The Thunderstorm


It was the worst thunderstorm in the history of Detroit the news anchor told everyone told to stay inside there homes. I was in my room enjoying the storm and watching TV when the phone rang it was my parents telling me that they were safe at a hotel in Ann Arbor. When I hung up the phone the door bell rang so I went downstairs to answer it opening the door it was my best friend Amara from Job Corp her clothes were soaking and it looked like she has been crying.

“What are you doing here Amara are you ok?” I said let her in the house.

“Tamron broke up with me she said he was in love with someone else and kick me out of his car on Joy RD. I notice that I was close to your house so I came over hoping you were here.” She said hugging me crying on my chest. I held her in my arms as she cried after awhile of silence I spoke.

“Come with me you need to get out of those clothes so you won’t catch a cold I’ll give you a robe to wear.” I said as we walked up the stairs to the hallway and told her to wait there and went upstairs to my room in the attic and got her a blue robe from my closet when I came downstairs and came into the TV room I was surprise to see her standing in the middle of the room naked.

“Here put this on.” I said looking at her body she walked over to me as I held out the robe for her she took it from my hand and tossed it Anadolu Yakası Escort to the side she then pushed me down to the couch and got on top of me and started kissing me after a few minutes she broke the kiss.

“Lamar I love you so much I was never in love with Tamron I want you so badly.” She said taking off my shirt she then leaned forward and gently kissed my bottom lip, then my top lip and then my bottom lip again. I pulled both her hands off my chest and her upper body collapsed in a heap on top of me. For a moment we just both lay there, holding hands and resting on each other. Then I felt her lips slowly kiss my chest. She slowly kissed her way up to my lips, but this time I kissed her back. Gently at first but then with more and more passion, her mouth was so hot and tempting. We both took turns to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues. Soon her passions and Amara was straddling me, and my hands were exploring every inch of her body. I then to play with her breast they were about a handful but they weren’t round, they were like mountain peaks. I gently cupped them again, this time taking the nipples in between my fingers and gently squeezing them, Amara began to moan as I gently massaged her nipples. Then I took one nipple into my mouth and gently suckled it like a baby. I took both nipples and suckle Avrupa Yakası Escort them both for twenty minutes, occasionally flicking them with my tongue or stopping to just bite them. I was now feeling her every motion and I was extremely horny. I kissed my way down once more, this time only stopping at her belly button for a few seconds before carrying on. I continued kissing my way down her body to reveal a wonderfully trimmed pussy. I gently licked her slit again, this time stopping to taste her sweetness, probing her clit with my tongue, just gently flicking and licking her clit. Occasionally moving away to concentrate on her lips, before long I could feel her pussy beginning to tighten and I knew she was about to cum. So I carefully placed my lips around her pussy, and started to suck away, in between each suck probing my tongue as deep into her as possible. She placed both her hands on my head and started to grind her hips into me, and then I felt her hips and grip tighten and I was feeling her hot cum on the end of my tongue.

After a while she recovered. “Now it’s your turn.” She said and with that she guided her hand down to my jeans and slowly undid my button and then my zip. She gently slid my jeans down to my ankles and then slowly removed my boxers to. I was naked with Amara underneath my hard cock and my cock İstanbul Escort rubbing against her wet pussy. She clenched both my ass cheeks and gently started to rock her hips against my cock, pulling me into her, my cock rubbing against her pussy but not inside her She then slowly grabbed my cock with one hand and started to rub it up and down the shaft of my cock, giving me a better hand job then I had ever given myself, Each time there was to much friction she rubbed her hand against her wet pussy and then wiped her juices all over my hard cock, before long I was ready to cum, I whispered to Amara that I was ready to cum and she guided me into her pussy.

” I want you to cum inside me, so give it to me hard now” she whispered with that I started to thrust my shaft in and out of her pussy, as she ground her hips against mine. Harder and faster was what she whispered in my ear and I was not going to disappoint her. With every thrust she moaned and gasped. Her moans were getting louder and it was turning me on. We were humping like rabbits and I was lasting a long time, even after I felt like I was going to explode. I came inside her almost as if I had pissed myself, stream after hot stream of my cum spurted into her, the thrusting stopped but her pussy was still sucking my cock.

I collapsed in a heap on top of Amara, my head resting on her breasts as I gasped for air, both our bodies covered in sweat.

“Looks like we made our own storm in here wanna go again?” I said kissing her. “Yeah we did and yeah but after we rest I’m tired I love you Lamar. She said.

“I love you too Amara.” I said as we fall asleep in each other arms.

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