Trapped – Jane’s Tale


Please note this is a nasty depraved erotic story.

Under no circumstances try this at home.


Jane slowly awoke, enjoying that moment between unconsciousness and full awareness, that moment when all seemed possible before harsh reality intruded.

As she lay there, her mind slowly coming fully awake, she realized that today was going to be one of her better ones, her thoughts seemed clearer, sharper than they had been for a while now.

Jane tried to blink away the tears that slowly formed in the corner of her eyes, as she realized that she could remember all of it, all of what had happened to her, but even as she wished she were anywhere else, her blurred vision caught sight of **her** bag, her special bag, sitting on a shelf above her head.

She tried to reach for it, tried to grab it off the shelf, but the steel yoke she wore stopped her cold. Turning he head from side to side, she could see her hands either side of her head, held up as if she were surrendering, held firm by the steel that connected them to her neck collar.

She knew that this was all for her own good, they’d explained it to her many times, how she needed to be held captive like this, otherwise she’d be unable to resist her all consuming addiction.

Just lying there, staring at the ceiling, her eyes draw to the shelf where her special bag was kept, was enough to kick start her addiction. She could feel her nipples hardening, her labia filling with blood, swelling, puffing up. Breathing deeply she could smell the room fill with her arousal as her pussy started to leak.

As she lay there, waiting, wanting, her mind drifted, recalling how she came to be in this special place.

She’d been a pretty normal student, good grades, and a place a good university, but the summer break before she took up her studies changed all that.

Her small fame, her pixie face and the fact that she was slightly under average height all combined to give her a wonderfully elfin look, a look that was successful in attracting all the boys, including what her parents would have called Bad Boys.

It had been at one of the many parties that she’s spent the summer attending, when, on a dare, she tried her first joint. The herbal scent, the rush as she breathed in and held her breath, letting the dope into her system was an awakening for her. She can just about remember that first high, the way she felt, how everything seemed so much better.

That was the just the first of many, and by the time she arrived at university she’d tried pretty much everything, always searching for that next high, that next moment when everything seemed better, clearer, mellower. Eventually money became a bit of an issue, and looking for an easy way to earn some cash, she’d taken part in a series of psychological tests that were being held at the university. She didn’t know then that this was their main recruitment method, a great way of finding the perfect subjects for their exclusive club.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, she thought, recalling how easy she’d thought the tests to be, even if they strayed into strange areas, but at the time she’d not given it too much thought, instead thinking of how much she could score with her payment for taking part.

She’d been at one of the many parties that were held at university, and she’d tried something new, something different, the initial hit had blown her away and the rest of the night wasn’t even a distant memory.

The first sign that things had gone awry was when she’d awoken, tied to a gynecological table, instead of waking in her bed where she expected to be.

Jane whipped her head from side to side, desperately trying to find some way of freeing herself, when she caught sight of the rooms Betturkey other occupants. Two figures, a man and a woman were standing near the table, engaged in some sort of talk, their conversation to soft to be clear.

Upon hearing her cries of astonishment the man turned and said “Ah, Anna, our next recruit has awakened, it’s time we introduced ourselves” and with that they drew close to her.

The woman, Anna, carried on and started to arrange various instruments on a small table nearby and the man came and stood next to her head, his gaze burning into her.

“Jane, you’re here because you have a certain psych profile that fits our needs, that and you’re a young attractive girl, one our clients will surely appreciate” the man informed her.

She opened her mouth to complain, and was silenced by his finger pressing into her lips, shushing her. Astonished at this intimate touch, Jane quietened, and surprisingly calmly awaited his next words.

He directed his gaze towards the IV stand and informed her “We’ve decided that it would be best, for the moment, mind you, if we got you off that mish mash of cheap shit that you used to use, and got you onto something, purer, cleaner, something that won’t burn out the important receptors in your brain” and with that he started the IV and almost immediately she felt that high, that mellow rush that she was used to.

As she lay there, her mind drifting, she almost didn’t mind the fact that she’d been abducted, restrained, and held against her will, this feeling was almost worth it.

