dripping precum and the girlfriend would then slowly tease Lori’s cock into her outer cunt until Lori begged to be engulfed with it. But no, there would no release. The other two would leave, with Lori still tied and unable to reach satisfaction.

Another time, though, an attractive crossdresser by the name of Cassie came home with Lori (after a night at Janie’s bar). Cassie, in her thirties with fine curves, didn’t even wait for the requisite glass of wine. She drew Lori against her, put her hand hard against Lori’s derriere, and began applying her lipsticked lips to Lori’s. She was a good kisser, and Lori soon began responding passionately, lodging her boobs between Cassie’s. They were both soon squirming and moaning, with hardly a word passing between them.

Then Cassie began to kiss Lori’s neck and ears, all the while moving her hand provocatively down to Lori’s center and energetically massaging the softness there. Lori couldn’t wait, and quickly stepped out of her gaff so Cassie could touch skin. Just as quickly, Cassie did the same, and soon two fairly long and highly erect penises held up dresses, as though the folds were stage curtains.

They then crossed swords, in a manner of speaking. This was highly intoxicating, and Lori moved closer so that she could grasp both penises together – both very slippery with pre-cum.

Cassie then made to take Lori’s organ into her mouth, but Lori had an inspiration. Pregnantly walking with her penis swinging to and fro, she found a glass in her cupboard, located some lube and they lay down on the living room rug belly to belly (after they’d stripped to bras and panties).

Lori coated the interior of the long glass with lube, then slipped it over Cassie’s long erection. Cassie soon grasped the idea and chuckled. Then (luckily they had the perfect-size glass) Lori’s erection (highly lubed now) entered the glass alongside Cassie’s xslot large dick. They both held the glass in place while each pushed in and out in turn, and then they both began to push simultaneously. The glass soon turned warm, which increased the sensation.

The whole scene was slightly odd, as they could perfectly see their penises inside, and it reminded Lori of Masters and Johnson’s sexual measurement experiments where a dildo with a video camera inside recorded a vagina’s reaction to penetration.

Soon they had to withdraw for more lube, and then they energetically went at it again.

“Oh god,” exclaimed Cassie. “Mother of all pearls.” As she gasped, they could see her ejaculation cream the end of the glass. The wet warmth surrounded Lori’s penis and gave it a sudden extra lube, and she loved having her penis slide over Cassie’s and then she too squirted, and the two continued pounding the glass for another minute.

Lori pulled Cassie’s head to her boobs while both were still jerking with aftershocks.

“If that isn’t what love is,” said Lori. “Jesus Christ. I know it sounds trite, but it’s like we became one there, you know.”

Cassie wasn’t quite so effusive, and just lay there with her penis splayed across her midsection.

“What if we’d been two real women?” asked Lori. “Do you think it might be the best of both worlds if two women come together but they have pricks?”

Both laughed uproariously.

“Oh, my god.”

“So, what if two women come together and both have strapons on?” asked Cassie.

And so, both invented various scenarios for two real women to fuck each other.

It turned out that Cassie lived with a woman and was taking a secret sabbatical, and she had no interest in becoming Lori’s roommate or long-term lover. And so, this fusion of spirit and cum was destined to become a fading memory.

And the memory faded more easily because it was time for end-of-the-semester testing and grading by Lori, the college teacher. It seemed many of her students, since she had begun living as a woman, figured she’d be more of a pushover to buy sad stories and change grades. That made Lori’s job harder. There were even several students, both male and female, who offered themselves to her, suspiciously near the end of the semester. It seemed students were becoming ever more direct as the years passed by.

One day, in the cold time of the year between fall and spring semesters, Lori was leisurely perusing emails at home, wearing a warm flannel nightie with feminine lace and embroidered trim, when she came across a note from a familiar email address. After a moment, Lori realized it was from Miranda. Miranda!

But Lori was apprehensive. She always was when someone out of her past contacted xslot Giriş her. What might this person want? What if she had to say no? On the other hand, maybe Miranda just wanted to catch up on Lori’s progress as a woman, or some such thing.

Lori went on to read the message:

Dear Lori (I presume you have left Josh behind now?) –

I’m writing because I have this insane desire to catch up on things with you. Just out of the blue.

I’m still staying at Roger’s place and still working for him, but I’ve also been doing some magazine freelancing in my spare time.

