Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 01


It was a cold winter’s night; everything was covered in a layer of ice and snow outside. Jazmin was working late at the office, trying to make her deadline. She was a research analyst for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, and the project she was working on was one that she could relate to. She was suppose to find out, in what percentage of calls to 911 really required the lights and sirens special, or the not so special as soon as you can get there method. They have been having a debate in meetings with some of the officials that the ambulance and fire trucks can get to the scene of a call faster with or without lights. So far the debate has been swaying towards using lights because it does save time in busy urban settings. She knew the discussion well, from being raised by a Flight Paramedic.

Her mom always said, “It might seem faster, and get your adrenaline pumping but it doesn’t save that much time. Take New York for example most of those people don’t even move out of the way, and most of the time, downtown Indy is the same way.” Jazmin thought my mom is brilliant with those words alone, she started researching exactly that. Her fiancé, Steve, didn’t like the idea that much it had been taking up a lot their time alone and she couldn’t help but feel bad about it. She had been working late and by the time she got home he was already in bed.

Jazmin went back to working on the finishing touches of her presentation that she would present the next day at 2pm. Which meant she didn’t need to be in at work until 1pm, per her boss. Her boss a hard nosed 55 year old, Paramedic, with 30 years in the field, told her that she could actually have the morning off because of her dedication to her work. He also explained that if she did a good job on her report than she could take the next week off with pay, without dipping into her vacation time. That is what made her work so hard for the past two weeks. She hadn’t told Steve about the possibility of taking the next week off work she wanted it to be a complete surprise to him.

She already warned Steve’s boss that if she did manage to get the week off work she would be spending it with Steve, and he would be calling in for the week. Steve’s boss knew that the couple had been having some problems because of her work schedule and wanted Steve to be happy so he agreed without much fuss. The only down side was that Jazmin had to agree to come to the gym and kidnap the physical trainer herself. She agreed, thinking of the best way to pull that one off.

When Jazmin finished the last of her project she printed it out and laid it out on her desk and closed up shop, in the downtown office. She was walked to her car by the night guard, Jerry. She had gotten to know Jerry well over the last couple weeks; he was always there to walk her out to her car. Jerry was an older man, with handsome features, and had the hard look in his eyes of someone that has seen a lot in his days. Jazmin thought, even in security he had to have seen a lot to get him to look like that. Finally at her car, she turned and thanked Jerry.

Jerry replied, “It’s my pleasure, Jaz. Are you going to be leaving us or something?”

She said, “No, it’s just that I’m done with my project, and I won’t be staying as late from now on. If everything goes well tomorrow, I will be getting a week off. I just wanted to thank you for walking me out here every night it really helps to calm my nerves.” She patted him on the shoulder and began to get into her car.

He said, “Well. I hope you have a safe drive home, that man of yours sure is lucky.”

She smiled up at him and said, “He hasn’t been lucky lately, I have been too busy and been neglecting him. I just hope he doesn’t go off and find someone new. I have some plans for him this week if everything goes well.” She grinned with a bit of mischievousness behind it, thinking of the romantic and intimate things she wanted to do to the well-sculpted body that awaited her at home. She closed the door to her car knowing it was going to be at least another hour before she got home with all the snow.

Jazmin had been driving for about 30 min without any problems, and she thought of the little outfit that she had bought on her lunch hour. She had left that day knowing that it would be a good start to the next week.

She knew she did well on her project and wanted to start off on the celebration that night. She found a turn off on the side of one of the country roads that was secluded and stripped off her coat, suit jacket, and blouse to reveal under it the lacy white bra that barely covered her nipples.

The air in the car was hot, but the sudden rush of air across her nipples made them hard. She then pulled off her suit skirt, and panties and left on the thigh high stockings she wore, and the black high heels. She pulled out the slinky bright red teddy that she had bought, and slipped it up her well-toned legs, and over her bottom. She slid the lacey material up her torso escort bursa to her breast, she then unclasp her bra, the teddy she got had cut outs for where her large breasts were suppose to go. She then pulled the straps over her arms.

