Two Redheads and Me


I hadn’t seen my girlfriend Erin in almost a month because of our current situations, so I was feeling really excited to be with her as I walked up the steps to her place. She lived in a small rented apartment, which she shared with two house mates, Kathy, who we got along very well with, and John, who I didn’t know well but who seemed nice too. The three house mates had each just found the rooms separately, but it had turned out to be a very functional living situation.

My girlfriend Erin is a petite redhead with small perky tits, a great little ass, and very nice legs. Her skin is pale and she has beautiful freckles. By a strange coincidence her house mate John is also a redhead and Erin once mentioned to me that a lot of people ask her if they’re brother and sister.

I knocked on the door and my sweetheart opened it with excitement. We immediately started kissing in the doorway before I could even take my boots off. We made it to her bedroom, throwing shirts and socks along the hall.

I slid Erin’s jeans down and asked her to turn around. Her nice little ass was well displayed in a baby blue frilly thong. I smacked it approvingly.

We finished stripping each other as our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. I was hoping this session would last a while. I was feeling extra excited and more adventurous than usual.

I broke away from Erin’s kisses for a moment and pulled from my bag a new vibrator I’d bought her, as well as a bottle of warming lubrication. I squeezed some lube out onto the toy, and spun the base to make it whir. I ran the fake cock over Erin’s small breasts and down her belly. She fell back onto the bed gracefully and spread her legs, inviting me to come closer. I licked her just above her small red bush and gently began to rub the vibrator up and down her slit without penetrating her yet. My naked cock was dangling between my legs as I knelt down at the foot of Erin’s bed.

From over my shoulder I suddenly heard, “So the carpet does match! I always wondered about that.”

I took my tongue off of my girlfriend’s clit and turned to see John, her house mate. In our hurry we had left the door ajar a crack and he had obviously just come home. Erin brought her legs together and covered up her slit with her hand. John pushed the door open and, smiling broadly, walked into the room.

“What do you two say to me sticking around?” he asked.

It was a bold question but I did detect a slight air of nervousness in his voice. From the looks of it he had just come from the gym. He was wearing a t-shirt and loose fitting grey shorts. They did little to conceal his massive bulge.

John was very tall and quite lanky. I had never thought about it, but he looked like a scrawny guy so I was surprised to see how masculine he appeared to be between the legs. My breath was very shallow; my body was overflowing with sexual electricity. I was so horny my dick hurt. I made a quick assessment and decided that this was a great chance to do something daring, and who knew when that chance might come again. I should just go with this goddamnit! Besides, John really did seem like the male version of my girlfriend Erin and that somehow excited me.

I turned around fully away from the bed, from Erin, and toward John. I was still kneeling. My hands went slowly and mechanically, reaching out for him. Very slowly I slid John’s gym shorts down without saying anything or look at him in the eyes. My mouth felt dry and I noticed that my hands trembled the slightest bit.

John’s shorts pulled his long erection straight down with them for a while, slowly, slowly, until the band finally lowered off of his head and his cock antep escort was able to spring free. And I must say I really liked what I saw. I feel like I have a pretty average dick, maybe six inches long and not too skinny but not too thick either. I’ve always been fine with what I have.

John’s cock was truly large, I’d guess eight or nine inches, and it was thick. Unlike me, he was circumcised. This dick was perfectly straight, pale white, like the rest of him, and was topped off by a well groomed little pubic patch, which almost shone it was so bright red, just like Erin’s!

Looking at the dick in front of me I felt my stomach sink; I was sick with pleasure. Without waiting for my mind to tell me not to I wrapped my fingers around his girth and began to stoke it slowly. Erin was always trying to get me to loosen up and be more sexually adventurous. I braved a look back toward the bed to gauge her reaction and saw that she was extremely turned on. She was masturbating with her new sex toy while she watched me play with her house mate.

John said, “Hey there… OK… so I guess you’re fine with me staying! At this rate you may even let me fuck you!”

He said it teasingly but I could tell there was a real question there. The thought had never crossed my mind to let a man fuck me. But I wanted to see where this experience would take us now that we had gotten started.

