To Save A Marriage : Chapter 2


“Oh my God, Emma! I can’t believe it!”“Neelam! Oh my God! What are you doing here? Do you work at the bank now?” The two old friends hugged enthusiastically.“Yes. I run Global Retail Asia. I’ve been based here in Canary Wharf for the past eleven years. What about you? I thought you were still in Vietnam.”“Oh God, no! I came back when I met Jason – that’s him over there. He works for the bank too, but it seems he’s not as high up as you. He’s based in the City building. We got married in 2012 and moved back to London in October after nine years in Frankfurt. What about you, Neelam? Is there a special man or woman in your life now?”“Yes – just a man, I’m afraid. I’m not that exciting! He’s not here though – he doesn’t like Christmas parties. Bhavik is much more of a ‘stay in and watch television’ kind of guy. But you must introduce me to your husband. Did you say it’s Jason?”“Yes. Hey Jason! Come here!” Emma shouted excitedly, gesturing for him to come over. Unfortunately, Jason seemed engrossed in conversation with an attractive young colleague and initially ignored his wife. But, after a second, more urgent demand from Emma, he excused himself and walked across the busy function room to join her.”“Jason – this is Neelam. We were at uni together. It seems she’s kind of your boss now.”Neelam thought Jason seemed piqued with his wife for pointing out his professional inferiority. He looked slightly older than Emma, with a tall, fit and toned physique, luxurious blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a tanned complexion; presumably, a younger woman holding a position of seniority bruised his ego. But he quickly recovered his composure and affected an old-fashioned charm.“Delighted,” Jason said, slightly bowing as he shook Neelam’s hand firmly. “I’m sure you have many tales to tell about my wife’s younger years – probably many I wouldn’t want to hear.”Neelam could tell that despite Jason’s attempt at conversation, his mind was elsewhere.“Hmmm… I can think of a few. Do you remember that night at Ministry of Sound, Emma? Oh my God!”Neelam began telling Jason about a drunken night at a nightclub in their youth, but he seemed uninterested. Finally, after Neelam had completed her story, he laughed politely, excused himself and joined a young intern from his department.“So tell me about your husband. Bhavin?”“Bhavik. Yeah, he’s lovely. He’s not the adventurous type as I say but he’s solid and dependable, and a good shoulder to cry on when things get stressful at work,” Neelam explained. “No kids yet – he wants to try but with work and everything we’ve put it on the back burner. I don’t suppose we can leave it much longer though. What about you?”“Well, that explains your amazing figure,” Emma said, looking down at Neelam’s petite, size six frame. “No, no kids for us either. We’re happy without, for the moment.”Neelam wasn’t convinced Emma was content with being childless, but she didn’t press her friend further.“Hey, we must catch up sometime. Are you local? Let’s meet for lunch?” Neelam changed the subject, knowing time was short. She would have loved to spend the evening hearing about Emma’s life since university but knew she had to continue working the room, thanking the staff for their hard work and successes over the past year.“That would be great!” Emma replied. “How about Saturday? We’re in Greenwich, what about you?”“No way! I’m in Shooters Hill! Do you know the Gipsy Moth pub by Cutty Sark? Let’s meet there. What say we have lunch and a bottle of wine? My treat. I’ll have finished at the gym by then, and I’ll be in the area.”“It’s a date! But no shots! I remember what you were like with your shots!” Emma looked at Neelam with mock disapproval.“Okay, no shots.” Neelam laughed. “Great! I’ll see you then!”The two friends swapped numbers, then hugged and said goodbye.**********When Neelam returned home, Bhavik was stretched out on the sofa, watching a football match on television. His T-shirt was too small, and his cotton jogging pants drooped beneath the slight paunch he was developing. Neelam knew her husband liked to chill out after work, but with his five o’clock shadow and shabby appearance, she felt she sometimes deserved something better to come home to. It would be nice if he showered, shaved, put on a suit and swept her off to a restaurant now and again, as he had done when they were first married.Even if he joined her at the gym to work out with her in the evenings, it would be an improvement, but he showed no interest in the gym anymore. Neelam would have loved to go home with him afterwards, strip off and finish their session with an athletic fuck as the serotonin and endorphins coursed through their energised bodies. She would have enjoyed the intimacy and excitement of being roughly and powerfully taken by the man she loved, submitting herself to his dirty, testosterone-fuelled demands and being treated as his slut rather than his wife.But Bhavik was often too tired to get energetic between the sheets, and his increasingly flabby body was a shadow of the taut, muscular physique he had developed during their courtship and early married life. When they did have sex, it was nice, but all of the