Trudy is Bound to Please


Trudy stood in the doorway as I made my way down stairs. She was absolutely beautiful. Trudy is about 5’6″ with small features and a figure that would make you melt from her beauty. She has large blue eyes that are accented by her long blonde hair. Trudy was dressed in one of my favorite outfits, black lace bra and lace panties with matching garter and sheer nylon stockings. The high heels enhanced her perfectly shaped legs. This vision reminded me of the first time she introduced me to the wonderful world of bondage.

It was about three months ago and I was beginning at the beginning of a long weekend. As I sat down and began to enjoy the beer I had opened for myself, Trudy entered the room and greeted me with a passionate kiss. She had a short thin robe on which barely concealed her breasts, exposing most of her body. As I began to tell her about the days events, Trudy began to massage my shoulders. Once her small fingers had relieved the stress of the day, she stood before me and removed the robe. Lingerie is a favorite of mine, especially in black. Needless to say, I was aroused immediately. I pulled Trudy down to me and brought her lips to mine in a passionate kiss.

We began to caress each other with our hands. I ran my hands over each curve of her body spending extra time at her small breasts. With her finger, Trudy began to trace the outline of my growing erection trapped within the confines of my trousers. I began to nibble at her stiff nipples through the thin fabric of her bra. She began to moan with pleasure as my right hand moved to the warm moist region between her legs. Suddenly, Trudy broke away. I was concerned that something was wrong and asked her if there was a problem. In her very seductive manner, Trudy asked if I was interested in playing a little game. Sensing her mood, I knew that this game had to be good so I told her that I was willing to play.

Trudy explained that I must wait on the couch for about fifteen minutes and then come into the bedroom. In my present state of arousal, I was not really in the mood to wait, but when Trudy had an idea, it was türkçe alt yazılı porno always good. When I asked her what I should do when I got to the bedroom, she just smiled and cooed, “You’ll know.”

With that, Trudy left the room trailing her robe behind her.

It was one long fifteen minutes. While I waited, I paced the room wondering what she was up to. As each moment passed, I became more aroused. Finally, the time had come and I made my way up the stairs to the bedroom. As I entered the room I glanced to the bed and was stunned to see Trudy on the bed bound in leather. While not unfamiliar to bondage, I was shocked that Trudy was interested. I had no idea, but was please at the sight.

Trudy lie on the bed with leather cuffs encircling her wrists and ankles. The cuffs were attached together with small metal clips. A small chain connected the wrist cuffs to the ankle cuffs almost allowing her hands to touch her feet. A red ball gag was strapped around her mouth, which puffed her sensual lips. On the bed stand, there lay a note, which read; “I am your bound slave. I am yours to do as you wish”.

I needed no more prompting than that and began to caress the curves of her body. Soon she began to moan with pleasure as I concentrated on the more sensitive parts of her body. But soon I realized that I was the master and that I was due for some pleasure. Since I had to wait, I decided that I should be the focus of attention. With that, I removed my clothing and sat at the top of the bed with my back against the headboard. Placing Trudy’s head between my legs, I removed her ball gag and ordered her to service my aching cock. She immediately began to trace the outline of my cock with her tongue, flicking it ever so lightly across my balls. She eventually took my entire shaft and began to suck madly. It did not take long for me explode violently in her mouth as she greedily sucked every last drop.

Satisfied for the moment, I turned my attention to her bondage. I removed the chain connecting the two sets of cuffs and massaged her doeda porno aching limbs. I asked her if she was enjoying herself, to which she replied with a husky yes. I asked if she wished to please her master and she stated that she would love to please me, but only if I kept her bound and gagged. With that, I proceeded to pull some rope that was in a large bag located near the bed. It appeared that Trudy thought of everything.

Unclasping the wrist cuffs, I rolled her over on her back and using two lengths of rope, I tied each wrist to the top corners of the bed. I did the same for each ankle. I replaced the ball gag and got a silk scarf from the dresser drawer. I used the scarf as a blindfold tying it tightly behind her head. I had decided that I would leave her in this position while I prepared for the next event. But before I left, I removed a dildo from the drawer and set it to a low hum. By this time, Trudy was very wet and had soaked her panties with her juices. I slid the dildo into her panties, allowing the tip to rest at the top of her cunt. She began to shiver as the vibrations of the dildo began to work its magic. I was sure to place the setting very low so that it was not enough for her to come. Then I left the room and let her wait.

I left her alone for about ten minutes. I was so aroused that I wanted to take her there, but I maintained my composure to let her simmer. When I returned to the room, I found Trudy trying desperately to move the dildo, which had managed to stay in place. I could tell she was very hot and wanted relief badly. Of course, it was not yet time and I began to loosen the ropes, which held her ankles in place. I removed the dildo as well as her panties. I bent her legs at the knees and brought them close to her hips. I then released her wrists and used the cord to tie each wrist to its corresponding ankle. The cords, which were used to hold her ankles in place, were wrapped around her thigh and calf to bring them tightly together. This left her very open and exposed.

I then unclasped her bra and exposed her breasts and hard nipples. I began to massage her tits and suck on each nipple. Her moans were muffled by the large ball gag, which filled her mouth. Taking the dildo, I began to rub it against her open pussy, teasing her without hope of relief. I eventually inserted the entire dildo into her pussy moving it back and forth. As she neared her orgasm, I suddenly removed the dildo and watched her buck her hips trying to reclaim what was lost. She began moaning loudly uttering unintelligible sounds through her gag.

As I watched her struggle against her bonds, I realized that I was in need of some serious attention. I began my teasing again, but this time with the head of my stiff cock. Slowly, I entered her warm moist pussy, feeling her muscles contract and pull at my cock. I began to rub my hands up and down her legs, feeling the silky smoothness of her nylons and the coarseness of the ropes binding her. I was extremely turned on as I looked down on her bound body. As my arousal increased so did her breathing. We intensified our actions, our bodies slamming together until I came in her. A short time later, she began shaking with her orgasms.

Straddling her chest, I removed the gag and inserted my softening prick into her dry mouth. She slowly began to suck my cock back to an erection. Once ready, I turned Trudy over so that she was on her knees, with her head buried into the pillows. I again reached for the dildo and inserted it into her. Trudy was still blindfolded and was unaware that I reached for the KY jelly on the nightstand. I lubricated my index finger and rubbed it against her anus. I slowly entered he tight hole, allowing her muscles to relax. At the same time, the dildo was bringing her to another orgasm. Once again, lust took over and I lubricated my cock and began to enter her tight little ass. She began to moan loudly as I pumped her ass with long strokes. The feeling was incredible. I began to feel the tingling in my balls as I pumped faster. Trudy began to call out telling me to fuck her harder. She came, screaming loudly and demanding me not to stop. I eventually came, releasing my entire load into her tight little ass.

Exhausted, I retied Trudy’s hands in front of her and removed the blindfold and ankle cuffs. We laid next to each other for a long time filled with feelings of complete satisfaction.

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