In a distracted way, she watched as Anna wheeled her trolley closer, and she settled down on a stool to sit between her widespread thighs. The man walked round behind Anna, and bending over, he intently watched as Anna slowly slid a speculum into her pussy.

The steel was slightly cool, but Anna had lubed it well, and with practiced ease, she slowly slid the instrument home. A quick couple of turns and Jane felt her pussy start to spread, and she colored slightly, as the rush of cool air hitting her cervix triggered a reaction.

The slight ache from being spread, and the cool air deep inside where it shouldn’t be had a familiar effect on her, and she felt her pussy walls start to juice up, even as blood rushed into her labia and clitoris.

The combined effects of whatever drug they were pumping into her, and the intense way they were peering deep inside her most private of places, had the effect of arousing her, even as part of hr mind was desperately trying not to respond. The more she tried not to get aroused, the more she actually it. It was like trying not the think of an elephant after being told not to.

Jane let out a low groan of anticipation as she felt Anna’s fingers slide into her, exploring her stretched open pussy, stroking the upper walls, all around her G spot.

“Hmm” the man said, “She’s a perfect candidate for a Princess Albertina, go ahead Anna” and with that Anna started to sort out her instruments.

Jane’s next memory was when Anna deftly slipped a piercing clamp into her urethra, the shock of an object, any object slipping into her pee hole caused her to try to bold upright, but the restraining straps prevented any effective movement by her.

Her eye’s watered as the clamp was tightened, the pain so intense it was like a bolt of lightning, so intense in fact that she didn’t notice as Anna quickly and expertly pierced her urethra, driving the needle into the waiting piece of cork she’d placed inside her vagina.

Jane watched intently as Anna held up a small, heavy looking ring, before her hands disappeared from view. There was a brief moment of being stretched and then Anna triumphantly announced “Done, her Albertina is in Betturkey Giriş place.”

After that Jane didn’t remember too much, the fresh drugs in her system saw to that.

Her next real memory was of her training, the diabolical training that had swapped one addiction for another.

They’d swapped the gynecological table for an almost normal bed, normal apart from the fact that she was tied down, thick leather straps around her shoulders and hips, leaving her arms and legs free to thrash around. She couldn’t complain effectively due to the ball gag they’d fitted into her mouth, stretching her jaw wide open.

Jane immediately tried to undo the straps, only to realize that they’d bound hr hands in mittens, her fingers wrapped around a soft rubber ball, before being taped up, leaving her hands effectively useless.

Beside her bed was a nurse, who said “There, there Dear, your rehab program is about to start, and we’re sure we’ll cure your addiction,” and with that she reached down and pressed a hidden button.

Immediately, Jane felt her labia part as a dildo was slowly slid into her, startling her, and making her gasp around her gag as the rubber intruder slipped past her new Princess Albertina.

The feeling as her urethra was slightly tugged as the dildo was an incredibly new feeling, something that she’d never experienced before, and it caused her to release a flood of her juices.

The dildo was angled slightly, so that it just caught her G spot as is slid in, the little ridges catching her urethral ring, causing it to turn in her new piercing, sending incredible feelings rushing through her. Jane couldn’t believe it, here she was, strapped down, and despite the fact that they were abusing her, her body was betraying her by responding to the most intense feelings she’d ever felt.

As the dildo slowly picked up pace, sliding deep into her before pulling out, it not only caught her G spot, but her ring, tugging on her urethra, sending wave after wave of heat through her body.

After only a couple of minutes of this, Jane found herself trying to thrust with her hips, trying to force the machine to fuck her as she needed, but the straps effectively stopped her.

She could feel her orgasms building, the machines long slow strokes driving her inevitably towards what she thought would be the most intense orgasm ever.

Jane had closed her eyes, her mind concentrating on the incredible feelings that the machine fucking and the new piercing were causing, so she didn’t notice the nurse bend over and take out a fresh, clear, freezer bag.

Jane’s eyes snapped open when she felt her head being lifted, and the bag deftly slipped over her head, before the nurse pulled it tight against her neck.

