University Pleasures Ch. 05

Allie Nicole

Disclaimer: the following is a work of fiction. It may contain scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters in this story are fictional and not based on any person living or dead, and are not meant to infringe on any existing characters in other literatures.


By the time dinner had come around, Tom had already fucked three other girls (not to mention revisits of girls he had already been with today), ejaculating twice in the process, taking his daily total of orgasms to four within the span of eight hours. His legs were sore from constant use and his balls slightly ached from the effort of producing more fluids. Bottom line, he needed a break, even if only a short one.

Thankfully, the girls were satisfied with his performance (and their own playful activities around him), and were now mostly focusing on the food just delivered to the almost empty house where they held their sex games.

Myriam, seated beside him, watched him silently eat a pizza slice, waiting for him to swallow before talking.

“How are you Tom?”

“Good… good.”

“I bet… you must be tired too.”

“Can’t say otherwise,” he confessed.

She caressed his hair; he was being quite a sport about it, she found. There was no pretense about his role here: he was acting as the male stud which these women used to get off. Her concern was less for his mental state (mostly because she believed he could handle it) and more for his physical capacity. That interest was two-fold: one, she didn’t want him to break down from exhaustion; two, if his body held up, he could continue to service them in any way they wanted. Tom knew this, of course, having long understood Myriam’s stance on him.

“I’m managing,” he added. “But please – no sex until much later.”

“We can wait. Anyway, no one’s going to jump anyone on a full stomach. Eat up.”

He grabbed another slice and took a bite of it, allowing his eyes to wander to the assembled female crowd. Myriam was there, gorgeous half-asian beauty whose eyes escaped definition, and she tended to him. The other women were all engrossed in a lengthy conversation the topic of which escaped Tom.

He did a headcount just to confirm he wasn’t imagining the entire event: Rebecca – the sexy dark-haired roommate; Tina – the short one who wanted to be a dancer; Amanda – the slightly older realtor lady who enjoyed power role-playing; Mariella – the tanned latino nymphomaniac; Lea – the tall red-haired beautician; and Thea, the other tall one, slim blonde future pharmacist.

It was somewhat crazy to think that he had slept with every single one more than once; it was crazier to think that three other girls including a new face were also set to participate in the ongoing sex games.

“You seem out of it,” Myriam whispered to him.

“Just… compiling data.”


“Sorry,” he replied. “I have a tendency to do that.”

She stared at him quizzically.

“What kind of data are you compiling?”

Tom hesitated before pulling out his phone; from here, thanks to his data plan, he could remotely access a portion of his account – namely, in this case, the compilation file. He loaded it on the screen and displayed the information about the sexual encounters involving the sex gang. Myriam took the phone from his hand and scanned the data.

“What are you?” she humorously asked. “Some kind of inventory fetishist?”

“To be honest – I just don’t want to forget anything. I want to be able to revisit all those experiences, and making a list seemed appropriate.”

He stared at her for a moment before commenting further.

“I make lists all the time in class,” he reminded her.

“True, but they’re not lists of sexual encounters of whomever Asian dude you’re talking about.”

“Point taken.”

She giggled before handing him back his phone.

“So you are going to compile today’s as well?”

“Of course. When I get home.”

She found this idea amusing; it wasn’t like Tom seemed to have a bad memory. Perhaps he was mildly obsessive about it; perhaps his fear of these experiences losing some of their intensity over time was also valid. She certainly couldn’t remember every sexual encounter in her life, especially since launching this sex gang.

It was almost endearing, in its own compulsive fashion.

As he watched the girls speak, Tom allowed himself to recollect the previous day’s events, if only to better summarize then when getting home tomorrow. He had time to kill and didn’t feel like joining in on the conversation, nor did he particularly want to chat with Myriam beside him. And since he would not need to perform for a while, he wouldn’t chance getting escort araban too aroused recalling the earlier pleasure.

The other girls (Mariella, Lea and Thea) had arrived early in the afternoon, bringing sandwiches, vegetables, juice boxes and cookies. After a series of hellos and hugs, everyone had sat down to eat, with the girls inquiring about what they had missed so far. The others were candid, talking about their respective performances with Tom. He didn’t add much, smiling as the ladies complimented his lovemaking skills. The conversation quickly shifted to beauty products and Tom lost track of it for a while, contemplating the gorgeous crowd assembled around him, ladies of many races, shapes and sizes.

