The Trainer’s Chronicles Ch. 02


After my assessment session with Corrine and the incredible sexual release we had given each other, I was obviously looking forward to our next appointment together. There were a lot of questions I had running around in my head. Most importantly, why did our encounter happen? Was there something going on in her home life that would prompt her to come on to me sexually? Was she just a really gorgeous nymphomaniac? I was also unsure how to broach the subject. Should I just pretend it didn’t happen? That was out of the question, because if nothing else, I wanted it to happen again. I had been fantasizing ever since about sliding myself in between her wet pussy lips and pumping her full of my cum. I especially wanted to fuck her from behind and watch her gorgeous ass ripple as I fucked her hard. Maybe this would be the woman that I could fulfill one of my greatest fantasies with. I had always wanted to fuck a woman in the gym after a good workout with her body bathed in sweat.

It was a week before we had another scheduled appointment, and I was waiting with anticipation. She showed up a few minutes early and walked into the gym wearing nondescript clothing again. Even her hair was bound up this time. However, with this woman it was hard to hide the fact that she had an amazing body. Even plain track pants seemed to hug every curve of her ass. She gave me that coy smile that I remembered and my cock twitched in my pants, thinking of her hand wrapped around it. The gentle swell of her breasts was obvious under her sweatshirt, and I was hoping that like last time she was wearing next to nothing underneath. I could remember the scent of her wet pussy still on my fingers.

“Good to see you again.”

“Yes, definitely.” I said, trying not to let my voice break. “How were your workouts this week?”

“Not nearly as good as the last one with you.” She said slightly under her breath. “I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for me this time.” She walked past me into the change room to put her shoes on. The gym was crowded because it was peak time in the evening and there were several classes going on. After she emerged, we began her warm up on a treadmill. We began to chat some more, and it was amazing how easy it was to talk to her just like nothing had happened. Since she wasn’t mentioning anything, I wasn’t about to either. I figured it was better to leave it alone and if it was just flirting from now on, then that was fine with me. Although I did want some questions answered, it was not my place to start asking them, especially with a gym full of people around. The last thing I wanted is for people to overhear how we had been together at our last session.

However, that didn’t mean that I couldn’t have some fun. As a trainer, I know exactly how to make people sweat and work hard. I intentionally put some intervals into her warm up that I knew would cause her to break a sweat. At the very least, I wanted to be able to ogle the body that I had touched last week. Finally the warm up was done and a light sheen of sweat covered her forehead and neck. It was hard for me to resist bending down to inhale her scent. I handed her a towel and told her to follow me into the weight room. As we walked she quickly stripped off her sweats, revealing her upper body with beads of sweat gathering on her upper back. Her top this time was a more revealing sports bra and her shorts were tight black molds to her firm ass. As before, her hard nipples were obvious and the way she smiled at me as we walked made we want to throw her against the wall and tear her top off so I could suck on them. It was obvious she wanted to tease me again.

Since we have a very small gym, the weight room was fairly quiet, there were only a couple of other people present. In one room, we have machines, and in one room free weights. I decided to start her on machines to test her strength limits. Plus, the room was empty right now, which meant we might be able to get some conversation in. Once inside, I decided to confront the issue. I wanted to deal with things quickly.

“Listen.” I said to her quietly. “I want to talk about what happened between us last time you were here.” I had practiced this speech many times in my bathroom mirror before this, but there was no way it was going to come out easily. She stopped me quickly with a hand on my arm and leaned into my chest. Her tongue lightly flicked out and ran over my neck, which caused my cock to begin to harden in my pants. Her hand moved down to gently massage my cock through my pants. What was already half hard quickly swelled into a massive erection.

“Don’t worry about it. I had fun. I’m hoping we can do it again sometime.” She said into my ear. I had taken ten seconds for my cock to become fully erect under her hand. But that was not what I wanted right now. I grabbed her hand and held it tightly. The upper hand was something I was not about to give up in this situation.

