The Train Station

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Big Tits

[all characters, places and products are fictitious; characters are all over 18 years of age]

My name is Charlie. I am 19 years old and 5ft, 9in and skinny. This is the story of how I lost my virginity and gained some good friends.

The station was busy, even on a Sunday, and I had arrived half an hour early for my train. I sat down at a plastic table in a coffee shop called Upper Crust. The shop was open to the whole station and I could just sit there and watch all the rushing people as they hurried by.

It was as I was watching that I noticed the group of women sat at the next table. They weren’t particularly unusual in any way, except that they sat, the four of them, huddled round the small table, talking quietly. Every now and then I caught laughter and they grouped closer, conspiratorially.

I decided to ignore this behaviour, intruiging though it was, and focus my observations on the table the other side of mine. This was certainly an improvement. The guy was boring, suit, tie and a briefcase. But the girl was incredible: Spanish and fiery. She wore a mini skirt – which resembled a belt rather than any skirt – and a white shirt with a plunging neckline. From my vantage point at the side I could just see beneath the shirt, as it lay either side supported by a firm young breast. I could feel my cock hardening in my jeans and made small rearrangements of my hoodie to hide my excitement. She clearly wore no bra, but try as I might I could not see either nipple. It was frustrating. Then they left; I hoped they hadn’t noticed my interest.

My train was still not due for atleast twenty minutes. I dragged my phone out of my pocket to pass some time, but over-heard a rather odd phrase from the huddled women to my left, whom in all my eagerness I had forgotten:

“- after that it just went limp. Teenagers never know how to control themselves.

“That’s what makes them more exciting than men, I think.”

The redhead who had just commented was – there is no other word – busty. She was not slim, but not fat either, and stood between five and six feet high. More or less average, you might say. However, her breasts were magnificent, spilling from her low-cut blue top without the sag you might expect from a woman of her age; about fourty-two I think.

Having leaned back momentarily to consider this sentiment, one woman, a thin blonde, passed a smartphone to the redhead who sighed a little and rejoined the circle. I was really very curious by this point and got up, thinking to get a look at the phone-screen in the pretense of buying another coffee. I had to peer rather conspicuously over a shoulder to see it and almost fell over when I realized. They were sharing pictures of young men, each about eighteen, each naked. None of them was particularly well-built, except in one area of course. I quivered confusedly, made a lunge for the shop counter, chose the wrong direction and stumbled stupidly for a moment. Then the redhead looked up and I looked back, first in the eyes, then down her blouse. It was idiotic and completely obvious, but for some reason I couldn’t help myself, it was inevitable. She smiled which made me feel somehow very worried and yet also reassured at the same time; a devilish, knowing smile.

“You OK hon’?” she began and I gulped for air.

“Erm. Yes, err, nice day.” Idiot, I thought. Apologize or something, but that was pathetic. You know. She knows. Just say sorry. “Um, sorry.” It was almost a question.

“That’s quite alright. My name’s Sharon. This is Debbie, Tracy and Jennifer.” She said, pointing out her friends in turn.

“Hi.” I said, in a sort of vague attempt at normality.

“You like what you saw, dear?”

“Well, yeah. I mean… I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Well perhaps we ought to help you make up your mind. It’s only right. After all, being a teenager is such a difficult time.”

“What do you mean?” Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort I was really getting confused now.

“OK, enough with the small talk.” Said the blonde impatiently, “You saw our photos, no?”

“Yes.” I said after a pause.

“We are what you might call cougars, MILFs, though ‘MILF’ is seen as rather offensive today. In short, we would very much like it if you came with us… then in us.”

“Shh!” hissed one of the others, who looked quite worried by the brazen display of her two friends.

“Don’t worry about it, just look at him: he’s begging for it.” The redhead wasn’t completely wrong. My jeans were taught beyond any hiding and I was beginning to feel exposed.

As one the four women rose and headed for a toilet. I hesitated, then followed.

They disappeared from sight for a moment. Then I rounded a corner in the corridor and was faced with a white PVC wall and a door. I must have gone the wrong way. I cursed and backtracked but then the door opened and two of the group walked out, grabbed me and walked back in. It was smelly and dank inside the cupboard. I tripped over a mop and bucket, righted myself and tried to make out what was going on. Sharon appeared in the dark and took hold of my ears forcefully. I gasped a bit as she brought my head down towards the floor, making my knees bend.