Immediately she tried to prize the nurse’s hands from around her neck, but her bound hands prevented her from effectively breaking the hold.

She could see the bag clouding up with her breath, and struggled even harder to get free, but with her hands bound, she couldn’t rip the bag from her face.

Desperately struggling, her limbs drumming a tattoo on the bed, she realized that she was slowly being choked, deprived of the oxygen she needed to live.

Throughout all this, the machine kept up its steady fucking of her moist pussy, and even as she struggled to free herself, she could feel her orgasms imminent approach.

She was panting now, her limbs moving weakly, no longer strong enough to stop the nurse even if she wanted to. Her vision was graying out, only in the centre of her vision was it still clear enough for her to make out any detail.

The dildo speeded up, its thrust driving deep into her, hitting her G spot, pulling on her Albertina, and she was bucking Betturkey Güncel Giriş her hips in time to its thrusts, desperate to feel one last moment of pleasure before she died.

With a guttural cry, one that came from the heart, Jane orgasmed, her back arching, her heels drumming on the bed, her pussy squirting, sending jets of juice skywards as her vision dimmed and everything went black.

Jane was amazed when she regained her senses; her last thoughts hadn’t been about her imminent death, but the most amazing orgasm she’d ever had. That euphoric feeling, the intensity of the feelings running throughout her body as she’d came like she’d never before had driven her thoughts of death from her mind.

The following morning, the nurse returned, and again turned on the machine, and again Jane found herself responding to its insistent thrusting, again she ended up being turned on, driven towards another orgasm.

This time she wasn’t surprised when the nurse judged the moment right, and produced the freezer bag, deftly bagging her again. She fought it like she had last time, with the same results, her breath fogging the bag, her vision dimming, and the most incredible orgasm building between her loins.

Jane lost count of the number of times the nurse did this to her, reviving her, bringing her to the point of orgasm, before bagging her, giving her an euphoric high, each one as intense as the one before.

It didn’t take too long for Jane to start looking forward to the nurses’ visits, she’d wake up wet, her pussy already slick for the dildo, and she found that she would have her hands pressed tight against her neck, as if she were trying to strangle herself.

This caused the routine to change slightly; the mittens were replaced with a special yoke,

Jane tried to recall all the details of the yoke, but it had been so long ago, she forgot most of them. The most important detail was the rubber lined collar, an airtight seal, so that when she was bagged no air could interfere with her suffocation.

The freezer bag was preplaced with one of special design, it clipped onto the collar, effectively sealing her in, denying her the fresh air she needed, but it also triggered the built in sensors, sensors that detected when she passed out, causing the bag to be released.

After she’d been fitted with the yoke, the nurse continued to bag her, suffocating her, even as she had orgasm after orgasm, each one an incredible high.

It wasn’t long after that Jane realized that they had indeed swapped her drug addiction for something different, something worse.

They’d stopped tying her down, the straps were no longer needed, as she willingly lay there, awaiting the machines pleasure, when the nurse had instead of bagging her, dropped it onto the table and left the room obviously called away on some emergency.

Jane found she couldn’t take her eyes off the bag, it was so tantalizing close! And she hadn’t had her orgasm, her fix.

She struggled to her feet, and bent over, picking up the slick plastic bag with her trembling fingers. It was so temptingly close, being held in her hand, but her hand was held away from her head by the steel yoke they’d but her in.

Crying in frustration, she’d tried everything, from throwing it into the air, trying to catch it with her head, to opening it on the bed, but no matter how she tried, the way her hands were held, she couldn’t open the bag and get her head in.

She could feel the steady throb of her clit, and was vaguely aware of her juices as they coated her thighs, she needed her orgasm, she needed to make it, but without the bag, it was unthinkable. Her special bag gave her such orgasm, such a rush it was impossible to think of making it without it.

As she knelt there, tears of frustration running down her face, staring at the bag, unable to get her head into it, she heard the nurse return.

Turning her head, she looked at the nurse and begged “Please, please suffocate me! I need to cum so badly!”

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