Twins and the Boyfriend’s Parents


Author’s note: This story is a direct continuation of one called ‘Twins and the Boyfriend’s Father’. I suggest checking that out first. The below story contains the following themes: group sex, a girlfriend cheating, lesbianism, and twins sharing (though no incest). I encourage readers to please bear in mind this is not a morality tale but purely intended as a story on an erotic fiction site for your enjoyment.


There was a dull but growing ache in Dan’s testicles as he sprawled in the sun lounger, sipping a beer. It was a little past 4pm yet the summer sun was still beating down making this one of the warmest days on record for June.

The pain he was feeling was caused by the sight of his girlfriend and her sister as they each lay on their towels before him. Both wore bikinis.

His girlfriend Rachel was in a purple little number and the sight of her toned legs, flat tummy and straining bust was almost any heterosexual man’s dream.

Her twin lay next to her in a similar outfit but all in bright pink. Both girls had let their hair down, long lustrous black locks that when they stood fell down far past their shoulders. Beautiful girls, always astonishingly well presented.

Yet something was now putting Dan off this otherwise arousing sight: a few feet away his mother and father were engaging in a brief but passionate kiss. He could practically hear their tongues rubbing against each other.

“Mum, dad: that’s disgusting!” he called out not able to contain himself any longer.

Stirring on the towel, Rachel peeled off her sunglasses to look over with those large, green eyes of hers. “Well I think it’s sweet.”

Dan cast her an annoyed glance and went back to his beer.

When his dad suggested a barbecue to them earlier in the day Dan had been about to say no. Then Rachel had texted her sister, who was a loose end, and she had offered to come over.

Eager to see his girlfriend’s twin in the skimpy outfit he knew she was likely to wear (it was a seriously hot day) he had agreed to the plans.

Totally unbeknownst to Dan, his girlfriend, her sister and his father, Phil, and spent the night together a few months ago.

Rachel had been furious with her boyfriend for lying to her to get out of an evening at the opera and also was annoyed with his constant jokes about a threesome with her twin.

That fateful night they all had a lot to drink and the three of them had spent a torrid, unplanned but very fun evening that the two girls would ordinarily have never contemplated.

Also unknown to Dan his parents were swingers and engaged other partners from time to time. Phil had actually confessed his threesome with the twins to Dan’s mother, Claire, who had been rather annoyed at first.

Not so much that Phil had shagged two gorgeous young brunettes, but by the fact one was their son’s girlfriend.

When the full situation had been explained she had relaxed a little. She liked Rachel and wanted to get along with her.

For her part Rachel had felt fairly guilty. She had been very angry with Dan, enormously attracted to Phil for months, and it all just sort of happened. Until that night she had never been unfaithful to Dan.

The fact his father had proven an extremely satisfying – not mention superbly endowed – lover had made it all rather difficult. Although she hadn’t allowed any repeat to occur Rachel had fantasised about it almost continually since.

The involvement of her sister, even though not in any direct incestuous way, should have made the whole affair rather gross but for some reason just added to the sheer inappropriate eroticism of it all.

She was fairly sure Sophie felt the same way but they had refrained from discussing it too openly.

Yet despite her obvious displeasure at his attitude Dan had never dropped his obsession with a twin threesome: a concept he found endlessly erotic but was completely ignorant of the fact his own father had already acted it out – with his gorgeous girlfriend and her sister no less!

“I suppose I should go think about getting some meat out of the fridge,” said Phil trying very hard not to look at the two young women laid out before him. He disengaged himself from his wife and walked back through the garden toward the house.

“I don’t suppose you can get me another beer babes?” said Dan with a wink toward Rachel.

“Did female suffrage not happen yet?” asked his mother disapprovingly.

“It’s fine,” said Rachel with a quick smile, perfect white pearls flashing in the sun. “I’ll fix myself another mojito. Anyone else want anything?”

Claire and Sophie did not so she left her towel and walked away, her tight perfect bum watched by both Dan and, thankfully not seen by him, his mother behind him.

At that moment Sophie turned over on her lounger to get some sun on her smooth white back. She pulled her hair out of the way and spread it over the side, unfastening the clasps of her bikini.

“You are going to bear to a crisp dear,” akkent escort said Claire.

