The Terminal Virgin


Imagine my surprise when I discovered my college age daughter was reading Literotica incest stories. Now, I’m not living in some fantasy world thinking my one and only daughter is still as pure as the driven snow. I’ve come to accept the fact that my freckle faced, pigtailed, and tomboyish daughter has grown up. Having spent her first year away at college, I just assumed she’s been introduced to things like frat parties, internet porn and unfortunately, I accepted the fact that she’s probably not a virgin anymore.

I guess it’s a metamorphosis every father goes through – learning to accept the fact that every guy on the face of the earth is trying to get inside my daughter’s panties. While I didn’t cherish the thought of my daughter on her back with her knees pulled up and some young college kid pounding away at her, I knew it was inevitable.

Cathy was always an independent and smart kid. She didn’t discover boys until she was almost out of high school and I never worried about her back then. But, once she got a full scholarship to a west coast university, that’s when I started to worry. Her mother and I, even though we’re amiably divorced, both talked with Cathy at separate times before she left for school and tried to give her a clue what she was in for during her first year at college, and to her credit, Cathy listed to everything we had to say.

So, I was incredibly delighted when Cathy called me last April and asked if she could spend the summer break with me. “Of course, Sweetie,” I said, “you know I’d love that.”

I was amazed that Cathy didn’t seem to change much while she was at school, and the first week she was with me, it was just like the old days. Cathy even kissed me goodnight each night before she went to bed and again each morning. Many mornings, she made me breakfast before I went to work and we spent most nights together just hanging out.

One night, I woke up about 2:00AM with a splitting headache and decided to go down to the kitchen to get some aspirin. When I opened the door to my bedroom, I immediately noticed the light was still on in Cathy’s room from the crack underneath her door. Not thinking much about it, I crept into the kitchen and took my aspirin. On the way back, though, Cathy’s door was now open and she’d apparently slipped across the hall into the bathroom.

Walking past her door, I recognized the unmistakable blue and white screen of a Literotica story up on her laptop. Quickly making a decision to take a peek at what my daughter was reading, I stepped inside and found it to be an incest story posted in the new stories category.

About that time, my nose began to notice the obvious aroma of pussy juice in the room, and glancing over to her bed, I saw her twisted up panties lying amongst the unfurled sheets. Knowing full well it would not be good for her to catch me checking out her laptop and her panties, I reached down anyway and picked up her panties. To say I was surprised to find them wet and slimy in the crotch is an understatement, and in the fraction amount of time it took me to put two and two together, I realized my daughter had probably been masturbating through her panties while she was reading the incest story on her laptop.

I heard the toilet flush from the bathroom and scurried out of her room and back to my own room, silently closing my door just as she came out of the bathroom. I stood there, next to my door for a minute trying to figure out what this discovery meant. My daughter – my only child, the only thing good to come out of my marriage – was reading incest stories and getting off on them. And, if that wasn’t curious enough, I had a hard-on the likes I hadn’t seen in ages.

I went back to my bed and tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t. I kept thinking about Cathy and what she was doing. Was this a one time thing? Was she going from story to story, rubbing herself and she just happened to stumble upon an incest story before she had to pee, or, was she searching out incest stories and reading them in order to get herself off?

So many things went through my mind that night, but I settled into one thought – was Cathy reading incest stories and thinking about me? Her own father?

I tried to wipe the thought from my mind, but it kept coming back. It had been years since I saw Cathy in anything less than a swimsuit, but, based on the shorts and tops she was wearing the last week, I could only guess she had a cute, tight college girl body.

Before too much longer, I had my cock out and was masturbating to the thought of Cathy thinking about me. I had a quick and monstrous cum, followed by an hour of intense remorse before I finally got any sleep at all. The next morning, I woke up with an erection that would have been the envy of any porn star and I masturbated again, this time shooting cum all over myself and leaving the sheets covered with pools of wet, sticky cum.

That day at work, I couldn’t get anything done because I spent the whole morning thinking about Cathy and the incest gaziantep escort kadın stories. I finally decided to pack it in after lunch and go on home and take a few personal hours off. I didn’t expect Cathy to be there because she volunteered to go do some grocery shopping before I got home – and when I walked in the door, sure enough, she was gone. But, I quickly discovered some things that made my whole day get worse.