I found myself staring at her red skirt, which reached just below her knees. Then she lifted it and I was presented with the first vagina I had ever seen. It wasn’t quite neatly-shaven, but looked is if that had been the intention. It was warm (though I wasn’t touching it) smelly and sweating. I breathed out, not realising I had been holding a breath, and breathed back in. I took in the damp smell, the zesty smell and the warm smell.

Suddenly, hands pushed on the back of my head and my nose was pressed right into the pussy. It was so large it took my whole nose, and my lips brushed up against a rubbery button beneath it. I choked, “God,” I thought, “this must be her anus!” The thought drained me a little.

But then Sharon began to grind her pussy up and down my face, past my nose each time. It was becoming hard to breathe.

At the beckoning of another woman (one or two words and a shove in the back of the head) I stuck out my tongue to taste a vagina. It was not altogether unpleasant, though the taste really shocked me at first.

Just as I was really getting into it, for it was starting to turning me on, she shuddered, clamped her thighs about my cheeks, held my head to her pelvis and shook out a stream of liquid into my face and mouth. I spluttered, completely taken a back.

“Don’t worry, dear: I’m a squirter. Actually, it’s pretty awesome that you got that, if this is your first time. You’re a natural.” She smiled.

“I just wasn’t expecting it,” I stammered, still a bit shocked.

“Well, anyhow, I’m off for a shit.” Sharon up and left, leaving me with the others. They had hungry looks in their eyes and it worried me, though, looking back, I realize that this was probably most guys’ greatest fantasy: four older women in a cleaner’s cupboard, each positively ravenous with desire. But, at the time I was scared shitless.

“Take your time, Red.” Said one of them, Jennifer maybe. She stood up, swaying her hourglass hips seductively, and strutted across to where I lay. She was not wearing a dress, just jeans and a white shirt, parted to show cleavage.

Not clocking that she didn’t want me to please her, I wondered how I should ever lick any pussy, if it was locked behind stiff denim. But then she stooped and crouched between my legs, her shirt now revealing much cleavage and an obvious lack of bra as she leaned towards me. Reaching forward, she took the zipper of my flies, undoing it slowly. My cock was, of course, pressed right up against the zip, and each tooth to pass through the metal sent vibrations Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort tingling down my erection.

Like a redundant flagpole, my penis rose through the gap and stood tall. I’m on the average side of six inches, but it could have been two and I’m sure Jennifer wouldn’t have remarked. She lovingly leant down and took it between her lips. This was by far and away the most exquisite sensation I have ever felt. Her mouth offered such warmth and wetness and my cock seemed to fit perfectly, like a banana in a skin. Every time she bobbed her head the head of my penis brushed against her tonsils, stimulating my every nerve, coaxing the warm, stinging liquid from deep within my balls. I could feel it collecting at the bottom of my cock, searing with intense pleasure.

Then I came. It was at once amazing and disappointing, for I knew it would not last and after that, that was it.

Not so.

Jennifer lifted her head, a drop of my juice leaking from her bright red lips, and blinked slowly, satisfied. She turned to Tracy, beckoned, and they kissed. It was so sensual, as they were swapping my cum between themselves and enjoying smearing on each other’s chin. This display was so erotic that my limp penis twitched hopefully and then began the slow journey back to fully-erect. This time it was a little slow and ached slightly, though in a warm and comforting sort of way.

Tops now off and nipples erect, the love-making between Jennifer and Tracy held me too distracted to notice Debbie behind me.

She crept upon me and grabbed my shoulders, thus forcing my head back and my eyes to the ceiling. She was topless herself, actually completely naked, and her breasts, though not as large as Sharon’s, were creamy and natural and at that firm-yet-soft stage after puberty but before child-birth. Oh my god, they were divine. And she lowered her torso above my face, obstructing my vision with boob, and finished by slapping her tits down about my nose. They made a wet noise as they contacted Sharon’s now-cooling pussy juice on my cheeks. Wow, they completely covered my face and for a moment I was at a loss. Then Debbie began to shake them from side to side, her hands, I believe, on either side of her bosom. This withdrew a slurping noise from me as my breath was caught by the movement, one moment clear in the gap between breasts, the next moment fully obstructed by warm, supple, soft flesh that cried out to be licked and sucked. This I did.

Her breasts were large enough that at this time I had not yet had any nipple. Debbie remedied this by extracting me for a brief second and then swiftly plonking one breast in my mouth. The nipple stiffened under the stroke of my tongue. It was of a warm, course texture and throbbed with her heartbeat. The areola was puffy and swollen and one or two soft hairs lined its raised circle. I took as much flesh in my mouth at once, savouring all the flavour and rolled the nipple about with my tongue. Can you tell I’m a breast man?

