The Storm


Thunderclaps grabbed my attention, as I walked down the dirt road towards the small cottage that id passed half an hour ago. My feet hurt, id taken my shoes off as I trudged down that road. In a daydream, thinking how my life had taken a turn, how my boyfriend had left me, how if I had not taken that job, then maybe now, id still be at home with Seth.

The sky opened up, and rain poured down, my hair stuck to my face, as the rain ran into my eyes, I looked through the haze of the storm to the light that I knew was in the distance.

The gate to the cottage was old, and hung off one of its hinges. Screeching as I opened it, making my skin crawl and every old Bela Lugosi movie id ever seen come into my head. Hoping against hope that there was someone inside. Someone that had a phone, I walked down the overgrown path to the front door.

There was a hurricane lamp swinging in the wind, lighting up the door, its glass darkened with soot sent distorted shadows over the old walls of the cottage. I walked to the door my body shaking with the cold, my teeth chattering I knocked and waited. There was the sound of scraping and footsteps, heavy on the floor; I could see a light through the curtain on the door.

The door opened and there you were standing there, your eyes sparkling, you smile enchanting, I was speechless.

I had already figured out what I was going to say when the door open and was not expecting to be greeted buy a tall extremely good looking man.

My body shaking with cold I explained that my car had broken down and I was in desperate need of a phone.

“ First” you said “ you need to get warm and dry, then we can figure out what to do with your car”. You led me inside to a small cozy room with polished floorboards and a roaring fire. There were hurricane lamps hanging from the exposed beams and large sheepskin rugs on the floor.

You disappeared through a door explaining to me that you would get me something to change into and to make myself comfortable. Which is exactly what I did. Sitting myself down on one of the rugs, right in front of the fire. My hair wet through, I let it out of the corporate bun that I’d had it in all day and let it fall down my back, leaning ever so slightly towards the fire in the hope that it would dry faster that way.

You walked back in the room; your arms full of towels and sat on the floor next to me. “ I’m Steve” you said, “ thought it was a good idea that I introduce myself.”

I laughed and tilted my head in your direction; “ I’m Stella.” Accepting a towel from you I began to dry my hair, wiping as much water from my shirt as I could.

“ You need to get out of those wet clothes.” You chuckled “you look cold, and those clothes won’t dry while your wearing them. Let me get you one of my old T-shirts, it will swim on you but it should do nicely.” And in saying that you stood up and walked out of the room.

I began unbuttoning my shirt; it was a standard İstanbul Escort woman’s business shirt, white with a nice lace collar. It looked good with the straight black skirt that I had decided to wear today, the tailored jacket that came with the skirt, I had left at home, never expecting to be caught in a storm and be cold and wet. I removed my shirt and draped it over the back of a nearby chair wrapping my hair in one of the towels I unbuttoned my skirt and stepped out of it, hanging it by the shirt.

It was nice, standing there in front of the fireplace, only my bra and panties stopping me from being totally naked. The warmth of the fire making me sleepy, I sat down on the sheepskin rug and before long had layed down and was dozing.

I woke to feel warm hands rubbing my arms, my back. It was so nice. So good. They were strong hands, hands that knew how to massage hard tired muscles. At first I was still so dreamy that it didn’t hit me where I was and who it was, that was rubbing my back.

I sat up with a start. Looking at you I grabbed at a towel lying on the floor and held it to me. Trying to cover myself. You grinned at me, your eyes sparkling in the firelight. Reaching out you

Pushed a strand of hair behind my ear, you leaned forward and kissed me.

Your kiss was sweet soft and lingering, I closed my eyes and tasted honey on your lips, your tongue searching for mine and finding it, playing with it. Your hands finding the towel and pulling it away from me you tossed it aside.

There is a moment where I think that I might have actually said “ no.” but that time never happened, your lips were magic, my broken heart finding the comfort that it needed in your arms.

I leaned into your kiss, giving you the sign that you needed to say that it was all right, that I wasn’t going to run or try and stop you. I heard you moan as your kiss deepened, your breathing a soft sigh in my ears. Your hands playing with my hair, my face, trailing the shape of my jawbone.

My skin tingled to your touch as you removed my bra and tickled my nipples with your fingertip. Running it around my areola making it crinkle with anticipation .You stopped and stood up taking my hand you pulled me to my feet and lead me down some steps and into a large bedroom.

A fireplace a feature along one wall, A fire blazed in it, wild shadows danced on the wall and the floor setting the mood perfectly. You turned to me and holding my face in your hands kissed me so gently. I really couldn’t believe that this was real, it all seemed a dream.

I noticed that you had a huge window along one entire wall, with double doors set in, it overlooked a garden and as we kissed the lightning outside flashed patterns on your face, making your beautiful lashes stand out on your cheeks.