She looked down at her body and was immediately starting to get turned on by the thoughts that raced through her head of when Steve would see her in this.

She put her bra, thong, and blouse back in the bag and put back on the suit jacket, so she could button it up to show off all her cleavage. She put back on the skirt as well.

Finally ready to start back on her trek home, she pulled on her jacket so she wouldn’t have to try and put it back on outside in the freezing air when she got out of the car at home.

She finished driving feeling the lace press up against her body and slide up her ass crack moving back and forth there whenever she moved. She was already getting wet at the thoughts of having this cute little thing torn off of her. She managed to make it home 15 min before she thought she would. She walked inside the door of their apartment, and saw a note on the table they placed their keys by the door. It said:

“Baby, I know you have been working hard and I’m sorry if I have been taking my frustrations out on you. I have missed you terribly and my boss has even noticed a change in my behavior with our clients. I just want you to know, I love you, and I will be waiting for you as long as it takes. XOXOXO Steve”

Her heart melted. She had missed him as well, and that’s why she had been working so hard, so she could get everything done, and spend some quality time with him. They were perfect for each other in everyway.

They never fought, not really. They spoke about everything and supported each other on anything their hearts desired. As long as they were together they were happy. She put down her briefcase, and shook out of her jacket. She went to the bathroom first to make sure her hair looked ok after being out in the storm.

She looked at herself fixing flyaway hairs. She gazed at herself in the mirror, before her stood a 30 year old woman, with messy, curly brown hair, down to just below her shoulders, she had went from a mousy chubby girl to a woman that had a flat tummy, large breasts and a shapely behind.

She liked what she saw in the mirror, the suit jacket pressing her breasts together, no hint of red that she could see, and a skirt that accentuated her ass. She loved the feel of the fabric on her ass, it felt sensual.

She walked out of the bathroom, and up the stairs trying to be as quiet as possible. She already knew by the time, that he would already be in bed. She pushed open the door to their bedroom, and saw that he had candles burning for when she got home.

She thought to herself, “I truly love this man, he is so sweet.” She walked over to the bed and leaned over him, She looked up and down his body, absorbing the sight of him naked under the sheets. Under those sheets though, she knew there was a body that she loved to feel pressed against her. A muscular body but not over the top, just enough to make his six-pack stand out.

Pulling her hair back she whispered in his ear, “Steve, I’m home. I missed you baby wake up.” It never took much to wake him up when she really wanted him awake, it was a gift she had. He moved his head back and forth on the pillow and slowly opened his eyes.

He smiled up at her, and pulled her over on top of him on the bed. “Hey Jaz baby, what time is it?”

She rearranged herself and lie facing him, with her hand supporting her head. “Well, it depends on what you mean, It’s about 12:30, but you haven’t gotten a look at me yet either.”

Steve blinked a couple times, and looked down Jazmin’s body lying next to him. The first thing that caught his eye was the amount of cleavage she was showing off. He thought he had seen a blouse under that outfit before she left for work, and then looked the rest of the way, nothing out of the ordinary other than she is still wearing her black high heels.

“Well, I see you took the blouse off that you were wearing earlier.” Reaching forward, he leaned his head down to kiss along the exposed cleavage.

She said, “You will find out why in a minute. Oh god I love the feel of you against my skin. I know we haven’t really been intimate these last couple weeks but I wanted to make that up to you baby.” With that she unsnapped the buttons of her suit jacket to reveal the red lace teddy, with open breasts and black trim along the sides of it. He pulled his lips away from the top of her heaving breasts to look at the new outfit his lover had gotten to surprise him.

Steve slowly pulled off the jacket from her shoulders, and down her arms, tossing it on the floor of the room. He moved his hands back up to her breasts and started to knead the flesh, giving her a deep kiss on the lips,

“This is a nice surprise. Do I get to play bursa escort with this all night?” Kissing his way down her neck, his hands slid down her side around her back to her ass, where the skirt zipper was.

As he pulled the zipper down, she started to breath heavy, and said, “As long as I can be up and at work before 1pm, I’m game for anything my love.”

