Touch Sensitive Areas


This is just a stand alone short story. No additional chapters will follow.


It has been a while since I updated my blogs and I have to say that quite a bit has happened since I last had a chance to get everything caught up. The most important event was the three weeks that I spent in Thailand for the Songkran holiday. Of course any trip involving an airplane also involves an encounter with the wonderful people who work for TSA. Oh, and if anyone from the US government is reading this, TSA stands for Totally Shitty Attitude. Well, most of the time anyway. Lately there has been a big row in the US about the full body scanners and the aggressive pat downs of air travelers. I am not so upset about who is viewing my scanned images as those who know me know that I am not shy about showing my body in public and usually wearing as little clothing as allowed by law or climate. Did I mention that I love global warming?

What concerns me about the scanners is the radiation. I know the government tells us that it is only a small dose but can we really trust the government? So I find myself standing in line waiting to have my body irradiated once again. As a frequent flyer this concerns me enough that I thought I would see what this whole aggressive pat down flap is all about so I declined the free government x-ray. The demure little blond woman at the scanner was not too thrilled when I announced my intentions to her. The look of disgust on her face was obvious, as was the baleful look that she gave to her supervisor.

I gathered that the blond agent must have been new on the job as her supervisor accompanied us to the screened off areas set aside for such examinations. As I was led away I heard the older woman behind me in the line request to skip the scanners as well. She was led to the screened off area next to me. The first thing the blonde agent asked me to do was to remove my over sized sweater coat.

Depending on the type of aircraft I fly on, I can get a bit cold being the tropical flower that I am, I chose to wear my charcoal grey sweater coat that buttons down from my chest to below my knees. I was also wearing faded blue skinny jeans. Under the sweater I wore nothing but a white tank top. But what I was not wearing was a bra. Guess you can figure out why I skipped the bra, if not, well the sweater was thick enough and, I just do not like straps digging in and binding while I am trying to get comfy on a series of very long flights.

The security supervisor took up a position in front of me as the younger agent began to sheepishly pat me down. She started by going through my hair with her nimble little fingers. Her gloved fingers worked their way through görükle escort my long thick black hair and brushing over my scalp, neck and shoulders. I am sure that the supervisor had to notice that the touching of my neck sent a shiver through my slender body. Next I was instructed to extend my arms out to my sides, and even though you could clearly see I did not have anything stuffed into my tank top except for my firm mango sized breasts, she still followed procedure and frisked me from behind. Her hands ran under my arms and down my sides then across my back and up to my neck again. She actually had a nice touch and maybe missed her calling as a massage therapist.

Her hands worked their way down from my shoulders to my backside. When her hands squeezed my backside firmly I let out a soft moan that brought immediate embarrassment to me, causing my honey colored face to tinge pink with blush. It also caused the supervisor suppress a giggle and pay closer attention to what was going on. I could feel the young agent’s fingers searching over the soft denim and tracing the outline of my panties under my jeans. Yes ya pervs, I wear panties. The agent’s hands continued on down my slender legs, feeling for god knows what. Doubt that I could have hidden a business card in those soft jeans without the outline showing through the skintight fabric.

The supervisor kept a close watch on her young charge and alternated her gaze from her junior agent and me. What I did not realize as I was enjoying the attention my backside and legs were getting was that my nipples had come to life and were straining against the soft white fabric of my form fitting tank top. This was something I was sure that the supervisor could not help but notice from her vantage point in front of me. As the young agent stood up and moved around in front of me to pat her way down my chest, she caught a good look at my fully erect nipples which caused her to blush even more than me. Maybe it was her Nordic complexion that made it more obvious, but from my point of view, her cheeks were bright red as she stared at my breasts and nipples.

Having come to the realization that she had awakened something inside me, the young agent looked over to her supervisor with this, “what the hell do I do now look” on her face. The supervisor took a few steps closer, looked me up and down then looked to her young charge with a stern expression. After pondering for a minute or two she dismissed the young girl… “The line is backing up at the scanner, I will finish up here.” With that the girl happily dismissed herself and slipped back out through the privacy curtain.