adventure, Sex hikayeleri experimentation, and kinkiness had long since disappeared.When Neelam and Bhavik first met shortly after leaving university, they had enjoyed trying out toys and fetish play. She often wished they could go back and relive those exciting days. One of Neelam’s favourite kinks was bondage; she loved to be tied as Bhavik fucked her. It wasn’t the physical feeling she loved – bondage could be very uncomfortable – but the emotional thrill of submitting herself turned Neelam on. The sense of danger and helplessness as Bhavik used her body got her wet and excited, particularly when he was rough and forced himself into her mouth or anus. He had even urinated on her a few times, which had been as exhilarating as it was degrading.Having been the boss at work all day, mild BDSM allowed her to explore the other side of her character, that of the submissive, doing as she was told, however filthy and depraved it was. She wanted it; it was how she chose to explore her sexuality, and it reminded her that a woman doesn’t always need to call the shots to hold the power.Once, she had even persuaded Bhavik to take her to Torture Garden, the fetish club in London. Neelam had loved the dark theatricality and liberating vibe, and she desperately wanted to experience all the fetish scene had to offer. She demanded more exciting, dangerous and thrilling BDSM scenarios in the bedroom, and the thrill of being used became hard-wired into her psyche.Unfortunately, these forays into wilder, more adventurous sex never excited Bhavik as they did Neelam. Sometimes if one of their scenarios didn’t go entirely to plan, rather than persisting with it until they got it right, Bhavik didn’t want to try it again. It seemed like he experimented sexually to tick a box on his bucket list, not because it was part of his deeper sexual makeup. So after a while, Neelam found their sex life following a more predictable and vanilla path: satisfactory and loving, but ultimately falling far short of perfect.And so it was that night. As Bhavik went down on her and expertly brought her to orgasm using his tongue and fingers, she wished her hands were tied firmly to the headboard as he did so, her body thrashing helplessly on the bed as she came noisily on his fingers. And as his cock pounded her from behind, she couldn’t help but imagine how much more exciting it would be with her hands tethered behind her back and a gag in her mouth, her bottom red from the spanking he was giving her. And if, rather than kissing her as he ejaculated inside her, he had forced her to her knees and emptied his balls over her face or into her throat, Neelam would have been impressed at his inventiveness.She wasn’t sure whether it was energy, imagination or passion Bhavik lacked, but all her attempts to get their sex life out of its rut had failed. She now had to settle for the regular, pleasurable, but ultimately dull and repetitive sex Bhavik could provide. Being a wife was fine, but occasionally being a submissive would have made Neelam’s sex life a million times better.**********Neelam rose early on Saturday. Bhavik went to his parents’ house in Coventry every weekend to help build their extension, so she liked to make breakfast before he set off on the long drive. The building project seemed to have taken forever and was still incomplete, and the cold winter weather had further delayed the work. Bhavik said it was unlikely to be finished before summer.But the slow progress of the extension suited Neelam. She would kiss Bhavik goodbye, and then the weekend was her own. She could do extended gym sessions and get her nails, eyebrows and hair done without having to fit her schedule around her husband’s. She rarely cooked at weekends, preferring to meet friends for lunch or dinner, and so it was when she met Emma at the Gipsy Moth pub.Seeing Emma again was great. She and Neelam had a wonderful meal together, recalling their experiences of university life and sharing heavily embellished anecdotes about drunken nights out. But as their second bottle of Prosecco turned into a third, the conversation became more personal.“You know when we met the other day, I said about us being happy without children? That’s not quite true,” Emma said. “We discovered a few years ago that Jason is unlikely ever to be a father – not through natural means, at least. He took the news quite badly at the time, and I must admit, it has impacted on our relationship. He gets angry and aggressive, and I feel he’s over-compensating for his infertility in other ways too.”“What do you mean?” Neelam asked.“Well, I don’t know if I should say this, but he’s become quite demanding when we’re… on our own, if you catch my drift. It’s as if he has to demonstrate how much of a stud he is by being dominant in the bedroom, and I don’t like it. He gets way too rough sometimes. And it’s not just that. You must have noticed how he was chatting with all the attractive young women the other night. I know it was the work Christmas party and everyone gets a bit crazy, but it just made me feel a bit foolish if I’m honest. I’m just not Sikiş hikayeleri sure I can trust him in the way I used to and it’s putting a strain on our marriage.”