Unexpected Evening


Since I was 10 years old my best friend has been Robert. We were in the scouts and cycled to school together. Although we were often in different parts of the country in the early part of our adult life we often met up and had similar interest, good beer, outdoor life and sex. I married first, a mutual friend, Jackie, and naturally enough Robert was my best man. Robert didn’t get married for nearly 15 years. When he did it was to a clever fun loving girl, Jenny, I returned the favour and was his best man. Unfortunately after 19 years my marriage broke and I got divorced. Robert and Jenny were great friends and supported me through the difficult time. I often spent an evening with them or they came over to my place for a weekend. It is on one of their visits that things developed unexpectedly.

It was a lovely summer’s day and we spent the day hiking in the Cotswolds. As we drove towards my house we chatted happily when Jenny suggested, “Let’s stop at The General and have a drink.”

‘Great idea,’ I replied, ‘the ESB is always great and I’m parched.’ It wasn’t much of a diversion and we were soon sitting in the garden enjoying a pint. It was a warm day so one pint led to a second. By this time we decided that we were hungry and ordered some food and a third drink.

‘Well I can’t drive now,’ Robert stated as he finished his steak, ‘so we had better walk back to your place.’

‘It’s not far and it will help the meal go down,’ I replied. So we set off.

It took about half an hour to get to my house. Robert and I sat on the sofa and switched the TV on whilst Jenny went up for a bath. The movie Sliver with Sharon Stone happened to be on so Robert and I settled down to watch it.

About half an hour later Jenny came downstairs wearing one of Robert’s t-shirts and I could tell by the way her breasts moved she hadn’t put a bra on. This was unusual as she was normally very conservative with what she wore if not a little prudish, Robert had occasionally moaned that she wasn’t too adventurous in bed either. However knowing her as I did, knew she would have knickers on.

‘That’s not your usual attire?’ Robert queried as she sat down next to him on the sofa.

‘Well, I picked up the wrong bag from the car; I brought the one with the cagoules and water rather than my overnight stuff,’ she explained. ‘Why, are you complaining?’

‘No,’ He replied. I decided to stay quiet but her attire had my, much underused, cock tingling a little. ‘Do you mind if I grab a shower?’ Robert asked.

‘Be my guest,’ I replied, ‘I will probably follow you through.’ As Robert disappeared up stairs one of the more sexually interesting parts of the movie started. To my surprise Jenny seemed to be watching intently rather than turning away and complaining as usual. I disappeared into the kitchen quietly, grabbed myself a beer and poured Jenny a white wine.

As I returned I noticed that Jenny was leaning back in the sofa and softly caressing her left breast through the t-shirt. I handed her drink without commenting and sat down at the opposite end of the sofa with my beer. As sexy scene came to an end Jenny took a sip of wine and asked, ‘What is the name of this film?’

‘Sliver,’ I replied, ‘I have seen it before so you can change channels if you want.’

‘Oh, no, I …’ She blushed a little, ‘I am… intrigued by it.’ We watched on.

Shortly there was a scene where Sharon Stone was making love to the owner of the flat. Jenny was again watching intently and started to caress her breast again. She lent further back, unbeknown to her, letting the T-shirt ride up high on her thighs and began to pinch and play with her hardening nipple. My cock responded to the amazing situation by hardening rapidly. I was trying not to stare at Jenny fearing that if she noticed I was watching her she would stop but it was so erotic watching her slowly becoming more stimulated by the film. To my delight, but utter amazement, she left one hand playing with her nipple and slowly slipped the other between her tightly closed legs. It was obvious that she was beginning to rub her lower lips through her knickers but, frustratingly I couldn’t actually see anything.

‘Shower’s free mate,’ Robert shouted breaking me free from watching Jenny. I stood up and wandered upstairs passing Robert, dressed in a pair of boxers and a T-shirt, on the landing.