“Look. Bostancı Escort You’re married and I am really trying to be professional.” I said harshly. “I will admit that I wanted what happened to happen but I want some answers and I don’t feel comfortable with this.” She stopped and looked into my eyes with a surprised look. I could tell she was looking for signs that I wasn’t serious, that I was willing to play her little game.

“You’re serious.”

“Yes, I am.” I was trying to keep my voice down. “You’re paying me for one service and obviously there is something else going on. I think you are an incredible woman and I am really attracted to you. But we can’t do this here right now.” Her eyes softened suddenly.

“Look, I want to apologize.” She said. “Things at home haven’t been good for a while. I’m the type of woman that simply takes what she wants, and the simple fact was that I wanted a man to desire me like my husband used to. He hasn’t been interested in me for a while and the fact that I can turn you on so quickly is amazing. You are also the first person I have spoken to about what matters to me in quite some time. I joined this gym to give myself a release from my everyday life and get away from home.” Now I was beginning to understand. “Plus I think you’re really hot.” She blurted out. “You have the type of body my husband used to have a few years ago and I wanted to experience that again.” She flushed with embarrassment. “If you want things to stop, then we can make this our final session. No harm, no foul.”

Just then another member walked into the room. I had to pretend like nothing had just been said between us, and focus on the task at hand so that nobody would know anything. I set her up on the cable machine in front of me and began to run her through some simple exercises. For the next few minutes my thoughts were churning in my head.

This woman not only put me into an awkward situation for her own benefit, but she risked my job and my integrity at the same time, obviously caring nothing about anyone except herself and her own selfish needs. I was just a toy to her, and that was the last thing that I was about to be to some bored cougar who couldn’t get any from her own husband. I decided then and there that she was going to get as good as she gave in the seduction department. Quite frankly, if she wanted to pay me to be her toy, then I was more than willing to fulfill the role and make her happy. But it was going to cost her.

As she was performing her exercise I moved in behind her closely and wrapped my hands around her arms as if I was helping her perform the exercise. From across the room where the other member was it would look like I was simply a concerned trainer helping my client. At the same time I leaned into her and pressed my still hard cock into her firm ass. I reached out with my tongue and began to gently stroke her earlobe with it, sucking lightly as I whispered into her ear.

“I’d love to just slide those pants down and fuck you hard right now. I bet you’re wet inside those pants, aren’t you? I want you to think about my cock in your pussy thrusting slowly in and out so that you can feel every inch of me inside you.” I kept my voice light and soft so that only she could hear me, and got the reaction that I was looking for. She immediately stiffened up and almost dropped the weight she was lifting. Her knees bent slightly. She began to push back against me with her ass rubbing against my crotch. As soon as she responded I pulled away. We continued like that for several more sets of the same exercise. Each time I would gently push my hard cock against her ass, and by the final set she was rubbing herself back and forth very slightly across my crotch.

“Well, we have a lot more to get to tonight, so let’s go into the other room.” I said, moving quickly to pick up my clipboard. Glancing in the mirror as I walked away I saw her flushed face and a surprised look. I was happy for the clipboard because it hid my hardness very well. We moved into the other room where there were several members working out at this point. Taking her through some more exercises, I made a point of touching her bare skin at every opportunity, sliding my hands over her skin to touch her firm stomach and back. Every time my fingers touched her I let them glide slowly over her skin, which I knew would cause goose bumps and begin to drive her wild. At one point I slowly pulled my fingernails down the sensitive middle of her back and she moaned, arching backwards.

After about fifteen minutes of this teasing her hands were clutching onto the bench she was on. She was getting into it as well, making little erotic grunts every time she lifted something heavy. She was also encouraging my hands on her body by turning away from the other people in the room so that they were hidden. At one point I was rubbing her hard nipples through her sports bra with my fingers Ümraniye Escort and she clenched onto my wrist to prevent me from taking her over the edge. When I placed my hands around her waist to steady her and slid my fingers down into her workout pants to touch the sensitive area near her pussy. I could now smell just slightly the scent of her pussy, which told me she was dripping wet already. This was very dangerous because if other members even suspected there was anything going on and complained I was in a lot of trouble.