“I’ll go get some cream,” said Dan eagerly but his mother just frowned at him.

“Really Dan. I don’t think Rachel is going to be too pleased if she walks out to find you with your hands all over her sister’s back.”

With that Claire walked over to the lounger where the stunning Sophie lay and picked up a bottle of factor 15. “Do you mind sweetness?” she asked the young woman.

“Not at all,” said Sophie. “Please go ahead.” With that Claire began poured out a generous handful of cream and began spreading it out over her back. Dan watched his mother work with an unreadable expression.

Claire was somewhat younger than her husband, only mid-forties to his 58 years of age. She had been an air hostess until recently and the type most of the male passengers would lust after the whole trip.

Long blonde hair, slim of build but with curves. In figure she had a similarity of figure to Rachel and Sophie but was quite a bit taller, at about 5’8, and also a little curvier.

When she was swinging with Phil she occasionally dabbled with other women and she had to confess to herself there was something striking about the two brunette girls.

Her son was a handsome fellow and his previous girlfriends had all been lookers, but Rachel was the best so far and her twin Sophie was equally stunning.

Almost without thinking she found herself giving the lovely Sophie a little impromptu massage.

For her part Sophie had noticed Claire’s looks but didn’t mind the attention. A couple of times at university she had kissed women – and once had gone much further. She wasn’t gay and didn’t even think of herself as bi but it had been fun at the time.

Conscious of her son’s proximity Claire finished applying the suncream and walked back to her own chair.

Thirty meters away, inside the kitchen, a different scene was taking place. The moment Rachel had walked into the room and seen Phil standing there a chemical thrill had shot through her.

He had been standing by the fridge, topless, his broad back and hairy chest were called to her and it was a struggle to raise her eyes upwards. The man reeked of a kind of masculine sexiness.

“Hey Rach,” he said whilst pulling a beer from the fridge. “Can I get you anything?”

“She lowered her eyes a little and tried not to saying anything obviously flirty. Maybe it was best if they just pretend that night never happened.

Although Dan could be infuriating at times, sometimes he showed flashes of maturity, her made her laugh and was very good looking in a pretty way. She didn’t want to feel this lust for his father.

“If you can make a mojito that would be great,” she said simply.

“Oh I think I can manage that,” he said with a smile.

Despite her best efforts her heartbeat only increased. Being in the sunshine for hours, the closeness of this man and the fact her boyfriend – and his wife- were really only a few meters away made her unaccountably filled with desire for him.

She had never experienced orgasms like the ones Phil had given her that fateful night.

Passing the cocktail to her their hands touched for a moment and both felt a familiar thrill of electricity at the contact.

“Thanks for this,” she said.

“It’s only rum and mint really – hardly any trouble.”

“No, I mean for inviting me over, and well…” she wasn’t sure where she was going with this. Almost without thinking she reached out and touched Phil’s arm.

He nearly jumped at the feel of the slim, manicured fingers that had provided him with so much pleasure a couple of months ago.

Rachel herself was feeling incredibly aroused very quickly. Almost without thinking the two leaned toward each other, lips parting…

“There you are! That beer was taking forever.” Dan walked into the kitchen, breaking the moment. Rachel felt a surge of irrational anger then guilt. If Dan suspected anything he gave no sign. In fact he had already had quite a bit to drink earlier in the powerful afternoon sun.

Phil left his son and girlfriend and went back into the yard. Toying with the straw of her cocktail Rachel tried to breath normally.

“Are you okay babes?” Dan asked her. “You look a little flushed.”

“Oh it’s the heat. It makes me so hot.”

He grinned at her: “Me too,” and pulled her in for a kiss. Rachel kissed back and her already horny state increased further at the contact.

“It’s a shame we don’t have the place to ourselves, I could really go for it right now,” she told him teasingly.

“We could head upstairs if we’re quick,” he suggested not really joking. She looked so gorgeous right there with the expression of naked lust on her features. He didn’t realise of course that desire had just been provoked by his own father.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t miss us,” he coaxed.

Rachel bit her lip and then on a sudden whim akkent escort bayan grabbed his hand and then ran up the stairs. She was very aroused and desperately needed release.

They quickly went into Dan’s room and threw themselves onto the bed, kissing and smooching. Yet Rachel meant business. Within seconds her bikini bottoms were off and sailing over the side of the bed.