I enjoyed the shower and thought about releasing the pressure on my prick but decide not to. I am not sure why but perhaps I was hoping for some more fun. I followed Robert’s example and dressed in a pair boxers and a T-shirt and went to go downstairs. I stopped at the top and looked down into the living room. My cock hardened anal yapan gaziantep escort immediately, Jenny was leaning against Robert’s chest watching another sexy scene on the telly. Her legs were now slightly apart and the T-shirt had risen up so that I could begin to see her sexy pale blue, translucent knickers and her fingers slowly moulding them into her moist lower lips. Her other hand was slowly exploring Robert’s obviously hard cock through his boxers.

I watched entranced for a while then deliberately shut the bathroom door noisily and went down the stairs. To my surprise although Jenny moved her hand from Robert’s cock she was too engrossed, or turned on by, the action on the screen to do anything else. I sat at the other end of the sofa and pretended to watch the last 20 minutes of the film with them, but actually spent most of it watching Jenny’s fingers.

When the film ended Jenny looked disappointed and I decided to chance my arm. ‘Did you enjoy that film, Jenny?’ I enquired.

‘Eh… Yes,’ she replied looking a little sheepish. ‘Not my normal viewing but I can see why you boys liked it.’

‘I am always a bit disappointed in the sex scenes… ‘ I started to say. Robert looked at me flabbergasted. ‘… as they are suggestive but don’t actually really show anything. If they want to make a sexy film it should be a sex film if not don’t bother.’

‘They couldn’t show more!’ Jenny replied, ‘and get the film shown in cinemas.’

‘Perhaps not but with the DVD you should have the option of the full version.’ I went on. By now Robert was going purple and looked fit to burst. He had often told me that Jenny thought porn revolting and demeaning to women and said that if she caught him watching it she would cut his dick off with a rusty file.

‘But then it would just be a disgusting porn flick,’ Jenny argued back.

‘So it is alright to watch simulated and censored sex whilst your mind fills in the gaps but not watch the real thing?’ I queried.

‘Eh… My mind wasn’t doing that and… there’s a difference,’ Jenny stammered. I pressed home my advantage,

‘How would you know? Have you ever watched a porn movie?’ I asked to Robert’s utter disbelief. ‘and given it a fair chance.’

‘No!’ Jenny replied, ‘They are disgusting.’

‘How do you know if you have never given them a chance?’ I challenged. ‘You wouldn’t know if you liked chips if you didn’t try them at least once with an open mind.’

‘I accept your point but…’

I interrupted, ‘I challenge you to watch a porn flick with us now, with an open mind, and then see what you think.’

‘I’m not sure,’ Jenny went on, ‘Robert what do you think?’ To his credit Robert managed to reply,

‘Martin has a fair point if you haven’t experienced something you are in a weak position to disapprove of it.’

‘Ok,’ Get one and I will make up my mind,’ Jenny decided to Robert’s utter disbelief. ‘However as soon as say enough is enough it goes off!’

‘Fine,’ I said getting up to get a video – Robert’s face was a picture and despite the film finishing and our conversation Jennys t-shirt was still allowing me a glimpse of her knickers and her nipples were rock hard and very prominent.

I chose a favourite, yet daring, video of mine. It had two young, well-endowed studs giving a young attractive girl a good time. I inserted the video and, as the film started, sat back on the sofa.

The film started with the two studs lying on their backs with their legs entwined and more importantly their enormous pricks next to each other, one in each hand of the naked, young girl who used her mouth alternatively on them to their very vocal enjoyment. I looked away from the screen to see that Jenny’s hand had return between her legs and if anything her legs had parted further.

Shortly the girl on the movie moved on and let go of the two cocks and positioned herself to slip one deep into her cunt whilst the other guy slowly massaged his member to keep it hard. I noticed that far from being disgusted Jenny’s rubbing was getting faster and her legs were gradually getting wider apart and her T-shirt higher giving me a free view of her, by now, almost transparent knickers and active fingers. Her left hand slowly returned to Robert’s cock.

As things continued to hot up on the video Jenny’s hand slipped inside his boxers and began to wank his hardon. My own prick twitched at this sight. I decided that it was just envy of not having a female hand round my cock. Although I couldn’t see it I could tell it was about average in size, perhaps 6 inches, well short of my generous 10inches.