The problem was now that I wanted to take things a step further, but being where we were it wasn’t the best option. I decided for the finish of our session I would move us into the yoga studio, which was away from the crowded areas but closer to the front desk. It also had a door that I could close. It was where I often took my clients to do stretching, so nothing would look out of the ordinary. I was taking a risk with this part of the process, but by now we were both beyond control. We would be about fifty feet from discovery.

As soon as we entered the room I closed the door and pushed her up against the wall beside the door in a corner so that we couldn’t be seen unless someone came into the room. The room was dark and the door was unlocked, but I was feeling totally out of control. My career was at risk and I didn’t care because I wanted to fuck this woman so badly. I grabbed her wrists, pinning her against the wall and mashed my mouth over hers, thrusting my tongue in between her lips. She responded hungrily and stabbed her tongue into mine as we wrestled against the wall. Letting go of her wrists, our arms encircled each other as we grabbed at one another. Her skin tasted salty with sweat and I licked and sucked at her neck while she ran her fingers through my hair, moaning. I had to taste her nipples in my mouth. I placed my hands underneath her sports bra and moved it up so that her breasts were exposed and began devouring her nipples, moving from one to the other with my tongue. Circling each one quickly, I would move in and out and suck hard on the nipple. Every few licks I would gently bite down on her nipple. She began to gasp quietly and started to clutch at my pants. My cock was already hard and ready for her.

It was time. I spun her around and quickly pulled down her sweatpants, revealing her incredible ass covered by a small thong. Obviously she was thinking about this just as much as I was tonight. Immediately the smell of her wet pussy hit me. She placed both of her hands against the wall in a submissive position. I couldn’t wait and had to have her. Sliding my fingers between her hard ass cheeks I felt her wetness flowing down her inner thighs, it was hot and sticky and I wanted to feel more of it all over my body. I quickly took down my workout pants and freed my hard cock, pressing it against her. She spread her legs, making it easier for me. I leaned over to whisper in her ear as I wrapped my hands around her breasts. I reached down and moved her thong band to one side, leaving it on but giving me access to be able to slide inside her.

“Do you want me to fuck you? Huh? I’m going to fuck your hot cunt and make you scream. I’m going to come all over your hot little ass.” I hissed into her ear, flicking my tongue over her neck. Her shoulders were damp with sweat and I gently ran my tongue across them, tasting the salt coming from her body. My cock slid between her legs and I felt her juices begin to run down my shaft.

“Oh my god, yes, please, please put your cock in me. I need your cock in me right now. Please, make me cum. I need you in me.” She mewled with her face up against the wall. I took a quick glance to make sure nobody could see us if they looked into the room through the window in the door. Then I quickly bent slightly and thrust my hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. It slid in halfway on the first stroke. The effect was electric. She let out a quiet cry and I felt her tight pussy begin to spasm. Her hands clutched at mine as she pushed harder against me, pushing my cock completely into her. I felt the wet warmth of her pussy and the softness of her ass against my groin while my hands enveloped her breasts. I stopped my movement so that I could relish this feeling. The muscles of her ass flexed and I could feel her abdominal area tighten. She let out a gasp.

Her pussy gripped my hard cock and I could feel it pulse gently around me. She was breathing in tight gasps and sweat was starting to trickle off of both our bodies. I began to slide in and out of her just a couple of inches so that we were barely moving and I could maintain contact with her gorgeous ass that I had fantasized about so much. My cock was growing harder with each stroke, if that was at all possible. She was amazing. After a couple of minutes I decided the risk factor was a little high and thought I should finish this quickly. I started to fuck her with longer Kartal Escort strokes, moving one hand around her body down to her hard clit and beginning to stroke it with my thumb while my cock moved in and out of her. Moving faster now she leaned forward and pushed back against me so that I was literally fucking her hard against the concrete wall and fingering her throbbing clit at the same time. She began to get louder, which I knew was a problem so I took my hand off of her breast and placed it into her mouth to stifle her moans and gasps.