The supervisor approached me as soon as bursa escort bayan we were alone; she was a much bigger woman than her subordinate, perhaps a good 4 or 5 inches taller than me and a bit on the heavy side. Not to say she was fat, she was more like big boned and muscular. Yes, she was quite attractive I thought as she placed her hands on my shoulders and ran them down over my chest, pressing against my breast through my tank top with the back of her hand, but pressing hard enough to exact a sharp unintentional gasp of pleasure from my lips. Her hands continued down under my breasts, pressing upward on each to feel the sensitive underside through my white tank. My eyes closed as the back of her hand moved around my breast and over my extended nipple. My legs trembled slightly as she moved her hand back down toward my tummy, feeling along my tight abs down to my hips.

As she dropped down to one knee her hands pressed inside my thighs with a pushing motion as command to “spread em!” echoed in my ears. My legs parted as her hands gripped the inside of my thighs, her fingers resting an inch or so from excited little kitty. Her hands gripped my inner thighs as she squeezed her way down to my knees. At this point I was feeling as if my legs were about to give out and I stumbled backward a half step to support myself on the edge of a metal baggage inspection table. I kept both hands planted firmly on the top of the table to keep my now quivering legs under me.

As she fondled her way up my legs she squeezed harder than before, kneading the inside of my thighs with her strong hands. As she got to the top of my thighs her thumbs pressed into the valley created by the joining of my legs. Her strong thumbs pressing into my most sensitive parts, which elicited a soft betraying moan of “yessssss” as my hips as if on autopilot moved forward in an attempt to grind myself against her hands and fondling fingers. There was no mistaking it to either of us in the room… I was turned on and turned on big time! A few minutes of her hands squeezing against my inner thighs and her thumbs pressing up against the thin denim of my jeans had me feeling a moist spot spreading across the front of my panties.

My eyes opened as I felt her hands pull away, my eyes met with hers and for the first time I noticed a twinkle in her dark brown eyes. We held our gaze for a few seconds before she stood up and pressed herself against me. Her hands moved against my breasts again, this time with the palms covering my oh so sensitive little brown nipples. Her fingers pressed in against the sides and tightened, compressing my orbs in her strong grip. It was about this time I felt her bursa escort uniformed leg press up tightly between mine to grind in against my now soaked little hairless mound. Her hands began to squeeze my breasts as her lips came close to mine. With a hoarse tone the word “harder” escaped my lips a second before they were covered with hers.

Her hands clenched my breasts harder; her strong fingers kneaded my firm mangoes through my thin tank top. Her leg pressed against my mound as I rocked myself against her muscled upper thigh, grinding myself against her as hard as I could. It was not more than a few minutes and my body began to tremble against hers as my hips moved faster and pressed in harder. Her hands left my breasts and slide around me, her large hands gripped my backside and pulled me harder against her thigh as her tongue forced its way into my mouth. With a hunger my tongue flicked out against hers as my lips closed around it, sucking it tightly into my mouth.

I don’t know what kind of noises I was making but if history tells me anything, I was probably making about as much noise as I could with a thick, hot Latina forcing her tongue fully in my mouth as I was brought to orgasm. Lost in orgasmic bliss as usual I tend to lose a few minutes of actual real life events so the next thing I remember was her standing over me as I leaned against the table. With a smile on her face and a big wet spot on the front of my jeans she told me, “You are clean and free to leave… collect your belongings on the table just outside the curtain.” I smiled up at her, not knowing what to think or say. She moved close to me and whispered in my ear, “My name is Grace and I really would like to get together with you sometime.” Just then I felt her hand slip inside the back pocket of my jeans as she said, “my number is on the card in your back pocket, I hope we can get together when you return from your trip.”

I smiled up to her and she kissed me softly on the lips. It was then that I noticed the video camera over us in the exam area. My skin must have gone white with shock as I looked up at the camera for a minute or two. Grace noticed my stare and whispered, “do not worry, my sister monitors the cameras for the female exam areas. Maybe she will want to meet you too.” A sigh of relief passed through my lips as I smiled back to Grace and nodded. Hearing the call that my flight was about to begin boarding I quickly threw on my sweater coat, grabbed my belongings and sprinted to the gate as fast as my still trembling legs could carry me. I must have looked a mess as I dashed to my gate.

On the flight to Narita while sitting uncomfortably in wet panties and jeans, I had a long time to think about what had happened during my pat down and I had thought long and hard about calling the number that Grace had given me. I have considered all of the possibilities that could happen or not happen… but I have also considered meeting Grace and her sister someday soon.

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