The VIP Room


My name is…well, call me Jessica as that was the name I used with my clients.

When I turned 18 I had just finished school and didn’t have a clue as to what would follow next. I was living with my aunt as my parents had divorced many years ago, and didn’t have a cent to my name.

Don’t think for a minute that I was a drop dead gorgeous girl; I was more of a girl next door type. I had short brown hair, blue eyes and my body was slightly overweight. My tits were average, neither too big or small. I was not a virgin but also didn’t date much.

So one day I was talking to my friend Anne who I knew worked as an escort. She had sort of tried to convince me to join her, but I couldn’t imagine myself in a hotel room with a grubby stranger between my legs!

“Anne, sorry but I can’t stomach having guy after guy crawling into my bed” I told her dozens of times.

But on this particular day she finally gave me another option.

“Listen Jessi, I know a place that may just work for you, and they pay good money” she said as we were both lying on her bed after watching some tv.

“I told you I don’t see myself having sex with dozens of strangers a day” I answered back with my usual whining.

“No, it’s not sex; well…sort of but not really sex..” she continued as she looked into my eyes.

“What do you mean not really sex?”

“Well, how do you feel about sucking a guy off?” she asked me.

“That is sex” I answered.

“Yes, but its not like you have to be naked and have him pounding between your legs, you know. Or having him kiss you and do other things. Its quicker and less work” she rattled back to me.

I looked at her like I didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Listen Jessi, there are guys who only want some oral, nothing more. You just suck them and in 5 minutes its done!” she replied.

I started chewing on the idea. She had a point there, I knew, and it was better than having vaginal sex. Quicker and less painful.

“And the pay is good?” I asked as I started giving in to the idea.

“Sure! And I know a guy who is looking for a girl to provide blowjobs at his joint” she said.

So on her next free day I went with her to meet this guy. He was a burly, middle aged man with a pot belly and a thick gold chain around his neck. We met him at his “office”, located inside an old, decrepit building close to the downtown area.

“Listen girls, I own an Adult Bookstore with video booths. There is an area called the VIP room. There I offer those customers who want to pay a premium to not only watch the gerçek porno movie but get blown at the same time. I need a girl to work in the VIP room. Its good money and flexible time” he told us as he lay back in his seat and his eyes hovered over our bodies.

After some more talking I finally decided I could try it out. I had sucked some guys in the past, and it hadn’t been that bad actually. So I agreed to come back in two days so he could show me where I would work, my schedule and how I would get paid.

Well, when I met him again he drove me out to his store. It was a huge adult store right off the highway, and I could see it was a very busy place since the parking lot was pretty filled up with cars and trucks. There was a truck stop next to it and I could see many truckers walking to and fro between the store and their trucks.

We went inside into his office above the store. There he told me that I would be working inside the VIP booth which he would show me soon. A client would come into the store, pay the special fee and get a token and a ticket with a number.

“What’s the number for?” I asked him.

“Honey, it gets busy here at times. You don’t want the guy going inside the booth when there is already another guy getting blown. So, when the guy in the booth is finished and walks out, you press a button inside the booth and a screen outside the booth displays the next number. The guy with that number walks in, gives you the token, and you start working on him as he watches the movie. When he walks out you are ready for the next. Simple” he explained.

“But what if the guy takes forever?” I asked.

“Don’t worry…after 10 minutes a buzzer will sound. If he can’t cum in the next 3 minutes he goes out. If not, my assistant will open the door and kick him out” he replied.

“Do they use condoms?” I asked

“Honey, here we pride in our top level service. A blowjob with condom is like eating diet ice cream …tasteless. If the guy demands a condom you can use one, but almost all our clients expect a non condom blowjob, you understand?” he said as his eyes fixed on mine.

“Ok, no problem I guess” I replied. If I was going to be a whore I might as well get used to the idea.

“Oh, and no spitting. When you suck a guy you always swallow, understand? Its not good service if you start spitting out his load on the floor in front of him, you understand? They pay good money for the best service we can give them” he added sternly.

“Sure, no worries. I actually like the taste of cum” I replied, my genç porno izle eyes looking at the floor, my face slightly blushing as I felt embarrassed by what I just admitted.