Cathy had stripped the sheets from my bed and they were apparently in the washing machine. Now, when I left this morning, I didn’t make my bed, and I’m guessing it wouldn’t have been too hard for her to figure out the wet stains on my sheets were my cum, especially since there were at least two or three pools of the sticky white stuff right in the middle of the bed.

Even if the cum had dried, the residue would tell its own story, and as my heart sunk, I realized my daughter knew, with absolutely no uncertainty, that I’d jacked off and cum on my sheets before I left for work that morning.

If that wasn’t bad enough, next to the washer I found a pile of her lingerie waiting to be washed, and even though I tried not to pay the pile any attention, I couldn’t walk away. On the top of the pile sat the panties that were on Cathy’s bed last night, and as I picked them up and looked inside, I found the barely moist remnants of her female secretions. Then, picking up all the rest of her panties, I noticed each one had a blotch of dried pussy juice on the crotch panel, too.

My cock was incredibly hard and I almost pulled it out and jerked myself off right there, but, I pulled myself away, admonishing myself that it wouldn’t be right to infringe on my daughter’s privacy by using her panties to get myself off.

As I walked toward my room to change out of my work clothes, I glanced in Cathy’s room and saw her laptop sitting on her desk, powered on. Figuring I might be able to tell something from looking at her computer, I pulled up her favorites and found a folder labeled “Lit Stories”. I was shocked when I saw the contents – there were at least a hundred incest stories bookmarked! I pulled many of them up and they all had to do with father-daughter incest. With each one I looked at, it became obvious that my innocent daughter maybe didn’t have such innocent thoughts, and of course, the only conclusion I could make is that these thoughts might be of her and I.

I did some more trolling around her hard drive and I found a folder named “Daddy”. Opening the folder, I found a text file and started to read it. It didn’t take long for me to realize this was an incest story and my eyes bugged out when I saw both of our first names in one of the paragraphs. The gist of the story was that for years, the daughter had a sexual desire for her father, but that desire had never been realized and the girl was at odds with herself on how to move it forward and get her father to notice her as a woman and a sexual partner.

I ran across a paragraph that detailed how the girl had tried in vain to get the courage to say or do something to get her father’s attention. But not wanting to jeopardize her father’s love, she’d chickened out each time. Another paragraph talked about how much she’d love to see her father naked, alluding to the fact that it had been over a year since she’d seen his penis – and how much she longed to see it again. I racked my brain thinking when, and if, Cathy would have seen me naked. Maybe while her mother and I were married – but I couldn’t think of anytime in the last two or three years when she would have seen my cock.

Then, things went from bad to worse when I looked at the properties of the file and saw that the file itself was created the night Cathy arrived here from school and had been edited just a few hours earlier. Nervously, I went to the end of the thirty page file and read a passage where the girl finds wet sperm on her father’s sheets and spends an hour masturbating herself in her father’s bed.

“Oh, fuck!” I groaned. “She’s been writing this story since she got here and it’s about me.”

I ran into my room and got one of my thumb drives and copied the file so I could read it all the way through later, and then left her laptop just the way I found it. Nervously, I sat alone on my bed and thought about all of this. Between finding my daughter’s obviously soaked panties, the incest stories she bookmarked and the story it appeared she was writing, I was confused and excited – and, I was ashamed of myself. But, my shame didn’t last very long when my cock wouldn’t stop throbbing in my pants. The incessant erection I was carrying started the instant I found her panties lying by the washing machine and hadn’t yet gone away. The nagging throb pulsed inside my pants and I finally just stood up and decided to take a shower and try to forget what I’d learned about Cathy.

The shower made me feel better, but, as I soaped up my cock, I began to think about Cathy’s story and wondered escort gaziantep kadın if any of it was true and if she was really interested in me, sexually. Before long I had another hard-on, but since the hot water was about gone, I got out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Thinking Cathy was still at the grocery store, I casually opened the master bathroom door and walked out into my bedroom, drying my hair as I went.

I heard a sound, and then turning to look, I saw Cathy standing in the hallway at my door, looking straight at me with her eyes locked on my hard cock. Both of us were surprised to see each other and I was so shocked, I didn’t even think about turning away, or covering myself with the towel in my hands. It didn’t help that Cathy seemed to be riveted to the floor, not moving, either.