“Oh wow,” was all Dan had chance to say before she grabbed him by the hair and propelled him firmly toward her nether regions.

She sighed in contentment at the feeling of his tongue on her clitoris. Picturing Phil in her head she instinctively ground herself down against her boyfriend.

Dan’s room overlooked the garden and with the window open they could hear the others outside: plenty of warning if anyone came back to the house. Closing her eyes Rachel concentrated on the sound of Phil’s gravelly voice and deep laugh.

Her boyfriend had never felt her this wet before and he eagerly lapped away although he was feeling the need for release himself.

Her animal like pulling of his hair and the way she was clamping her smooth thighs against his head was a side of her that he hadn’t experienced before.

Although Dan may not have the skill of his father he was doing okay but in her massively aroused state it wouldn’t have taken much to pleasure her.

Losing track of time somewhat, they had been in this position for ten minutes when Rachel became aware through the fog of her lust that the voices outside had changed in some way. There was less talking going on but more laughter.

In a burst of curiosity she rolled herself over, taking Dan with her, so that she was mounted on his face. He immediately went back to work on her.

Whilst he licked away she peered out of the window. What she saw shocked her.

Ten minutes earlier Sophie had noticed Phil walking back out of the house without Dan or Rachel behind him. She sighed. She didn’t really like Dan in some ways – he had not quite tried in on with her but his interest was clear.

In some ways she could understand -they were identical twins after all- but she had to make sure he put respect for her sister first. The girls were very close and fiercely loyal to one another.

As Phil came over Sophie found herself having very similar thoughts to the ones her sister had recently experienced. His manly demeanour and strong muscles appealed to her even though he wasn’t her usual well groomed type.

Her gaze must have lingered a fraction too long because she suddenly became aware of Claire’s eyes boring into her. Uh-oh. Openly starting at another woman’s husband was not a great idea. And they had a history after all.

Claire smiled to herself and slowly sipped her gin and tonic. “He’s not a bad piece of ass is he?” she said.

“Excuse me? Who?” said Sophie in her most innocent manner, green eyes wide with what she hoped appeared genuine sincerity. “Dan is cute but I would never check out my sister’s man.”

“Not our son. You know very well whom I meant. I think we ought to have this in the open. Clear the air so to speak.”

Sophie gulped and looked around ready to run. Phil just stood there casually.

“The thing is Sophie dear, Phil and I don’t have any secrets.”

In desperation she looked at the Dan’s father but he just smiled and nodded. She felt Claire coming over but was too afraid to move. Then a touch of a hand on her shoulder.

“Oh don’t worry. To be honest I can’t say I blamed him much. You are beautiful and so is your sister. I wasn’t thrilled about it involving Dan’s girlfriend I admit. But Phil’s promised me there won’t be a repeat.”

The hand moved to the lower part of her back but Sophie kept her eyes on Phil. Then she felt a voice whispering in her ear. “I’ll forgive you if you show me what you did. I think my husband found it quite the experience.”

Sophie wasn’t too sure, expecting some trick. As she hesitated Claire leaned past her and hungrily kissed her husband on the lips.

The gorgeous young Sophie felt a thrill at the sight before her of these two attractive older people kissing, as well as the sheer naughtiness of the situation.

The blonde mother reached a hand out and pulled Sophie’s head in to theirs. Their cheeks touched and then she was kissing Claire herself, then Phil, then Claire again.

Finally three of them were tonguing and kissing, their lips in a sensual orgy of lips each of them found thrilling.

After a minute of this the horny trio were standing breathless. Continuing to take charge, Claire led them all to one of the sun loungers. “Sit you hit stud,” she commanded her husband. He was happy to comply.

“So, show me,” Claire demanded.

Though visibly aroused Sophie couldn’t but help blush. Nonetheless she knelt down, pushing her long dark hair back over her slim shoulders.

“Well first I…well I…” Sophie stammered.

“Go on,” said Claire smiling. escort akkent

“I did this,” and with that Sophie took Phil’s foot in her hand, then peeling off his sandals she slowly brought her face down. Hardly believing what she was doing she extended her tongue and ran it down the length of his foot.

Phil took a sharp intake of breath.