Eventually, after half an hour, eyes began to turn to Tom as the conversation moved to the day’s activities.

“What’s next?” someone asked.

It will involve sex, Tom remembered thinking. He hadn’t been wrong.

The first activity had involved a match-up game. Every participant had been handed cards from a regular playing deck. The cards determined how the match-ups would happen, depending on suit and number – Jokers allowed whoever got them to match how they wanted.

In the first round, Tom was matched via the Clubs with Myriam, Rebecca and Thea. Because Rebecca had rolled the highest hard, an Ace, she got everyone to plant kisses on her body all at the same time in a very erotic display. Lea led Tina and Amanda to massage her feet, while Marielle was forced to watch on the sidelines, biting her nails in anticipation. It was agreed everyone would strip an item after every round, so many pants and skirts came off.

In the second round, Rebecca and Tina both rolled Kings so they matched up for a very short but intense make-out session, locking tongues and arms together as they rolled on the floor. Tom’s Spades card matched him with Lea, and his high card won him the right to massage her boobs for a full minute. Mariella ordered Amanda to present her butt and she began munching on her round cheeks, making Amanda shiver with ticklish excitement. Finally, Myriam and Tina matched their Sevens and massaged one another’s legs, in turn. When the minute was up, more items of clothing disappeared, including Tom’s underwear – the sooner he exposed his penis, the faster it would get involved in the action he figured. Some breasts also showed themselves at that same time.

The third round produced another card match, this time between Amanda and Lea; through their panties, they started to rub their pussies together even as they stared into one another’s eyes, giving hints of future pleasure to one another. Myriam also matched cards with Thea and they went for wet kisses on each other’s face and neck. Mariella again picked an isolating card – to include her, Myriam invited her to caress her exposed back. Mariella wasn’t picky. As for Tom, matched to Tina, decided to revisit her mouth for the third time today. She gleefully wrapped her petite mouth around his manhood, bringing him quickly to full erection even as he caressed her hair and stared into her upward looking eyes.

By that time, most girls only had one item of clothing left, either panty or bra, and Tom was fully naked. His dick beckoned to visit a pussy, and the sentiment was not his alone. The anticipation of not knowing which girl would be first was thrilling.

Mariella caught a break as she produced a Joker. Without hesitation, she crawled to Tom’s spot, sat him on his ass to produce an erection on which she sat without delay. Tom’s cock pushed the folds of her sex apart even as she pressed her bra-covered chest against his.

“Aw yeah,” Mariella had blurted out. “Dibs.”

Although the women were all eager to get to Tom as well, they had other friends to occupy themselves with. A four-person suit of Hearts brought together Amanda, Tina, Rebecca and Myriam. They spread about the living room a little farther from the group to give themselves space, lying on their sides, and they began eating each other out in that specific order. The combination of giving and receiving oral produced some quick pleasurable results. As for Lea and Thea, they started tribbing right beside Tom and Mariella, keeping pace with them as the Hispanic girl controlled from above the rhythm of the penetration.

When the minute was up, no one stopped instantly. Mariella was hard at work securing a first orgasm, Tom hoping he would outlast her so more games could be instantly played. Lea kept flipping her redhair back as she allowed the surge of pleasure to ignite her body. Already overstimulated, Amanda shook all over as Myriam’s fingers and tongue brought her to ecstasy.

Not until Mariella grunted from the pleasure she extracted from Tom’s dick did the action wind down, and everyone pulled away from one another, taking a moment to recover. Then, the game resumed, everyone feeling a bit feverish.

A match-up between Tina and Thea got both of them araban escort bayan to move into a 69 position with Tina on top; Thea propped three fingers into the the brown-haired girl while Tina serviced her lover with her tongue. Tom hooked up with Amanda and, with his high card, proceeded to slide his erection into her mouth; she welcomed it with excitement in her eyes. Lea won a suit of Hearts where she got Mariella, Rebecca and Myriam to all go down on her simultaneously; the feel of three tongues on her sex drove her quickly to a second orgasm. Tina also squealed with delight as Thea’s fingers drove it home. Tom, towards the end of the minute, intensified his oral service from Amanda by grabbing her hair and face fucking her. Finally pulling away in order to last longer, he looked at her face: she was all smiles.