“Oh!” She exclaimed. “I’m sorry, Daddy!”

An instant later, she turned and left, leaving me standing there wondering why I hadn’t covered myself as soon as I saw her looking at me.

Holding the towel in front of my cock, I walked to my door and shut it. Realizing my daughter had just seen me with a hard-on, my mind reeled with what was going to happen next. Should I apologize? Should I act like nothing happened and ignore it? Should I try to talk to her about it? I just didn’t know, and as I got dressed, I was shaking with nervous apprehension of what would follow.

When I was dressed, I opened the door and peeked out. I couldn’t tell where Cathy was, so I walked toward the kitchen and peeked in. Not seeing her, I tried the laundry room and the rest of the house and finding no trace of her, I knew she had to be in her room. So, thinking it was better to get it over with, I went back to Cathy’s room and stood in front of her door.

I knocked but there was no answer. I knocked again and called her name. Still, there was no answer. Finally, I knocked again and said, “Cathy, are you in there? Can we talk?”

She opened her door and took a step back and looked at me. “Look,” I began, “I’m sorry about that. I should have closed the bedroom door, but, I guess I’m not used to having anyone here yet. We’re both adults and it was bound to happen sometime – one of us was going to see the other one eventually. Can we just forget about it?”

Cathy replied by telling me how sorry she was and saying she wasn’t trying to peek or look at me. Cathy explained she had just finished bringing in the groceries and walked back to see why I was home early and that’s when she saw me. She almost started to cry while she was explaining, but, I stopped her and gave her a hug and told her she didn’t do anything wrong and not to worry about it. “Besides,” I said, trying to make her feel at ease, “it’s probably nothing you haven’t seen before.”

“Actually, No.” She answered. “I’ve never seen a man with, uh, a….. uh…”

“An erection?” I offered.

Cathy nodded her head up and down. “Well, I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, Sweetie. Sometimes mother nature is in control, and you know – men get erections.” I consoled her. “Sometimes we can’t control it, but, I’ll be more careful from now on.”

“Come on, let’s not make a big deal out of it. Try to forget it ever happened so I don’t feel subconscious about flashing my daughter. Okay?” I asked.

Cathy laughed and reached out to hug me. “Okay,” she replied, “I didn’t mean to stare, though, I just never saw a real one….. I mean in the flesh.”

“Sweetie, and you saying you’re still a virgin?” I asked.

“Uh huh, that’s absolutely true.” Cathy answered, shrugging her shoulders. “Hard to believe, huh? I’m almost twenty years old and practically never even been kissed. I’ve only been out on five dates my whole life.”

Cathy started to sniffle as she hugged me. In between tears, she told me everyone saw her as a book-worm and a goody-goodie girl. They even used to make jokes about her because she didn’t seem interested in guys. As I held her, I started to think about how proud I was of her staying a virgin and then in the same moment, I thought about all the incest stories she’d read and the story she was writing. Before I knew it, I had another hard-on and after a second, it dawned on me that she could probably feel it pushing into her. I tried to pull back from the hug, but she held on tight – even pressing into me further. There was nothing I could do – my daughter had me trapped. With my cock growing harder and harder in my pants and her clinging to me, I swallowed hard knowing that if she didn’t already feel it, she would any second now.

“Cathy,” I whispered, “I love hugging you, but, we’re both going to be really embarrassed in a minute if you don’t let go of me.”

I couldn’t believe she picked that exact instant to tighten her grip around my waist and pull me into her.

“Cathy,” I pleaded, “you don’t understand. I’m the one that’s going to be embarrassed – really embarrassed. It’s that mother nature thing again.”

“It’s okay,” she gaziantep kadın escort answered, “I already felt it. Please don’t push me away just because of that.”

It was probably true, my daughter could feel the erection in my pants and if there was any question about it, she made it known when she pressed her mid-section into me even tighter. I know I should have pushed her away, or stepped back or something, but I couldn’t. She even moved her feet further apart to get a steadier stance, not leaving a fraction of space between us.

“It’s kinda nice.” Cathy whispered. “I can feel it.”