Reassured that he tasted clean, though with a sheen of sweat that she rather liked, Sophie licked and then kissed his foot, running her tongue between the toes, enjoying the fact that Phil could hardly lay still.

She suddenly felt Claire kneeling beside her. “For a youngster you’ve really learned some tricks. Most girls go straight for the cock but much of the body is a sensual organ. Here let me assist.”

Phil was in heaven as he felt his wife’s mouth join Sophie’s, both working on the same foot. Their lips touched as they teased his toes.

Then Claire left to take the other foot. Here he was laid out in the summer sun, with two gorgeous women, one his wife and the other his son’s partner’s twin, eager to give him as much pleasure as they were capable of providing.

“Let’s ascend together dear,” Claire suggested, but Sophie cast a nervous glance behind her.

“What about the Dan and my sister?” she asked.

The married couple exchanged a glance. “Oh I think those two will be busy by now,” said Phil with a wink. Sophie shuddered slightly. She didn’t particularly want to imagine Dan with her twin.

Whether Phil’s reassurance worked or not hardly mattered. She was aroused and wanted more.

The two women kissed and licked their way up his flesh. Phi’s strong thighs felt amazing in her delicate hands; she teasingly poked her tongue under his shorts, pulling them up slightly. Within seconds they were off, ripped down by eager hands.

And so the sight that greeted Rachel as she peered out of the window, half way to an orgasm, was her twin and her boyfriend’s mother both busily slurping on Phil’s proud member.

He was an endowed man and she could easily make it out from here, at least when it appeared between the close heads of the two women.

Rachel had to admit the sight of Dan’s mum crouched their, ass high in the air, blonde hair spilling down her back, was rather striking – but unlike her sister Rachel had never engaged in any girl-on-girl activity or ever felt inclined to.

Yet the sheer inappropriate sight of what she was witnessing pushed Rachel over the edge and she felt her orgasm build toward it’s climax.

Beneath Dan felt pleased at his performance: he had never known Rachel so wet; she was practically shaking above him.

Like Rachel, Phil was not planning to hold back. He was aware they would need to be brief and with the feel of the two skilled mouths upon him he would come quickly if he let himself.

Sophie and Claire had reached a pleasant rhythm: they would alternate between his heavy masculine balls and cock head, or lick together around the shaft.

However, it was when their lips met at the top, kissing with the head of his dick between their warm mouths that he lost it.

As he released his wife and Sophie fought playfully to swallow him and then kissed with the remnants, giggling at the porn movie like act.

With a mixture of lust and jealousy at her sister Rachel came herself, grinding down onto Dan’s handsome young face. She put her fist in her mouth to muffle the scream she nearly let out.

Damn her sister! That should have been her down there. But the sight still made her incredibly horny and she pushed her into another orgasm.

Finally she dismounted her boyfriend’s face and lay down next to him in a post-orgasmic daze. Yet Dan was still eager and rampant to go. He started to remove his pants but Rachel placed a hand on his arm.

“I thought I heard someone.”

“Nah, there outside. I’m so hot for you babe.” But unfortunately for him she was right. Claire and Sophie were now in the kitchen below, freshening up after their fun. The sound of a flush reached them: Phil in the bathroom.

“Maybe later honey. But thanks for the orgasm. That was superb.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey. Do you think your sis will stay over tonight?” asked Dan.

Rachel sighed. Would he never leave this topic alone. His hints had become more subtle but he never missed an opportunity to remind her of his lust for her twin.

Yet Rachel knew that totally unbeknownst to him, his own dad had just experienced her sister’s mouth – assisted by his mum! She almost felt aroused again already at the delicious badness of the situation.


Two hours later the family and the twins were fed and sitting out on the garden patio. Everyone was continuing to drink, although Dan was looking a little worse for wear. He felt somewhat aggrieved as earlier had wanted to be the one to take charge of the barbecue.

Yet he had struggled to light it and his dad had taken charge in the end. This seemingly mild humiliation and touched some neolithic nerve in him. He could have sworn the three women were watching his father in admiration as he cooked the meat.

As the evening had worn on the girls had slipped tops over their bikinis. Rachel was in one of Dan’s hoodies and Claire had given Sophie a light and rather tight linen jacket.

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