Lana swirled her wine in her glass and looked around the restaurant. It was mostly empty, and she could understand why. Thursday nights weren’t all that popular. Most people were at home relaxing, not out having dinner and drinks with a potential investor for their husband’s firm.

She caught little snippets of their conversation and tried to play the role of a trophy wife, nodding and smiling in all the right places. But in truth, she couldn’t be more bored. She didn’t need to be there. She could’ve stayed home while her husband shmoosed this man over. So far, the only good thing about tonight was the wine and all of the looks she garnered in her fitted crimson dress and heels.

The waiter came by, and his smile cleaved through her thoughts like a warm knife through butter. He was a younger man, with creamy chocolate skin and caramel eyes. Lana couldn’t help but return the smile as he topped off her glass of wine.

“How is everything?” He asked in a warm tone.

Lana’s smile deepened as she devoured him in her mind. She couldn’t’ stop herself from görükle escort thinking about all the different way she could have him. She imagined him picking her up with his big arms and fucking her while standing. She imagined their hips crashing into each other, and their bodies clapping together as she sucked his tongue. She imagined moaning sweet and filthy things in his ear as his cock reached parts of her husband couldn’t get to.

“Yes.” Her husband said and waved a dismissive hand. “We’re fine.”

His curt tone made Lana want to pour her drink over his head. She turned and offered a sympathetic smile to the waiter before mouthing the word “sorry.”

The waiter seemed not to notice and instead, shot Lana an inviting smile that was more than just lips and teeth. His gaze passed over her once, and she felt a flush of heat rush down her body and nestle between her thighs.

“Let me know if you need anything else.” He spoke low, and Lana was sure she was the only one who heard him. Before she could reply, he retreated back through bursa escort bayan the double doors that lead back into the kitchen. She watched him go hoping he’d look back at her with that same sexy smile. When he did, Lana felt her nipples harden against the fabric of her dress and finished her wine in one long pull.

“Oooh,” she said before putting her glass down a little harder than she’d intended. Her husband paused his conversation and looked over at her.

“Are you alright?” He sounded more irritated than concerned, but Lana pounced on the opportunity to step away. She placed a hand over her stomach and feigned a worried look.

“Yes,” she started and forced a smile. “I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“You shouldn’t have had the calamari,” he scolded her, sounding a little more smug than she cared for. “You know seafood doesn’t agree with you when you’re drinking.”

She hadn’t touched the calamari, but if he didn’t know that, then he hadn’t paid too much attention to her. On the heels of that, she thought that he hadn’t paid too bursa escort much attention to anything outside of the portly investor.

“I’m going to visit the lady’s room,” she said before grabbing her purse and slipping out of her seat. She strolled towards the restrooms, tossing a glance over her shoulder and seeing her husband and his investor carrying on without her. It was as if she hadn’t been there at all.

As she approached the lady’s room, the young black waiter stepped through the double doors and eyed her curiously.

“Is everything alright madam?” Though his eyes said he already knew the answer, he sounded genuinely concerned.

“Madam?” She brindled at the word, and let out a low ardent laugh. “So formal. So sweet.”

He smiled, and they shared a fervid moment before his eyes rove over her body once again. Lana felt the wine in her belly steel her and looked around. Satisfied that no one was watching them, she tugged her crimson dress to one side, showing the young waiter her taut nipples and curvy breast.

“I’m actually a little thirsty. I was wondering what we could do about that?”

She saw his cock begin to stiffen in his trousers and smiled a smile that was more than lips and teeth. Before the waiter could say anything, Lana took him by the hand and pulled him into the woman’s bathroom.

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