Would you like to get together sometime soon? I am really curious about how you are doing as Lori, and if you still have a relationship with Leigh Ann (I have lost contact with her).

I hope the adverse parting we had will be a somewhat past memory and that you no longer have a legitimate dislike of me!

SL, Miranda

They ended up meeting at the vegetarian restaurant not far from Lori’s, since Miranda was still the only one with a car (she had a newer model now, an indication of her financial success).

Lori wore semi-loose black pants along with an intricate light sweater with swirls around the bust and neck. Finishing off the presentation were silver hoop earrings, fancy beaded bracelets, some Leigh Ann makeup and a spritz of perfume.

At first Lori didn’t recognize Miranda. She’d lost weight, her clothing was more close-fitting and simple, and her hair was quite short and boyish. Miranda smiled. They hugged briefly and sat down in a quiet corner in dim light.

“My, my,” said Lori. “What has happened with you? I thought you’d always stay with your Miranda style. This is so different for you.”

“Well, yes. When I lived with you I was still living out my high school and college days. Semi-hippy. There were some discordant things bouncing around inside me. On one side, as you well know, was my being a dom, being into BDSM and all that. On the other side, there was the relaxed hippy part of me. The two didn’t mix too well; it was like oil and vinegar; and I wasn’t all that happy. … But look at you, you look and act so thoroughly feminine, so completely Lori. I’m happy for you.”

“Yes, I feel real comfortable now,” said Lori. “I’ve gone to the extent of having boob implants, and live all the time now as a woman, but I made the decision to only do the hormones a little, so that’s why my voice is still a bit low.”

“You are very attractive,” said Miranda.

“Thank you, thanks. But I’m so curious about you now. You definitely aren’t as soft as before. I always thought you were kinda feline before, the way you moved and acted, you know. Now you seem so much more deliberate and it’s like – funny I should make the xslot Güncel Giriş comparison – you stopped smoking pot or something.”

Both laughed.

“You can follow what I’m about to tell you, Lori, because you’ve been down that trail. I realized that part of my unhappiness and moodiness was due to my not recognizing the male side of me. It was coming out, in a way, in being a dominant. But that went sour when I got too much into pain, and I apologize for that. Every time after I inflicted pain, I felt guilty and depressed, though I didn’t let you see that.”

“Interesting,” said Lori.

“So now what you see is the whole me. With short hair and so on I feel lighter and more open to various stuff.”

“Now you strike me as being a fox,” observed Lori.

Lori eventually got around to explaining that Leigh Ann had long ago left. She also mentioned her several short hookups and no new roommate.

On her side, Miranda related a couple short relationships.

On those revelations, the evening grew late and the two left, to stand outside in the cold to part. Then Miranda offered a drive home.

“Oh, it’s just a short walk,” protested Lori.

But Miranda insisted, and so they sat down on the cold car seats and closed the doors.

Just then, Miranda turned to Lori and ran her fingers along Lori’s neck, saying, “When I began counseling after I left, one thing I really realized was how much I had liked you and how important you became to me, even if it was that master-slave relationship. You slowly grew on me, and after I left, the tables were turned and I wanted you back. But I couldn’t summon up enough courage to meet you and tell you all this, until just now. Do you believe me?”

“Yes, I guess so. Well, I don’t want you to be my slave, Miranda (laughter). … Are you saying in your own way that you want to get back together again?”

“I hadn’t thought the conversation would get to this point so quickly, Lori, but I would like to start spending time with you again.”

They drove to Lori’s and Miranda came in with her. They settled down to watch a movie on TV and began cuddling and kissing. Lori liked being held by her, being pulled into that large body. She felt unusually secure, a feeling no one had ever created in her before.

“Why don’t you park your car in my space?” offered Lori, “and stay the night.”

In bed, Miranda said, “Please fuck me, Lori. Please fuck me. I want you inside me. I want to smell your perfume and I want to feel your tits and I want to feel your ass.”

Lori answered, “I love it when you tell me how to make you feel good. And, oh yes, you could give me a good spanking over your lap.”


This ends this story of Miranda and Josh/Lori.

I hope you enjoyed the read. My next Literotica story will be in the sci-fi realm – a story I’ve been fantasizing about since puberty. The title will be Aphora’s Mission and I’ll take more time writing it, and will include more detail. Check it out.

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