With a hungry growl, he pulled down her skirt, to reveal the bottom half of the teddy, which was cut high on her hips. He moved his hands around back to feel the thin line of fabric that had slid up her ass cheeks. Moving his fingers along the fabric pressing it tighter against her skin.

He pushed her to move on her back, and he looked down her body, moving his hands up and down on her, pinching at her nipples, and down to her groin. Seeing her stockings tops against her thighs all the way down to her pointed high heels, He always thought she was gorgeous, and right now she looked down right delicious in this get up. Moving his hand down between her legs, he spread her legs apart. He pressed one finger up against the lace covering of her pussy, making her moan at being teased.

He moved his head to her awaiting nipples standing at attention away from her body. Licking and nibbling at each one playing with the nipple rings that she had gotten done on his request. It had made the flicking of his tongue more intense, and electrifying.

He loved to tease her, and she knew the outfit alone would have made him hard as a rock. But what she wanted now, wasn’t teasing, it was a good old fucking is what she wanted, where sweat would be dripping between them both, feeling his cock slam hard into her wet tight and shaved pussy.

Since, she hadn’t let him touch her for more than a few minutes as of late she was going to let him tease her as much as he wanted, and from the sounds of it, it just might be all night long. It had been too long for them to not have sex.

He moved his lips down her lace-covered belly, kissing his way down her stomach to right above her pussy. She was breathing heavy with the anticipation of his lips on her pussy.

He looked up at her and said, “Too bad this isn’t crotchless, I might just have to make my own hole, I want to fuck you with this sluttish outfit on.”

Her eyes half-closed moaned out, “No it’s not but do what you will to my body… Steve…” She felt his fingers dig into her with the lace covering his fingers. When finally she felt his fingers poke through the lace to make a hole. He tore up with his fingers so that her whole pussy was now exposed to him, and tore down and back for her ass to be open to him too. She had always loved being fucked in the ass by his long thick cock, and by the end of the night she would be begging for it like always.

He moved his lips down her shaved mound to right at the top of her opening licking, and kissing on the lips. She had shaved that morning so it was nice and slick already with her juices. He licked on the right side of her pussy, then the left not once touching her clit or vagina.

Steve moved his hands up and down on her stocking sheathed legs, Pressing them further apart, while kissing down one and then back up the other. She was quivering at his touch. He moved his hands up her legs to cup her exposed ass, and squeezed the hot globes in his hands, pulling her pussy up to his face.

He flicked his tongue up and down the crack, until she began to beg for him to eat her. “God yes… Eat my pussy baby… Fuck yes please… Lick my aching slit…”

Without further invitation he drove his tongue deep inside her pussy feeling his mouth and cheeks get covered in her juices. She moaned out loudly, gripping the sheets with her hands. He moved his tongue up to her clit and sucked and nibbled on it.

He had missed the sweet smell of her juices, licking them up hungrily. He licked his way down to her pussy hole sticking his tongue deep inside her.

She brought both her stocking covered legs up and wrapped them around his shoulders digging her heels into his back making him moan. She reached down with her hands and grabbed at his hair, pulling his mouth closer to her hot wet hole.

She was beginning to orgasm as she did that moaning loudly feeling his tongue invade her love canal. She had been thinking of this all the way home, so it didn’t take that long at all for her to cum in his waiting mouth. Grinding her hips up to meet him.

He didn’t stop licking at her, he just moved his efforts lower on her licking at her hot anal hole. Feeling the crinkled skin under his tongue. He was already extremely hot and ready to take her, but he wanted tonight to last as long as he could. He decided he was going to cum more than once tonight, they deserved to have some real fun. He licked at her asshole till it was nice and lubricated with his saliva and her dripping juices. He moved his fingers slow up the outside of her leg, until he bursa merkez escort bayan was at her ass again.

He lifted his tongue away from her ass to replace his tongue with his fingers. Pressing 2 fingers against her willing ass. He never had to start with 1 finger anymore she was a pro at ass fucking by now. He started moving his fingers in and out of her ass slowly finger fucking her.