Soon anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan on the film we had one stud pounding the girl’s cunt and the other stud’s oversized cock in her mouth. I expected at this point to be told to turn the film off but to my surprise Jenny was obviously turned and slipped her hand inside her knickers. Jenny let out a moan as, through the transparent pattern, I could see a finger slipping deeply into her sopping gasp. By now my prick was hard almost to bursting. I therefore tried to adjust my position carefully to alleviate pressure, discretely, but unfortunately my cock had a mind of its own and thrust through the gap in boxers into full view. Despite my best efforts my movement had caught Jenny’s attention and her eyes opened wide as she stared down at my exposed cock. I made a big show of trying to cover it back up but it was almost impossible. Jenny’s response was to finally fish Robert’s dick out of his boxers and to begin to wank him harder. I gave up all pretence of trying to conceal my prick and began to slowly caress it.

Knowing the film well I realised that things were going to get extreme on the video soon and that it might be too much for Jenny. The girl took her mouth away from one cock and slowly removing the cock from her cunt. She turned so she was facing the camera and squatted over the upturned prick. She the aligned it with her arse, slowly slipping down on it whilst ramming two fingers deep into her cunt. Jenny was watching intently the action on the screen and I was sure that was going to be the end of an exciting evening and looked forward to wanking off in bed later. To my amazement Jenny was obviously intensely turned on rather than being disgusted and she began to whimper as she began to finger fuck herself in earnest. I noticed that her hips were moving against her finger and her breathing was becoming uneven; she was nearing orgasm. Was she going to bring herself off in front of both of us something she had always refused to in front of her husband alone? Surely not! By the look on Robert’s face he was equally turned on by the events and wasn’t that far of coming himself. I noticed Jenny’s finger had stopped moving and she was trying to slide a second in but was finding it difficult under the restraints of her knickers.

‘Massage my tits Robert,’ Jenny suddenly instructed letting go of his prick. Robert, always eager to obey, especially an order like that, began to massage her tits and their protruding erect nipples with both hands through her T-shirt. ‘Not through my top,’ Jenny complained to our amazement, ‘take it off so that you can massage and kiss them properly.’ Robert delayed no further and rapidly pulled the T-Shirt revealing her wonderful firm 36c breasts. I was envious as Robert began to massage one breast and took the nipple of the other into his mouth. ‘Mmmm that’s it,’ Jenny moaned as her head went back and she enjoyed Robert’s attention. She was still struggling to get the second finger up her twat. Obviously frustrated and desperate to come she suddenly ripped down her knickers, throwing them onto the floor, lent back, opened her legs wide, giving me an excellent view of her dripping and stimulated slit and neatly trimmed black pubes, and began to wank herself with two fingers.

‘I’m… I’m nearly there… yes that’s it… Y…Y…Yes,’ she squealed as her hips lifted up of the sofa her legs clamped round her hand and she came — hard.

After a few moments her body relaxed and she flopped back in the chair gasping for breath. I assumed that with the release of sexual tension Jenny would come to her senses and revert to type and somewhat embarrashed disappear upstairs leaving Robert and I to wonder as to what might have been. I could not of been more wrong even as she slumped back naked on the sofa legs akimbo she turned to Robert with a lustful look in her eyes and said, ‘That was amazing. I knew I was horny as I came downstairs, what with a great day outside in the sunshine with two great guys paying attention to my every need, a couple of drinks and a relaxing bubbly bath so was hoping to drag you to bed early to ease my itch so to speak but the unexpected combination of the first film and then this porno has released a part of me I never knew existed. That orgasm was the best I have ever had,’ Both Robert and I still hand very noticeable erections poking out of our respective boxers but were in unchartered territory desperate for things to continue but scared of putting a foot, or more likely a hand, wrong and bringing a close to proceedings by over stepping an unknown line.