“We’ll just wait and see,” I replied.

I got up and went towards Erin on the bed, where she was still lying on her back playing with herself. I positioned myself overtop of her, straddled her face with my back towards John, and put my dick up to her mouth. She lovingly licked the underside of the head, pulled back my foreskin, and began to suck the end of my shaft into her mouth. I picked up a pillow and put it under her neck to support her.

She used her hand to stroke the length of my shaft while she sucked me. John got onto the bed in the same way I had, dangling his cock over Erin. She stroked us both and took turns sucking first one, then the other. At one point she rubbed our cocks together and tried her best to get them both to fit between her wide open lips.

After getting a little bit of head, John silently withdrew a few feet. I felt his hands from behind me as he started to rub my shoulders. I became so relaxed in this position I never would have believe it was possible. John slowly worked his way down to my lower back, kneading and massaging me. I felt the end of his long penis brush lightly against my skin once or twice.

John put one of his hands on my balls and began to pinch my scrotum between his fingers gently and pull my sack down. He cupped my balls and rolled each one in his hands. Then he expertly applied pressure. It hurt a little and filled me with an exquisite pleasurable pain. I was more aroused than I could ever remember having been. Erin kept sucking my dick and looking up at me with her wonderful green eyes. I forced my cock as far down her throat as I could get it to go.

John took his hands off my balls. A moment later he began very lightly rubbing his finger in a circle around my asshole. It felt wet. For just a second I thought maybe he had licked his hand, then, because of how wet my asshole was becoming, I realized that he must have been applying the lube from the bottle I’d brought. The lube became warm, which produced a fantastic sensation for me.

After a little of this I felt something that John was pressing against my tiny hole. It crossed my mind that he must have been getting ready to put a finger inside me. But I soon realized that it was the thick head of his antep escort bayan cock. I still felt surprisingly relaxed as I sucked in a deep breath and realized that I was actually about to get fucked in the ass.

I looked down at Erin and said, in a daze, “What do you think babe? Should I let him take my anal cherry?”

Her eyes glowed up at me and she just sucked my cock and stroked me with added speed and fervor to show her support.

The first sensation was a cutting pain, but it went away fairly quickly as I felt myself filling up with John’s length. It was an amazing sensation to have this thick piece of flesh going inside my body. John was very gentle and slow in his progress. After a time I reached back between my legs and felt his balls, which were right up against my body. I had taken his entire dick up my ass.

John said to Erin that they should go in rhythm. Every time he pumped me, she should suck my shaft into her mouth and throat. And when he pulled his dick back she should pull back as well. This sensation was indescribable. All I can say is that despite some pain I loved it. I just kept looking down at my beautiful girlfriend and was full of such strong sexual emotions that I knew I wouldn’t last long.

A part of myself I didn’t know existed surfaced, and I said in a strong voice, “I need you to pound me.”

John obliged and, putting both hands on my hips, he pulled me firmly onto his cock and began to thrust me hard and fast. I could feel his balls bouncing into me. I pulled my dick out of Erin’s mouth and started to stroke it quickly. I shot spasm after spasm of cum all over her nipples, her belly, her pillow, her hair, and a little landed on her cheek. Soon after I finished John came too. He pulled his cock out of my asshole all the way and took the condom off. There were a few small skid marks but I was surprised to notice quickly how clean the condom was. He threw it to the floor and stood over Erin and me. I turned to face him and he jerked off, firing his load onto both of our bodies. Strings of sperm shot onto Erin, mixing with my own. He hit me on the stomach as well but missed my face.

I grabbed Erin and hugged her frantically. The cum and sweat on our bodies pressed and smeared together. I kissed her passionately and pulled her on top of me as I fell onto my back, still on the bed. I pulled Erin down onto my dick. With all of the excitement I had never gone soft.

Erin rode my dick and took John into her mouth. It was amazing to watch my girlfriend sucking another man’s cock, something I had never imagined I’d see but in this moment something that seemed perfectly right. I fucked Erin for a while and soon her warm pussy clamping down on my cock was more than I could handle. I buried myself as far up inside her as I could reach and then pulled out as my balls emptied their second load of the afternoon up into the air.