Another round of cards was handed down. It was Tom’s turn to get the Joker, and he winked at all the girls. He ordered them to split into their respective groups. A suit of Hearts with Lea at the top included Myriam, Thea, Tina and Mariella. He ordered the last four to lay down on their backs, looking up at him, and to tease themselves to orgasm on their own if they could. He placed Lea on all fours and moved in behind her, pressing his tip against her opening. Amanda and Rebecca, who hadn’t matched with anyone else, decided to step away from the main scene and to start tribbing.

Watching the four girls in front of him masturbate, Tom slammed his hard rod into Lea’s snatch, pounding away with vigor even as she started pulling gently on her red hair. Lea, already overstimulated from two prior orgasms, lost it and started wailing and moaning intensely.

Tom was treated to the amazing sight of the girls climaxing in front of him as their fingers teased their sexes and prodded their insides. Myriam was first, rolling her eyes back as the pleasure hit; Tina shook all over from the powerful release her body procured; Mariella tilted her head sideways to kiss Thea even as she climaxed, and Thea came last, silently mouthing her satisaction. Meanwhile, Tom kept pounding into the red-head who was nothing but a mess of pleasure at that moment. Satisfied every girl had found her contentment, Tom pulled out of Lea. He didn’t want to be done yet.

“Holy crap, Tom!” Myriam called out after the fact, still recovering from the ongoing passion. “You really got us going.”

“I’m nowhere done,” he replied with a smirk.

Casting a glance at the two girls tribbing, Tom could observe they had also found a way to get themselves off; he was glad for it. Somehow, knowing the women here could satisfy themselves without his direct contribution removed a great portion of the performance pressure.

Another round was organized quickly, no one wanting to lose the momentum. Tom matched numbers with Thea and Tina; they moved away from the group as they decided how they would play it. The tall slim Thea laid down on her back, parting her legs, inviting Tom to penetrate her. She then invited Tina to sit on her face. As he began to pound into the blonde beneath him, Tom locked lips with Tina whose pussy was to be serviced by Thea in a generous and passionate threesome.

Rebecca and Mariella matched in Spades; the half-asian girl forced the Hispanic one onto all fours where she first began eating her up, then moved her hand in, forming a cone with all fingers. Slowly, she began to slide it inside Mariella’s hole, as if she were intent on fisting her. Rebecca didn’t push past her full fingers, but Mariella moaned and wheezed nonetheless, stimulated just like she enjoyed it.

Amanda and Lea matched through their own suit as well; when they saw Rebecca was not matched with anyone, they invited her in and had her lay down on her back, providing a sexual massage in the form of teasing and kisses.

“Oh wow…” Tina mumbled as she felt Thea’s tongue run along her sex, pulling away from her kisses with her male partner. “Eating me so good…”

Tom grabbed her neck and pulled her in, kissing her fiercely as he felt Thea twinge under him, her warmth enveloping his manhood with erotic power. Not far, Mariella trembled as Myriam forced another orgasm across her frame; Rebecca was granted a similar moment by her two female lovers whose lips alternated on her sex.

This new scene wound down; Tom halted as he felt the slow rise of the impending release. He wanted to go one more round. When the other girls realized he had paused, they too slowed down. It took them another moment to gather the cards and move in to another round – clearly the last one from everyone’s state of anticipation and exhaustion.

Myriam earned herself the Joker; while everyone assumed she would claim Tom for herself, she actually decided that for this turn, she would simply call all the action as she wanted it to go. Tom, on the other hand, drew the lowest card possible, which of course made Myriam smile even more.

“Our stud’s really going escort araban to give it now!” Myriam called out with a pleased grin.

She aligned the girls in a row, from the highest card to the lowest one. From left to right, they got on all fours, first Amanda, then Mariella, Thea, Rebecca, Tina and Lea. She moved Tom behind the first girl.

“Well,” Myriam quipped. “Get to it.”

“Should I wear a condom?” he asked Amanda, remembering his earlier encounter with her.

“Just don’t unload in me,” she barked back, moving her butt to inspire him to ram into her.