“Sweetie, it’s wrong.” I replied. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Why? What exactly are we doing? Can’t I hug my own father?” She asked.

“You know what I mean.” I said sternly. “You’re getting me excited.”

“I don’t mind.” Cathy answered. “Please, let me feel it just for a minute, okay?”

There it was. She’d opened the box now. I thought about it for a moment and during that time, my erection grew to full strength. The whole time, she pressed into me feeling my throbbing cock between us. After a minute, I patted her back and told her it was enough. As she stepped back, she looked down at my crotch and then back up at me. “Thanks.” She said. “I don’t have anyone else to hold me like that, Daddy…. only you.”

We looked at each other for a few seconds and I saw something in my daughter’s eyes I’ve never seen before. It was a look of longing and a look of desire that was so deep, it scared me.

“I need to go see what we’re going to have for dinner.” I said. “Want to help?”

“Damn!” Cathy hissed. “I left all the groceries out on the counter.”

“Come on,” I laughed, “I think we both got distracted. I’ll help you.”

The rest of the afternoon and evening went normally. While I was cooking dinner, Cathy was working on the laundry and folding the things that came out of the dryer. As she walked past the kitchen carrying my sheets, she peeked her head in to see how I was doing. I turned red when I saw her carrying the sheets that had been soaked with my cum, but, Cathy didn’t seem to pay attention to my embarrassment. I made a mental note not to jack off into my sheets anymore, though.

During dinner, Cathy and I talked about our day and everything was going good. About half way through dinner, she asked me if she could ask me a question. “Sure,” I said, “you don’t ever need to ask permission, Sweetie.”

“Well”, Cathy said, “have you dated anyone since you and Mom divorced?”

“I’ve been out a few times,” I replied, “I’m just not sure I’m up for the single scene yet.”

“Have you….. uh, had sex with anyone?” She asked.

“No.” I answered, not bothering to look up from my plate.

“Why not?” Cathy asked. “You wouldn’t have any trouble finding a girlfriend.”

I told her that I honestly didn’t have any desire to date or have a girlfriend, saying I didn’t have the time or energy for that anymore. Then, turning the tables on her, I asked her why she didn’t have a boyfriend or wasn’t dating anyone.

“They’re all so immature,” Cathy sighed, “and everyone I know just wants to party, get drunk and screw everyone in sight.”

I laughed and told her I was glad she had higher standards than that, then after a second, I asked, “And you’re really a virgin?”

“I’m terminal.” She replied. “That’s what my room mate called me…. a terminal virgin.”

When I asked her what that meant, she told me it was the name for a girl that was holding out for ‘Mr. Perfect’ and wasn’t going to do anything with anyone until she met him.

“You’ll meet someone.” I said. “One day you’ll meet that special someone and everything will click. You’re a very pretty girl and someday, you’ll meet someone that makes your heart go pitter-pat and you won’t want to be terminal anymore.”

Cathy laughed and said she wasn’t going to hold her breath. Then in almost the same sentence, she asked me again if she could ask me something else…… something personal. I’ve always had an honest relationship with Cathy and so without even thinking about it, I told her she could ask anything that was on her mind.

“Well,” she asked, “I’ve heard things….. you know about how guys are horny and want sex all the time. Don’t you get horny not having a girlfriend or someone to take to bed?”

I didn’t want to seem shocked or put out, so as I continued to eat, I explained it to her – as honestly as I could without being crude.

“Sure, I get urges.” I answered. “I miss having sex just like anyone would. Your mother and I had a pretty decent sex-life, even up to the end. That part of our marriage was always good. I’m kind of on my own now in that department.” Hoping she’d accept my answer and leave it alone, I left it at that.

“Do you masturbate?” She asked, quite matter of factly.

Trying to act as adult about it as I could, I simply said, “Cathy, everyone masturbates, and you probably do, too.” When I looked across the table at her, she was blushing and had an embarrassed grin on her face. “Yes,” I finally said straight out, “I masturbate.”

I almost asked her if she masturbated, too, but, I thought better of it, especially since I already knew the answer. Although, I should have gone ahead and asked because once our laughter died down, she kept up her questioning. “Daddy, how often do you do it?”

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