If anyone decided to open the door right now we would be found out, which was actually turning me on quite a bit. I was getting close to the breaking point, but I wanted to feel her cum one more time before that. I stopped the movement of my cock until my stroking of her clit had her moving against me and began slowly fucking her again while simultaneously playing with her. After a dozen strokes I could tell she was getting close because I could feel her pussy tighten up and I redoubled my efforts so that I could push her over the edge. My cock was getting harder and harder inside her and I was holding on for dear life, determined not to let this go until she came again. I didn’t have to wait long. Suddenly she bit down hard on my hand and I felt her pussy almost literally explode with wetness as she came hard. She gave a silent scream, which was muffled by my hand over her mouth. Her teeth on my hand only served notice that it was time for me, and I let myself build to the point of no return. I leaned over and gasped into her ear.

“Here it comes. Here comes my cum in your tight little pussy. I’m going to fill you up.” My cock began to pulse and so that I wouldn’t cry out myself I had to bite down on her shoulder as the feelings washed over me. Streams of hot cum burst out of me into her hot pussy. I felt her wet hole get wetter and wetter as it filled up. It came in waves that felt like they would never end and I felt my cum start to drip out of her. We held each other as much as possible in that position as the spasms that had racked both our bodies came to an end. Our bodies were totally intertwined, with my hands on her breasts supporting her upper body holding her closely to me. My softening cock could still feel her pussy twitching around it as we both came back to the room.

I stepped back and my cock slid out of her. Suddenly coming back to Earth, I realized where we were and pulled her pants up abruptly and her sports bra back down. Quickly stuffing my cock back into my pants, I gently turned her around to face me. What I saw surprised me. Her eyes were wet with tears. She grabbed at me and pulled me to her for a strong hug, wrapping her arms around me and letting out a light sob. I held her while she cried in my arms.

“Are you okay?” I asked with genuine concern. I had never gotten that response before, especially from a situation like that one. She stepped back and wiped her nose.

“I’m sorry. I’ve haven’t felt anything like that in years. It felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. You made me feel like I was really wanted again.”

“You are.” I said. “I think you’re one of the most incredible women I’ve ever met. And not just because of what we just did.” She smiled slightly.

“Thank you.” She composed herself and we hugged again. I leaned into her and kissed her gently, and she responded to my kiss with her entire body. Just then I glanced at the door and saw a face quickly dart away from the small window. A bad feeling suddenly rose over my body as I moved to the door and opened it quickly. One of the instructors stood there. My heart sank because if she had seen what was going on and decided to mention it my job was done for.

“Are you done with the room?” she asked. I scanned her face but didn’t see any suspicious signs that she had seen anything bad at all. The smell of what had just happened was completely obvious if you walked into the room. There were even drops on the floor in the corner where we had just fucked.

“Yes, I think so.” I quickly checked to see that there were no obvious signs of what had happened and guided Corrine out of the room and past the front desk. She paused there and turned to me, smiling with that coy smile. .

“So, are we up for the same time next week?” I could only smile and think about what might happen next time. I had just fulfilled one of my biggest sexual fantasies, and it was with a woman who was not only married, but had paid me for the hour I had just spent fucking her. As she walked towards the change rooms I could see a damp spot between her legs where my come had dripped into her pants. The shoulder I had bitten had a small red mark on it. Hopefully nobody else noticed. I moved quickly back to the yoga room to wipe the floor down and saw the other instructor standing there, having just retrieved a mat from the cupboard. She gave me a funny look as I walked into the room but didn’t say anything as I grabbed a towel and quickly wiped the floor off, knowing she would mistake it as sweat. The smell of our lust was still hanging in the room.

Little did I know what that little session would bring me.

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