True Story of a Dinner Party

Big Tits

This is a true story, which happened in southern England around 1990.

I was married for over 22 years unfortunately we ultimately divorced. I am now re-married to someone who is great in a 1 to 1 sexual arrangement but doesn’t want to extend that to anything else and certainly doen’t know about what I am about to describe.

When I was married to my first wife we had good sex but simply not enough for me (I had several affairs because I needed more) but, ironically, on several occasions we had very sexy activities with others. This was one of the most spectacular. At this time my wife and I had had a few experiences with others … threesomes (with her best friend) and foursomes with two other couples, but none of these had gone to full sex with one exception (more of that later). Our sessions always included girl/girl activity, which my wife loved.

We had a couple round for dinner….we were all around 40 years old. The other couple (I’ll call them John and Mary) had occasionally borrowed sex videos from us, so we knew we were all broadminded, but subsequently found out that they had never been involved with anyone else.

During the meal I somehow (don’t know why) asked Mary if she was wearing tights or suspenders…..she said suspenders. Feeling adventurous, I slowly pulled up her skirt to check she was telling the truth (she was). I could, of course, received a slap in the face or a sharp word from her husband, but somehow I was pretty confident that I wouldn’t! The atmosphere, after that, was pretty loaded, and the talk became slightly risque‚ without any suggestions being made about the situation developing.

All the kids were asleep and upstairs, and I suggested playing a game I had, ‘Libido’, which is basically a stripping game. All of us, with a certain adıyaman escort amount of nervous joking and giggling agreed. While my wife and John were out of the room (but not together) I kissed Mary very deeply. She is very, very petite….tiny tits but prominent nipples. Sexy as hell. My wife came in and I jokingly said ‘we’re just practising’. The atmosphere by now was expectant and highly charged – after all, you don’t agree to play a strip game with friends without getting excited!

The game started, and we all, sure enough, stripped off, bit by bit. On some turns a ‘chance’ card would say something like ‘passionately kiss the player next to you’. When this happened it was always ‘opposite’ players kissing and the kisses got more and more deep and long…but the cards never suggested anything else and, as far as I recall, there was no particular groping.

By the time we were all naked (we had all, by consent, altered the rules of the game so that this was quicker than it might have been) we were all panting for it, and as a natural turn of events my wife and I started to grope then fucked, so did J & M, in the same room (but at opposite ends) …… twice in the case of my wife and I.

Mary, in particular, had been very blatant – on one occasion she was kneeling down sucking her husband’s prick, with her cunt/arse turned towards us. She was shaved, with an astonishingly big cunt for her small body….to this day one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen….with his spunk leaking out of it.

When we were catching our breath we sat close together, still nude, laughing excitedly. John started to caress my wife’s breast – no permission asked – he just did it. My wife leaned into him and they started to kiss and grope. adıyaman escort bayan Mary came over to me and, without a word, leant over and put my (recovering) prick in her mouth. I immediately moved into a position where I could maul her tiny but wonderful tits and feel inside her astonishing cunt. The other two were also intensifying their activities, But here was a problem….I am safe (vasectomy) so my wife was not on the pill….Mary was safe (coil) so her husband was not used to taking precautions. Therefore the other 2 couldn’t fuck safely. Because of this Mary and I hesitated before going the whole way …. but after about 15 minutes, when she was kneeling down sucking my prick, I tapped her backside to indicate I wanted her to sit on my face (I desperately wanted to lick her cunt again). She mis-understood, and slowly, unforgettably, lowered herself onto my prick.

We fucked urgently – I couldn’t get enough of the sight of her cunt lips separating to engulf me, then the way they splayed out, sticking to my prick, as she pulled off me. Because she was facing away from me I had a wonderful sight of her cunt, (tight even though she was a twice-over mother) her tiny, tight bum-cheeks and tight arsehole as she fucked me. I wanted to kiss her and have access to her rock hard nipples, so I turned her over and went on top, and after a couple of minutes squirted what remained of my spunk into her cunt, with an excruciatingly intense orgasm. All this time I knew that my wife and John were watching, and Mary and I had just started fucking without any acknowledgement that it was OK with anyone. When we’d finished, I was a bit worried if we’d gone too far.

At this point I should explain that previously we had had some very intense escort adıyaman threesomes with another friend of my wife. On those occasions there was activity of every kind except actual fucking between me and the friend. Oral, fingers, the lot – except actual penetration. Then, finally, my wife just once allowed me to fuck the friend and had licked the friend’s gash out both before and after I’d fucked it. My wife clearly enjoyed the girl/girl bit very much.

So back to the story …. While I waited rather nervously my wife made her response to what had happened very clear…she came over and, first of all, cleaned my messy (and by now soft) prick with her mouth. Then she shuffled over towards Mary and very tentatively stroked Mary’s breast. No-one knew what Mary’s reaction would be but within seconds they were kissing deeply, fingering each-others’ tits and cunts, and finally 69ing with my spunk dripping from Mary’s cunt into my wife’s mouth.

Mary reciprocated and licked out my spunk from my wife…. John had of course not been able to fuck my wife but had done everything else to her – and vice versa. While the girls performed their experiments on each other John lazily masturbated, and at the last minute came into the two girls’ mouths..they passed his prick between them and kept kissing to swap the juices from one mouth to the other.

Later that night, after the other 2 had gone, I managed it one more time, my wife insisting that I fucked her in the arse so that there was something I’d done to her that night and not Mary. My prick came into two cunts and an arse that night.

The relationship went on a lot after that….in several combinations and over three or four years….and eventually I got to experience Mary’s arse as well, along with John and my wife getting their act together and fucking many times. I lost count of the times we had one session or another.

I swear to you that the above is true, and happened in leafy Hampshire, England, a few years ago. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it. If I get good feedback I will write a couple of other perfectly true stories about other experiences.

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