She let out a gasp when he first started licking at her tightest hole, but knew she would be getting what she loved.

While she was distracted in her anal bliss for the moment, Steve took the chance to pull out the new toy he had bought to surprise Jazmin. He pulled from the bedside table a bottle of edible flavored lube, and a vibrating inflatable, butt plug.

It was large and black, and could inflate to twice its size. They had looked at it on the internet a few months ago and he decided to buy it on a whim for when her workload finally slowed.

He dripped the lube on top of the butt plug using his only free hand to do so. He brought the new toy to right up against her ass, and removed the fingers of his other hand. He moved the butt plug up against her anal opening, which made her gasp.

She had never felt this new intruder but of course Steve wouldn’t do anything that would hurt her so she relaxed as soon as she could. Steve pressed the inflatable plug with more pressure until he felt it pop through the ring of muscle that kept it from entering his luscious lover.

She squealed with delight at the new toy, and pressed down on it. He pushed the object deeper into her till the flat black disc pressed snuggly against the round globes of her ass. She tensed only for a moment at the size of the butt plug but began to relax again.

When Jazmin was fully relaxed she felt full, and happy in everything she could think of right now, which was what was going to come next. The couple never had problems with excitement and it was never boring in bed, that’s why the time apart was so excruciating for both of them.

Steve recommenced to licking at Jazmin’s already extremely juicy pussy. He licked a circle around her hole, then up to her sensitive clit, flicking it with his tongue, nibbling on the little nub.

She started up another orgasm feeling the butt plug fill her ass, and the stimulation from his tongue was more than enough to send her over the edge but, what happened next she didn’t expect.

Just as soon as she began to orgasm Steve started pumping up the butt plug, one pump at a time. Expanding her rectum in ways she never dreamed, it wasn’t painful, it was pleasurable. She felt fuller than she had ever thought she could be. Steve worked on her, with enthusiasm being cheered on for more by ever moan and grunt she was emitting.

She was screaming at this point, “OHHH GOD FUCK YES, FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD. HOLY SHIT I’m SO FULL!!!” Getting to the point he loved her to be. She never squirmed away; she had learned to stay still as much as possible with training by being tied down.

Just as she peaked, he squeezed the bulb that was attached to the butt plug one last time to expand it to its full 4in wide thickness. It was larger than anything she had ever had placed up her ass by Steve, and she loved every minute of it.

After she had came numerous times in about five minutes, Steve felt the unending drive to cum himself, the passion that was coursing through Jazmin had made him so hard, that he needed to cum as soon as possible. Not moving the butt plug, or shrink its size inside Jazmin’s ass, he moved his body between her legs. He positioned his cock just at the opening of her hot, sloppy pussy, and moved his cock head around the outside of it, up to her clit teasing it with just the head.

Coating it with her juices, He pushed in just enough to have the hooded head of his cock right inside her. Thrusting back and forth, mere inches in and out of her. Teasing her opening. Waiting for just the right moment to thrust his full length into her irresistibly tight pussy. He noticed that she was even tighter with the enormous butt plug in her ass, and already liked the feel of the slick tightness of her pussy. After a couple minutes of teasing of his cock at her opening, she finally let’s out his cue to thrust deep in her.

“OHHH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! SLAM THAT BIG COCK IN ME!! I NEED TO FEEL YOU DEEP IN ME HOLY SHIT FUCK ME!!!!” She screamed. She was almost breathless when she finished her demands.

It totally took her breath away as soon as he slammed his big 9″ cock deep inside her wet snatch. He pulled out to the tip, leaving it there again for a couple seconds, so that he had time to turn the vibrations of the new toy on at full speed.

“How about that my sexy slut, had another surprise for you with this little toy.” He breathed into her ear, right before he slammed his hot rod deep into her again. She started squirming and cumming at the same time, she couldn’t speak from everything that was stimulating her body.

She felt him slam deep inside her, the lace drenched with her sweat, and the vibrating expanded butt plug in her ass. She thought the orgasm would never end. She was way over the top she felt like she was having an out of body experience.

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