The Survey


“Healthy young females required for survey. Must be honest and candid. Small remuneration offered.

Apply Room 207 Michael DeGroot Building.”

It was my freshman year at McMaster University. I had been accepted into Business Administration and it was my first time living away from home. I shared a room in the Ellen Fairclough all-girl residence and had the spare time to involve myself in extra curricular activities.

I had no steady boyfriend and was just dropping my pants for any good looking young stud who wanted to get his dick wet. I was on the pill and loved the feel of a hard cock in me.

I dropped into the DeGroot Building between classes the following day. Room 207 was a bare bones office staffed by a young girl who appeared to be a student herself.

She explained the survey took about six hours and was anonymous. It paid fifty dollars. She gave me a package of forms to complete if I were interested. I stuck the envelope in my bag and was on my way.

The forms asked the standard questions. Date of birth, parents’ nationality, siblings, etc. I filled them in for a laugh and dropped them back in to the girl in Room 207.

She set me up for an interview appointment the following Thursday night.

I didn’t really have a clue what to expect when I showed up at Room 207 that Thursday night. It was İstanbul Escort 9 p.m. and the building was vacant except for the care taking staff. I entered the office and met Professor Gooding for the first time.

Lawrence Gooding stated he was a PH. D in Biology. He explained he was researching the sexual habits of the contemporary liberated female. As part of a paper he was preparing he wanted to show a relationship between the modern woman and social mores.

He explained that the interview would take place with me in the nude in the dimly light office. He said the nudity would be symbolic of me baring my soul to his study.

The whole concept was overwhelming. I was not unduly modest but at the same time this “professor” was a complete stranger to me.

Impulsively I agreed to his terms and he agreed to leave the room while I disrobed.

It was not like I was anything special to look at, five foot five with mousy brown hair and kind of a boyish figure. I wore a 36B bra not out of necessity but more to appear mature. I was a very run of the mill eighteen-year-old.

Quickly I removed my blouse and skirt and folding them I placed them neatly on a table. I then slipped off my bar and panties and placed them on top of my skirt. I sat down again naked on the cold chair. I called to Professor Gooding Escort Bayan I was ready.

I made no attempt to cover my nudity when Gooding reentered the room. I sat with my legs slightly spread and my bare breasts unhidden. I had nothing to hid.

“Very nice.” Gooding said taking a seat opposite me. “Let’s begin.”

“Are you a virgin?” he asked.

I informed him I was not.

“Have you had more than one lover?” he continued.

“Three.” I answered. “Not all at the same time.”

“Have you engaged in anal sex?”

“No.” I replied.


“Yes.” I admitted.

“Did you ingest the semen?”

“I don’t understand?”

“Did you swallow his cum?”

“Oh yes.” I blushed.

Gooding stood and walked over to where I sat. His fingertips drew an imaginary line across my left breasts stopping at the nipple.

“Are you a whore?” he continued.

“I don’t think so.” I offered.

“Do you like fucking?”

It sounded so crude when he put it that way.


“Would you like me to fuck you?” he asked his hand going to my mound of pubic hair.

“Do you want to?”

His hand closed on my cunt gripping me tightly.

I offered no resistance when his fingers entered me. I spread my legs apart offering his thick fingers unrestricted access to my wet Eskort cavity.

“Do you want me?” I gasped.

He took me mechanically over the desk. My cunt accepted his cock uncaringly as he sought my wetness. My vagina twitched as he found his position inside of me. I thrust myself back onto his spike.

It was an animalistic type of fuck, unromantic and uncaring, each of us merely satisfying our hunger for an orgasm. Gooding gripped me by my hips as he drove himself into me like a rutting bull.

His cock was like steel spreading my labia relentlessly. His hand reached around and scooped up my clitoris and began to massage my fleshy tissue. I involuntarily moaned in the throes of my bliss.

Gooding stiffened and emitted a low throaty moan as he ejaculated in me. My thirsty pussy absorbed his manjuice like a dry sponge.

“Oh God, what a slut!” he gasped as his sperm saturated me.

He withdrew his spent cock from my drenched hole but I was not finished yet. Agilely I turned around and took his dripping cock into my mouth.

I could taste myself mixed with the tang of his salty brine as my tongue bathed his wilting member. My lips squeegee the layer of juices from his shaft as they slid along his meat.

Gooding must have been impressed with my performance as he asked me if I would help staff his office and recruit more “volunteers”. Apparently he had already fucked thirty-seven co-ed students and said he would like one new one a week as the school year progressed.

One of the fringe benefits would be getting Gooding’s cock in me on a regular basis.

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