“I’m so sorry, Emma.” Neelam didn’t know what to say. Suddenly Bhavik, for all his predictability, didn’t seem quite so bad.“So I’m reluctant to continue with fertility treatment until I’m sure our relationship is secure,” Emma had concluded.The sad revelation spoiled what had otherwise been a pleasant afternoon, and although Neelam felt sorry for Emma, she felt awkward that Emma had unburdened herself to such an extent. Even at university, they had never been intimate, and such deeply personal revelations made Neelam uncomfortable. So, without consciously deciding not to meet Emma again, the lunch date was never repeated.Neelam and Emma did meet quite frequently, however. Emma invited Neelam to come along when she was going out with friends, and it was nice for Neelam to spend some time with her in less intense situations. But, much to her surprise, Neelam found herself seeing much more of Jason than she did Emma in the subsequent months.She couldn’t be sure if Jason had previously belonged to her gym, and she had only noticed him now they were acquainted, but he was frequently there after work or at weekends. At first, he didn’t seem to recognise her, but when she greeted him by name, he must have made the connection because afterwards, he used her name when he said hello.Jason kept himself to himself when at the gym. Other guys offered to spot for Neelam when she was using the free weights, but Jason never extended any such invitation. Perhaps he suspected his wife had over-shared about his fertility problems, and he felt embarrassed or ashamed. Still, Jason never engaged Neelam in conversation or suggested a coffee with her afterwards. Instead, he seemed focused on his goals; pushing himself further and faster on the treadmill or static bike and lifting increasingly challenging loads.And it was paying off. Sometimes Neelam would find herself on a treadmill behind Jason’s static bike, and she would admire his thick, toned hamstrings and calf muscles as he cycled, and ogle his firm, tight buttocks when he raised himself from the saddle. Other times she would find herself sitting opposite him on the resistance machines, admiring his V-shaped torso and powerful shoulders and arms as he worked the chest and shoulder presses. And his Lycra shorts left little to the imagination; he might be infertile, but his cock and balls were impressive in every other regard.Sometimes Neelam felt guilty about checking Jason out, so she would give him something to look at in return when she was feeling mischievous. Taking the bike in front of his for the spin class, she hoped he would enjoy a view of the thong bisecting her small, round bottom under her thin leggings as she rose from the saddle, moving her hips seductively for him as she pedalled. It was innocent, kittenish fun, but if Jason enjoyed her flirting, he never let on.**********Neelam was leaving the gym one evening after a demanding spin class when things suddenly changed. Andrea, the instructor, had commended her for her effort, telling her she was finding it hard to give Neelam the challenge she needed and that she might consider moving up to the advanced class run by one of her colleagues. Neelam was delighted to get such praise, particularly because Jason had been lurking nearby and would have overheard the conversation. After a shower, she left the gym with a cheery ‘thank you’ to the receptionist and made her way across the car park.Neelam noticed a fire door open at the side of the building, and the light from inside illuminated a couple kissing on the threshold. She immediately recognised the woman as Andrea from her gym-branded tracksuit and long, blonde hair, but the guy had his back turned towards her, and she couldn’t make out his features in the gloom. Only when she remotely unlocked her car and the figure looked around in response to the noise and flashing lights did Neelam recognise Jason, his face now clearly visible in the light spilling from the open door. To make matters worse, he seemed to have recognised her too, quickly ushering Andrea inside the door.Shocked, Neelam promptly opened the car door and drove off without delay.**********Neelam didn’t see Jason at the gym in the days that followed. She knew he would be avoiding her, knowing what she had seen. Emma had been right not to trust him, and he must have been concerned that word of his affair would make it back to his wife. In truth, Neelam was glad not to see him. Jason had put her in a very awkward position, and she couldn’t decide what to do with the information she had unwittingly garnered. Having Jason put pressure on her would only have made matters worse.She should tell Emma, of course, but the revelation would almost certainly end her marriage, leading to all the pain and heartache that accompanied a divorce. Could she be responsible for that? And what if Emma’ shot the messenger’, blaming Neelam for the news and spoiling their friendship just as it restarted?Another option was to keep quiet and pretend Erotik hikaye she had seen nothing. Emma already suspected Jason of being unfaithful, so it would surely be only a matter of time before he made a mistake and she found out for sure. Then, of course, the result would be the same – divorce – but at least Neelam wouldn’t be dragged further into the whole mess and could be there for Emma when it happened.The only other thing Neelam could think of was speaking to Jason and demanding that he end the affair. But what if Emma later learned about her involvement and knew she had kept her husband’s affair a secret? Neelam would be guilty of deceit, and Emma would unlikely forgive her.She couldn’t decide how to resolve the dilemma best. Every outcome involved pain and hurt, and she resented that Jason had dragged her into his and Emma’s marriage difficulties. She did her best to avoid them both for a while so no awkward situations arose before the best course of action presented itself.Neelam knew this was a short-term solution and not necessarily easy. Emma and Jason would almost certainly be at a work colleague’s retirement party at the end of the week, but at least that would be a massive event in a large London nightclub. So she would show her face, stay for an hour, then leave, hopefully without bumping into either of them.**********When the evening arrived, Neelam wasn’t looking forward to the party. She told herself that if she did meet Emma or Jason, she had to act naturally and pretend she knew nothing. Jason couldn’t be sure that Neelam had recognised him as the man kissing Andrea, and besides, he would hardly bring up his philandering in front of his wife. Nonetheless, she arrived at the venue anxious about the night ahead.The nightclub was packed when Neelam walked in, which slightly put her at ease. She decided to find someone she knew – hopefully, someone sitting at a table in a dark corner – and sit with them until she could sneak away unnoticed. Seeing some of her team sitting in a small booth, she headed straight over and sat down, hoping to remain there discreetly until she left. Unfortunately, the plan quickly went awry.“Come on, Boss – get the drinks in!” It was Gary from Pacific Section. He was a bit drunk and obnoxiously insistent. “Come on! You’re nearest to the bar – get them in! Get them in! Get them in!”His loud, drunken chanting drew attention to Neelam, and when some of the others joined in with Gary’s chants, she decided it might be safer to take the risk and go to the bar. Hoping for the best, she crossed the room using her small stature to hide behind groups of party-goers as best she could.Just as the barman poured the last drink in her order, Jason sidled up beside her. “You and I need to talk,” he said without looking at Neelam. There was a hint of menace in his voice which made her nervous. It was obvious what he wanted to discuss.“Look, Jason, I don’t want to get involved. What you get up to is your own business but for God’s sake, don’t hurt Emma. She’s an old friend as you know.” Neelam tried to be firm and make her disapproval clear.“It’s not as simple as that. See me outside in five minutes, and I’ll explain,” Jason replied, disappearing without ordering a drink.Having returned to her table with the drinks, Neelam sat and considered her options again. Since the incident, she thought the best idea would be to tell Emma everything, even if it made her resentful and angry. They had only recently become reacquainted, so if Emma chose to blame Neelam for telling her about Jason, it would be regrettable but not the end of the world. But if she was going to take that step, she had decided it might be best to speak to Jason first, either to allow him to tell his wife himself or to find out if there were any mitigating factors to excuse his behaviour. Now that the opportunity to talk to him had arisen, she decided to stop putting it off and speak to Jason directly before finally deciding what to do.Jason was standing in the street when Neelam emerged from the club, and they walked a short distance along the road to a quieter spot before their conversation began.“Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that you saw me with Andrea the other night,” Jason began grumpily. “And I expect you’re going to tell Emma, right?”“I haven’t decided yet,” Neelam replied. “But can you give me a reason why I shouldn’t? It’s pretty cliched, fucking the gym instructor, isn’t it? It would be wrong of me to keep it from Emma.”“I’m not going to pretend I haven’t made some mistakes, and Andrea’s not the first by a long chalk. But I’ve finished with her now and want to give my marriage another go. But if you tell Emma, that will be it between us. Our marriage will be over.”“For fucks sake, Jason!” Neelam was getting annoyed. Jason had muddied the water by saying he was re-committing to Emma. What if he was telling the truth and did want to be a faithful husband?“Don’t blame me because you can’t keep your cock in your pants,” Neelam continued. “You have a beautiful wife who wants to settle down and start a family. So stop showing the world how fucking manly you are and give your wife what she needs instead.”“And what about me? Is she going to give me what I need?” Jason was angry at being reprimanded by the tiny woman before him.“Oh, your needs!” Neelam began sarcastically. “What are your fucking needs? A fresh young pussy to stick your cock into every week?”

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