Myriam spoke up.

“Fine… except for Myriam, we’re playing fuck roulette. One of these girls is getting your load inside her. You fuck a girl for thirty seconds – if you don’t come, you move to the next, and so on. If you make it to the end, you get to fuck my face too!”

The rules were simple; the women were eager to just get going and Tom, as much as he tried focusing on Myriam, was more inclined to just proceed with the fucking.

The moment he pushed inside Amanda, she began to wail like before.

“Mother of… yes… fuck my twat!”

She was a completely different person now; this merely reinforced Tom’s understanding that Amanda enjoyed role-playing. With his hands on her ass, he pushed hard inside her. He didn’t care which girl received the fruits of his efforts, so long as they were delivered soon.

Thirty seconds in with nothing but Amanda’s unending slew of sounds to show for it, Tom pulled out and slid sideways, pushing hard into the next girl, Mariella. She welcomed him again with her head twisted to see him, admiring his handiwork as he rammed it into her wet opening. With Myriam keeping time, Tom focused on nothing but the pistoning.

Once more, time elapsed and Myriam motioned him to move; Mariella groaned as she left her insides but allowed him to leave. Thea held her butt cheeks apart for him as he resumed a spot he had occupied only a few minutes earlier.

“Can you make it down the line?” Myriam goaded him on.

Tom wasn’t deliberately holding anything back; his concern was now strictly for his own final satisfaction, a climax to end it all. His rod simply didn’t fire yet, which meant he could keep drilling Thea for another thirty enjoyable seconds, until the count elapsed once more. It was too short and frustrating, but it was the game.

“Three to go before my mouth,” Myriam commented even as he shifted to the next partner.

Rebecca grunted widly as he penetrated her, grabbing her buttocks hard to secure his wobbly equilibrium, challenged by the constant shift to the right. The tension on his face was palpable; Myriam reveled in it even as Tom rushed to his finish line, almost reaching it but not quite – and then asked to pull out before achieving the desired result.

“So close now,” Myriam called it. “Next!”

Tina’s air shot out of her lungs as Tom rammed it in with power; whereas a moment before, he was ready to blow, the seconds of movement between pussies had prevented the final release and he was now further pounding into a moist vagina with energy to spare, his legs almost threatening to give out from the constant thrusts.

“Damned hips,” he blurted out, and it made the other girls laugh; Tina was fully absorbed in his ministrations inside her flesh.

“Time!” Myriam called it. “Last girl!”

Tom didn’t waste time while switching, pushing hard inside Lea, hopeful to finally end it. And yet, he didn’t; Lea shook from the anticipated sensation as much as from the actual act and she climaxed swiftly, having built herself up while Tom was fucking the others. But Tom wasn’t even done.

And then, Myriam called time. Tom pulled out rapidly, pushed Myriam onto her back, climbed on top of her, forced his erection down her throat and began to ram it in before she could even speak; she immediately gagged on it, her eyes wide, pleased and surprised at the same time. The other women stared at the scene, wondering how long Tom would last in that position, facefucking her from above.

They didn’t have to wait long.

“Uurrggghh!!” Tom groaned as his unit finally spilled itself deep inside Myriam’s mouth; as soon as the first drop left his tip, Tom stopped his hip thrusts and just allowed his body to empty itself in the warmth of the half-Asian girl’s mouth. She did her best to swallow it.

When he pulled out, she coughed hard and spat some of it back onto the carpet. Tom rolled to his side, motionless. Rebecca rushed to Myriam’s side but her roommate was fine, merely stunned at the unexpected violence of Tom’s desire. From his resting spot, Tom didn’t move, didn’t look up. He merely stared at the ceiling for a while.

That recollection had shown on Tom’s face as Myriam listened to the women talking; she caressed his cheek.


“Just thinking… hope I didn’t hurt you before – with the card game.”

“Oh no. It was fun. Surprising. I liked it… and in fairness, I did tell you I would do it if you ran the whole line. How’d you do it?”

“Beats me,” he laughed.

A few minutes later, the entire group of eight had gathered around the table. Amanda spoke first, her eyes betraying some sadness.

“Unfortunately, girls, I have to go.”

“So do we have to go too?” Tina asked.

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