The scene was beginning to get rather serious across from us, as Jennifer and Tracy were both fully naked and had finished the kissing, the breast-fondling and the pussy-eating stages. They had now arrived at the other-things phase. A mop handle seemed Tracy’s favoured instrument as she used it to bring Jennifer to a shuddering orgasm. Debbie looked up as Jennifer moaned and groaned, covering the shaft with her juices. I was allowed a breather.

Footsteps sounded outside the door. All stopped and looked. The door opened into a scared silence.

“Oh my God!” Came the voice from outside. “I forgot to wipe my arse.” Sharon strolled back in. We were quite visibly pleased and sighs of relief were sounded. She hadn’t really cleaned up at all. Her skirt was askew and too high; her blouse, squiffy and dangerously close to showing a nipple; one shoe on, one left where I had brought her Ataşehir Ucuz Escort to her squirting climax; and that shaken, satisfied look only women after sex can achieve.

“Hmmm…” she mused, taking in the lesbianism and the breast-smothering. “Yup,” she concluded, “something’s amiss. You,” she said, pointing at Debbie, “away from his face, please: I shall be requiring it. And you two,” now gesturing at Jennifer and Tracy, “one of you, sit on his cock and the other, suck on my tit.” Instructions, it seemed.

I was still rather dazed, not sure whether this was all actually happening, and certainly unsure about what my part in it was. But the others moved and switched and rearranged accordingly, until Jennifer was crouched between my spread legs, Debbie was on the floor facing Jennifer’s bum from behind, and Tracy was preparing to enjoy Sharon’s tits. Sharon herself walked back to her favourite and familiar position above my head. This time, however, I was truly terrified. One look up confirmed my worst fears: Sharon really hadn’t remembered to wipe. That or she had simply forgone it.

Odours clung to her pussy and ass. They drifted down, invading my noise with pungent, spicy tastes of muff and piss. There was a distinctly shitty smell there too. I glanced back up. Her vagina was slightly open, quite soggy and crusted with dried urine. It looked a little slack from where I was sitting as well. Matted black hairs surrounded her anus which was looking very dark. There were only tell-tale signs of a recent dump: a couple of stretch marks, one skid mark and a few tiny lumps of shit clinging to hairs.

Then my world shrank, the light on either side of her crotch diminishing until her globe-like arse-cheeks were all I could see. Pretending this wasn’t happening, I merely remained sat up. For my troubles I recieved a small dribble of piss, leaked from a fresh, tart vagina as it made contact with my hair. I bowed to the inevitable and lay back down.

“That’s better, dear. This would be so boring, if we had to force you into all this.”

I gulped.

Then the pissy pussy was at my lips. I tentatively licked her lips. They recoiled slightly, then began to ooze and slaver, engorging at my touch. I found the piss not to taste so bad, though it was a little bitter and sharp. I licked away at her messy vagina, now quite satisfied that it was all ok. Before she came, however, she drew away. I was confused. Then she sat back down on my face. This time it was her ass that approached my mouth. I did not know what to do. I tried to turn away, but hands, somehow detached from the noisy orgy taking place at my feet, pushed my head back. I closed my mouth, my eyes, stopped breathing, meaning to hold my breath until they all went away or I woke up, this all being no more than a dream.

Something happened then that changed my mind and my life. Jennifer (I presume) sat down on my stiff cock. It was like entering Heaven. The sides of her succulent vagina pressed stimulatingly on my shaft as she moved slowly up and down on it. She was going only so fast as to entice, I could not come. Nonetheless, I reached back up with my tongue and welcomed that shitty ass onto my face. It was mildly disgusting, but I could not care less, so amazing was the sensation between my legs. It was as if every nerve in my body ended in my penis. I was chanelling myself through it and into her, precum drooling from the end of my cock into her canal.

So I cleaned out Sharon’s ass as she moaned above me, encouraging me and turning me on with the hottest, dirtiest talk. This was, indeed, a dream come true, though perhaps not exactly as planned. I lost my virginity into Jennifer and the two of us get together regularly to… erm… remenisce. I have seen no more of Debbie and Tracy, but Sharon…

Well, she and I run into each other remarkably often. Though it no longer seems surprising, I am always taken at unawares and awkward times; a sideways glance from across a bus and as soon as the last few passengers leave, she attacks. It’s as if she suffers no appetite loss, for my dick remains limp for barely a second at a time during our lovemaking. And she has often caught me at public toilets, a now favourite haunt. Need I say more?

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