John had his hand on the back of Erin’s head and he was slowly but firmly fucking her face. Now that I had finished, John put another condom on and began to fuck Erin’s pussy. I watched this with pure enchantment.

In a moment I couldn’t believe myself but I heard my own voice saying, “I need your cock again.”

It was true. I felt hollow inside and I desperately needed his meat, I needed him to take me again.

John smiled and said, “No problem buddy.”

This time I was facing him, lying on my back as he covered his shaft in still more lube and gently thrust it, glistening, inside my body. I watched his thick cock for a while as it disappeared, got buried into the tunnel of my asshole. I watched its movements escort antep as it went in and out and then I closed my eyes and was overwhelmed with sexuality. I imagined myself in a group of men, each with huge cocks that I would suck and jerk and fuck, getting them all off, bringing them all up to the brink and over the edge.

I was proud that my body could bring this kind of pleasure, and that I could handle this and tell another man, “Fuck me hard”.

I said this out loud with my eyes still closed and John did not hesitate. My tired dick lay semi-erect along my thigh. I opened my eyes and distantly looked up into John’s young freckled face. I saw my girlfriend Erin there once again. He was a sweet man. The pleasure was almost too intense. I had become totally numb to any pain or doubt. This was my girlfriend in another form, bringing me this unbelievable new experience. I actually was brave enough to look long and hard into his eyes.

The real Erin was beside me and I broke my stare and told her we should sixty-nine. She did not hesitate, and I plunged my face into her sweet delicious cunt. I desperately licked her slit and then her asshole. She moaned as she sucked me. Unthinkably, I was hard again, and once again I was suddenly cumming.

I shot a small spurt of jizz into Erin’s mouth. She pulled off my dick and a second spurt came out, landing on my lower abdomen and hitting John on his stomach. He leaned forward over me and fucked with short quick strokes. My dick went completely limp at last and began bouncing around from the force John was putting into me. He was really laying me with powerful pounding thrusts.

I put my hands on his chest and spread my legs wide. Sweat dripped down John’s face and chest as he gave it to me. His cheeks turned red. I pushed his body back and slid myself back off of his length.

I lightly slid the condom off of his erection with my thumb and forefinger and then I moved in and kissed John’s fat dickhead, first the very tip, then I kissed it down one side. Then I opened my mouth and licked all along the shaft from where it started up all eight or nine inches to the end. I took the shaft into my mouth and, closing my eyes again, tried to force it down my throat. My eyes began to water at a certain point but I persisted. I sucked his marvelous cock without remembering anything, without recognizing one other thing in the world. I forgot who I had been, my beliefs about myself, the fact that I had never been with a man or even considered it as recently as that morning.

I took his endless length into my warm mouth. I pulled it back out and sucked his balls. I was his slut. Just for him. I don’t remember if I got hard again or not but I didn’t come any more, I know that. I just wanted to give John pleasure. What Erin was doing right then I’m not sure. I lost track of everything except the penis between my lips. I needed it so badly. Finally I got a taste of his salty cum and quickly pulled the dick out of my mouth and spat to my side onto the dirty bed sheets.

I got up quickly and without saying anything and went into the shower in the next room. I turned on the hot water and began to clean the cum and sweat and pussy juice from my body. Only now did I start to realize that my ass was indeed quite sore. It wasn’t a bad feeling though. Erin came in a moment later and cuddled up behind me. She kissed me on the back of the neck and asked how I felt.

She bubbled, “That was so hot! I can’t believe it happened. Don’t feel bad please baby. I know you aren’t gay, you would never have a relationship with a man. I know you, so don’t worry. I understand you perfectly sweetie. Don’t start feeling bad about that, it was just sex… and it was amazing!”

She bit my earlobe gently. I knew she was right and I turned around in the shower to give her a big kiss.

I don’t know if I will do something like this again, or how I would feel to see Erin fuck other men, but I don’t regret that this happened.

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