I never realised just how erotic a storm could be. The beating of the thunder in rhythm to my heartbeat, the pattering of the rain against Anadolu Yakası Escort the window. Your hands shook slightly as you softly ran your fingertips down the sides of my body. Goosebumps covered me, I whimpered as your kiss deepened. My eyes closed I let my hands play with your chest, feeling your nipples harden as I ran my hands over them. I began to unbutton your shirt, my fingers finding their way inside and over your hard chest, I smiled as I removed your shirt and dropped it to the floor.

You grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. You kissed me hard. Your need obvious. You took me to your bed as the storm raged outside, the lightning sent distorted images all over the walls, the thunder loud, as the rain drummed a staccato on the tin roof. The candles that you had around the room lending light to the bed, it was a huge and ornate four poster, surrounded with a net canopy. You layed me on the bed and I noticed that you had silk scarves tied to the posts and wondered if I would enjoy the feel of them.

You layed me on your bed and lent over me, letting your tongue trail down my neck, down my throat to my breasts. My nipples throbbed as you tweaked them hard, moving down my body to my navel, flicking in and out, I moaned softly, as I watched you in the candlelight your image strobing as the lightning lit up your face, then darkened again. You slowly worked your way down to my panties. Lifting my butt, you slid them off. Your fingers playing with my slit as you worked your tongue over the mound of my shaved wet pussy.

You sighed as you pushed my legs open wider, bending my knees a little. My heartbeat so fast, as the anticipation of what you were going to do ran through my body, I could feel the warmth of your breath on me as your fingers lightly tickled my clit. Making it harder, making me burn with a need for you, for your tongue to touch me, to be inside me eating me. I reached down between my legs and grabbed at your hair, and pulled you to me.

Your face buried in my pussy, you tongue fucked me hard, in and out as I ground my wetness against you, your fingers pumped into me making my whimpers louder. I wanted you, I needed you, I reached down and pulling you up my body I layed you on your back, and unbuttoned your jeans, I pulled them off and threw them on the floor and smiled as I realised that you were naked under your jeans.

I stood up and went to the double doors and threw them open, letting in the wind, the rain, and the storm. Standing there naked in the glow of the candles, I called to you, wanting you to make love to me in the storm, outside, with the force of nature screaming around us.

You stood up and walked to me, took my hand and walked outside with me.

It was cold but we didn’t seem to notice, as you turned to me and kissed me deeply, your passion ignited by the feel of the wind against us, you pulled me down onto the grass never letting me go, never Kartal Escort stopping the kiss, you hands explored my body, I could taste myself on your lips, which only made me hornier, hotter for you, my hands ran down your hard stomach as the rain poured over us, your skin slippery, your nipples so hard, I leant over you and took one in my mouth, nipping it hard.

I moved slowly down your body, my tongue explored you, took the taste of you in. I craved the feel of you, as I worked down, your moans louder now, rocking me as the thunder shook the ground we were laying on. Lightning showed me the pleasure on your face. I sat up and moved my legs over you; I slowly lowered myself on your hard prick. Your eyes widened as I took your length inside me, my body warms, as the cold hard rain beat down.

I closed my eyes and threw back my head as I felt you deep inside me, your hands gripped my hips and pulled me down onto you. You thrust into me, in and out, up and down, as I raised my butt in time with you, I lent forward so that you could fuck me deeper, you hard cock so good inside me. The storm was violent but not as intense as our lovemaking. You moaned as you pumped into me, my whimpers growing in intensity as you rocked against me. My pussy throbbed as you took me to new heights.

As I sat on you with the rain running off my body, my nipples hardened by your pulling. You’re biting at me made my body shake, the explosive passion grew inside me while you held me onto your hard throbbing prick, I lent back and your fingers found my clit, and rubbed against it hard, as you fucked me, moaning and screaming as the storm raged around us and thunder and lightning boomed.

The feel of your hard body, wet, slippery, your hard prick hot inside of me was enough. I threw back my head and screamed as my orgasm ripped threw me, my pussy muscles gripped your hardon and milked it. Your hands pulled me onto you as you thrust into me pumping hard, my juices mixing with the rain water as I ground my wet pussy against you, wave after wave of hot, body shaking orgasm rocking me.

You were groaning, holding me hard as you pushed into me, my body shook hard as you fucked me. Your own orgasm so close, I squeezed you hard with my pussy muscles and rubbed against you as you bucked up and down, forgetting the storm, you closed your eyes and arched your back as your hot cum spurted into me. You screamed a guttural, Neanderthal scream. Your orgasm intense, your cum running down my thighs, warm in the cold of the rain, you gripped my hips and thrust into me one more time, pinning me to you as your final spurts left you.

We lay there for some time, letting the cold rainwater wash the signs of our lovemaking away, your arms held me close as I lay with my head on your shoulder. The Storm moved away, subsiding much the same as our lovemaking. We stood and went inside, the warmth of the fire inviting, as we lay down in front of it to warm our cold skin. We kissed and we slept, there with the glow of the fire matching the glow of our passion.

I will always remember that night. The night of The Storm, I remember it every time I hear thunder, and smell ozone in the air. It brings a new meaning to getting wet in a storm.

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