“well, and how do I get paid?” I asked.

“Easy baby, at the end of your shift you give the assistant the jar with all the tokens you recollected and he will pay you based on that. The more you suck the more you make!” he answered with a grin on his face.

“Come, I’ll show you the booth” he said as he stood up and opened the door.

We walked down into the store and went through a small door down a dimly lit hallway. At the end of the hallway was a big waiting room with chairs and flat tv screens on the walls, lit by a few red bulbs hanging from the ceiling, giving it an eerie atmosphere. On the end of the room was a white door with a screen above it.

“Here is where the VIP clients wait for their turn. While they wait they can watch some porn flicks so as to get them in the mood. When they see their number on the screen by the door, they go in and get serviced. Come, I’ll show you the room” he said as he proceeded to open the white door.

It was a small room, with a high chair against one wall and a big flat screen tv on the opposite wall. The chair looked very similar to those barber chairs, where the client sits high. It was also dimly light by red lights.

“So the guy comes in, drops his pants, sits on the chair and enjoys as you work him up. When he is done he walks out the other door while the next client walks in through the door we just came in through. So, what do you think?” he asked.

Well, I was pretty much amazed at how organized he described it. It almost felt like he was describing a conveyor belt…guys coming in through one door and leaving out of another one.

“Are you game?” he asked.

I looked at him and thought, well , what he hell, I need money and at least I won’t have to sleep with the guys. “Sure, I’m game” I replied in a quavery voice, trying not to imagine an endless stream of guys using my mouth.

“Great! Now let’s see how good you are honey” he replied and before I could count to three he had lowered his sweat pants and his cock stood out.

I closed my eyes and knelt in front of him. I was surprised when it didn’t feel so bad as it slid deep into my open mouth. I licked and sucked the best I could until I was rewarded by a hot stream of cum flowing into my mouth and down my throat. I shamefully admit I liked the taste of it and swallowed every drop.

He patted my head, raised his hdx porno pants and drove me back home.

Well, I started working the next day. At first I did a couple hours per day, but when I saw how well I was doing and how much money I was raking in, I ended up working full time!

The first days my jaws were aching from so much sucking, but luckily after a few days I got into the rhythm.

I couldn’t believe the number of guys I had to service! By the end of my shift my jar was full of tokens, and my stomach was full of cum!

During the early morning shift I serviced mostly construction workers or truckers who were ready for their long drive and wanted to be relieved before they drove. Guy after guy slid it into my mouth and I sucked like a machine. I didn’t even notice or care what they looked like, if they stank or not. I just kneeled…sucked…swallowed and then pressed the button for the next guy and so on.

After a short break I did the noon shift; mostly office workers. These at least smelled and tasted better than the morning crowd.

But the busy shift was the evening one. No sooner had one guy emptied into my mouth than the next one was impatiently sliding it in! Guy after guy after guy! The tokens soon overflowed the jar and I still kept going! When the clock hit 7pm I knew all the truckers would be lining up to get blown after their dinner and before turning in for the night.

When my shift ended I was exhausted. I had barely eaten all day; having so much cum in my stomach actually made me lose all my appetite. My mouth and my blouse were completely drenched in cum, and my face was all sticky. I barely had enough strength left to wash my face.

During the first days I always rinsed my mouth with Listerine after each guy. Then, after a few days, I started rinsing only at the end of my shift since I barely had time between one guy and the next. And by now, I didn’t even bother. Not only was I too tired to even rinse, but no matter how much I rinsed I could still taste cum in my mouth, and I knew my breath probably stank of cock and cum! Who would want to kiss me now, right?

Yeah, the money was great, but as the assistant was counting out the tokens before closing the store I could hardly believe I had serviced so many men! On average I was doing 50 men a day, and much more on busy days!! More than 400 guys in a week!I realized I was just a sucking machine, a sucking whore!

And after he handed me the money, I knew my routine…I sank to my knees and took his cock. My good night milk as he called it!

I worked there long enough to save for my college, and I guess long enough to make it into the Guinness book of records as the woman who sucked the most men, if they ever admitted that entry!

But then, while I was in college, something else came up my way. But that my dears, is another story!

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