‘Now I need a escort gaziantep anal yapan good shafting,’ Jenny stated taking control. Robert and I were almost in a state of shock at Jenny’s choice of vocabulary and wondering how far things were going to go. ‘Lay on the floor Hubby. I need that cock.’ Robert didn’t hesitate as he stood up, slipped his boxers off and laid on the floor his cock point almost vertically at the ceiling. Jenny then stood over him and slowly squatted down so that the tip of his engorged organ began to part the lips of her cunt. She grasped his cock with one hand ensuring it maintained contact as she rubbed herself up and down it covering it with her copious secretions and once more beginning to increase her passion. By now I was steadily wanking my painfully stiff cock using my precum to moisten my knob. To Robert’s delight Jenny suddenly gripped the base of his cock, impaled herself and as his girth stretched the walls of her vagina apart they both moaned at their obvious pleasure and delight.

There was no way Robert was going to last long with his pent up excitement and Jenny rapidly bobbing up and down on his cock. I just hoped it would be long enough to bring Jenny off again. She was obviously approaching a second peak fast and Robert was working hard to delay his. Possibly aware of the situation Jenny lifted herself off Robert, much to his displeasure, and turned round so that she was now facing me and made a great show of spreading her vaginal lips for me as she gradually slipped back down on Robert’s slippery and engorged prick. Her eyes never moved from my cock which I was still slowly wanking. One of her hands began to frantically rub on her clit desperately trying to bring herself back to a peak as she thrust herself up and down on Robert’s prick and before he could hold back no more.

‘I am… g…going to come,’ Robert warned trembling with the effort to hold on long enough for Jenny to come again. Jenny slipped off his cock again then slipped herself backwards until her dripping almost orgasming cunt was directly above Robert’s face. She lowered herself onto his grateful tongue and he began to lap away at her to her obvious pleasure. She then lent forward and took hold of Robert’s cock with her left hand and slipped it into her mouth. I knew that she rarely performed oral sex, never when it was covered in her own secretions, and definitely didn’t allow sperm anywhere near her mouth. Suddenly Robert began to tense and his back arched in a vain attempt to hold back longer. To amazement as Robert groaned and began to spurt his seed deep into Jenny’s mouth. He must of shoot several times but she just kept pumping her mouth up and down swallowing his seed. Robert then sank two fingers into her stimulated cunt as he continued to nibble on her clit. That took her over the top again and she came loudly releasing his sticky cock from her mouth as she tensed and shook.

It took a while for them to recover their breath ‘That was amazing love,’ Robert stated, ‘you have never let me come in your mouth before.’

‘I couldn’t resist it after watching that porno and I was too close to coming again to want to stop,’ Jenny replied. ‘Until now your prick, Robert is the biggest I have seen and/or used but I have got to try Martin’s enormous cock.’ With that she got up and walked over to me. ‘Sit back,’ she instructed me. I sat back, allowing my painful hardon to stick proudly upright, hardly believing what was happening. Jenny turned her back to me, placed one leg either side of my thighs took hold of my cock and began to lower her cunt towards it. I noticed that Robert had grabbed my phone and took a picture as my cock made contact with his normally puritanical wife’s cunt. Slowly she slipped down my cock. A moan escaped her lips as she got the first 5 inches in. She rose slightly and then sunk slightly more of my cock in. She continued to bob up and down on my prick slowly getting it deeper and deeper in. Finally her sodden pubes began to nestle with mine and Robert took a second picture. She was shaking and moaning with intense pleasure. ‘Lick my clit Robert,’ Jenny instructed. He immediately got between her legs and began to lick her engorged clit with his best mate’s huge cock deeply embedded millimetres away. That was too much for her and she came for a third time soaking my balls and Robert’s face in the process. Robert had to move back as she began to pound herself up and down on my cock in a state of almost continual orgasm. I couldn’t take this for long and with a loud groan began to shoot my spunk deep inside Jenny’s cunt. This intensified Jenny’s orgasm and she began to scream out loud and to ejaculate her own cumjuice soaking my thighs. Slowly she began to calm down as my prick shrank and collapsed back onto me breathing heavily.

‘God that was amazing,’ Jenny stated. ‘I have never had sex like that before.’

‘Neither have we,’ Robert and I replied. We all knew things between us had changed and it would not be the last time Jenny enjoyed my cock and looking at Robert’s rapidly hardening cock I wasn’t sure that it was even the end for the evening.

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